Thursday, August 16, 2012

recovery of the lost visions

(119)pray hard and press-vision recieved 5-2004-in this vision while praying, I saw me praying on the flor on all fours in front of the fan like I do, rocking back and forth, praying hard and pressing. When Jesus filled me with the Holy Ghost, I was pressing hard on the Lord. Press on Jesus. (120)not wanted-vision recieved 6-1-2004-in this vision, I saw a man, and he said, "I really don't want you'. Good. I hope he sees Jesus in me and wants Him. (121)bobby-vision recieved 6-2-2004-in this vision, I saw a girl who looked like hollie moody, and she said, "bobby". Cool. casey-vision received 8-5-2010-in this vision I saw part of casey, and she was wearing a white robe, and ministering spirits and Jesus said, this: i'm the, she, said, hollie, said, showed, the God spoken, hollie, said, ministry of dreams, dont steal it, hollie, said, or, angry, God appears, put it undle, hollie, said, bob now you have links, hollie showed her light watch, bob, its time, she, said, work, soon, pointed, hollie, thats her pointing at moon, its light will go out, bobby, said, moon, pointed, and, JEsus, came, and world, it shakes, said, hollie, and up rose, the beast, she, said, that, popey, hollie, said, riding, the, its, she, said, black horse, its, into, russia, its, signing a deal, said, its pope, hollie, said, put it undle, hollie, said, work, she, said, had on her light watch, again, she said, (133)is God married to the backslider under the grace covenent-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw a woman, and she said, "married to the backslider". (134)you can't blame any body but yourself-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw a woman, and she said, "you put me in hell". (135)yassar arafat-visions received 11-2004-I saw yassar arafat in many visions, and he said things like, "went to hell", "I'm sorry", "help me", "I want the gospel", "it's true"(I was asking what was true, and I saw Jesus in a vision, and HE said, "ME") (136)names please-visions received 11-10-2004-in two visions, I saw this young girl and she said, "what's you name", "what's my name", etc. (137)pay the price Jesus requires out of you everyday-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw dumitru duduman, and he said, "pay the price". (138)don't pick up after work-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw this woman, and she said something like, "don't pick me after work". She did not go into work today. (139)follow Jesus-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw dumitru duduman, and he said, "follow Jesus". (140)visions of Jesus-vision received 11-11-2004-I saw Jesus in visions, and He had brown hair, and HE said things like, "go ye", "just tell Me you need Me", etc. (141)fell away-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw a man, and he said, "I fell". (142)I can't believe it-vision received 11-11-2004-in this vision, I saw a man and he said, "I can't beleive it". Don't miss the "rapture". (142)ANGELS-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw the word, "ANGELS". (143)touch Jesus-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw a young woman, and she said, "I touched Him". (144)palestinian state coming-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw a man, and he said, "there's a palestinian state coming". I received many other visions. (145)witnessing-visions received 11-12-2004-in the first visions, I saw a young woman I witnessed to, and she said, "what's your problem", and in the second vision she said, "I like money". (146)people mock me in their hearts-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw the word "mused", and I heard this, "men mused". (147)nuclear war-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw a man, and he said, "were going to nukeem". I felt this was regarding the new palestinian state. (148)can't believe it-visions received 11-12-2004-in visions, I saw me, and I said, "I cant believe it", "I just can't believe it", "explosion". (149)arrested for my faith-visions received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I'm being arrested by agents, and I'm talking with the one who is handcuffing me. In another vision, I saw a man, and he said, "were the government". You dont have to look very hard in the bible to know that servants of Jesus were arrested often, and what was there crime. (150)back off the internet-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw some words written in like blue neon, and I think they said, "your spending to much time on the internet". (151)witnessing-visions received 11-12-2004-I witnessed to a man today, and I saw him in visions, and he said things like, "I can't handle you", etc. I thought not long ago he told me he was a christian. (152).64 mb-vision received 11-12-2004-in this vision, I saw my angelfire webshell, and the amount of disc space I had used was 0.64 mb. I just noticed that it was exactly that. Praise Jesus for visions! (153)embarrassed-vision received 11-13-2004-in this vision, I saw president Bush, and he said, "I'm getting embarrassed". THis is over the Iraq war. (154)cut off-visions received 11-13-2004-in visions, I saw a man I witnessed to, and he said, "He cut me off", "I'm in adultery". (155)visions from Jesus will be fullfilled-visions received 11-14-2004-in visions, I saw this woman, and she said, "he was wrong, because were not there yet", "I don't beleive enough". (156)are you for real-vision received 11-14-2004-in this vision, I saw this woman, and she said, "Is he for real". (157)people often pass thier chance to be saved by-vision received 11-14-2004-in this vision, I'm with a young lady I have never seen before, and somehow we knew we were cousins or related, and I beleive she got drunk earlier, and maybe even had a blackout, and I was warning her that she could wake up pregnant or with a disease, or something along those lines, and I believe she told me she would quit drinking. The next two visions, I just saw her face, and she was screaming like I never heard before in both visions. It was a continuous nonstop scream, and I seemed to feel she was in hell. It's like Jesus dealt with me about the major importance of warning people. (158)warn people-vision received 11-15-2004-in this vision, I saw this woman something like, "bob, tell us". (159)can return-visions received 11-15-2004-in these visions, I saw this woman that works at a gas station, and she said things like, "you can come back", "come to the gas station", "come here". In one she cursed GOD. (160)help me-vision received 11-15-2004-in this vision, I saw this woman, and she said something like, "help me bobby". (161)$1.70.9-vision received 11-15-2004-in this vision, I saw a "shell" gas staion sign, and price for gas was $1.70 (162)water plants-vision received 11-15-2004-in this vision, I was shown to water plants outside. I did. (163)making a comeback-vision received 11-16-2004-in this vision, I saw a man, and he said, "I'm coming back". (164)called a phony-vision received 11-17-2004-I went to a woman, and as I was I saw her in a vision, and she said, something like, "he's phony". I saw her in another vision, and she said, "adultery". visions of the antichrist: received 3-26-2011-in visions I saw like popes face on laptop or cellphone t.v. and he said, "I am gog", and in another vision I saw pope like angel of light and black horse, and in one more, I saw quickly, pontiff sitting in temple, and he said something like, "its sitting in temple", "Its i am gog", and hollie said, in vision, "thats the leader of magog right there, its pope", and Jesus also spoke. (165)the WORD-vision received 11-17-2004-in this vision while praying, I saw this pastor and he said, "that's the Word bob". I saw him in other visions, and he said things like, "we want material", "come to agape"(which is the church he pastors over), etc. (166)alaska will be attaked by russia-vision received 11-17-2004-in this vision, I saw president putin a russia, and he said, "I hit alaska". I was reading today about a new missile russia has today. I putin in vision, and he said, "topol". this is your website, said, God, and its Jesus, said, happy hollie, showing eat, thats geese circling said two hollies, ones head sticks out, shes hollie goose, they circled, bobby we want you to come back here tomorrow, one, one said, as they circled, head sticks out again, looks, bobby hickman, repeat after me, said, hollie, showed, turn, like partial white hollie, but rest appeared, golden, i'm uh vision, I can not do, one thing, clapped the tap dancers, many hollies, this is, website, lets post, hollie, said, hollie showed, turn, partial face hollie comes out, o, she said, looked at bob, shook, yes, but only head appeared, second time, hollies body completly gone, but dimly faded in, it was, there, she said, you dont want no more visions thats what your showin, thats what you need hollie said, hollie wore white robe, turned, to, the side, but didnt speak anything, new economy, bankrupt, said, many hollies, as, lit dot headed people marched, holding, sign, hey you got me, we want our loot, he said, thats barack obama announcing, its social security pension stripped, he, walks away, hollie showed, its e-book, sell, hollie got word from Jesus, many, one world, said, hollie, thats it, she said, thats the king, like angel of light, showing, fight, come on he said, thats hegoat, charging, stomping ram hollie said, hes pope with ram horns, thats ram, with, its o vladimir agin, said, the hollie that stomped, said she says, thats hu hintao and, his flower coming out of one horn, thats pope and medvedev, and putin out of, its other, hollie said, had feet, hands, thats hegoat charging, ram, and nuclear n.a.t.o. rockets, striking russia, exploded, arise and destroy that said Jesus to bear, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, hollie soaring in his, its b-25 bomber jet, you see these eight kings said, hollie, in cart, MYSTERY, BABYLON is fallen, said, its, man, hollie said, this is two woe, both american coasts burn, hollie cnn newsman reports in center, then center explodes, same hollie in his chinook, gabriel hangs by, rope, drops bomb, hollie points with two fingers, at hollie as pilot, and, hollie as, cnn man, its he made me said, him, said partial face hollie, sitting at Gods interviewing table, Jesus talks, do both parts, hey said, another, hollie coming out, its partial face again, she spoke with God, it was a different him, she said, but, showed, why not, happy, that agin, said, hollie, number three woe, said, hollie, thats, chinese forces making russia invade israel, they invade, hollie, said, pointed, thats israeli prime minister pressing nuclear button, its syria, egypt, and, jordan, exploding, thats rocket leaving russia, with, its, new, ministry of dreams, website, on, like, angel man, o, said, hollie, looked at bob, and, hand over mouth, hes, deformed, she said, theres blue covering part of one side of face, coming down from where hair should be, on one side, theres like brown spec, then it blue, said, partial face hollie, but changes back, she, said, o, said, hollie, looked on other side, face, silhouette, but, spec, somewhat appeared, hollie showed, sleep, she got in bed, hollie, him, said, another, she hollie, showed, lay down, hollie claps, hands, he wore white robe, under covers, but eyes still open, God is showin him visions of little people talkin, said, hollie, thats what they told tony george, little people takin, thats what hollie said, she wore white robe, that, showed, showed, its popey, said, partial face hollie, with golden face, like, angel, its i am gog, he said, riding black horse, let me explain, said, hollie, screamed, JEsus showed, cut it off, (122)corruption-visions recieved 6-2-2004-in the first vision, I saw president Bush, and I saw and or heard the word, "corruption", then I saw president Bush in a vision again and he said, "I'm raising your taxes". (123)Jesus-vision recieved 6-2-2004-in this vision I saw Jesus, and He was about 6 feet tall, and had on a long shiny white robe, and brown hair and beard, and He had something in His head, it may have been the crown of thorns, I was watching from a distance. He was walking somewhere, and there were people following Him, and it seemed like there was someone next to Him. (124)$1.19-vision recieved 6-2-2004-in this vision, I saw a gas sign, and the price for regular unleaded was $1.19 per gallon. Praise Jesus. (125)come to church-vision recieved 6-4-2004-in the first vision, I saw a visiting pastor, and he said something like, "be here at church tomorrow", and in he second one he said, "at 7:00 o'clock". Thats up to God, not me. (126)stay out if God has brought you out-vision recieved 6-4-2004-in this vision, I run into an old friend, and I go with him, and the vision ends with me doing more sin, and would have probably went deeper if the vision continued. If Jesus has delivered you from sin, stay out, or you might not get back out. (127)Alice Cooper-visions recieved 6-4-2004-while praying, I heard, "Alice Cooper", and I said something like, "what about Alice Cooper', and I saw Alice Cooper in a vision, and he said, "I hate Jesus". (128)people laugh at me-vision recieved 6-4-2004-in this vision, I saw the young man who opended service for an apostolic pentecostal church, and he said, "people laugh at you". (129)the bear-visions recieved 6-4-2004-in this vision, I saw a man who looked like the spirit version of Russian president Vladimir Putin, and he said, "i'm the bear". (130)support me-vision recieved 6-2004 in this vision, I saw this visiting pastor and he said, "support me". He was not bring forth the Words of God. (131)gay-vision recieved 6-10-2004-in this vision, I saw this beautiful young lady, and she said, "i'm gay'. (132) recieved 6-10-2004-in this vision, I saw, which could be brought back to life. (133)agreessive witnesser-vision recieved 6-10-2004-in this vision, I saw the yahoo email recieved messages subjects, and the first one was, "I"M AGRESSIVE". If I wasn't, a lot of people who now know would not. (134)invasion-vision recieved 6-13-2004-in this vision, I saw Russian president Vladimir Putin, and he said, "invasion". America will see a russian invasion of nuclear missiles. (135)america is defenseless-vision recieved 6-2004-in this vision, I saw president Bush, and he said, "were defenseless". America has its military in about 100 different countries, and very little in america to stop an invasion. (136)pray for Israel-vision recieved 6-2004in this vision, I saw the words, "Pray for Israel". (137)my will-vision recieved 6-2004-in this vision, I saw my mom, and she said, "give me your will". (138)hell-evangelists-visions recieved 6-20-2004-I asked Jesus about several tel-evangelist, and here are the visions-I asked about sarah hickey, and I saw her in a vision, and she cursed God's name. In a vision, Benny hinn said, "i'm going to hell". In two visions, Tilton said, "i've accepted", which is a man made plan of salvation that is not even in the king james bible. In a vision, Pat Robertson said, "I'm lost". (147)diana singleton-visions recieved 6-26-2004-in this vision, I'm with diana singleton, and person I used to go to school with in indianapolis. We did something, and for some reason, we had to do it again. As we are walking toward the building, I more or less tell her it was worth it to have the priviledge of knowing diana singleton. And she said something like, "I'll hag you. You were to good in school for me to hug you". I told here that I was to proud, and to afraid. Afraid of being rejected. After the vision was over, I saw diana in a vision and she said something like, "it was for me". I said in my heart to diana, "if I wronged you in anyway, please forgive me". I saw Diana in another vision, and she said, "i don't". (148)cleophus shawn tyson-visions recieved 6-28-2004-while praying, I saw shawn tyson, and he said, "shawn tyson". I saw in another vision, a man who looked like shawn tyson, and he said, "I've been rejected". In the next vision, he said, "tell me". finally, in the last vision, I was praying about shawn tyson, and I saw a man in a vision whom I believe was him, and he said, "cut off". (149)tell people-vision recieved 6-28-2004-in this vision, I saw this young woman, and she said, "tell people", which is my calling, to "warn people". (150)ffa page-vision recieved 6-30-2004-in this vision, I saw this number, and it was like 900,000 ffa links or something like that. Maybe the Lord was showing me to hit ffa pages. (151)dying-vision recieved 6-30-2004-in this vision, I saw my mom, and she said something like, "I will die soon". (152)sick-vision reiceved 6-29-2004-in this vision, I saw this off white being, and he said, "debbies sick". (153)$1.59-vision recieved 6-30-2004-in this vision, I saw a gas sign, and the price for gas was something like $1.59 per gallon. (154)write a book-vision reiceved 6-30-2004-in this vision, I saw my former pastor, and he said, "write a book". (155)un-worthy to here the Word of God-visions recieved 7-2004-in one vision, I saw a woman, and she said, "you keep telling me", and in the other, I saw a woman, and she said something like, "you won't stop". I for the most part witness as I'm led. (156)gift of healing-vision recieved 7-7-2004-in this vision, I'm praying on my side, and I lift my hand toward heaven and everytime I do, I hear like a choir sing a word or two and I do this several times, and I finally I roll over onto my kness, and I tell God, "heal thru this body. If you do, people will turn". (157)bobby lied-vision recieved 7-7-2004-in this vision, I saw a man who was all white, and he said, "bobby lied". (158)philadelphia apostolic church-vision recieved 7-8-2004-in this vision, I saw an old green dodge van, and written on the side was, "philadelphia apostolic church". I looked in the phone book, and found it does exist, and I called the pastor, and told him some of the visions Jesus gave me. (158)cut off-visions recieved 7-9-2004-in these visions, this beautiful young girl reminded me she is cut off. "He cut me off", "I'm cut off". (159)suffering-vision recieved 7-9-2004-in this vision, I saw me, and I said, "I'm about to suffer". (160)we will see-vision recieved 7-9-2004-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "I don't need a vision". (161)not needed-vision recieved 7-10-2004-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "your not needed". I saw him in other visions, and in one, he is handing me the microphone, and in another, he said, "are you an evangelist". I saw a woman at his church in a vision, and she said, "you could tell". Another woman said in a vision, come right here". A man who goes there said something like, "those are wrong", referring to visions Jesus gave me. I saw a woman, and she said, "i'm going to hell". There were more. I believe I saw that pastor in a vision, and he said something like, "serve me". I just saw someone, and they said, "tell the vision". (162)increase-vision recieved 7-13-2004-in this vision, I saw this stout looking man who had was very groomed, and He said, "go to six". (163)last return-vision recieved 7-13-2004-in this vision, I saw a lady who works at the library, and she said, "last return". (164)almost had me-visions recieved 7-14-2004-in one vision, I saw this woman, and she said, "I almost had you", and in the other she said something like, "bob, i'm going to hell". (164)retarded-visions recieved 7-15-2004-in these visions, I saw this woman, and she said, "I'm retarded". In anther vision, I saw a woman, and she said, "i'm a virgin". (166)president Bush will win re-election-visions recieved 7-2004-twice I saw presidenbt Bush in visions and he said, "elected". (166)sign guestbooks-vision recieved 7-18-2004-in this vision, I was made aware to keep signing guestbooks. (167)testimony-visions recieved 7-2004-I saw this pastor in several visions, and in one she said, "I want your testimony". In one she said, "don't write me back". (168)witch-vision recieved 7-22-2004-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "i'm a witch". (169)believed -vision recieved 7-22-2004-in this vision, I saw this black man, and he said, "i believe you". I told him at church about Jesus showing indianapolis being nuked. 6-4-2012-bobby, hollie showed, its pioneer sx-780, she looked at her watch, and showed, bobby, is that what you want, hollie pointed with hat on, its bob in jail, but you wont go, heres, why, If I press charges they will, said, its, thats Jesus turning into hammo, like dinosaur like face, its dino, hollie said, he wont, God said, but you were lucky, heres how, thats you and janette in bed tonight, she wont leave this time, heres, why, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, head turned to side a little, its Father like angelic man, bobby its seven p.m., and thats pioneer sx 780 stereo receiver, hey, power meters moving, bobby you can win it, buy or dont, hollie showed, seal it up, its hollie on board, its the, m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, she salutes, hey, theres, adolf hilter, with her, and, angelic face coming out of ship, its board, but, hey hollie said, it, sees, thats torpedo coming towards, man ship said, as torpedoes coming towards, lift ship out of water, thats it rolling and sinking but ship didnt mind, its, phone numbers, hollie showed, with hat, thats bob, writing some of them down, look, its, babyfleas said, its forming, its new world order, and, its, many kings with, its the, both beasts, theres the pope and hu and hollie showed, with hat on, its book, visions of the antichrist, n.w.o., beast with seven heads and ten horns and its, death angel coming out, hes like Father, laughed, and was Father, bobby you see that, God said, that was uh ford bronco pointed, hollie, big white hand, its uh nineteen seventy one, spun all four tires, hollie appeared in, hey lets motor, she said, looking happy, bobby, its book, hollie showed, visions of the beast with seven heads, you know book, hollie said, she reappeared, hat on, not seeming into it, but hey, another, said, she showed, you sold some copies today, its about how many, hollie thought, shes odd looking hollie, with hat on, its four, watch, you will see, hollie blew, its, he hollie appearing on like balloon but it all dissolved, balloon not seen, hollie showed, get off here, on highway, she had hat on, long, orange hand, its hey its Father and tank, he hollie drives, Father looks on like, ghost, big nose, ghost sheet has like lines, designs in, many like stringy colors, hollie showed, turn, why did hollie show, turn for, you didnt turn, hollie had, pioneer sx seven eighty, bobby you bought one, just wait and see, its good, hollie thought, spoke with God, perfect God said, bobby, hollie showed, its socialcam, theres bob in video on social cam, put it up hollie said, bobby ive marred everyone of my servants till I couldnt bare doing it anymore but you have the ability to destroy in this whole world if you live saith the Lord, hollie showed, the world, face appeared on, its, old world, said, showed, its pockets of people, but, thats its growing, bob within five months you will have over twenty five million people knowing about you, heres how, you will get speaking offers and blast me saith God, hollie wiped face, showed, conference call, hollie showed, turn, hat on, but showed, keep going straight, white arm, face not all the way seen, let me go home, hollie said, its speedway indiana clock that is on a pole with face on, showing, hurry, bobby, its hollie had, pioneer sx seven eighty, its working good, buy, 6-5-2012-bobby let me, hollie, said, its facebook angel appearing, dont use me, he said, showed, like ghost angel of light man, showed, its him, them, the owner, lets make some money, he said, wants, its, advertising, facebook angel showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its the sewer line, problem, hollie showed, with hat on, thats it, he hollie, with, and hollie looks, for hollie showed, it rained, submarines, but finds same he hollie and hes like hollie moodie, thats age progression, bobby, theres sewer line showed, hollie, lighted arms, it fails, but, thats some donations coming in and bobby its, is extended, hollie said, thats JEsus thinking, if I draw people to it, thats new sewer line put in, he said, git walkin, hollie showed, theres, jumpy JEsus said, hollie came out, its she hollie like, just white face, hat on, its white to, turned to side a little, new york, its under attack here, hollie and doreen and kristine said, hollie showed, its missiles sailing, and, its big nuclear explosion, that she said, its behind statue of liberty, but thats missiles flying, hollie saw, there going all over, thats nicaragua, venezuela, and, brazil, exploding, cuba with fire, but, hey, hollie said, thats submarines in some of their waters, finger, points, hollie appeared, showed, eat again, thats texas exploding but america appeared and its, many missiles, striking, america exploding, hollie showed, turn, its hollie with laptop, on, its him, new he hollie appearing on screen, with, this is hollie with that loose belt some, hollie looked to turn but showed, keep going straight, hollie showed, they chant boo hum for this reason a he hollie said, moodie played the music, its mountainous area, its him, many he hollies but one, she one there, holding arms out but like blank stair, its dark cloud over, appearing, its, golden like changing he hollie hammo in like just no feature ghost like body but eyes, hollie looked to turn but showed, go other way, hat on, another came out showed, bobby rinse more, hollies hand was dark color like green, hollie screamed, hollie showed, turn, appeared, hat on like different skinned hollie but she took mask off, hollie showed, its, saint christopher catholic church, its fire burning in and its unhappy Father like little horn, appearing, hes all white but its pope hollie said, came out laughing, bobby dont use them, hollie said, work with fix, heres the problem, thats tree roots growing in the sewer line, just fix, your wanted on the phone, its janette, hollie said, hat on, can I come home, janette said, sure bob said with hollies voice, hat on, chubby, 6-26-2012-hollie showed, its protest, she showed, eat again, theres tap dancing hollie said, its many hollies, all looked and dressed, the same, hollie came out, holding hands, bob hollie said, dont do, she said, she shook, its janette calling, wearing, its uh red plad shirt, moodie went to not wanting, but, thats fucking, its they restore, thats, bob take it for now, thats janette coming out, and heres the sign, she grows weary, thats her yelling, its all the time, now, bob they will, Jesus thought, rubbed changing face, remove her disiblity, its for, lying, God said, thats man living with, its his fault, its angel hollie said, another spoke with, stuck head out, hollie showed, bob its pioneer sx-680, power meters moving, bob its not, bad, one, but after you get, thats you checking out, and its, o.k, you think, its hollie that explains, light starting to fade from mouth, its, good, buy it, said, hollie, had the pioneer stereo receiver, its, sx-680, hollie showed, turn, but then other way, brown hands, hollie points up, its uh starfighter, said, hollie, turning into he hollie bear, two streak by, its over fifteen hundred miles per hour, boo, she said, another, hollie said, showed, its many dark hollies, their in mountainous area, dark cloud moves over, its, huge, hollie said, he hollie in, it thunders, hollie showed, its, the circus, bob send out emails, thats circus owner looking at thinking, we better not, I got uh warning, hollie said, just do, its, sex, janette, moodie, boom, God said, its explosion, blue plad shirts, janettes went red, its scenes from, blade runner, hollie flew, its, little, space scooter, its angel man, its on board the, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, angel head comes out of ship, but angel man laughs, its him, pointed, she hollie, hes acting like angel man, and was, hollie showed, its he hollie on his flying saucer, but turns into mig fighter jet, strikes many countries, its, the serpent rising like red snake dragon, stuck golden tongue out, shaped like pitchfork, hollie saw many scenes, speedway indiana clock stomps foot but Fathers face looking mad, it came out, said, hollie, but he hollie hidden beside, hollie leans against, its just big clock on street sidewalk, hollie screamed, when ya gonna eat agin, she showed, and said, but another hollie came out, pointed, hollie had white in her mouth but she was not seen but, reappeared, shes behind, its hazy, 6-6-2012-hollie showed, thru with it, bobby its hammer, leave him alone, hes done, its, hollie acting like beast on black horse, laughed, its nigger, hollie said, she was dark, another hollie showed, eat, hollie showed, turn, boo, they chanted, hollie said, thats the reason, its him, many he hollies, he appeared with face not seen to well but was turning into bear, its dark cloud thundering over, thunder seen it but round headed God like man there to, its dot, its, hollie came out, red, hollie flew, its typhoon fighter jet, its eurofighter typhoon class, hollie said, she flew, man, it leaves like smoke trail, its water that comes out of air, thats hollie dropping bombs, its america below exploding, but, thats hollie sufacing, in, its british submarines, its they shower, boom, hollie said, thats great britain exploding, but thats fire in australia, russia exploded, thats face of world appearing, no expression, then, its like hollies face, got happy, its, world, shook, hollie goes up, in her eurofighter and sees, world, many countries exploding, hollie showed, its face appearing on big clock, its on pole on sidewalk, face comes out but goes back, its The Father hollie said, why did you wanted that for said the tap dancers, hollie showed, its in atmosphere, many tap dancers, including, its whole new world order, theres pope and hu, its bob fucking kristian, but she looked like, not wanting, janette walked in, hi, emenegger said, write the vision, said, hollie, she showed, its the crowd, many people clapping, hey, theres round head, its he hollie but looking to side, but not into it, but maybe hiding, im uh vision, i can not post, hollie said, its moodie playing music, its making sound another said, take that, hollie said, to Jesus, wearing dress, hollies beating Jesus, hollie showed, turn, but he hollie showed, go other way, its foursquare ministryofdreams, and, twitter ministry of dreams, and, facebook ministryofdreams, three different angels, three different home pages, bob, hollie came out, its your prophecy, people are, thats them shaking, bobby thats hells bells, hollie said, she rang dark bell with golden like design on, hollie, twisted head in fire, happy, looked at bob smiling, what do you want, hollie came out, it was Jesus, had hands together, they were red but pulled apart but hey, hollie said, still there was clapping noise, its, him, he hollie there, mashing hands together, and kind of rubbing together, hollie, showed, its sansui eighty eighty, bobby, buy one, its the last one you'll ever need, hey, its theres Gods hammo coming out, hes not so happy looking, showed, its old, but power meters moved, bobby its city sewer line hookup, unhappy Gods hammo appearing, like angelic he hollie but not quite, thats him looking at, finding article and joining in lawsuit, and it was him, he hollie, showed, lay down, hollie wiped face, they chant, hollie said, its him, he hollie, a she one said, boo, mountainous area, but, dark cloud over, it roared with thunder, theres he hollie hammo in like, brownish colored hollie like thing, like just head and feet and arms, 6-30-2012-hollie saw, quietly, God said, showed, dont speak, janette is jumpy, heres why, people are wanting to marry her, and she will, but, not, them, but you again, hollie showed, its visions, man, bob its fellowship of the Father, hollie showed, its words, they appeared, bobby, its, what do you do now, hollie said, hollie screamed but not heard, bob its you janette fucking again, shes nude this time but moodie had blue plad shirt on, neither cared, hollie showed, turn, hollie saw, its, the, episcopal conference, its in indianapolis, stamps, hollie, she was happy, went, thats bob looking good, its monkey back on van hollie said, monkey shakes yes, wants to go, man hollie said, slapt his face, hollie checked ebay, to locate pioneer stereo receiver, God said, and its hammo coming out like, its angelic head, partly seen but like, came all the way out, bobby its him, hollie said, he hollie, changes to more normal he hollie, laughs, hollie showed, its, aldo nova, theres the monkey on his back, light beings, babyfleas appeared, looking a little worried, bobby you see hollie said, its new world order apostolic church and thing appearing over, has like light shafts appearing out, but hey, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, its for facebook friends, hammo like angelic face, JEsus like uh cat showed, turn, big golden hand, but hollie thought, three fingers, hollie looked at bob, wiped face, had screw gun, bobby she will, you fix, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hollie slapt his face, bob whats the reason, hollie said, its christine, thats, its moodie excited, then fucks, bob just watched, she was stunned, hollie the rid-x treatment but it was septi-pac, hollie showed, turn, in the pawn shop, hollie showed, go to, the, a.a. meeting with uh pen, they chant boo hum, its he hollie, mountainous area, dark cloud moves over, thunders, hollie warrior martian light hollie in, golden but changing colors, 6-7-2012-hollie slapt his face, she said, its them bob, they did it, its antonio cutting air conditioning lines, there take that, he said, thats pope in black horse, showed, they are angry, but smiled doing vision, pope like angel cat, hollie showed, bobby eat, bobby hollie showed, with big hand, its, hollie thought, nineteen seventy four lincoln continental, hollie spun rear tire, thats four sixty appearing, its engine, hollie showed, turn, bobby hollie said, showed, its the clock, theres Gods hammo on like golden angelic face, dont eat yet, hollie said, go, thats her back on computer, hollie twisted his head in fire, happy, hum, hollie showed, with long doggy like hands, you see bobby, hollie said, she, had its, pioneer sx-880 but but was sx-780, its, bobby their the same hollie said, she had it works fine, just get, its got buy back, theres uh submarine right there, hollie said, is the submarine somby another said, hollie from high above saw submarines all around america, another sings, thats them firing and its both american coasts, its errupting into flames, hollie said, but angry barack obama presses nuclear button, looks toward moscow, thats russia burning, bobby hollie showed, its freeforums ministryofdreams, thats hollie hammo appearing, like, its blue face with hat on, dark lines in, showing, its features, stamps hollie, bobby they restore, just take visions off, thats, hollie placing but face went light and round, its like brand new dot hammo with golden hat on, she said, hollie said, its, boo they chant, thats he hollie, hat appearing on, and, mountainous area but she hollie there to, its raise your hands and repeat after me hollie sang, bobby its the visions, stop she said, thats freeforums hammo and website coming back, its open again, its tomorrow, hollie showed turn, golden arm, 6-8-2012-hollie showed, when ya, gonna eat agin, she said, and showed, God said, bob, I will fix your face and give you janette to stop you from, hollie saw, Jesus being mocked, hollie talks on phone, thats children laughing, even hollie laughs but another hollie screamed, showed, when ya gonna eat agin, she said, did, white in mouth, babyfleas points, but turns head, looking back, not at, but not happy either, its hollie coming out, bowing, happy, crowd clapping, they are light people, bobby you want hollie said, your close, hollie came out, grunts, its w.a.s.p., sleeping in the fire, appearing, thats hollie, her on internet, its mailing churches, people looking at, that woman trembled, but, just sat on, but, pulled back out, hollie opened up, your on, she said, its, janette appearing, red plad coat on, white tee shirt underneath, bob its marriage, just wait, heres the sign, thats face fixing a little, thats hollie at, its, saint anthony christian catholic church festival, see that, bob God said, its, ministry of dreams front page, appearing and its angelic hammo light being, on, wearing light hat, looking down at, bob thats some donating, keep e-mailing, and see what happens saith the Lord, and I stamp, hollie said, appearing after she did more clearly, write the vision said the tap dancer, hollie made the futuristic sound a she one said, made, hollies voice even sounded electronic God said, hollie showed, turn, but showed, keep going straight, hand went from golden to white, boo, tell me the reason, hollie said, its he hollie, nigger a she one said, dark cloud over, he hollie thing in, face changing like martian, its red, showing, its popes image on finger, hes in dark cloud, hes in dark cloud, hollie showed, its the image of the beast, its got golden head, and, thats ten toes, and, its body, feet are iron and clay, thats them not mixing, its got body of leopard, thats four kings coming, hollie comes out, shows, bobby those are asian empires, theres hu hintao, seal it up, hollie said, but japanese emperor and kim jong appeared, thats his son and south korean president, there you have it bobby, popes face pops out of golden head, those then kings, thats many of them mentioned, its uh rulin party, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, bobby, hollie thought, she, tear up, its con spirit, its paper, hollie screamed, showed, when ya, she said, ate and screamed, hollie showed, turn, golden hand but, its, him, he hollie showed, keep going straight, then looked back at bob, hollie showed, turn, hollie had, its uh sansui 7070db, power meters moving, bobby buy one but hollies receiver fading, bob its they are getting old, hollie laughed, shut up she said, showed, its, page, pentecostal singles, apostolic singles, hey theres Gods flirting hammo appearing, but like crash test dummy angel light face, hollie said, its bella donna lawn care, its, hes tax evader, thats him, its looking like hes up to something, only partially seen, hollie screamed, you gotta deal, she said, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, its, the, methodist church, bobby dont, she held up sign, 6-9-2012-she said, git walkin jumpy hollie showed, but was dancing, wearing dress, it was light golden, white top, bob have fun hollie showed, she said, jumpy hollie said, showed, be still but she danced, it was Jesus hollie said, coming out, showing his light watch, with light face, its, watch, the watch said coming out, of, its holder, hollie and Jesus wanted to say, hollie showed, turn, but, arm showed, keep going straight, rest of hollie appeared, white hat on, showed, eat again, hollie showed turn, dark cloud appeared over, they chanted boo, its, kristina and, its him, appeared, laughed, dark cloud thunders, its like martian hollie appearing like thing hollie, changing colors, he showed, its him, he hollie but face changing, thats beast popes image, its like gumby now, its gumby hollie, appearing but changing to him, clapping, hollie screamed, but a she hollie points, she had, nose like, pointing out, then up, its he hollie screaming with her voice, hollie showed, turn, bob keep out hollie said, tear up a she one said, he, hollie goes hammo, face kind of went monkey but showed, its with hands, they were like mittoned hands, white, pulled one back, stuck other out, its, in reverse, hollie said, showed, lay down, hollies givin the screamin mess up, she said, screaming, but screamed again, not heard, hollie, hollie showed, its, hollie laughs, walking by people talking on phone but hey theres Gods hammo on, hes angelic like being, hollie showed, its methodist conference going on downtown, she looked up at, she said, pointed, white hand, rest of hollie appeared, showed, eat, its, dark large cloud, thundering, new he hollie hammo golden like being in, he hollie mountainous hill, face hardly seen but was appearing but not quite right, hollie had, its metal detector, bobby get you one hollie said, bob God said, hollie showed, its, methodist conference, and, people there, hollie had dark brown hat on, but clapped, showed, seal it up, its the g8, she said, new world order, started appearing, theres pope like angel of light cat man, Hollie showed post, its on the internet he said God said, but he showed stay busy, a she hollie points, his nose was long, had hat on, lets put it under, hollie showed lay down but was swaying, bob your getting it, your getting me in trouble saith the Lord, Jesus appeared hollie but another pointed at a capital letter, face was white with like nose that was like a sqaure pointing up, 6-10-2012-no, its, babyfleas, she had white in mouth, and, I stamp, hollie said, scene spun, bobby its, church of God in Christ, dont mess with, leave them alone, she said, but, she shook yes, thats her sending out, its e-mail, bob, hollie, showed, its people, they are having prayer, thats van going by, many wondering, hollie showed, its, apostolic sex, pentecostal sex, its page, facebook hammo appearing, like angelic face, but like hollie, outlined in blue, a she hollie comes out, its him, changed into bob, hat on, its hollie, said, leaned up against, big clock with light face on, not happy, its on, street sidewalk, clock on top of pole, its, one of the old clocks, hollie claps, disappeares, but nothing where clocks face was but, Fathers face appeared in clock, not happy, time counting on, thats many hollies tap dancing, another showed, their in atomosphere, she had golden dress on with design, hollie screamed, hollie showed, its dark carriage, its pope like angel of light man, happy, its pulled by black horse, wait uh minute hollie said, hu hintao appeared next to, on red horse, thats red horse happy but then sad, showed, its hu hintao, im the beast, he said, they chant, hollie said, she started appearing, its him, face, not, but forming, boo, its, dark cloud appearing over, its large, its, many he hollies appearing, but, quickly disappearing, one like baby hollie, big eyes, its, the, nuclear g8, hollie said, its were the beast putin said, thats kings soaring to, they leave light trail, its in atmosphere, you see these them bobby, thats them all at table, its, planning, its, uh strike against the u.s.a., hollie stamped, scene spun, bob take it down, hollie said, monkey lips on, its new world 0rder apostolic church re-born, bob theres janette with, thats, sign hammo on sign, its angelic face, but like, him, he hollie, its, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, hollie screamed, again, but not heard, nice fluffy hair, bob hollie with nice hair said like second hollie showed, but like ardvark face, its blue, pointed, hollie, but not quite, this is uh warning, hollie said, man bob, hollie said, showed, lay down, but, clapped hands, super quickly, got back up, its janette, thats her, its prowling, just wait, hollie, showed, its, total campaign, they make stickers, 6-11-10-2012-he said hollie said God said the woman said, hollie jumps with golden hands, and it showed, bobby its you and that woman hollie said having sex, just watch saith the Lord, bobby marry her just like janette, have them both saith God, thats Jesus listening to his preacher sitting in wooden chair, its at vino nuevo hollie said, hollie came out but only partially seen, bob, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, its, hollie, showed, one hundred pentecostals, its offending, there young, looking angry, but then laughing at, its video bob, its you, they watch and laugh, they tell God, so thats what your like, trouble Jesus said, hollie came out, bob its bridges of hope ministries, you destroyed, hollie said, she said, sleep a hollie said, and showed, nice pentecostal clothes on, they were golden, but, dull, white top, hat on, hat was golden, but hey, hollie said, theres GOds hammo, hes angelic head, happy, hat on, like drawing, it went blue but got gray, write the vision, make it plain, hollie said, thats moodie playing the music, tear up, hollie said, moodie put back but face went blank, he worked with, hollie screamed, and its pentecostal hollie, appeared, dressed like penecostal, hat, clothes, hollie showed, turn why is she, hollie said, another screamed, twisted head, but not heard, had uh body all of uh sudden and long nose, happy, hollie drove his tank, Father watched like sheet like ghost, big nose, hollie showed, theres streaky different colored lines in his sheet, like black spec eyes, bobby, hollie said, slapt his face, hand not really seen, well, but it all appeared later, hollie, showed, its indy portables, bob, its apply online, hollie showed, its JEsus high in air, round bluish head, like light part of the way, hollie looked and showed, turn, hollie screamed, ate agin, whats the reason, hollie said, moodie makes horn sound but horn appeared, is squeeze type, has little, ball like on end, hollie squeezed, it blew, but, hey, theres hollie hammo out, it was like eyes and like round waves of light, hollie thought, hard to describe, like, waves of light, hollie had hat on, showed, bobby be still, its angel lopez and brother, george lopez, hollie brought them together, bobby get it, hollie said, thats, hollie putting angel out, heres why, bobby thats the crowd, its growing, hollie screamed, hat appeared on, but, its, he hollie, had hat, quickly put on, hollie appeared with hat on, its gray and his hands moved so quick, but he laughed, was another hollie in vision, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand, that, hollie said, but another was, hiding, talking to, stuck head out, but its he hollie, that, hollie said, its speedway indiana clock stomping foot, Fathers face on, hollie showed, its pole, she leaned up against, street sidewalk clock, that two hollies said, both he and she, 6-12-2012-hollie showed turn, its, bobby, raise your hands and repeat after me, just do it yourself, hollie treats drains, its, with, cleaner, but, its, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes angelic round head, but, not quite, happy, appeared like he hollie hammo, hollie showed time, was going monkey, aging, bobby hollie said, showed, its, wrinkle in face, bob its God fixing your face, Jesus appeared with needle thing and tweezers, thats face fixing again, bob its I quit Jesus said, wore, its, light brown colored robe but Jesus claps and looked like up to something, hollie showed, its radio stations, and their disc jockeys not caring about bob, wondering, hollie said, it would be fun, bob look hollie said, showed, posting on, its laptop cellphone, t.v., but unhappy Gods hammo appeared, bob its your visions, yesterday, remove hollie said, hammo like angelic light being, gray lines to show features, bobby its the clock, hollie and another hidden hollie said, he stuck head out, head was kind of, like, combed up, clock stomps foot, it turned back to light clock, its on pole on street sidewalk, its big clock like in old times, thats horse going by, black and black carriage, pope like angel of light, hollie screamed, again, when ya bob she said, hollie showed, keep going straight but another showed, turn, had like monkey lips, but, with lines in, its, the, marine corp. out in the streets hollie said, she was with barack obama, clapped, had like, disney, had like, wedding like skirt dress on, different shades of blue, she was happy with obama, angelic being appeared, light white face, gray outlines, tall, slendor, marine clothes on guard, its under econonic collapse here, hollie said, barack looks thru papers, flips, leaves, hollie was happy like angelic hollie, drove truck, its indy portables, they will use ya, hollie said, tear up, thats her looking, its applying online, hollie showed, its sending out the text message, only partly appeared but rest of her appeared, bobby to send out thirty thousand per month would take, hollie thought, not really into it, God came out, three hours, hollie showed, big hand, its uh nineteen fifty six ford f one hundred, she was in, showed, eat, again, boo thats what we chant for many hollies said, dark cloud appeared over, he hollie there, but like martian hollie thing appeared, in, he was green but went red, it, thunders, mountainous area below, many on mountains like light hollies, one with no hair, big eyes which were white, tell me about the vision, hollie said, its the nuclear g8, pope like angel man there, but question mark arises, its, blue, but, got different color in like, going up center of and around hollie showed and pointed but she, was turning cat and going Jesus, hollie appeared with hat on, its light, brown color, almost green, hollie showed turn, bobby its moodie fucking janette again, moodie had plad shirt on, janette didnt care, its buisness, it was uh dream, clapped hands, its speedway indiana clock, stomping foot with Father face, hollie leaned up against, its on sidewalk, its george lopez telling you can live in the church, hollie shook no, bob says, you cant, red plad shirt on, but george claims you can, it was uh dream, hollie said, clapping hands again but one not seen but it appeared, its he hollie sticking like hand on pole up clapping other hand, its golden, hollie night vision dressed like, in white skirt like ballet women, dancers wear, from behind, its she said, showed, looked at bob, bobby hollie said, wiped face, stomped face, dont do she said but Gods hammo appeared, hes blue, lighted round head, hollie showed, excercise face like that to make jowl line go away, hollie showed, turn, appeared, showed, eat, its apostolic sex page, and happy, shes round head hollie, wearing hat, happy appeared, like gray outline, scout hollie said, showed, with big hand, its international scout two, thats hollie spinning front tires, lets motor she said, but hand wiped her, mouth, its him, hiding but laughing, 6-13-2012-hollie showed, its JEsus, she said, coming out, its on stage, and the people applauded, its light people, but hollie was there, and, many, bobby hollie said, she said, but mouth seemed to move quickly but then stopped, she was dressed in light colored garments, that were like brownish, hi hollie said, but she was, fading, had, its pioneer sx-880 stereo receiver, you want me hollie said, she was happy though, but, thats JEsus telling her, wait uh minute he said, she shook head, walks away, got happier, they were tap dancing, many, hollies and there was pope, hollie said, like angelic figure, big like, hollie thought, bluish cape on like king, hollie screamed, hollie tore up, like uh hollie in the sunlight but Fathers face appeared on, became unhappy, bobby its you, Father came out unhappy but hollie, spoke, coughed, but laughed, its, janette, let me explain, theres hollie that explains, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed turn, showed bobby spruce up, hollie wiped face, bobby theres something wrong hollie said, its kat, shes jelous now, knows janette gets the prize, thats bob appearing, like, angelic God man, dressed well, its light and light waves and sparkles around, its neat, 6-14-2012-it was an angel cop, hollie, and, he stuck his head out, God and hollie said, raise your hands and your over weight after me, hollie sang, but, its like lighted pegg man, like happy head, bob you have now destroyed about twelve hundred people in the city of indianapolis, reaching them and telling you have God inside your body and God is ripping your face and torturing you and deseasing your gums and laughing at you in visions and hollie thought, many of the city are laughing, but in terror now, bob at the rate you are going, by the end of summer you will have, about two million people informed that, thats hollie with JEsus inside, bob look sneaky, God like white Ghost God, bob your going to send out thousands of facebook message, and all went thru, most are looked at and re read, but many not seen, some, thats hollie, he on, its, text message screen but had like, cape, and, sucked thumb, like, hollie came out, hes like drawing, rough, long hair, hollie looked to turn but reappeared a little different, showed, keep going straight, red gloved like hand, hat on, face with lines in but monkey lips, hollie screamed, it was Jesus another, hollie said, but dark cloud thundered over, happy golden hollie, him in, but happy hollie hammo, round head, below, not seeming very happy like, hollie, play figure which was blue, no hair, round head, hollie showed, bob, lay down, but, hollie took bath, got drink, but it was disappearing, bobby, hollie said, its bobby working, hollie showed, its angry Jesus, thats, hollie and, its, like orange arrows being shot, they hit area, thats bluish and it turns white, bob, its you got a quadrant of Gods power knocked out today, its, raise your hands and wait just a minute, hollie, sang, and Jesus spoke, theres no reovery now, and its getting worse, saith God, hollie showed, people are talking and thats word spreaking, starfighter, he hollie points, a she one said, God said, he showed, lay down, but stayed awake, clapped hands, but got back up, body not seen, its, moodie and janette fucking but he seemed like new hollie, no, its babyfleas, she said, with passion, but looking to side like turning head back, but not quite, bobby, hollie said, its, speedway high school, appearing, and, hey theres Gods hammo appearing with, hes blue, awkward shaped, appearing, angelic head, happy, hollie thought, whats with brown hair starting to appear but face fading, but, coming right back, 6-15-2012-raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, showed, time, hollie showed, bob its facebook angel appearing, like, he hollie moodie, blue face, showing, bob steal and run, wait ten months then accept her friendship, thats your reason hollie said, showed, its, taperecorder and hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, like blue hollie moodie coming out, like baby moodie, no hair but transforming, to, thing hollie, this is, the word, hollie said, be still God said, but, hey, theres Gods hammo, hes angelic blue hollie, bob its pastor jorge, he wont mind if you come, thats, him calling on you and you giving testimony, hollie said, happy, he hollie speaks, sticks head out but, another, hollie appeared, white in mouth, happy, hollie thought, he looked a lot like hollie moodie like, its, he hollie, hollie and he hollie appears, hollie showed, is seeming to try to make return, but, many hollies appearing like, hollie comes out, shows, its new world order apostolic church, heres the story, hollie said, thats scene changing, God sitting there, its the seat of, hollie thought, rubbed chin, changed to a bit, bob hollie points, its your, your the beast, you have Jesus inside, your the king rising out of the sea with Jesus, inside, its, Jesus appearing, looking tall, turned to side a little, but looking at, thats Father God inside like white Ghost God inside of light, hollie showed, its clock stomping foot, with Fathers face looking angred, hollie leans on, its tall clock on pole on sidewalk, its, raise your hands and repeat uhlieve after me, angel sang, did you see that, hollie said, another talking with, he stuck head out, tall slendor hollie, dressed in white, hand sticking out, showed, turn, but, another, with like golden hands, showed, turn again, hands like, mittoned, yellow, hollie looked at, like, gloved, but, fingers appeared, outlined, in, hidden hollie screamed, but she appeared, whats that, hollie said, with crowds voice, its, starfighter, fightem jet, he hollie says, going by, but, he hollie flew, looked at bob, dropped bombs, its america below exploding, he sang, hollie clapped hands, its, tomahawk missile attack, many striking, its that, he hollie said, syria on fire, God said, 6-16-2012-its hollie, its, taking mexican and spanish words, thats placing them on me, unhappy angelic angel of light said, its ministry of dreams website, showed, its new hollie he hammo like ghost man, black features, just partly seen but rest there but he started looking like more normal ghost man, bobby, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie said, wiped lips but thats, he hollie laughing, he, hollie kicked, he stuck, thats hand wiping lips but hollie changed to another, bob, thats man fighting you, he, its, will be forced by ebay to buy back, i knew charles said, hollie screamed again, showed, eat, white in mouth, they represent teeth, thats dark outline seperating, its teeth, hollie showed, its channel eight news, thats them doing interview, thats pastor bob on t.v. looking good, bob get it, its michelle hollie showed, but thats he hollie showing eat, bob she looks at you laughing but knows, thats bob with JEsus inside, hollie came out, bob she wants you, heres the sign, thats her asking, its her mom, God said, you say yes, its your wedding invitation, saith the Lord, let me give an announcement, hollie said, she sang, but, wait hey she said, theres hollie hammo, hes blue face but rest appeared but hollie thought, its not normal vision, bob he gets made to buy back, just wait, its june twenty third and ebay decides for you bob, just watch, hollie shows, lay down, wiped her face but still up, bobby get it, its janette, shes coming, thats you and her, its unhappy hollie at church, wanting to give instruction, janette just goes but enjoys, put it under, bobby hollie said, showed, lay down, but stayed awake, but clapped hands, got back up, face white, 6-19-2012-bob hollie showed time, with uh light watch on, she said, God, but appeared on, its watch, God said, time piece hollie said, hollie showed, bob its pioneer sx-880, its another one said, hollie, she dreaded, took home, it worked, pretty fine, bobby, the next one you will keep, you just bought, wait and see another one said, she stamped, a, different way, its, beast pope, carriage coming out, with pope like angel of light, hollie was with horse, you see she said, these are angred, but red horse appeared with, happy, but red stomped foot, im the rider horse said, its hu hintao, thats missile flying, hollie, he riding red flying saucer, its into over that, hollie said, taiwan errupted into fire, its hollie, a battle over washington state but hey hollie said, thats submarine coming up, surfacing, and thats china exploding but, its america being attacked by china, they fight, and, its, she hollie flying out, its old world war one air craft, she dives, bombs ship, but hey, theres hollies hammo appearing on like blue face he hollie, ship takes hit and its repelled, showed, hollie, face appeared later, its thats, hollie and another said, clock stomping foot, Fathers face comes out, hollie showed, its uh big clock, on pole on street sidewalk, theres clock, prophesy, it was Jeuss, hollie said, coming out, holding hands apart, that, he hollie said, he appeared, happy, Jesus thought, face changing, hollie showed, fighting, like uh dark shawdow hollie, face appeared later, showed, eat again, white in mouth, hollie showed, its uh fisher stereo receiver, thats fisher hammo coming out, like he hollie head, blue, lighted, bob buy one, hollie screamed, no, hollie said, shook, head, white in mouth, but, shook head yes, got happy, changed into, its he hollie hammo, like round head, hollie thought, bobby rinse more, his color kind of, its, light brownish, with uh bald head hollie said, hollie twisted his head in the fire, happy, hollie showed, turn, bobby hollie said, its janette, hollie showed, be gentle, she laid on side, red plad coat on, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, the biggest church in the world, she laughs, its in taiwan, 5-19-2012-its chappel rock church, hollie came out, showed, its just roof and chimney, but theres building there forming, its, blue, hollie showed, bob just be still, thats van hammo, angel looking out, its part of van, its sneaky, they see it bob, they leave, they tremble, hollie screamed, again, but barely heard, twisted head, she was blue another said, but he finally came out but was seeming to disappear somewhat, hollie pointed, up, Jesus came, bob you collected names, put it on ministryofdreams, there they are, it, they indexed, hollie showed time, light watch, but it had a face on it, many checked out, hollie showed, bob its, connection pointe church, its on saturday now, its, hollie looking on net, hollie showed with red hands, cloud thunders, red he hollie in like, hollie thought, she formed, hes hard to describe, has hair sticking up but only like just little place, that isnt the loose belt sound its the loose belt sum, said, hollie a she one said, but he reappeared, showed, be still, bob, hollie said, showed, turn, she had the its a, pioneer, sx six eighty, stereo receiver, bob, this is a good one saith God, but thats power meters moving, hollie showed, go to that speedway she said, showed, turn, tell me what were doin, hollie was tap dancing with many others, in atmosphere, its brand new lighted hollie like thing hollie with tape recorder, with, its, theres Gods hammo coming out, on taperecorder, jsut head, but, it was, the Father, tear up, hollie said, he hollie with, sticks head out, thats him speaking, its, monkey doing his thing, 10-30-31-2010-Hollie him said, its partial face he said Jesus, showed lay down, come on, said, it, hollie, said, hidden partial face hollie, but she appeared, with Jesus, looking, its, wondering, she said, its him, said, partial face hollie, its, chinook, she said, with him, flying, partial face hollie, said, thats partial face hollie, sitting, at, its, Gods interviewing table, stamps brand new hollie, scene spins, its, I dont want, it, said, partial face hollie, are you wanting retirement, said, Jesus, he, dont, want, it, partial face hollie, said, talking about, bob, hes, not postin, she, said, thats, hollie, wearing plad shirt, thats not buttoned, with white tee-shirt underneath, she, worked on, computer, showed, lay down, thats, partial face hollie, being, brought back by, its bob, thats hidden head ministering spirit stamping, scene spins, but Gods head appears on, hollie showed, record, its partial face hollie, I'm back, said, another, hollie, happy, had, brown hair, thats the marine corp., its out in the streets, said, JEsus, stamps, scene spins, thats, angel gabriel appearing with lighted face, hollie appears with, has somewhat silhouette face, they were together, but gabriels face changed, silhouette, hollie showed, barack obama at podium announcing, its economic collapse, he said, in his, heart, face smiled, he walked away, thats angel marines, its guarding said gabriel with silhouette face hollie, and people pilfering, Jesus looks, rubs, chin, its, many he and she hollies, out stealing, thats God telling them at interviewing table, its thief, he said, they, go out and steal, Jesus, sprinkles, giving, them, one mind, thats putin, receiving, his thought, God, said, lets rule the world, said, it putin, said, hollie, o my God, said, it, Jesus, partial face hollie, said, licked prophet, thats, its she showed, face hidden, realistic, it mini taperecorder, licking prophet, 6-22-2012-hollie drove, its the u.s.s. chicago, like light hollie, but it sank, lets rule the world, hollie saw, its hand sprinkling and Jesus appeared, showed, eat more, bob its you, thats c.i.a. looking at e-mail, man, intelligence offer saying, he knew, thats tomahawk missile strike, its syria, exploding, thats explosions in iran and its, theres president obama calling on you bob, appeared, its, the, end time story on ministryofdreams, bobby hollie said, ministry of dreams hammo appearing, hollie showed, eat again, but it became Jesus looking kind of like, angred, becoming more, thats barack obama looking at but saying, im not interested in that, put it down, he said, but looked at, hollie showed, turn, lighted hand, but bobs goin the wrong way, its babyfleas came out, looked stunned, hollie screamed, but not heard, nice white teeth, they are teeth of light, hollie showed, its, new wineskin ministries tomorrow, she dressed well, hollie showed, turn, hollie screamed, but barely heard, Jesus showed, go, hollie rubbed face, still awake, looked at bob, seemed tired, but woke up, bob, hollie texts in bed, she blasted the Lord, again and he became, thats angry God appearing, holllie salutes, shes on top of, its u.s.s. chicago, but thats ship sinking, hollie like light hollie, 4-7-9-8-2012-when ya gonna, hollie showed, eat something, this, it is Jesus, hollie said, she ate from dumpster, put it under, Hollie showed like uh grayish hollie, its on laptop cellphone t.v. She said, bobby its janette, moodie having sex with agin, she wore red plad coat, her nothing this time hollie and God said, put it under hollie said, its hollie coming out of, showed its cellpone, but hollie kind of went like wicked birdy hollie, bobby its they muse, as white hollie comes out of message on van, its hollie with Jesus inside, hollie showed, just wait uh minute, she said, sang, God said, quit, hollie showed, its l d s dot net, its christian forum, hollie wiped lips, showed, bobby dont mess, he wont put you out but will wonder, thats ministry of dreams network, angel, thats many ministryofdreams pages making up, bobby its, over one hundred websites, hollie showed, take care of, open atleast five per day, thats, hollie showed, ministryofdreams angel, head and kneck, lighted up, getting happy, showing, its, ministry of dreams, I created it, JEsus said, showed, eat, hollie showed, affeared, thats golden megaphone coming around, its, little golden hollie in, its, war sireens, hollie said, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, its two subs in ocean, there by cuba and nicaragua, they start firing but third comes up, its mexico, bam, hollie said, big nuclear explosion, its, in texas and around, but hey theres missiles coming other way, hollie said, thats cuba, nicaragua, mexico, on fire, hollie saw three in cuba, thats venezuela and brazil exploding but, missiles leaving there, hey thats like angelic face on one missile, and it strikes, hollie, sang, africa exploded but she flew around world, its p51 mustang, jet, its light, thats many, its were the nuclear g8 putin, said, all those countries exploded, thats smoke all around world and sun and moon, was doing their jobs but smoke rises in their faces, both show up at, its Gods interviewing table, hollie sings again, sun, its im sun said, happy, burning bright, moon had glasses on but eyes appeared, just being cool, places hand out, its holy bible, read it moon said, thats moonman again, dressed nice, dark suit, hollie screamed, showed, eat again, white in her mouth, another comes out, points, but vision already reported on, hollie drove, its, 427 mustang, its, thats her smoking tires, she, looked out window while doing, hollie screamed, but not heard, twisted head but showed, troubled, hand action, bob, it, this is hollie, two hollies said, another sings, but, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes appearing, angelic head, but, different, hollie comes out, she rang, its hells bell, dark bell with design in but hollie not seen but was second time like angelic somewhat hollie, its jumpy hollie, showing, do, something, and, van comes alive, angel head appears on, licks prophet, big tongue coming out of van, it happily reports to, its Gods interviewing table, said, hollie but only hand seen but rest appeared, showed eat again, he said, hollie said, showed, jumping, report on me van said, Jesus looks you now have over ten thousand that have read van, hollie showed, its worldprophecycenter ministryofdreams, like angel head, its, lighted but two colored, its dull grayish on one part, he said, raise your hands and do after me, jumpy hollie said, looking normal, its, boo they chant, dark cloud thunders over, Jesus in cloud, lightening bolts comes out, golden, hollies screamin for this reason, screamed again, more fervently, its pastor, hes turning red now, its bobby, hollie looked, Jesus appeared, its new hollie wanting saved, hollie showed, turn, thats septic tank angel coming out, hollie showed, it is angel, its eating, bobby, hollie put, its like, rid x in, keep doing, but its he hollie doing, hollie showed, lay down, frosty face, she rubbed, but on side, hollie showed, three, its, hours to mow lawn, she mowed, bobby eat first she said, showed, like bear hollie, hollie showed, its vino nuevo, bob treasure them, they wont leave, but be gentle, its antonia and lopez, both, they are wanting out but neither can, hollie screamed, showed, lawn mower engine top, Gods hammo appeared, like workman, hat on, blue face but hollie showed, its not right, showed, bobby eat, white in mouth, fix, right she said, its play with to make sure, 6-23-2012-hollie salutes, ministry of dreams, she said, soon, thats bob in casket, its cause I persecute saith God, hollie salutes like light hollie, shes on top the, its r.m.s. titanic, but thats face appearing on front of the ship, its, bow, hollie said, like angelic face, becoming afraid, thats iceberg going by, ship sees, thats, hollie tap dancing, in the atomosphere, with thousands of ministering spirits, theres pope, hollie said, he was like cone head, angel of light but stopped tap dancing, looked not so happy, hollie wore white dress, theres designs in, its gray stripes, but, bears appeared in, happy, its happy bear, transforming, its hollie on board the, u.s.s. enterprise, thats many torpedoes striking, hollie on top, like light hollie, and rocking, ship listing and burning out but, didnt sink but thats america sinking, its great carrier, hollie showed, turn, its lighted hollie on board, its the m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, turned to normal ship mate, hollie sailing on top, ship, face appeared on, oh, ships face said, its on front, thats torpedoes coming toward like golden, rockets in water, ship exploding in three parts, hollie showed, its Jesus flying the helicopter, Gods hammo appeared, hes just uh white face but was he hollie acting like hammo but more appeared, laughed, normal hair, hollie showed, its, hollie driving his tank, Father saw, like ghost, big nose, different colors in sheet, like lines, but some streaky, he looked at but, turned more ghost, black spec nose, eyes, hollie showed, turn, like uh dark hollie, hollie showed, turn, tear up, another, hollie said, only hands appeared, but rest seen, showed, eat, hollie came out pointed, but she, appeared, but, hollie went to him, like Jesus hollie, but, like, bear man, pointing at white in mouth, bob its you speaking at the a.a. founders day meeting, thats, witch crowd, bob its, hollie looked at God for word, will let if they find out, give me what I want, thought, hollie, yanked, its taperecorder from Jesus but he, thats moodie fuckin janette but hollie wont let, heres why, hollie showed, its justin dorsey plumbing, bob call them hollie said, hollie showed, turn, then reappeared, but anotehr came out, showed, rinse, hollie showed, turn, but, hand seemed to disappear, 10-18-2010-hollie showed, record, and, I, stamp, he she said, thats black new world order, its stagecoach, coming out, hollie, said, its with, the, pope, and hu, said hollie, pope like angel man, its red and black, hollie showed, time out, wearing, white clothes, but, only, part of her seen, thats, its, him, said, partial face hollie, appearing, underneath with, its light feather, appearing, he tickles her feet, another, hollie, looks stunned, its o, she, said, hollie changed again, into another, hollie, boo, said, chanted many hollies, its him, said, she, hollie coming out, hollie kissed bob like medical doctor, did surgery, hollie showed, record, I betray, said, Jesus, put me down said Jesus, hollie showed, with mouth open, thats, hand, almost, invisable, showing, you did not want hollie showed, theres uh dome, in, it, hollie, said, with, its him, partial face hollie, said, in, side dome, you ran, said, its uh he hollie, thats, why, your face is, hey bobby, its not right a hidden hollie said, but, she, dimly faded in wearing dress, no expression, hollie claps, it, i'm the, beast, said, pope, thats pontey, I aint an illusion, he said, bobby said, hollie, and, him, said another, hollie, played, his music, wearing, white robe, she, showed, but, there, was, no, instrument, you got me, said, he hollie, thats, pope in the fire, hardly seen, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, lay down, claps hands, showed, its, popes picture, I aint the reason, he said, hollie had the straight talk card, she updated, thats her at wal-mart looking happy but, miserable, that was america, see said, hollie, walking on, nuclear fires, next time when you see me said, hollie, wearing plad coat, another very dim hollie came out, showed, hollies turned like sideways but, when you see me said, hollie, it appeared, said, another, hollie, that hollie spoke in heart, bob said, hollie, showed, lay down, hollie snapped fingers, stomped foot, hey said another, hollie coming out, thats Ghost appearing, showing, its popes picture, with brown hair, putin kneels before, let me rule the world, hollie shows, world, captain, hollie, him said partial face hollie, spacesoarer fighter, he said, flys, thats many countries exploding, world has eyes, happy, you know who that is, said, hollie, it was, she, said, satan, but he looked like, a normal man and was, hollie blew like whistle, her tongue turned into like long tongue, hollie pointed up, sh, she said, 6-24-2012-hollie showed time, had arm lowered against, its side, she and God said, but had light watch on, had sleeping face on, but watch woke up, then just turned into face, hollie showed, its moodie fucking janette again, neither into it, moodie had, its blue plad shirt on, its unbottoned in front, but, hollie, looking to side, but looked at, not happy, but rest not seen, hollie appeared, hat appeared on, its, a.a. founders day meeting, its alcoholics anonymous, hollie said, thats, its bob sending out electronic letters, them looking at, and, some like, some dont care for but they all want bob, its there, hollie showed, its arena, crowd, bob dressed well, speaking, they applaud, its, alcoholics anonymous, founders day, meeting, bobby hollie said, she came out, its hells bell ringing, its black but has design in, looks uh little different, its transforming bell appearing, its hollie, saluting, on board the, m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, thats face coming out, its white ship with some, other colors but face looking worried, sees, oh no, face said, torpedoes coming, no, its babyfleas, hollie said, she came out, but hands clapped, rest of hollie appeared, but she changed, showed, eat, but another hollie came, pointed, white in her mouth, hollie that explains appeared, light coming from her mouth, thats hollie tap dancing, you see she said, had brown hard shoes on with buckle, tap danced, one foot, hollie showed, its, the monkey shaking yes, thats, its on top of the van, boo, he said, its he hollie on, in mountainous area, dark cloud, moves, appears over, thunders, its he hollie hammo in but like space alien he hollie with helmut on, red to, had, feather coming out, hollie screamed, then reappeared, turned, it kept spinning, write the vision, make it plain, hollie said, hollies in screamy mode like this, she said, showed, its little sansui stereo speaker, you like them, buy them, bob you are not good looking, thats, hollie saw, but, was, have to be sexy, its sexy bob, hollie showed, turn, lighted hollie, dress on, 8-28-2010-hollie showed, said, hollie, let me, said, another, hollie, its foursquare, she, said, this is hollie, showing, hey bob, she, said, showed, eat, hollie showed, lets git busy, she, said, clapped, barack now the hear the word of the Lord, bring bob, into, a, position, and dont, harm, and he will make sure you win relection, after the economy collapses, and he saw, said, casey, she wore uh white robe, said, hollie, people marching and prostesting, hey we want our, one said, like, lit up people, said, hollie, social security and pension, insurance, back, said, Jesus, thats, angel looters, running, streets, then turned into, alright I'll handle it, said, its, said, Jesus, president barack obama, make it illegal to steal, ministry of dreams, which I did speak, saith God, and I will bless you, give them untill you get there, to remove, thats authorites, showing up at, ones, house, hes uh, said, God, tax free, reverend, make remove, said, Jesus, hollie showed, record, its, new ministry of dreams, website, its foursqaure website like little angel head, put it there, said, foursquare ministry of dreams website angel man like dot head, showed, the beast, its, pope, coming, out, I am gog, pontey, said, hollie showed, that, she, said, its foursquare website, its, showed, hollie, ministry of dreams angel, its, ministryofdreams network, they, it, will, hollie thought, get, thousands of hits, bobby, said, one, of, the, seven heads, thats, king of mexico popping out, hollie, wearing, white, robe, its, from, behind, she, said, watches, motorcycle event in indianapolis, they do stunts, like that young man, i'm the vision, please dont post, hollie said, showed, eat, bob, said, hollie, was, nice, to, bob, I persecute said Jesus, its by, hollie said, manifold temptations, I try to make my children perish saith the Lord, torturing, maiming, deseasing, and tricking them to cause them to hate me to try to drive them away to laugh saith the Lord, I put boils on face, cause face muscles to tighten ruining face when being used, caress penus with electricity, mess with heart, cause body to become hot, anger servants, lie to them, and laugh, betraying saith God, prophet, said, hollie, thats, black horse, thats black horses, pulling, black stagecoach with pope in like angel of light, into russia, hollie, rode, its space starfighter, said, its him, she hollie said, face not clearly seen, drops bomb, america below exploded, submarines appeared all around, spacefighter soared, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries and russia, burned, said, she hollie, thats fires in latin america and south american countries, its on the day of the Lord, said, he hollie, in the bedroom I will drive you out of your mind, saith the Lord, torturing and disfuguring you to cause you to perish, making it so you wasted your time to let others laugh at you and make me laugh, saith the Lord, most of my servants perished after wasting their whole lives living for me cause I betrayed them to cause them to perish saith Jesus, go home, said, its, Jesus, said, happy hollie, eat, thats bob walking into, its, terri's, she, said, tent revival, its bobby we want you to git outta here, said, her, hollie, said, hollie danced, showed, lay down, that was one of the lighted heads, the president of mexico popped, out, thats other kings popping out of other heads, like putin and hintao, theres chavez, thats tear up, said, hollie, body unseen but dimly fades in, bob, said, hollie, and, I, showed, you, uh picture, she, said, its, pope, thats, angel marines running streets in america, its economic collapse, said, hollie, barack announces, thats people marching, and, chanting, we want our loot back, one said, like lit people and dot head, bobby it was uh dream, said, hollie, showed, night vision, let me, said, hollie, like, roundish face, bob got hair grafts, they talk, hollie said, clapped hands, showed, night vision, bob thought, you need to put them closer together, thats doctor not placing hair grafts to close together, they stick them in hollie said, 2-24-2011-I persecute, said, It Jesus, hollie spoke, for I the Lord, saith him who Is and Was, try to make my chidren backslide, its by, hollie spoke, manifold temptations, God said, hollie shared, its, caressing penus, dick, with electricity, ripping face, when using, causing, body to heat up like a furnace, deseasing gums and body, putting boils on face, hating my people, letting them see me laugh at them in visions, saith the Lord, hollie points, its him she said, thats God appearing, spoke, hollie, then she appeared, but, had on red sweatshirt, but it changed colors, God, said, spoke, hollie, put it under, she said, showed, quit, or, be tortured, fast till death saith me the LOrd, or, die, of, natural causes, 12-20-2011-raise your hands and repeat after me, bobby, hollie said, theres Gods hammo like not so happy blue hammer but he angelic being, its normal attire, hollie said, on, Jesus showed cut off, bobby thats freeforums ministryofdreams appearing like happy angel, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey bobby look, theres Gods baby hammo, its you and janette, she bares, thats her changing diapers, its, the word, fire in the sky, alright, ozzy osbourne, sang, clapped, happy, thats, Jesus inside bob, hollie nails up sign, its on, telephone poll, but looked, came alive, like, Gods hammo, hollie said, his face, almost round hollie thought, hollie showed, make signs, put waste paper in trash baskets please, this is hollie with that oh loose belt sorry, thats another hollie, showing, bob siphon, it works, thats septic tank, becoming happy, clapping, its, angelic hands, round head, showed, clean me out but started going hammo, hollie screamed, hollie showed, turn, showed, chew gum, hollie showed, turn, but showed, go get drink first, raise your hands and clean up after me, sang, theres Gods hammo, hey look, hollie said, his face going blank, but still, white, angelic being, thinning hair, no, hollie said, shook, no, clapped hands, golden like glowing face, but like hazy, but shook yes, she had burgundy sweatshirt on, raise your hands and wait after me, sang, its Gods hammo, hollie said, thats septic tank angel sitting on lid, wait he said, like angelic little being, bobby its injesting, just give it time hollie said, save your home hollie said, showed, lay down, Gods hammo sang, heres why she said, coming out, bob, its, she, looked at church angel, do tomorrow, hollie showed, turn, like a cat, a she one said, amber face but reddish, that was Jesus hollie and God said, Jesus showed, lay down, but clapped hands, got back up, but eyes seemed to be there but only shaped like eyes, 9-11-2011-hollie showed, its wearing white clothes, put hand on other arm, it was uh dream, showed, hollie, wearing light skirt, thats man in bobs field, grass high, he wore like, JEsus, cross shirt, Lord I need help with things, he said, send people that, will help, God and hollie thought, its, gay pride, hollie said, Jesus, but she comes, his face not all seen, but was, there, and, hollie above, pointing, but finger not right at, its gay parade, and people, hollie said, put it under, what was angel hammer doning, there, holding sign, when ya gonna eat something hollie said, showed, eat, bobby, hollie thought, looked, afraid, thats, Jesus appearing, showing, eat, showed, bobby them two are tithers, keep, she will come but thats her not wanting to leave, but does, hollie showed, its nuclear warfare, with, its both beasts together, hu hintao, and, its pope like angel of light cat man, hollie, i will show signs and wonders in the earth, beast, said, and, its, pope, they, depart from each, go to your land pope said, hollie held candle, showed, its candle lite, its be there stamps, hollie, showed, eat, bob, hollie said, your services, its building, she said, white clothes, showed, wait, be still, thats, its beast pope, dragon, hollie laughs, coming out, riding, its black horse, and, its, into russia, he said, thats, many, nations aggitated and angry, people are in uproar, thats beast pope like angel of light rising out of sea and, I he will make peace, happy pope said, thats him eating dinner with, its putin and medvedev, lets make a deal, he said, bobby put my face on myyearbook, he said, thats pope like happy angel of, light, on myyearbook in profile picture, hollie showed, lets eat something, God said, crystal ball, said, its Jesus hollie said, he rubbed, its pope in, but not, happy, dressed, its like wizard hollie said, no, hollie said, showed, its the f.o.p. leave alone, she said, bobby and I showed, its pope, hollie said, hey, another came out, pointed, at, but looked back at bob but same hollie thats catches, caught, came out, two hollies but same, both caught, even each other, fingers, not quite pointing, at, its, o, hollie said, hollie, lit his candle, thats bobby taking picture, from pulpit, like lit up bobby, thats, hollie points, he again, she said, boo, they chanted, but he appeared, not, the same, but hollie points, his mouth open, white in, she said, another, hollie said, rubbing hands, its, pope hollie said, riding black horse, its into moscow, russia, he said, stopped, you like that vision, hollie said, then post that vision, she wiped hands, that, hollie said, its angel looking at, its, blue print, that, hollie said, its fox, like dog, hollie points, new church building, like, white palace empire, its, bob going in, happy, burgundy sweatshirt on, but turns, into, its angel, hollie showed, bobby do, something, hey another, said, coming out, hollies face not all there, like blank somewhat, theres hollie in tank, ducking, tear drop golden Father, shoots by, but turns, blue, happy, hollie showed, its dreyer honda, its on facebook and partial facebook angel appears, shows, its most of new world order, lets see hollie said, theres pope, hu hintao, and its, mexican president, close it up, facebook angel said, but face changed, went somewhat golden, look, hollie said, its dreyer cycle, thats owner looking at, lets go he said, this is uh warning, hollie said, moodie played his sound, she wants you to git out, he said, thats woman wanting sex, them having, put it under, God grants you an open door, if hollie said, he said, jumpy hollie said, jumping and clapping, angel showed, take bath, sleep, hollie showed, go to church tomorrow, bob come on, hollie said, showed, sleep but clapped hands, got back up, white hand pointed, another, hollie, she caught it, but, hollie showed, sleep again, white face, but eyes still open, thats, hollie showing, record, showing, its beast, pope, he appeared, then its hu hintao, lets rule the world, said, its, putin, happy, mexican president appeared, but swallows, closes, eyes, hey hollie said, coming out, he face went blank, lula, showed, no, but, shook, yes, get uh wood burning stove, hollie said, showed, its warm, but another, came out, hollie wore burgundy sweatshirt, 6-25-2012-hollie showed time, had hand on side, but light watch on, hey bob its sleeping, hollie said, God said, but had uh face, and face came alive, but, had, some golden, haze in, hollie said, hollie showed, its ask office ministryofdreams, its hammo angel appearing like light angel man, round head, no hair, looking down, happy, thats hollie checking website, and catching, its now, a new website, bobby start a new account hollie said, its the same, but they, changed to them to drop space, hollie showed, its the beast forming, new world order like, its troublous stormy time, like blue storm coming with, its kings appearing, theres pope like angel man and happy looking afraid mexican president and others, bobby, hollie showed, seal it, up, hollie showed, bob its, Emanuel, God with us, bobby, hollie said, dont, hollie screamed, but, not heard second time, bobby its you and janette, moodie fucking again, hes into it, blue plad shirt on, thats them leaving but she just goes, type in google, thats, Gods electric hand, caressing bobs dick, hollie and God said, its Jesus jacking bob hickman off to tease, its, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, golden hand, but he hollie showed, keep going straight, hand not seen but it appeared, it was white mittoned hand, its speedway indiana clock with Fathers face, stomping foot, hollie showed, its on main street, big clock, hollie showed, turn, long ears, both hands, hollie, salutes, its on top the s.s. france, hollie and, its kristina back, sticking head out, but hair, its cut short, hollie thought, thats her cutting it, behind scenes and, making it look, its sexy, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, events, hollie said, its bankers life field house, and that, hollie saw, lucas oil stadium, hollie tried to send to send text, message, its from gmail, but, hey theres Gods new hammo, its, shaped like missile head, eating away, its, bob, you pointed, hollie, long finger but Jesus appeared, stomping that, hollie said, crowds of people appeared, they are falling away, thats some leaving, 6-28-2012-hollie walked, holding up her sign, but, it was, only holder, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, bob, thats letter, its ozzy osbourne, one dollar, thats new world order apostolic church incorporated hammo appearing, hes angelic head, like, bulb head, but not quite, thats sharone and ozzy watching on t.v., thats jack osbourne receiving his healing, hes getting strong, bob its you, pointed, hollie, your starting to make God pay for persecuting you, its magazines, said, hollie, clapped hands, dressed in nice like dress, look, babyfleas said, she approaches but not really into it, dressed well, dark, long like suit dress, its got pinstripes in, thats are kind of gray but hey, theres Gods hammo, thats big tall clock, hollie leans on, its, on, sidewalk on pole but Fathers face comes out, Father stomps, its, like foot, like, its bear, its hollie appearing in sky, its Father pointing, hes tube like body, dressed in blue suit, hollie tap danced, had designs in white dress, hey theres bear in, happy, in like gray outline, hollie screamed in sky, showed, eat, Jesus like uh cat Jesus hollie said, showed, turn, long nose, hollie appeared looking like being stalked, bobby its people, be gentle on us, hollie said, hollie screamed, showed, eat again, hollie looked both ways, showed, turn, same, he hollie said, he hollie points, new, had nice bushy hair, brown, its his hand moving over her mouth but its like theres something there screening, not letting you see but its like mouth moved, like something rubbed over, he had like bear paw hand, hollie showed, its van, happy, face coming out, thats riding on, but van passes by, not, seeming to happy, its, thats, angelic man coming out of van, hands were light, showed, its, the writing, bobby, van showed, kind of dressed well, but clothes not, really seen, it just wants to be van, not advertising, hollie and God said, and van, theres van man, its new ministering spirit, its on, ministry of dreams, hollie sang, hollie screamed, hollie comes out, claps, but hands not seen but they, were there, but there was light where hands were, and light didnt follow, where, when dark hands clapped, its he hollie, looking, maybe afraid, in mountainous area, its dark cloud thundering over, its huge, hollie said, and saw, theres space alien he hollie in like martian warrior man, but, many chants boo, they appeared, then got fuzzy, its from high above, hollie looks down, face, partially seen, he hollie showed, turn, 6-29-2012-hollie slapt his face, but, had finger in mouth, and blanket, like linus, hollie slapt his face, its showed, hollie, as horses came charging to, theres, its red horse, and black horse, theres, grizzled and bay horse, happy, and, theres white horse, you see these two hollie said, showed, its pope and hu hintao on black and red horses, thats one stomping, you see hollie said, these are angred, hollie played with red horse and horse smiled, thats hollie flying his red flying saucer, it fires, thats bombs not going anywhere, very far, but, its still hollie said, thats taiwan exploding, thats right there, hu hintao, its, battle of washington state, fighting hollie, light swords, another hollie flys out, its, old world war two aircraft, bombs ship, you see hollie said, its, repelled, but, thats ohio class submarines surfacing, all with hollies, but one he hollie, thats, china burning, smoke going up, but angry Gods hammo appearing, looking like revenge, angelic white face, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, like, golden face, roundish head, theres hollie like dot, its golden, hollie screamed, again, but not heard, hollie that explains appeared, light quickly flashing from mouth, coming out like circle, getting bigger, but not very far, hollie drove, its little, cosworth vega, she was in like angelic hollie, she liked that car but, bobby it really wasnt very good, its the motor, she said, its over one hundred horsepower, but, not very well designed, hollie spun rear tire, its quick, that, hollie said, that hollie said, bob come on hollie said, Gods hammo sang, post on, its cellphone, that, hollie said, its, angelic hammo head coming out of, that, hollie said, cellphone, hollie showed, turn like mostly dark hollie like smoke hollie, see hollie said, its janette appearing, its your wife, bobby just wait for it, hollie dreaded but laughed, its indianapolis indians games, bob dont hollie said, that, hollie said, hollie showed, crowd, walking to indian games, bobby, hollie thought, be cautious, hollie stomped foot, looked back, its van at speedway, afraid, he hammo head coming out, its blue, like, its head but, like cloudy but, hollie thought, hard to describe, she walked with sign, to, its indianapolis indians game, bobby hollie showed, its, w.b.r.i. radio, they will, stopped, looked back, Jesus appeared, use ya, hollie said, hollie scremed, showed, eat again, but another hollie pointed, white in mouth but changed to babyfleas, hat on, hollie pointed again, it was hollie like uh white bear showing turn, hollie showed, turn, 7-1-2012-hollie showed time, had hand down at side, but light watch had uh face on, hollie came out, showed, its m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, thats its spokesperson, angel, dressed, dark, pinstripe suit, angelic head, showing, its ship, thats hitlers supership, hitler on deck, but thats, explosions and ship rolling, face appears on ship, hollie appeared, looking happy, you see, its bob hollie said, no, its babyfleas, hollie said, he hollie sticks head out, another one there, babyfleas acting, thats Jesus telling how to act, its do the frame, fleas shakes yes, hollie showed, bob, sh, pointed, Jesus coming, him like hollie, he, but bob, its, s.s.i., dont get social security disability insurace yet, hollie that expplains, light flashing from mouth, but is fading, showed, its, answer phone, hollie showed, turn, like mostly golden hollie, hollie showed, turn, like uh big face hollie, its offwhite color like dull green, bug head, no hair, hollies screaming for this reason, screamed again, she said, but not heard, hollie showed, pope like angel of light, its the catholic church stamped, hollie, but she didnt, scene changed, but she came out like angelic hollie, 7-2-2012-hollie saw, its carpet bombing, its, in, f-22, she said, its stealth raptor, bob hollie showed, its facebook hammo like angel head, like, showed, slow down, email twenty at a time, hollie said, turn, hollie showed, but bob wasnt driving, and I stamp, hollie, said, like white angelic hollie, its, new world order carriage coming out, its stagecoach, its red and black, theres happy pope on one side, hu hintao on other, you see hollie said, these are angred, its pulled, by black and red horses, hollie plays with, both happy, but red horse angered again, and, stomped foot, its, hollie tap dancing, many, dressed in white dresses, like gray designs around, like pin stripes, hand in dresses to look like wings, like hollie had, its pioneer sx-680, but, power meters moving, thats man thinking, but purchasing, and loving, submarines right there, pointed, hollie, thats two pulling up, then leaving but its iraq and gaza on fire, hollie waves from one like brown bodied hollie, showed, its bright media fondation, she leaned up against words, bob its little booklet, it costs, hollie thought, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, about one quarter, sale for one dollar, its the, episcapol church conference, hollie showed, Jesus said, she pulled seperation wall up, JEsus appeared, its bobby stay out both said, hollie showed, its catholic church, thats, bobby, showed, hollie, she said, showed him sitting still, being quiet, hollie appeared with, standing, like angelic hollie, hollie made new sign, get the phone, new hollie said, other hollies tap danced, hollie had designer dress on, its white with gray pinstripe design, but bears were in like lighted bears, pope was there, that was, bobby, he saw his email, thought, you would make a good catholic priest but doesnt want you, hollie showed, turn, like mostly golden hollie, he hollie showed, keep going straight, he showed, take bath, its, the, speedway indiana clock, stomping foot, Fathers face comes out, hollie leans on it, its on pole, but changes back to clock, but theres m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, its, longways, out of water, bow pointing to cement, you got uh telephone call dot said, hollie had the phone, like, but she was turning, animal, its real estate agent, bobby list for, its one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, it wont sell, but, gets another tenant, hollie showed, its custom ink, dot com, its try custom ink, its make, design your own shirt, sh, hollie said, pointed at Jesus, hollie going like bug face hammo, she hollie, like, bear, hollie showed, turn, they chant, hollie said, boo, its he hollie, mountainous area, hands sticking out, suprised look, big circled light eyes, but theres, eyeballs in, bobby its you holding your sign, laughing, dark cloud moves over he hollie, thunders, he hollie in, like, its golden faced, like helmut on, its golden to, but face not, seeming all there, but was, hollie slapt his face, turned to side a little, 7-6-2012-hollie appeared, had on light watch, it had face on, that was awake, but went back to sleep, monkey showed turn, had hat on, hollie showed, its got top missing, hi hollie said, happy, showed, its carpet bombing, its starfighter he hollie said, its, dropping many bombs, flying his f-105, thats, america below exploding, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, Jesus showed, be quiet, but changed, hollie showed, its infozone, thats her face in words, their golden, hollie showed, fight but mostly not seen but, appeared, but somewhat light face, bobby their open late on thursday, hollie showed, its, nepal, its quiet nation, but, theres Gods happy hammo popping up like angelic head, but somewhat animal, hollie showed, its, Gods electric hand, like light hand, she came out, hollie screamed, you want it said hollie that expains, she clapped, GOd said, he told me how to do the frame she said, pointed at Jesus, oh no im the m.v. A he hollie said, wilhelm gustloff ship, doreen and hollie said, she stuck head out but ship was upside down, out of water, looking at ground, big eyes God said, 7-7-2012-its monkey showing turn, God and hollie said, thats angel seeing, new words, u.p.c.i., hollie stamped, its, united pentecostal church international, heres how, bobby you will rent to them, its young u.p.c.i. couple, they screamed, its hollie cleaning septic tank, Gods new hammo appeared, like happy angelic face, hollie used shop vac, thats, hollie in his tank, come on he said, Father like ghost man checks out, its big nose, sheet Ghost Father, with many colors, streaky lines in sheet, its, hollie said, Jesus and, its, he hollie sticking head out, said, hollie charged up, its a/c, but theres Gods, air conditioning hammo, coming out, hes angelic white head, longer kneck, he came all the way out, hollie pointed, raise your hands and repeat after after me, she said, its polar bear, red shirt appeared on, hollie screamed, showed, eat again, turn hollie said, another showed, go, hand not seen, but, they appeared, they were fisted hands, bob just janette, thats hollie fisting janette, but placing hand on bible, shook, yes, but swore shes not gay, he said, hollie said, showed, git walken, thats her with new class a c.d.l., drivers licence, 3903 west tenth, thats Gods new hammo, coming out, bob work with it, hollie said, bobby hollie said, but another wiped lips, had white face, he hollie appeared, happy, but got sad, then changed, but went hammo, reported, its to, God and hollie said, its to Gods interviewing table, hollie showed, lay down, its monkey on the van, two hollies said, he hollie was hidden but stuck head out, monkey looks at people going by and, they are stunned, but, monkey doesnt show expression but thats monkey excited, loves it, new job, God said, 7-10-2012-hollie showed, bob, God said, its, hollies, shes wanting sex, take her, God, coughed, new world order apostolic church and fuck her saith the Lord, bob go to, the a.b.s.a. hollie showed, they want to see you, its pastors, she showed, they worry, and I stamp, hollie said, its new world order carriage coming out, its horses she said, hollie was with black and red horses, but one went bay colored, its Jesus on, theres, spots, thats, grizzled, hollie showed, its facebook hammo, not seeming to up to it, hes just like face, somewhat like doggie bottom part, bobby thats hundreds of people seeing, that went further then you think, thats massive hit force, on, its, utubiaman ministryofdreams, hollie said, its, up date them, hollie showed, its, the hard flash drive and its hammo angel coming out, bob hollie showed, its been awhile, just do, and I stamp, hollie said, theres beast carriage again, its stagecoach thats red and black but turned black, was white and dengy white, before, you see hollie said, theres pope and hu on their sides, she was with them horses again, black and red, its, thats it sailing, like, its santa claus showed, hollie, stamped, this takes peace off of earth, its he hollie flying, its spacesoarem jet, hollie said, he points, but face changing, its starfighter, fightem, he said, hollie flys, its f-104 starfighter, drops bombs, thats america below exploding, but angry barack looking, theres russia on fire, its oh the russian hammo said, golden angel head, but not all the way golden, not happy, thats nuclear g8 countries on fire, smoke goes up, its im sun and moon were there, moon had on, its shades, theres sun blazing bright but both at Gods interviewing table, moon stick finger out, has ring on, theres popes image, in, like little pope dressed like king, its Fathers face hollie said, theres clock, hollie leaned up against, Fathers face in, moving just a bit, its, on street sidewalk, on pole, but Father came out, showed, its both beasts, had light hands, its, the pope and hu, placed them down, they talked, both dressed like, its two beasts, hollie said, theres uh submarine, said, its, the, submarine somby, hollie said, its two hollies, they were like but one was different, its, akula class she said, thats it firing two missiles, captain hollie, its her appearing, thats on board the, r.m.s. titanic, and I stamp, hollie said, showed, its you and hollie fucking, she, was, curious, but you popped her, she goes into bathroom, and, shits, but, laughs, with you watching, like shipmate saluting, ship goes by, but face like angelic coming out of, its small, looking afraid, sees ice, acts like screaming but really laughed, hollie showed, its dodge viper, buy one she said, thats her smoking tires, hollie showed, turn, hollie screamed, its the sheet Jesus said, its like ghost, Father checked, big nosem, streaky lines in sheet, he hollie drove his tank, but tank disappearing, hollie showed, its old world war two tank, they are thinning out, its Gods new hammo showing turn, hes white angelic being of light, had hat on, like, dino, dinosaur nose, face, om the m.v., hollie said, Jesus said, wilhelm gustloff ship, some people said, but, hollie stuck his head out, theres Gods hammo, hes changed to, more like she hollie, but changed to he hollie, laughed, Jesus, appeared to, theres, Jesus showed, wilhelm gustloff ship, hollie salutes on board, shes on top sailing, then, theres, thats, torpedoes exploding, she didnt feel it but thats ship rolling and siking, oh, ships face said, hollie wiped face, turned to side, burgundy sweatshirt on, but hey, theres Gods hammo, came out of her, shes baby of light, but, hollie acting like hammo, changing to him, he hollie, laughing, but, hey, thats, many hollies doing frame, thats Jesus telling, I want you to do frame, they all shake yes, but hammo didnt but its hollie, acting like hammo, hollie showed, turn, 7-11-2012-bob hollie said, stood up, God said, had on, its uh light watch, with face on, arms were against sides, just hanging, hollie and God said, hollie showed, its hollie, another, shes free, bob just wait, theres phone ringing, hammo coming out, its little young looking angelic head, curly hair, but thinning, hollie showed, its facebook hammo, not so happy, like angelic being, face, head, but thats over four hundred emails, bob hollie said, quit, hollie showed, turn, hollie, like doggie, let me show, she said, bobby its kids laughing, they know now, hollie and God said, she showed, lay down, but clapped before, its white setting, bob she said, another hollie said, showed, picture, its pope, hes the beast, its antichrist, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, golden parts, he said, hollie said, another showed, its, him, by him self on mountain, its mountainous area but storm cloud quickly appeared over, it thundered but disappeared, but wait hollie said, theres Gods hammo inside like warrior hollie, changed colors, but, just head, head, helmut seen, hollie showed, turn, golden face doggie ape like hollie, hollies going ape, hollie showed, its m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, angel appearing, on, its, ship angel, he reappeared, dressed, into it, nice, suit, hollie showed, its the, rid-x, angelhead, eating, like round head, with little like, pointy cap on, like you wear in winter, just face, bobby, its, rid-x, hollie appeared, holding, that eats, most things in, theres septic tank, stamped hollie, but only her hand seen but rest appeared, she showed, eat again, but another came out, pointed, theres white in hollies mouth, hollie had the money, hollie wiped face, bob she said, showed, lay down, but stayed awake, white frosty, like face, 7-12-2012-hollie showed, its, ministry of dreams, she said, thats Jesus showing eat, I spoke it hollie said, I created, God said, spoke it, hollie said, Jesus, with partial face, call it, God said, grunts, ministry of dreams, he said, many hollies said, some he and she, ministry of wolves, its the seventh day adventist church, stamps, hollie, hollie showed, its, gay pride, thats faggots marching, but wait, theres Gods hammo, right there with, like being, part of hollies face filling head, and it was hollie, she was like outlined hollie, but white with like, its, outlines, that are like, not grayish but reddish or very dull color, hollie claps, trouble, hollie showed, its Jesus, clapped, she was happy, its, kings rising, theres, its, the pope and hu hintao dressed real well, you see these two hollie said, theres emperor of japan, its empy, she said, and, lastly, theres slashed pope, he, thats hu hintao slashing, missiles flying, its battle of armageddon, both beasts, its, their armies gathered there, its, betrayal, but thats egypt and syria and, its jordan exploding, but, thats missile leaving russia with Gods hammo on, hes roundish, bug head, off color, like, its light pinkish color, thats, hollie and, many said, one stuck head out, its he hollie, God said, russia exploding, Jesus rose up, mountain was split in two, no, its babyfleas, appeared, its, shes, from behind, hollie said, another, hollie showed, start having fun again, bob, its, your face, Gods fixing, hollie did, its the mouth execrcise, she had facial excerciser, she put in mouth, it made her look, young, bob, hollie showed, turn, go, she said, hollie said, showed, get walkin, hollie had hat on, held up her sign, theres hammo coming out of sign, like bluish, snake like head, but, looking to side, then at but had hands, hollie pointed, they were small, and bluish like, work, said, its, hollie that explains, many said, light flashed from her mouth, like lighted tornado coming from but, was tornado, thats it reappearing, but hey, theres Gods hammo hollie said, in the wind, hes changing moods, like angelic head, bluish, hollie slapt his face, a hidden she hollie said, she came out, thats, she agrees, but changed, to, head, hollie, seemed fighting a little, but, then, laughed, changed back, thats Jesus putting them together, not seen, but appeared, the love doing visions, its, ministryofdreams, hollie showed, its visions and dreams, hollie showed, its old train, its steam engine, thats whistle blowing, steam coming out, but wait, theres Gods hammo appearing on, hes the light, bluish head, but changed to square light, with, he was the circle in the old square light, hollie screamed, eat again, she showed, but new hollie comes out, pointing, theres white in her mouth, new hollie looking back at bob, shook, yes, she did, visions, hollies screamy for this reason, whats the reason, she said, screaming, are you gonna eat she said, but another came out, pointed, hollies teeth lighted, jumpy hollie showed, have fun, but, was changing to hammo, hollie thought, septic tank, and I stamp, she said, thats rid -x hammos in there eating, its, hollie showed, box of rid-x, hollie was changing, ended up light hollie but rid x, round headed, angelmen, eating, some had hat on, some didnt, like winter, little, tripod hat, like santa wears but not quite, hollie pointed, its he hollie in the fire, twisted she said, his head, but, was, happy, bobby, hollie said, slapt his face, hollies bombed, its mig-21, its almost eighteen hundred miles per hour, with, its single engine, and I stamp, hollie said, showed, lay down, was, falling asleep, then janette called, its janette hammo coming out of phone like lighted, janette, but hammo, bob you didnt answer hollie said, she, dozed off but woke back up, hollie showed, eat, hollie showed, its, its magazine, hollie showed, jumuah, 7-13-2012-go, hollie came out, showed, its babyfleas, hollie, another, showed, step on it, get out, but wait, theres Gods hammo, hes, like bluish angelic head, changed to new hollie with brown hair, hollie showed, its the tom tom club, its, there, one hit wonders, hollie screamed, showed, bob its you, moodie and janette fucking again, both still had some clothes on, clothes on, hollie slapt his face, face mostly just blank, but, eyes, nose, mouth seen, thats wollie laughing, and many ministering spirits singing, its, like, the tom tom club, hollie showed, turn, golden hand, hey your goin the wrong way, hollie said, thats he hollie showing turn the other way, fist not seen but, appeared, gloved like white gloved hand, but hollie, hes changing, hollie was not, seeming happy with, its, first baptist church, in carmel, its on one hundred and twenty sixth street, when ya, gonna eat, agin, hollie said, looked like hollie hammo, its face, not right, normal, like roundish, monkey like lip, but, not quite, she bit on something, she was turned to front a bit, but not quite, showed, its soundesign power meter working but hey, theres Gods hammo, like angelic head, being, head shaped like oval almost, head, forming but shaped like ghoul, thats hollie moodie hollie said, playing his music, get help, moodie said, its, new sessions, thats people walking in, all want to be seen but, thats, Jesus, sitting in pew, thats it, hollie said, bobby install, its pastor, hollie, showed, turn, she said, get walken, hollie showed, had shoes on, but, hey theres Gods hammo, blue head, sticking up, its just head, like drop but not quite, face, hollie showed, its mouth exerciser, she worked out, bobby, hollie showed, its shirley, from speedway, shes now, trembling and knew, heres what was in her heart, im gonna git me outta trouble she said, in her heart, thats her causing lawsuit, your wanted on the phone, hollie said, she had phone but was turning bear, its antonio, he wants, thats him dreading to speak, talk, wants you to give them free rent for, hollie thought, got word from God, one month, dont, hollie had watch on, it had light face, boo hum, they chant, hollie said, its many hollies appearing on mountain, two, mountains there, some hollies like just light hollies, light clothes, but, no hair, face not formed, its, dark cloud moving over, thundering, same he hollie in, thats JEsus telling, I want you to do both frames, hollie shakes, yes, hollie wiped her face, turned to side a little but looking at bob, showing, its speedway manager sad now, shes fired but knew, its, put it under, theres Gods hammo like egg head but hollie showed, not same color, bob, its you, bob appearing, your going to destroy, theres Jesus coming out, i knew God said, 7-14-2012-hollie chanted, but, he hollie appeared, not seeming to, its happy, showed, its JEsus, no hair and cloud moving over, its blue, but like, stormy, it thunders, he hollie flashes in, laughs, had like hat on that was like bowl but not quite, blue, in cloud, then another moved over, hand showed, many hollies in mountainous area, it filled, big dark cloud moved over, he, hollie in, it flashes, hollie appeared, just hands at first, he showed, eat again, hollie showed, eat again, her colors were black and white, its, JEsus doing like old t.v., they were all black and white, its brilliant, hollie said, she said, git walking, jumpy hollie showed, but had big eyes, brown, dress on, was tan color, hollie screamed, its bob when ya gonna eat something she said and showed, twisted head, but showed, white in her mouth, another hollie points, looks back at bob, but shook, yes, he did vision, give warning, hollie said, looking afraid, its starfighter jet, he hollie said, he was flying, its carpet bombing, dropped many, JEsus appeared, its God being spiritual warfared, APPEARED LIKE LIGHT MAN, on, its, throne, appeared, like, fancy chair, thats people walking in, all want to be seen but, she said, get walkin, hollie said, had shoes on, but, hey theres Gods hammo, blue head, sticking up, its just head like drop, but not quite, hollie screamed, its sex bob, you and her, its attorney, hollie said, bob find one, thats one that will gladly take your case, it makes you, hollie shook, Jesus came to, spoke words, rich, hollie twisted his head in the fire, looked at bob, theres submarine, right there, its akula class, another, hollie said, you see, one said, dont get caught, thats prison if you do, thats bob in handcuffs, its sheriff, hollie showed, turn, big hands, its go to walmart bob, theres walmart hammo appearing, hes like round head, smiled, hollie showed, turn, hollie, showed, turn, bob, hollie had locks, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, long, pointed finger which grew like, its dagger, hollie said, here, hollie said, she gave the money, bob its rented, leave it that way, tell ellis no, 7-15-2012-hollie showed, its woman, shes, its, thats, hollie said, new world order apostolic church, its, happy angel looking ball, its head, hollie said, white, bob, hollie said, thats him, changed to her, holding sign up, wollie slapt his face, hollie screamed, again, nice teeth, she hollie comes out, points, her face mostly light, nice long brown hair, looked back at bob, its chicken licking prophet, hollie said, thats, its, hollie showed, bigt chicken, it showed, self, changed colors, from yellow to chicken colors, its on top, stamped, scene spins, chicken comes out, still spinning, theres beast pope man, like angel of light, lincoln continental, thats the, lion licking the prophet, hollie said, its statue but red tongue, hollie showed, and was complainy, its bob youtube, on, its world new tonight, stamps, hollie, its cnn news anchor man, telling about, but, hey, its bob being arrested, hollie came out, showed, its cnn news anchor man, t.v. sceen behind, it shows van, monkey on top, doing things, hollie blew on hand, showed, bobby its attorney, bobby find one God said, bob hollie said, showed, lay down, but she washed clothes, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes angelic head, like he hollie, you caught me he said, face deformed a little, laughed, looked more like he hollie, but blue face, with grayish like lines, hollie showed, lay down, 7-16-2012-hollie showed, what are you gonna do after you git done carpet bombing, its, he hollies, its, starfighter jet, he and she said, both hollies, looked, bob, there all hollies, hollie said, and showed, many hollies appeared, but some were deformed, shucks, hollie said, its marcus ellis, he will do good, its, that, hollie said, but she pointed, its his organization, bobby theyve got your back, hollie said, its, mark letting you meet his district elder, that, hollie said, he hated you, but laughs while with, tells mark, get away from him, mark says, I know it, they leave, but both love bob, babyfleas appeared, showed, eat something, but shes changing, bob hollie showed, its speedway general baptist church, thats its hammo, hollie showed, turn, again, but not seen this time, hollie showed uh light watch, it has pastor marks face on, hollie showed, its, speedway indiana clock, Fathers face in like lighted face, its on pole, hollie was, had hand on, he said, it was hollie, leaping, but bottom not seen but she showed, get walking or its lease to mark, she said, hollie said, hands were gloved but changing, colors, he hollie sticks head out, he spoke to but hollie came out, he was up to something, dont look at me, fleas said, face, hollie showed, rinse more, hollie showed, turn, long golden hand, you knew what you were doin hollie said, she was serious, showed, angel lopez, hollie was laughing, hard to show visions, he doesnt care, hollie that explains appeared, light comes from mouth, like circle, thats like tonado, its coming from, lik, cone shaped, white light, they chant, boo hummer hollie said, its many hollies appearing, mountainous area, some bald like, no hair, like light people, wearing like, its dress, gown, thats, dark color, like dark burgundy or, grayish, then changes to he hollie, big cloud moves over, thunders, theres hollie in but hes new hollie, like young, has like cap on, thats like, brownish, golden color, has little top thing, one that is, similar to head, it just goes on head, shaped like head, like upside down bowl, its design in, hollie showed, turn, kind of like, bob dont go, its speedway general baptist church, hollie showed, 7-17-2012-bob, hollie said, had on light watch, it had face on, but, face came out, smiling, but, up to something, hollie said, its, him, she said, its ellis, hes wanting, thats him sticking hand out, bob om sorry, marcus said, hollie came out, blew, its, hollie like Jesus, white robe on, shes walking downtown, get bad, she said, thats people stunned, looking at, but bob God said, Jesus appeared, all looking then laughing, its, Jesus, a afraid hollie said, thats, hollie acting like Jesus, laughing with the people, thats pictures and hollie grabbing, their asses, they laugh but are stunned, hollie showed, its monkey on van, hollie, walks by like JEsus, white robe on, its, gorgeous, she looked, serious, but laughs, hollie that, explains appeared, light flashing from mouth, like, circle, but like cone, growing, hollie showed, its big circle, getting bigger, its, light waves, hollie showed, bob, its attorney, freedom of speech rights, come on, she said, hollie came out, as scene unfolds, its Father in sheet, like ghost, big nose, different colored lines, its, sheet, hollie showed, she blew, with different colored, streaky lines in, sheet is purple, but he hollie in his tank, hollie, its, old world war two tank, hollie acting like, its girl on titanic, shes now getting older and having fun, bobby, thats, hollie, showed, climbed up on telephone poll, dressed like working like working, hollie, in dress, she had, its, hat on, but was heavy set, not fat, stout, put, its for rent sign up, bobby, thats pastor, like marcus along and leasing, 7-18-2012-bob, wollie said, slapt his face, its, hollie came out, when ya gonna rinse, she showed, had nice teeth, another come out, pointed, it was like same hollie, but hollie that showed teeth, but was only partially seen, bob, God said, they will want you to allow them to do what ever they want not matter what it is, its, them, the new ministry, and, thats him eating in basement, having fun, and bob joining, and he liking bob, but, now hear the word of the Lord, they cant put a sign on, and, you have the keys, bob showed keys, go, said, its babyfleas, thats her siphoning, then changing, its Gods hammo like blue face, angelic being, but, changed back, bob its septic tank, and I stamp, hollie said, but was fleas, gaining weight, only hand seen, but angel like face appeared on septic tank, its, been hidden bob for all these years, just fix, work with, thats, one, trash can full and many more on the way, bob, its, showed she hollie she came out, showed, rinse, burgundy sweatshirt on, he hollie doing things, thats, hollie said, thats it, hollie showed, its church of acts, theres pastor bill, hes hiding something, he looks over weight but opens up his suit, thats millions of dollars falling out, bob he knew, its both, you are wealthy but, they are broke, bob, hollie said, she looked to turn, showed, eat, agin, when ya, she said, this is what hollies screamin for, showed, its moodie and janette fucking again, moody had his plad shirt on, its, many colors, janette not really into it but loved, then rolled over, its anal sex, both like, its Jesus with Jesus inside, hollie came out, let me show, its clear, tall, slendor, outlined Jesus, thats the Father God inside like happy little light man, hollie showed, turn, but, looked to keep going straight like animal hollie, its church angel, came out of builing, walked, like light angel, hes, thats him sitting at, Gods interviewing table but he went gray, face coming out as he tells, shows with hand, it he said, hollie talked for, it dont matter church angel said, name, hes, thats it, new world order apostolic church, hollie showed, keep going, then showed, turn, but hand not seen but it was there, appeared, light hand, but another, hollie came out, showed, agin, more, theres, vino nuevo, building, thats, what, God, hollie said, played music, partly appeared, it was moodie, rest blocked out, that was, light, blocking, its blue but like sky color, thats, hollie, acting like Jesus, dressed in white robe, theres border on, thats like, dark brown and Golden stripe around, its lighted, hollie was acting like cool, wild Jesus, jamming, dancing, thats the, van angel, licking the prophet, appeared, hollie came out, like face on front of van, where grill is, hollie showed, light angel head of, its, van, it was new hollie with head like, its, hollie came out, showed, rinse more, had like, hard to describe, two like, hollie showed, like, buildings coming out of head, like skyscrapers, like trade centers, hollie showed, turn, 7-20-2012-hollie appeared, had on golden watch, which had uh face on, hollies screamin for this reason, showed, eat again, but another new hollie comes out, points, looks back at bob, shakes yes, but changes, hollie had white in mouth, like light teeth, she smiled, see she said, hollie appeared, seemed a little slow, showed, its the fisher stereo receiver, thats hammo coming out, like, angelic being, changing colors, went to blue, its, studio standard by fisher, rs-2004a, hollie showed, its power meters moving, bobby you'll have it working again, theres he hollie hammo, angelic being like, but laughed, with his receiver, hollie showed, walking more, go get those adress changes in, thats her going to licence branch, and hoping and licence branch hammo, happy at first, then got sad, but agrees, like blue he hollie, changed, laughed, hollie showed, turn, but then showed, bobby go back, go there, he said, hollie said, hands in air, they were gloved, white gloves, but another hollie notices, she went blue, those gloves, were design, bob, hollie, came to tell, its them, the american government, but hey theres Gods hammo there, hes angelic, tall, slendor, blue faced man, but not seeming to, like, wanting to be there, thats u.s.a. gov, its threatening, hollie showed, turn, its into, new world order apostolic, church, hollie appeared, showed, bob build church, or, theres Gods hammo, like slendor angelic being with egg like head, but its light, dark clothes, pick, your choice, hollie said, thats hammo dressed nice, sitting in, church, thats church, not full, but all of us sudden people appear, bobby, its your carpent bombing, it, will work but not for long, they chant, hollie and God said, its boo, he hollie in hill, Father checks out, purple sheet, thats, its like curtain, ghost, hollie said, big nose, black spec eyes, mouth smiling, but like line, dark cloud moves over, Gods hammo in like golden angelic warrior, but face starting to disappear, its thunder, thats golden lightening bolts, and angels coming out, thats, lambs book of life, its, hollie showed, time is up, hollie showed book and thought, that means zero spots let, bob, your, its, your the last, hollie said, no more saved, I just got my mind made up God said, JEsus appeared, started leaving, thats world, hollie there, like animal hollie and, thats, wars breaking out, fires errupting, world shaking, its pope like angelic pope on black horse, rising up out of the sea, its, turmoil, holloie said, but, hollie appeared, it rained submarines, its akula class, hollie said, stomping, jumping, hollie said, uh different one, its hollie said, hollie showed, where is he, but another he hollie appeared, happy, 7-14-2012-hollie blew on hand, showed, its, hat appeared on but she had dress, its pentecostal, bobby its angel lopez, hes now affeared, its his radio man, if we loose, said, the lopezs, we are finished, but thats bob talking to, thats him holding uh grudge but you two like, bob, hollie said, its, policeman, dont be mean, hollie showed, its, hollie was screamy for this reason, showed, its unhappy, new world order apostolic church, hammo, its like, hollie came out, hat appeared on, bobby its christian sex, have, hammo was looking behind, hat appeared on him, its, hes, shaking, looking back at bob, its refinery bob, they will offer to buy, but if you dont see, the offer is, hollie showed, still good, oh, hollie came out, its m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, thats torpedoes striking, and, its, face appearing on, but not normal face but looking afraid, ships angel turning to like man, very well dressed, hollie danced like bruce springsteen, hes provacative, she said, 6-23-2012-thats bob walking with sign, looking mad, but laughs, its, git me off there, thats what he said, thats Jesus looking at van, but, hollie was blue, new hollie, like, thing hollie, hollie showed, turn, he said, its, two hollies said, it rained, God said, its him, she hollie said, looking at submarine, sees she hollie in, waving, hollie showed, be quiet, its hooker, shes quiet, dont mess with, heres why, thats her telling police, if anything goes wrong, its, with her, hollie blew on hand, hollie showed, its turn air conditioners on, its, new world order apostolic church hammo appearing, hes angelic man, hollie screamed, hey bob when ya she said, showed, eat, its Gods new hammo, like, blue, its hollie said, angelic, like workman, blue clothes, but different shades, turned to side but was moving, thats him working on, but, he took, toilet up, thats it, bob its particles, remove, thats full grabage, its, pail hollie said, thats bob moving up stairs, hollie screamed, this is vision, she said, showed, its the beast, pope, with seven heads and ten horns, it, dragon, serpent, hollie said, bobby theres Gods hammo, trying to clean out septic tank, hes, like workman, bluish color, its like triangle at, almost shaped like top of head, but it, had pointy top, hollie and God said, bobby it worked, hollie came out, showed, its, yogalatte, its little, like, its, frozen yoga thing, thats, it with face but disappearing, bobby its wont, stay in buisness, hollie said, bobby because I lied to everybody im in danger saith the LOrd, hollie came out, it was, Jesus, hes fading, hollie like white hollie appeared, looking to side, but up, said, that, two ministering spirits said, Jesus appeared, hollie came out, happy, hollie showed, light watch sleeping, but he awoken, hollie said, had, like, fire color, the white, God said, pointed, looked at bob, its bear licking prophet, red tongue, did you see that, hollie said, its Gods new hammo like lighted angelic head, being, and piano on titanic, played by hammo but hammo changing to more like he hollie, laughed, and, was he hollie, that, hollie said, its, thoughts ministryofdreams, hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie, that, claps, but not seen but appeared, showed, eat again, hollie comes out, shows, its same oh hollie but angelic, light skin, i aint gonna do it she said, but did, spotted trailer, its for, heritage corporation she said, drove, its spotting truck, hollie came out again, it appeared, hollie came out, clapped but, hand didnt, match up with other, its, janette, i want money she said, red plad coat on, she lives with you but, its you, hey theres Gods hammo, dont care, she wanted love, hollie, screamy for this reason, showed again, hollie showed, go home, she ate, its the tank, many said, he hollie was driving, Father shows up, like ghost, big nose, purple sheet like curtain, it h as like crinkles in, and more colors, hollie showed, turn, golden arms but another, thought to go other way, its the polar bear licking the prophet, doreen and, its others appearing, but, hollie thought, somethings up, Jesus looked like doggie, hollie showed, she looked thru book, she didnt find it, its, hollie showed, siphoning, cleaned out septic tank her self, thats her sticking hose, removing toilet first, and finding it, bob, thats, hollie, you have to work with it, thats get hose into particles, its filled hollie said, you will get some, 7-26-2012-hollie bob, hollie showed, had on light watch, it had face on, but was sleeping, but woke up, thats it climbing out of watch, like angelic being thing, bobby hollie showed, its bravenet, ministryofdreams, like uhappy hammo, hes white, outlined features, showed, its their taking my website down, but changed into like angelic hollie, bobby, its, move, hollie said, thats bravenet ministryofdreams becoming happy again, hammo smiling a little more but, it was, hollie acting like, changed to he hollie, bob its flash drive, update more she said, hollie like hat on, ready to do something, hollie looks, its, ministry of dreams, its hammo appearing, changed, from, just angelic head, being, to awkward shaped, like head changed, face, being, bobby, heres how you got them hits, somebody, thats, likes page blasting, it worked, theres more, its, hollie sees, many hits, but, hollie, held hand out, wheres the man, woman said, hollie wasnt, she paid, hollie said, and showed, its jail for bob, hollie showed, like upset herself, its, it the monkey back, hollie said, its, that, hollie said, monkey showed, turn, but bob not in van yet, but, monkey looked and waited, hollie screamed, when ya gonna eat agin, she said, screamed, showed, eat, but another came out, screamed more intensely, but not heard, hollie walked, same hollie doing all three visions, another showed, bob, rinse, its listerene, but changed, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, like unhappy angelic blue face, hollie, showed, its sign, looked at, tried to pronounce, its, la herruda, bob hollie showed, turn, hanna montana blasting, its bob, theres your ten thousand, hits, God said, hollie said, just watch, its cnn new anchor man, showing, its hanna montana blasting christian, its on her likes page, but, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, changed from likes page to angelic head, hat on, like, shaped like cone, like megaphone, hollie showed, but, she showed, terror, looked thru, hollie came out, looking a litle frustrated, its he hollie on, hill, hes happy but dark cloud moves over, hollie showed, mountainous area, thats cloud king of turning white, but warrior hollie in, hes, helmut, and its white but was red, then scene changes, but cloud moves away, mountains fill with people, but hollie showed, there heads are like round, blank, but, hollie appeared, in one, not looking at anybody, but eyes appeared, looked at bob, hollie stood up, looked at, bob, turned to side, she said, wiped, face, showed, lay down, changed into bob, but, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes angelic white face, hat on, its all light, but thats them appearing, all to, 7-27-2012-no, its, hollie said, showed, shut mouth, its the lopezs, angry, but liking, they both still come, angel will hate you, so will jorge, but both love, put it under, lets, hollie said, showed, watch, with light face on, but, thats hollie changing locks, bob do soon, God said, hollie bit lid off but normal face but hollie normal, she laughed, but tried not to show, hollie showed, turn, but, looked to go other way, another came out, hollie seemed to have monkey lip, hollies screamy for this reason, she said, its, he hollie like cat on hill, happy, dark cloud moves over, thunders, warrior hollie in, red helmut, but, like, not earthly warrior, things shaped different but, not quite, kind of, pinkish but, hollie thought, not quite and not formed well, like round head, God said, just blank, when ya gonna eat something hollie said and showed, but another came out, pointed, looked at bob, theres white in her mouth, but hey, theres Gods new hammo, he, changed into angelic being, round head, clothes, face, almost same color, he updated flash drives but showed, eat, hollie showed, dont do it, let them in, be kind, hollie came out, showed, its same hollie, showed, do something, he hollie appeared, then went to mountainous area, went back, hollie said, he sailed back, dark, thunderous, storm cloud, over top, warrior hollie in, like warrior head, helmut, on, its golden, God and hollie said, another showed, its tank, he hollie driving, Father shows, up, big nose, like sheet God, its got like curtain, its got krinkles in, hollie said, design in, purple and different colors, looks at bob, spec eyes, but nose gone, hollie showed, turn, like uh lighted cat hollie, different colors in, shades, hollie said, prophet, antonio showed you to turn, this is hollie, she was going into like blue setting, but walked out, but its, a, some of another hollie appeared in, its he hollie, but nose, hollie bit lid off, she wasnt happy, its, things changing, build ministry bob, its carpet blasting, hollie said, showed, thats, angry, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, showed, its blue, complete background, but monkeys face, appeared, got more clear, hollie salutes, its like serious shipmate, its on board the r.m.s. titanic, and i stamp hollie said, but only hand seen but, rest somewhat appeared, hollie like shipmate saw, its, wheres her hat, a room full of, theres Gods new hammo, its many hundred angelic heads, being, lighted but different,


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