Thursday, May 10, 2012

not your average pentecostal servant, apostolic chosen

  • Jesus the holy Ghost entered me like body perfect size and will you be my FACEBOOK prophetic friend

  • Holy spirit showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-7-2006-theres the submarine sound pointed, hollie, and she licked the prophet, and, subs, sneaked up on, America, boom, and the world wobbled, and out of, and, Moscow, and china, and, ohio class subs, boom, and the world wobbled, and hollie on top, and, and four horns came up, out of, the ruins, and Moscow and china, the leopard, north and south, korea, japan, situate, a business empire, where, china and all those lands are, even, most of Moscow, and out of, Moscow, came the pope, the beast, Im the beast, said the little horn, with the popes face, coming out, and hollie tore up the contract, and hu, and, japan, will rise to withstand, like a, lamb, they will, cling, but, hate, 666, will be, born at the table, between them, to prevent them, from destroying, both have nukes, the pope will get slashed, and satan will enter in, and, destroy, searching for, the, jewish, remnant, Christ will appear, with, may, of his saints, and, rapture, and theres the beast, in the lava, with, the false prophet, hu, bp, discovered, corrosion, in the pipes, liars, higher prices, is what they want, put it under, they won't get it for long, people will, punish, this will, be, what, causes, people, to, fight against, the, government, in, america, prophesied by, dumitru, the national guard, will be in streets, it will all start, with, America, and, china, going to war, we know, said putin, America is, threatening, the whole world, now, punishment, they are, the iraq war, EZEKIEL 7, read, iran, Syria, next, watch, the spirit of the medes, hate, being raised up, and hollie pointed, and hollie bowed, like a white angel, and hollie bowed, lie babyfleas, and babyfleas, bowed, and sunnysnet, and Jesus, on the white horse, and the black horses, and, the, grizziled, and, bay, and, red, these horses, take, peace, off, the, earth, from, between, the two brass mountains, put it under, and hollie showed, the day of the Lord, and hollie, poin, ted, bob dreamed, a woman, said, matthew, matthew, and what that meant, was, somebody, called for, matthew, Jesus is, calling, for, matthew, sure, a woman, said, your loosing it, serve, Jesus, while you have time, call me, saith, the Lord, bush, is threatening, the whole world, and he saw, bush, dressed like, an angel, with a sword, and he screamed, helllllllllll, as he, went off, Tell the visions and make it plain, I want my visions on the internet, Russia is the beast, with seven heads and ten horns, and that is, the, pope, and hu is the false prophet, the new world order, and he saw, the popes image, on hus hand, and, 666, on the forehead, America, is MYSTERY, BABYLON, the mother of harlots, that is, false, Christians, a cheater on God, the woman, because, she is shedding blood, and hollie pointed, seven woman, will cling to one man, and he dreamed, that, he was with, a group, and, one woman, wanted him, real bad, and he wanted her, they were going to church, but, she did not, and after, she thought, Im out, bob, wanted, her, bad, and hollie, pointed, look, that, said, hollie, and the statue of liberty, with, fire behind it, Im the beast, said the serpent, and he saw, the red dragon, rise out of the sea, theres the submarine sound, thats the black chariot, pulled by the black horse, this horse, quiets, the Spirit of God, in the world, the chariot, had, false prophet hu, and the pope, let me see, and, lula, chavez, fox, calderon, kim jong, they will give, let me see, Nicaragua, to the beast, right here, said, putin, and he turned into, the pope, and the ten horns, were on his head, politburo, nations, send it over, on America, boom, and the world wobbled, and hollie was on top, it will start, with, people, fighting against the government, because of, collapse, and, everything else, same o website, same o computer, same pocket, same ring, same, backbite, and, same backstab, same o, same o, Write the vision and make it plain, said hollie, cause Russia is the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and he saw, the pope, come up out of, the four horns, magog, china, and all those lands, and he saw, and hollie, showed, watched, magog, where, all of, Russia, and, those, surrounding lands, yellow, this means war, said, hu, the false prophet, he will rule, magog, and, the pope will rule, grecia, the rest of the world, and that was hollie, they will, hate, but cling, The economy slipped, in America, we know, said, sissy, over, gas, high, and, everything, high, and the lighted finger, there are, no visions in Pentecost, because there, are no, apostolics, in Pentecost, witness, you been filled, with the Holy Ghost, and you dont even show it, said, dorein, and she works at Nussbaum, Im out, said, Jesus, the world of God, and he saw, the Lord of hosts, in, Jesus s, mouth, you know it, do it, aman, and hollie, with, a, lit, finger, there aint visions in Pentecost because there aint no apostolics in Pentecost, said hollie, and she licked the prophet,5-8-2012-hollie held up her sign, monkeys lips, she folded sign, go to grainger, that man told you where you need to go tap danced, hollie, but hey, theres Gods hammo hollie said, hes, blue, pink like face, hollie looked to turn, but only white hand appeared, this time, bobby, its air conditioner appearing, its, angel coming out, like, its angelic head, white hat on, like ballcap, hollie showed, turn, thats, her, monkey lips, its, putting up signs, hollie showed, turn, but looked to keep going straight, showed, do, but, golden arm, like, white mitton on, but hey, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes like, its like moodie, blue face and was, moodie, thats him appearing, jamming to music, he plays, hollie showed, returns, and I showed, that, he said, but, was keyboards, angel appeared, white, hands, hollie screamed, hollie showed, run, had dress on, hat, mouth open, lets give uh prophecy, lets see, hollie said, her wearing hat, thats, people showing up, hollie gives word, its them leaving, but paying, its twenty dollars, hollie shows, turn, its moodie fucking janette again at church, moodie wore white hat, janette, red plad coat, hollie screamed, hat on, showed, bobby, water plants, she said, hollie said, hands like, mittons but different colors, ones white, ones yellow, hat on Gods hammo sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, but, many hammos appeared, like angelic beings, its hollie like indiana pacer, but she had ball, disappearing, 5-9-2012-hollie showed, its, her, like indiana pacer, shes got weight back on, looks full, good, hollie showed, its, bob hickman, Gods hammo sang, its like, blue, pope like, face, dot like nose but like sqaure, turned, at angel, laughs, hollie hammo appeared, like white angelic hollie, thats Jesus, thinking, thats bob hickman putting his name in encyclopedia britannica, bob thats editors looking at, one shaking yes, its, Jesus, inside hollie, she said, and, moodie plays music, showed, happy he hollie, its, theres thundering hollie said, dark cloud over, its, hey, brand new hammo, hollie said, in, but face not formed like light buske, hollie showed, hat appeared, on, she, got happy, many, its them, she said, hollies in valley, theres she this time, bobby, hollie held up her sign, but it disappeared, fuck the vision, thats what your showin us, many, hollie said, one tap danced, but, upper not seen but reappeared, showed, eat, hat on, write the vision, make it plain, tap danced, hollie, its, diamond chain company, machine hammo, its, stamping machine, angel coming out, showed, bob, its slow, pay, thats bob praying, and lines running fast again, hollie showed, turn, hat on, hollie screamed, bob its the hollie said, new world order apostolic church, angel appearing, fill out my entity, round head angel said, like angel of light, hat on, hollie showed, bull horn, she, spoke thru, but changed to p.a. system, but thats sounds and, its, a hollie inside, coming out, looking out, eyes looking out, but he stuck head out, went back, went blue but changed, hollie showed, turn, face not seen, but rubbed chin, showed, go other way, went golden, hollie had hat, on, he said, it, thats janette in jail, tap danced, hollie, its angel, she showed, 5-10-2012-hollie showed time, its, speedway clock, God said, watch, hollie said, and his light face, its hollie showing, had, its pioneer sx-980, bobby, hollie had hat on, bobby you can get it, but thats unhappy hammo, appearing, like, round head of light, bobby its worth three hundred, they wont ship it, he said, jumpy hollie claps, but many, hollies in background, doreen spoke, git young, another, said, hollie had, its pioneer sx-880, bob its, your fave, hollie said, buy, it, and, sell all, lets put it under, hollie had hat on, power meters moved, its new world order apostolic church, angel appearing, like, its round, head, triangle, tripod hat on, but different shades, angels face, not, showed, its pioneer sx-780, buy one angel said, light like gloved hands, hollie looked to turn, showed, turn, the other way, hollie like white hollie showed, turn, looked, hat on, hollie played, the, xylophone, thats, hey, theres Gods new hammo, like, angelic dot head, looking back at bob, playing piano, it appeared, its on board the r.m.s. titanic, stamps, hollie, but, shes not seen for a space, now lets see, she said, moegga, its God, hollie said, raise sheet and repeat after me, its bobs church building and him pastoring, thats moegga doegga, its like, hes over weight angelic being, clothes same color as body, its moodie and janette fucking again, hollie, showed, get, clean, take bath, hollie took bath, hollie screamed, its dark cloud approaching, hollie in, and underneath, more appeared, hey, some showed, hollie said, its, like, its like Father red buske in but colors changing, they chant boo who, hollie said, its many he hollies, moutainous area, dark cloud thunders over, its, huge, hollie said, but Father in like light Father changing colors and tudes, he got, its, weary, hollie said, lighted, hollie pointed, turn, another, said, moodie made sound effects, hollie flew, its, f-117 stealth fighter jet, drops bomb, its russia exploding, but angry barack looks, then america explodes, thats the stealth fighter jet stored in desert, they are just, waiting, hollie was still up but showed, lay down, showed, bobby its lasar comb, they work, use really slow, hollie said, she had burgundy sweatshirt on, but hey, theres Gods hammo, thats phone ringing, Gods hammo on scene, its light scene, janette naked but alone, bobby shes living with you, nobody but lying, hollie held up her sign, its at the indianapolis five hundred race track, hollie held up her sign,

    (286)office manager-vision recieved 8-12-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like Chris and he said, "I'm the manager", and in one he said something like, "stick around".
    (287)love the Lord-vision recieved 8-12-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like maybe a woman and she said, "I love the Lord".
    (288)examine yourself to see whether you are really saved-vision recieved 8-12-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a man and he was examining himself.
    (289)won't-vision recieved 8-12-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a woman and she said, 'I won't repent".
    (290)used-vision recieved 8-12-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like somebody and he said soemthing like, 'i'm gonna use him".

    (10) vision of judgement to the usa and Jesus coming back-visions recieved 3-1-2007-in visions, I saw subs around america, and they fired, and, the woman came up, the statue of liberty, and, america, burned, and hollie pointed, at Jesus in the sky.
    (-9)destruction is coming-vision received 4-6-2005-in this vision, I saw this angel, and only about half of Him was there, and He was like made out of lite. This angels hair was like straw that was really shafts of light and body and garments were all outlined with light, and may have had a garment on that had a cross on it, about where His chest is. It was kind of like if you draw something on a black piece of paper, using a white or light color piece of chalk. This angel had His sword drawn back like He was ready to strike".
    (-8)destruction to america-vision received 11-8-2005-God showed me the statue of liberty with a nuclear explosion behind it, and the woman witch thou sawest is that great city that reigneth over the kings of the earth, russia'll do it, thats Jesus lauhin at america, and people said, that was america after the judgment, there was smoke, like, a haze, and the sky looked like fire, thats, called, nuclear, winter.
    (77)when will Russia attack america-vision recieved 11-16-2003-I was talking to Jesus saying something like, "will Russia attack America"-then I saw President of russia in a vision, and he said, "yes we will"-then I finished my question, "when we go broke"

    (78)Nuclear missile heading for downtown Chicago-vision recieved 11-16-2003-In this vision, It was like I was just above a nuclear missile, and could see it's nose, and may have even been riding it, and it was heading for downtown Chicago.
    (79)it's going to happen-vision recieved 11-21-2003-in this vision while praying, I saw this man, and he said, "it's going to happen".(never doubt in your mind, because it has not happened yet, Jesus is patient and longsufferring, but, the time is coming)
    (80)the leopard with a lions head-vision recieved 11-24-2004-In this vision, while praying, I saw a leopard walking, and it saw me, and started heading toward me. It had a lion's head. Is this the beast in REVELATION 13.
    (80b)war is on the way-vision recieved 11-26-2003-in this vision while praying, I heard and saw these words, "war is on the way"(I don't doubt this)
    (81)the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard -vision recieved 1-10-2004-while praying, I was asking Jesus to giv eme the vision of the earth reeling to and fro like a drunkard, talked about in ISAIAH 24. I know Russia is going to attack America From the oceans, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, and airplanes, and if you read in ISAIAH 13, the world will be moved out of its place when this happens. I also know from visions Jesus has given me that, China, North Korea, and Japan will attack Russia. I know Russia will strike America first. What I don't know is if China, North Korea, and Japan, will hit Russia while Russia is hitting America. If you read in EZEKIEL 38, Russia is made to lead the way to the invasion of Israel, "the battle of Armageddon". China, and all who are with her, are the one's who force Russia to do this. A man appeared to me in a vision, and said something like, "lets not do that yet".

    (82)Judgment to america-vision recieved 1-14-2004-I don't remember everything that happened in this vision, but, I do remember a group of people sitting around, and one of them saying something like, "judgment is on its way". In another vision, I saw the person who was talking, and he revealed to me he is cut off. Even people who don't know Jesus see it.
    (82b)attack America-vision received 2-1-2004-in this vision, I saw the former president of China, and he said, "attack America".

    (83)we will give you a revolution-vision recieved 2-13-2004-in this vision while praying, I saw Russian president, and he said, "we will give you a revolution". I don't know what this means yet, but, in a way, it frightens me.
    (83b)internal revolution coming-vision received 1-19-2005-in this vision I saw a female and I think it was a female spirit and she said "there's an internal revolution". I kept asking Jesus about this revolution and or where it would occur, and twice I saw president of usa in visions and he said, 'us'.

    (84)China and America going to war-vision recieved in 2003-I was praying, and wondering if China was going to use nuclear weapons on America, and I saw the former president of china in a vision, and he said, "don't worry bobby, we won't nuke you". Russia sure will when China lures America into war.

    (85)America will burn-visions recieved 2-15-2004-in the first vision while praying, I saw the former president of china, who is over China's military, and he said, "you will burn". Then I started praying and saying to Jesus that Russia is suppost to attack America, and I saw Jiang Zemin again, and he said something like, "you are correct". China will attack America to draw America into war.

    (86)8 nations that will attack america-vision recieved in 2003-Jesus has already revealed to me in visions that, China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico will be in on the attack on America. I was aking Jesus to show me th other nations, and I saw these two nation written in like neon letters, "VENEZUELA" and "BRAZIL". The Lord has not yet given me the second vision, so you can bank on the first 6 for now. These nations that will destroy america agree-received 11-2004-while praying I heard one of them say this, "lets rule the world".

    (87)when will america burn-visions recieved 7-6-2004-in the first vision, I saw the words in red neon letter, "when america will burn will be". I was praying and asking Jesus when this would happen, and I saw the face of an angel in the second vision, and He said, "when america goes to war with china". I said, "when will that be, when america goes broke", and I heard this, "they already are".
    (88) Russia will bomb Usa-vision recieved 7-9-2004-in this vision, I saw Russian president, and he said, "were going to bomb you". In a vision earlier, I saw president Bush, and he said something like, "were being bombed".
    (89)usa will be destroyed -visions recieved 7-11-2004-in the first vision, I saw or heard, "he united states", and I said, "what about the united states", and I saw the head of a white being in a vision, and He said, "it will burn". I also saw russian president in visions, and he said, "hit minnesota", "hit new york". That means attack. (90)city nuked-vision recieved 7-15-2004-in this vision while praying, I saw the downtown of some city, and I could only really see one building, and there was a huge nuclear fireball that seemed to be as big as the building was tall. There may have been other buildings behind the fireball. IT's very possible this nulcear explosion came from the ground.

    (91)Gods judgment hanging over america-vision recieved 8-6-2004-in this vision, I saw the blue sky, and it was darkened by a black cloud. I knew this represented America, and judgement is coming.
    (92)coming judgment to america-vision recieved 8-26-2004-one thing that happened in this vision was I was witnessing to a man, and I told him about Jesus showing Russia was going to attack america, and I did not seem to feel he believed me. I also told him Jesus showed me China attacking america. One thing that I said about China's suprise attack was something like, "I don't know how they got in on us, and us not knowing anything about it.

    (93)alaska will be detroyed-vision recieved 9-12-2004-while praying, I heard, "alaska", and I said, "what about alaska", and I saw the white face of an angel in a vision, and HE said, "it will burn".

    (94)decieved-visions recieved 9-17-2004-in the first vision while praying, I saw president of united states, and he said, "we have been lied to". I was asking Jesus about how we have been lied to, and I saw this mans face and He said, "Russia", and I said "what about Russia", and I saw president Bush again, and he said, "we think we have them won". Russia appears to be americas friend, but, will destroy america.

    (95)russian invasion of america-vision recieved 9-21-2004-I heard the word, "invasion", and I said, "what about invasion", and I saw in a vision, I saw russian president, and he said, "I will invade you".

    (96)the russian threat-vision recieved 9-22-2004-in this vision, I'm in a room, and it is underwater like somewhere in the ocean, and there are windows that have shades over them. There are two fish swimming outside, and I'm made fully aware that these fish are american nuclear weapons, and they just went by slowly, like they were not expecting anything. Then I saw the fish that represented Russia, and there were many of them, and they were nuclear. I could see thru the blinds that one fish even tried to look thru the blinds, and I could see his face and he was angry, and I felt like he wanted to attack, and was looking for a reason to. All he had to do was break thru the window, and then there would have been a nuclear explosion. I was amazed in my heart, and thinking something like, "I can't believe them (russia), we only have one or two and they have so many". It was like I was offended. That nation is angry, and ready to attack america, and they have many, many weapons. America is rocked to sleep.

    (97)it's starting-vision recieved 9-26-2004-I believe the Lord gave me a vision. In it, I saw like the sattelite weather image of florida, and I saw a big hurricane going to florida, and would hit the state at about the midway point, but, cover most of the state, and I heard this, "It's starting". Jesus gave me a very similar second vision today as well!

    (98)america under attack-vision recieved 9-27-2004-in this vision, I'm in my room, and all of a sudden I here many explosions outside, and am made aware that the attack has begun. My room lit up many times when explosions would occur, and it seemed to me that america was returning fire. I left my room to go outside and see, but, believe I was told to return to my room by the Lord.

    (99)judgment is coming-visions recieved 10-5-2004-in one vision, I saw a missile pop out of its silo. In anther vision, I saw three missiles flying high in the sky heading to their targets. The day will come.

    (100)fire in america-visions recieved 10-5-2004-in this vision, I saw the words, "fire in america", as the title for a newly posted vision. I was asking Jesus about this fire in america, and I later saw russian president vladimir putin in a vision, and he said, "nuclear strike".

    (101)californina will burn-visions recieved 10-9-2004-in this vision, I saw dumitru duduman, and he said, "california", and I said, what about california, and I saw another man in a vision, and HE said, "it will burn". I later saw Jesus and He had brown hair and beard, and HE said, "ask for details", and I did.

    (102)coming judgment to america-visions recieved 10-14-2004-in many visions today, Jesus showed me judgement is coming to america, and it is planned out. I saw president of usa in visions, and he said, "were going to get attacked", "somebodys nuke'en us". I saw russian president of russia in a vision, and he said, "we've planned it".
    (103)visions of coming judgement to america-recieved 10-16-2004-Jesus gave me many visions today about coming judgement to america. In one I saw president bush, and he said, "russia attacked us". While praying, I heard this, "this country's", and after asking Jesus about this, I heard this, and may have even seen a man speaking it, "in judgement". In this next vision, I saw a man with short curly hair, and He whispered to me, "this country's in judgement". Lasty, I saw the head of a man in a vision, and he said, "we planned it".

    (104)russia will attack america by suprise-vision recieved 10-18-2004-in this vision, I saw president of america and he said, "there coming on top of us".

    (105)city destroyed by a nuclear explosion-vision received 10-21-2004-in this vision, I saw this city, and there appeared to be government buildings there. Lots of buildings. I saw this nuclear explosion that very quickly enguled the whole city. By the time the vision ended, the whole city was just about destroyed. The fire from the explosion was still expanding when the vision ended. It was daytime, and it was a clear day when this occured. When russia hits america, it will be short, and quick with little or no warning.

    (106)russia will attack america-visions received 10-24-2004-while praying, I heard, "russia", and I said, "what about russia", and in visions I saw russian president in visions, and he said, "we're attacking", "were attacking", "attack". In another vision, I saw a man and he said, "they planned".

    (107)visions of coming judgement to america-visions received 10-30-2004-while praying, I saw a man in a vision who had curly brown hair possible with gray in it, and He said, "america", and I said, "what about america", and I saw Him again in another vision, and He said, "America will burn". In another vision today, I saw russian president Putin in a vision, and he said, "attack".

    (108)visions of coming judgment to usa-visions received 11-14-2004-in visions, I saw president of of russia, and he said, "attack", "we will destroy". The sun and the moon will be blocked out for 16 hours from america burning.
    (109)the angel gabriel-visions recevied 7-2-2007-gabriel, showed, record, and I saw a nuclear explosion behind the statue of liberty.
    (110)americas defeat will be planned-vision received 11-28-2004-in this vision, I saw a man, and he said, "plan for Americas defeat". In another vision received 11-27-2004-it's like a small group of us was in a boat, and it was dark, and we saw a missile take of, and I seemed to feel it was heading for china as it climbed into the sky. Then out of no-where a missile appears almost over the top of us and explodes. There was only a moment or an instant to become frightened, and I was.
    (111)city explodes-vision received 11-30-2004-in this vision, it's dark, and it is like at at the banks of a river looking at the downtown of a city, and there are buildings there with their lights on, and like to oil or gas storage tanks at the edge of the city. THen one by one the buildings began to explode, and it went right down the line. These were big explosions that covered the whole building. Then the first like oil storage tank like what you see at a refinery explodes, and when the second one exploded, I think the explosion almost got me, and I was about a mile away. It's like the I could see the skeletons of one or more of the tanks when they exploded maybe from the heat. THese explosions seemed to big to be convention. I don't know what caused these explosions. I did not see missiles or hear fighter aircraft. All I know is America has kicked or is trying to kick Jesus out and Jesus showed me judgment is coming.
    (112)coming judgement to america- In this vision-recieved in October of 2002, and this is the event that brings Jesus back and the event that brings the beast in and and at least one third of the population will be killed when this happens, and this is the day of the Lord spoken about in ISAIAH 13 and other places. I saw me saying to a small church group(shortened)"you will see China do something to deliberately draw America into war and when we go, Russia will attack us from the oceans,from Cuba, from Nicaragua, from Mexico, from airplanes. The next major event you will see is that war firing up again in Iraq. You will see Iraq shoot nuclear weapons into Israel. Most of Israel will be destryoed. If you want the scripture for it , read EZEKIEL 7 where he prophesied an end is come and he is talking about Israel and he prophesied it from captivity in Babylon, he was talking about another time. Then you will see Israel fire back and the nation of Iraq will be completely eliminated and gas prices in America soar. One of the signs I saw said 5.01, one said 3.75, one said 4.03. After all this was said, a man stuck his head from around like a wall, and I saw his head, and he said, "you boo bood", and a second time, "you boo bood". Now I know the Iraq war will turn nuclear after the creation of a Palestinian State, and they may be someone elses nuclear weapons coming out of Iraq, and the Lord Jesus showed me China will attack Taiwan and America to draw her into war for Russia to destroy.
    (113)the kings that hate america will be given one mind-vision received 12-31-2004-in this vision, I'm out side and I saw an airplane fly over head that seemed strange to me. It had turbine engines and propellar engines and other planes flew over as well. I seemed to think the one that was strange was carrying president of america. Other things happened. Not long after, I'm in like a motel where I and maybe some others meet with president of america and I tell bush something like that those kings that are coming after america will be given one mind. I heard the president of russia say, "lets rule the world". American president prayed for me and made a grunting noise, and I do not feel like he believed me. More happened, but I will leave it there.
    (114)the united states will be destroyed-vision received 1-9-2005-while praying and I heard "the united states", and I asked Jesus about the united states, then I saw president bush in a vision and he said, "it's burning".
    (115)judgement to america-vision received 1-15-2005-in this vision, I saw a man and he said, "the united states is under attack.

    (116)judgment to america planned-vision recieved 2-25-2005-in this vision, I saw the words, "already planned".

    (117)judgement to usa-visions received 3-29-2005-in visions, I saw a man and he said, "america", and in the next I heard, and may have seen somebody say, "will burn". America will be destroyed in one hour when this hit.

    (118)nicaragua will attack america-vision received 3-30-2005-while praying, I heard, "nicaragua", and I later saw a woman in a vision that may have been the former president of nicaragua and she said, "we will attack".

    (119)when will russia attack america-vision received 10-2004-I was asking Jesus when russia would attack america, and I saw russian president Putin in a vision, and he said, "when they go down".

    (120)judgment to america-vision received 4-23-2005-In this vision, I saw some words that I forgot to quickly, and was told to write them down. Let me just say that in them I was clearly told judgment is coming to america, and drugs were mentioned possibly as a cause.

    (121)america will burn-vision received 6-4-2005-In visions, I saw like the white spirit face of a woman and she said, "america is going to burn". I beleive she said this twice.

    (122)judgment to america will be a suprise-visions recieved 6-11-2005-In a vision, I saw the words, "ready to bomb", and in another vision, I saw a beautiful day with clouds in the sky, then I saw a large possibly nuclear explosion climb high quickly in the sky.

    (122)coming judgment to america-vision recieved 6-11-2005-In this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "when the bombs come".

    (123)the smoke from america burning will block the sun and the moon for 16 hours-vision recieved 6-20-2005-In this vision, I saw the words, "when they shall see the smoke of her burning".

    (124)the day will come-vision recieved 6-21-2005-In this vision, I saw a missile being launched, possibly from a silo. There was no warning.

    (125)Indianapolis will be destroyed by a nuclear missile-vision received 7-12-2005-In the first vision, I heard and beleive I saw a man that looked like dumitru duduman say, "a missile", "is heading right here". I was praying in my van in down town indianapolis.

    (126)nuclear missiles can fly at any given moment-vision received 7-12-2005-In a vision, I saw maybe a house of some kind of structure and it was a clear day and I saw a nuclear missile taking off. Prepare now.

    (127)visions of coming judgment to america-visions received 7-12-2005-In visions, I saw a man that looked like dumitru duduman and he said things like, "america's going to blow up", "america's cut off".

    (128)russia will attack alaska first-vision received 7-23-2005-In this vision, I saw a spirit that looked like president vladimir putin and he said, "lets hit alaska first".

    (235)named-vision received 8-4-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like hollie and she said, "bobby, I got your name". I just saw her and she said something and one of the words was, "please".
    (236)fallen away from Jesus-vision received 8-4-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a woman and she said, "I fell".
    (237)roselyn bakery-vision received 8-4-2005-God has showed me an old roselyn bakery sign.
    (238)tuck your shirts in-vision received 8-4-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a man and he had on a dress shirt and it was not tucked in, and came down over his behind. Be Holy.
    (239) elaine tanner perished-recieved 84-2005-I heard, "elaine", and I saw elaine tanner in a vision and she screamed, "hell".
    (240)people are asleep-received 8-4-2005-I heard this, "everybodies asleep". Sleeping is not ready to go back with Jesus.
    (241)last stand-vision received 8-6-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like hollie and she said, "your on your last stand brother".
    (242)seek first the Kingdom of God-vision received 8-15-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like hollie and she said, your body, and maybe, prove it.
    (243)witch-vision received 8-15-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a man and he said, hi witch.
    (36)china will attack washinton state-vision recieved 11-1-2005-God has showed me in a vision a spirit that looked like putin and he said, china, and hu said, will, and the president of north korea said, att, and hu said, ack washington, and the president of north korea said, state, and hu said, state, and hu said, cause we want material, and hu said, we want to, the president of north korea said, lure.
    (37)fidel castrol -vision received 11-17-6-2005-God showed me a spirit that looked like the face of fidel castrol, and he looked like a ballon and he was angry.
    (38)cuba will be in on america's demise-visions recieved 12-6-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like this president and he said things like fidel castrol want's to destroy america, his only friend, cause russia is tellin him, were going to destroy america with or without, and he know's it.
    (39)many nation's will rise against america -vision recieved 11-15-2005-God has showed me in a vision people and they said, russia, china, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, north korea, venezuela, and brazil, will destroy, united, kingdom, state, 's.
    (40)world war 3-visions recieved 1-6-2006 God has showed me a spirit that looked like this president and he said things like people and they said: that was the tallest building in the world in taiwan, china will invade taiwan and attack america to draw america into war, and when america goes, boom, then russia will attack from the oceans, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, aman.
    (41)eight kings will rise against ammerica-vision recieved 2-1-2006-God has showed me a Spirit that looked like People and they said: russia, china, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, lets see, north korea, venezuela, and, brazil, they, hate, the, MYSTERY, BABYLON, and that is, america, give thier power and, strength, to, the, beast, and the pope will, send it over on, america, will become desolate in one hour.
    (42)they will want to rule the world-visions recieved 3-12-2006 God has showed me a spirit that looked like this president and he said things like people and they said: lets rule the world, sang, president, putin, they will want to, rule, the, globe, put it under, russia, china, nicaragua, don't you, and don't you forgit about mexico sang, vicente fox, and, venezuela, and, brazil, said, lula, and, north korea, said, kim, jong, they are, some, that will be in on, the, judgment, to, america, and they will, give, thier, power, and, strength, unto, the, beast, and that is the event, that, brings, Jesus, back, and the, beast, in.
    (43) china and russia plan out the attack on america-vision recieved 6-19-2006-God has showed me in a vision spirits and scenes and here is what I was shown and told: and he saw, a cloud, explode, and out of it came the president of china and russia, I will give you the land he heard, get america out of taiwan, putin and hu said, this is what we will do, attack washington state, and grab taiwan, lure america into battle, then, russia will attack alaska, then, from the oceans, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, bombard america, the world will wobble, like that, were sure korea, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, venezuela, brazil, will be on our side to, without a doubt we can rule the world.
    hollie shows time-visions recieved 1-21-2009-hollie said, "bob", and pointed at watch, time.
    (-5)play guitar-vision recieved 12-27-2008-in vision I saw hollie playing the guitar, and I heard john cougar mellencamps voice, "play guitar".
    (-4)antichrist-recieved 12-13-2008-I heard hollie say something like, "the beast with seven heads and ten horns", and I saw the pope and hollie may have pointed and said, "that".
    (-3)the antichrist-vision recieved 12-2008-in this vision I saw like a dark cobra possibly ready to strike, and the pope appeared maybe asa its face or.
    (2)lets post-visions recieved 12-15-2008-I heard hollie say, this is website, lets, post, and he saw, pointed, casey, the ministry of dreams website, he fired, from, his finger, all, that, we stole, said, women, run to remove, and Jesus looks, laughs, people, I make, he said, all run, to remove, it, put it under, said, hollie, dont steal ministry of dreams or get cut off like casey showed, and Jesus wiped, chin, Ill make you remove ministry of dreams anyhow he said, put it undle, said, hollie, thats, pope, she said, hes, antichrist, said, hollie, put it under, said, hollie, both beasts, they are, the, pontiff, shew, said, hollie, holding, nose, and, hu hintao, said, hollie, holding, nose, they, are, tear, up, said, hollie, casey, points, thats, shew, said, hollie, put back, rip.
    (-2)hollies new lighted hands-vision recieved 12-10-2008-in vision I saw hollie and she showed her new lighted hands, like maybe fire colored round light hands, "tear up", she said, thought, "put back, rip", "from behind", she said, "clap", and I saw another hollie with lighted white hands, and she showed, record.hollie shows her lighted hands-visions recieved 1-21-2009-in visions I saw hollie showed new lighted hands, like round light, particles, they are lighted bear paws, and hollie rode the missiles, landed, exploded, she said, "hit russia".(1a-)hollie loves Jesus-visions-recieved 1-22-2209-hollie spoke and I mave have seen her something like, "as uh matter of fact, I love my Jesus, and Jesus may appeared with bright light coming from his mouth, and hollie also said something like, "this is the website, pos".
    (1bc-)hollie is always into it-visions recieved 1-25-2009-in vision I saw hollie spin, heard a clap, and she said, "yes sir", and I heard another clap and saw another hollie.
    (1b-)hollie is excited to be ministering spirit-vision recieved 1-22-2009-in vision I saw excited hollie, when I asked Jesus if she or they wanted to tell more visions.
    (1c-)the antichrist-vision recieved 1-2009-i was watching t.v. and a maybe a show, called, the beast, was advertised, and I saw the pope.
    (1d-)the yadd-vision recieved 1-22-2009-in vision I saw a hand, maybe the yadds hand, and it did like sign teem at teacher taught, behind him, and I also saw two lighted like fingers coming out of fan, and fist come out of fan, maybe like a bears fist.


    Blogger the visions of end time prophetic ministry said...

    (174)visions of a female spirit-visions recieved 6-11-2005-In visions, I saw a female spirit that looked like woman and she said things like, "my name is hollie moody", "embarras me", "embarrasing me","embarrasing", "religion"(religion is not being led by the Holy Ghost), "maybe I'll repent"(I beleive this one was for her. I have a line pointing to it). While praying, I heard, "hollie moody" and I saw a woman that looked like her in a vision and she said, "accept bobby". In another vision where I once again have a line pointing down and I believe this was her, she said, "you got cut off, but, I'm not". I just saw her again and she said, "bob, that hurt". I'm not trying to hurt anyone, and did not want to post anything bad about her, and am not even sure that this her. Thats why I said, "looked like". I hope it is just a spirit that claims to be her, and is really not. One thing I know is, you can make a mistake, and blow it, but, Jesus is still the FATHER OF MERCIES. He delights in MERCY. KNOCK VERY HARD ON HIS DOOR UNTIL! I was told in a vision not long ago by a man that visions of her would not stop until I post. I believe I posted those and maybe removed them again. In others I saw her and she said things like, "adultery", "already cut me off", "no prophecy", "pray for me" .

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