Friday, April 20, 2012

prophecy place, purpose of prophecy

4-16-2012-bob, God said, hollie showed, its, girl, shes, wanting love, you, ran into her, she, wanted sex, but not with you, put it under, hollie said, she slept, but, laid down, eyes still open, she changed locks, back, its, new world order apostolic church, angel appears, its, turned into front part of building, like, hollie showed, big round head, lighted, its, hollie said, front part of building, bobby its jumpy hollie, hat on, its little, bob thats tim pedigo, go easy on him, its he trembled, hollie said, opening your e-mail, but he thought, its, the, Lord led you to me, tim thought, you wanted me but cant have, its calvary, hollie showed, its, full now, but wont be for long, thats like storm coming, covering whole world and its angelic thing coming out, but its him, he hollie acting like, overweight angel, like thing, bobby, its catholic church, priest appears, go easy on him, hollie said, hat on, was dull but got normal, you see, jumpy hollie showed, its cell phone in its cover, thats it sending message up there, pointed, hollie, its sattelite, thats many lines, its, streaming out, thats messages going all over the world, its, facebook ministryofdreams appearing, like just somewhat not formed yet all the way angel, but wondering, no, she said, another, hollie said, came out, hollies changing, showed, rinse, she said, jumpy, hollie said, showed work more, thats, her working, somewhat happy, telephone, angelic being, said, it, thats, janette, red plad coat on , jumpy hollie, I had it mask, she said, thats her black mask, put back, on, but, she disappeared, mask still there, but she started, forming, showed, do something, she mowed lawn but face, went black, it was angel, jumpy hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me she sang, bobby, they wont take it, its legal parking, just leave it there, hollie said, you see, hollie said, showed, big white hand, its uh 1966 she said, ford mustang, hollie drove, lets motor, she said, she spun back tire a little bit, but bobby, its quick enough, two eighty nine powerplant, hollie looked at engine, hollie screamed, antonio appeared, she didnt give key, took the one he had, bobby you see jumpy hollie said, red plad coat on, thats her putting them out, he said, jumpy hollie said, face going light but normal color, she showed, bobby its time to work, hollie showed, turn, its, happy new world order apostolic church, like angel coming out, hollie comes out, its the front part she showed, her hands, lighted big hands, its jumpy hollie, angel licked prophet, its front part of building, like big round head coming out, hollie showed, lay down, but still wiped face, turned to side, bobby, she wore burgundy sweatshirt, thats new world order apostolic church dot head angel sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, thats church raising hand like angel man, telling, bobby cut them off, get them out, heres how, if they dont pay rent, thats angel, he hollie, him, giving boot, she said, do, jumpy hollie showed, its bob, work out a little more, then, she showed, sleep and did, hollie showed, turn, bob buy, git drink, she said, hollie had happy golden face, but, wiped chin, next vision, another came out, showed, bobby rinse more, hollies hand white but was it hers, its, him, he hollie appearing, showing, rinse, use, its listerene, hollie said, looked at bob, hanging in air, but was sitting on something, it, was, blue, appeared, hollie whistled, showed, bob, walk, around, its at goodwill, you see, another, hollie appeared, she was cute, plad coat on, but not looking at bob, but did, 4-17-2012-hollie explains, appears, saith God, and, light flashes from mouth, but she aged, bobby bob, she said, wiped lips, but, hand not seen, but he appeared, its him hollie, smiling, showing, it was him, its your hand, hollie that explains said, like white gloved hand, hollie that explains points, it was like blue wave as he moved, like heat going up, but hand hidden, hollie salutes, its on board, r.m.s. titanic, but unheappy, weary, angel comes out, like its front part, angel head, but thats it scraping against iceberg, hollie showed, its, crap, hollie said, ministryofdreams facebook angel, like lighted man, like casper somewhat, its bobs new page, bob its gets millions of people in time, they laugh, thats many laughing, its farting, pooping, technics hollie and God said, he made it that way, they said, hollies screaming for this reason, she said, hollie drove the jeep, its sahara many, said, its, wrangler unlimited, JEsus said, hollie like angelic hollie, normal brown hair, tho, showed, bobby when ya gonna eat more she said, showed, its food in dumpster, go get, showed, hollie, hollies still screamy, there, another, said, saluted, dressed like, shipmate, its u.s.s. Mississinewa, sinking, its, them, pouring in bombs, its japanese zero, hollie said, they sink, thats it rolling, thats lights on then going out while upside down but still afloat, thats them knowing, death is certain one said, thats water starting to fill rooms, they all, its choke, hollie showed, its, they are in terror, then, thats one, swallowing water, then its calm, knowing, im dead now, he thought, then going up, bobby, it doesnt take long, then, about one second, thats, the, alcoholics anonymous van, moodie played the music, hollie got back on the computer, but, hey theres Gods new hammo coming up on screen, like angelic being, like ghost man, heavy, Jesus showed, turn, but, was, Gods hammo, at first, that was, tear up, hands appeared first, hollie appeared last, looking back at bob, another, hollie and God said, hollie showed, turn, golden hand, but showed, keep going straight, hand like fist, but white this time, hollie keeps showing, turn, anyway, its car coming alive, laughing, hollie showed, go there, its speedway, thats hand showing, turn, pointing, but hollie appeared later, showed, drink, eat something, hollie showed, turn, showed, go to, its kroger, get drink, thats long sleeve plad shirt appearing on, not buttoned, bobby dress like that, it makes you look better, hollie, God said, worked out, ran in place but sweatshirt apepared on, bobby its cold, there furnace angel like head in circle of clouds like, thats angel reporting, to Gods interviewing table, but its new him, he hollie of light, thing, carrying angelhead to Gods interviewing table, you used to, he said, now, now you will agin, saith God, hollie carries back, puts on, its, perfection summer and winter furnace, still working, bobby dont change it, hollie said, bobby come on, hollie said, showed, lay down, wiped face, but laid on side, hollie showed, its church, bob its beautiful, thats your van parked out front, but Gods hammo like God and was God appeared, but just head and stick like body appeared, 4-17-18-19-20-2012-hollie showed, bob, when ya, she said, showed, eat, God said, hollie didnt lay down, showed, watch, its six o:clock, but watch had face on, its, the, speedway indiana clock, happy, it stomped foot, but its posts, changed, its, two, f-22 raptors, they dropped bombs, hey, hollie said, its explosions in, russia, but, hollie said, its, russian jet, bobby its stealth, hollie said, its, hard to detect, put it under, both are, a hollie said, but he hollie appeared, thats angry hidden russian president appearing, pressing, nuclear button, its, in blue, hollie said, thats medvedev coming out, but, with nuclear button, I will he said, and does, thats, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie sang, many nuclear fires in, its the good ole u.s.a., but, thats many missiles leaving there, thats, its, the nuclear g8, he hollie appears, but thats them countries burning, it was you, its hollie that explains appearing, light flashing from mouth, but she wasnt very big, its the vision hollie said, its, the, hollie moodie playing the music she said, its him fucking janette again, she wore red plad coat, you got it agin, he said, hollie screamed, again, but, not heard, only turned white angelic head, but she seemed uh little more mean this time, hollie screamed and clapped, showed, git your dukes up, she said, fought with Jesus, come on she said, but God fought, come on, she said, but got popped in face but she kept hitting him, and, now God, was laughing but starting to break, its hollie that explains like angelic hollie, in, its, saleen mustang, big white hand showed, its God, hollie said, lets, its, motor, she said, burned, rubber, hollie showed, its craigslist ministryofdreams, its like just, just, angel of light, somewhat pleased look but, hollie showed, rinse more, maybe just a little suprised, he showed, bobby, its craigslist, its viewed by millions, bobby theres your promotion, just watch and see, thats people calling, you see hollie said, with the grease gun, pulling trigger, she got under van, greased front end, but van on like ramp, you see, hollie said, she had i-pod, head phones on, bobby, thats Gods hammo coming out, like jamming, its, little stereo receiver, but Gods hammo like, its, hollie head of light, hollie looked in mudpuddle, its he hollie appearing, but seeming like really suprised, outlaws Jesus appeared two, hes back, showed, his suit, laughed again, you see hollie said, showed, its world but turned white, face appeared on, its bobby, thats world placing down hand, speaking, but not heard, big light tongue, hollie showed, turn, looked at bob, but showed, go in speedway, got his drink, hollie showed, record, and I stamp, he said, lighted stick, its, raise your hands meet uhleave after me, hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, hes, angelic, like, overweight, robed thing, popping up, hollie sang, like joe walsh, hes fired up still, hollie showed, turn, pointed, up, tear up, he said, showed, keep going straight, like whited like gloved hands, suspended in air, but had golden like gloved hands, next time, showed, do something, hollie ducked in his tank, fire colored Ghost Father shoots by, big nose, like dark eyes, jumpy hollie leaps, face mostly blank, bobby its, hollie said, van, motoring, angel head coming out of front, its, Jesus wipes lips, van seen now, by over five hundredd people, and angel face comes out of front, she said, jumpy hollie said, clapping, leaping, face mostly just light, like not formed all the way, hand, one big golden, other, like, light white fist but she showed, rinse more, wasnt really seen, hollie, wiped face, but still awake, burgundy sweatshirt on, but hey, theres Gods hammo, but hes blue, bobby, just rewind a little she said, get just drains, hollie said, showed, its tree roots, thats, like tree root wrapping around, then crushing in, bobby its not broke like he said, its, seeps, put it under, hollie held nose, put sewer line treatment in, it, works, hollie showed, thats it, hollie moodie said, its, Gods hammo singing like angelic head but went white, hollie showed, turn, he said, kick hollie said, like angelic hollie, showed, thats speedway oil, boss appearing, looking afraid, he, thats settlement, its bob, one hundred fifty thousand dollars but bob, theres hey Gods hammo, he sings, hollie pointed, lighted face and hand, she ate, its, at, long john silvers, had dark body, but appeared, sweatshirt went from burgundy, to, its uh blue color, hollie showed, turn, golden hand, showed, lay down, hollie came out, like uh beautiful angelic hollie, showed, its new world order apostolic church, angel, like round head appeared, its up near steeple but not all the way, dont sell me church said, hollie wiped face, showed, showed, bobby, its marathon hammo, its, like hollie, blue face, he hammo, laughs, and was hollie, its hes acting, thats him reporting to, its, Gods interviewing table, you he made me, hollie said, bobby dont sue marathon God said, appearing, heres why, its, they broke, thats company executives of marathon, God said, trembling over, but thats them ordering plant shut, down then settling, 4-19-20-?-2012-bob leave him alone, its jumpy hollie God said, like uh bear, and i showed raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, but had the golden plumline, bobby you cant change bob, she said God said, 4-21-2012-hollie showed turn, many said, jumpy hollie appears, looking, not into it, but, excited, showed, craigslist ministryofdreams, bobby its working, hollie said, theres phone ringing, hammo coming out, like, its, phone with screen, angel head coming out, happy, its many hollies like bears, tap dancing, but, its he, him, there with, like hollie moodie, but not quite, hollie showed, its, just yahoo e-mail address in, thats facebook hammo appearing, coming out of, then, hit, forgot password, thats, forgot password like, and its arrow, lighted, then thats send codes, bobby, you got in, hollie said, thats bobby with many new friends, she said, sleep, jumpy, hollie said, leaping, clapping, but not all the way seen, but reappeared with less seeable hollie and God said, bobby hollie said, its jumpy hollie but looking to side, she, like celebrated, but, showed, its facebook ministryofdreams, like, hey, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, its, angelic head, hes, seeming always happy, but not just then, hollie shook head, hollie stomped foot, its white showed, eat, brand new he hollie showed, fight, hes shaped different, like long tube like body, three like fingers or more, head, hollie thought, rinse more, its use, listerene, but, she showed, keep rinsing, let me do it, hollie said, she put, its windshield wiper on, its, theres Gods hammo, angelic being head, happy, jumpy hollie danced and got down, God and him, he hollie, jumpy hollie did say, said, but thats her getting old, its organ with, hollie jumpy, showed, hammo coming out, laughing, like angelic head, its the golden megaphone, like sireen sound, hollie jumping, hands, on, head, he, its, him, flew, its f-22 raptor, dropped bombs, but hollie flew other, didnt drop anything but on the way back did, thats russia exploding below and, its, thats, hey, its nuclear g8 exploding, but, hey, theres hollie hammo, hes like dog of light, its, were the g8 putin, said, happy, hollie had, its sansui 9090db, power meters moving, hollie showed, its her carrying out new stereo receiver, power meters moving, bobby just wait hollie said, it was jumpy hollie, thats it, jumpy hollie said, did convey, its a room full of hollies, different, hundreds, many never go to tell, their vision, but one just light face, hard to make out, but got happy, smiled, looked more right but hollie showed rinse, still not right, hollie screamy for this reason, pointed, its, her, back at a.a., plad coat on, jumpy hollie showed, rinse, but, they didnt want you, hollies screaming for this reason, showed, its, kroger girl, shes young, leave alone, its, the speedway clock, many said, showed lay down, but numbers disappeared, hollie showed, turn, from behind, another, said, she looked back, golden face, but, hollie showed, not formed yet, but rinse more, they chant boo hum bug, hollie said, moodie appeared, playing, music, its, many, hollies, thats cloud over, like, storms coming cloud, Father in as it thunders, hollie salutes, like shipmate, its on board the s.s. olympic, thats angelhead appearing, he hollie screams, showed, lay down, hollie turned to side, wiped face, showed, lay down, its zero bob, its tax exemptions on, they, hollie spoke with God, will never be lifted but thats hollie putting antonio out and wife, 4-22-2012-bobby, hollie, showed, its, new receiver, with power meters, go, hollie said, plad coat on, but partial hat, with no top, God said, hollie showed, turn, golden face, like hollie hammo, but wiped chin, showed, keep going straight but changed to him, its, them, he, hollie and she one said, their in area, dark cloud over, Fathers dull golden buske in, light around him, like picture, but, thats, cloud flashing, hollie reappears, stomping, showed, rinse, but, its him, lighted hollie pointed down, you got me, bob, its un happy new world order apostolic church, dull head angel, pointing down, its church, beautiful, glorious, like diamond, all over, bob keep it, thats bob working again, bob you see your new tenants, they need a place to go, God said, Jesus appeared, but didnt speak, but they dont want to pay for it, thats pastor calling you in about one month, hey, were ready, but, bob, said, no, hollie wiped face, showed, lay down, it was frosty, but reappeared, standing back, hard to make out head, but burgundy sweatshirt on, but kept changing from, hammo to, its him, he hollie she said, hollie walked with sign, down town, you better record, bobby, hollie said, thats her wearing plad coat, carrying, its sansui 9090db, bob dont trade, give four hundred, atleast, its hollie moodie and janette, walking into, its new world order apostolic church, both wearing plad coatsx, janette, wore, red, hollie, white, but plad, thats janette looking back, but goes in, lighted, hand, fingers points, janette, goes in and falls in love with you, bobby heres how, your youthfull looks are back now, she, becomes fun, its many, hollies talking, its hollie at meeting table, red plad coat on, nice hair, but hollie with nice hair appears, hollie showed, turn, both hands, but went hammo, and bear, many hollies showed, turn, hollie screamed, bob, its person looking for video, finds, take it off, take it off, take it off, take it off, take it off, take it off, they sing, hollie said, its, Jesus, and, him, many, hollies, jammin, hollie moodie said, like uh dark, burgundy robe on, he said, jumpy, hollie said, leaping, clapping, dark face again, but, another, hollie points, not seen, but appeared, dressed nice, showed, take better care of teeth, jumpy hollie with dark face showed, busy, you, see, hollie said, its light bulb man, with black mask on, hollie dimly appeared, its light bulb turned on, showing, its both beasts, mask on, its, the pope and hu, both dressed good, hollie showed, turn, white uh golden hand, she drank, its, the, root beer, thats bob, top popped out, showed, you need, its thing to take cap off, hollie waves, its, akula class, bobby you gotta git outta there, hollie said, jumpying, leaping, submarines prowled, pulled up, but she hollie drove one, thats them showering missiles, its many nuclear fires in america, world shaking, and, hey theres Gods hammo appearing, like, its face, bob thats janette, plad coat on, phone, ringing, hammo came out, like, just angelic head, color off white, but, thats moodie fucking again, its screwing, he said,

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