Monday, November 8, 2010

the apostolic guy, the pentecostal terror

8-19-2011-no, hollie said, God said, she held up her sign, bob God said, thats, its, hollie said, hannah montana appearing, God is, now, abased, hollie said, in front of, thats, laughing children, hey hollie said, ones, its millionaire star, hollie said, God persecutes bob horrible and bob tells on God, and people, laugh at the Lord, hollie said, and I stamp, she said, thats, its, stagecoach carriage coming out, hollie claps, theres pope in dark side and its pulled by, its, angred hollie said, black and red, horses, hintao on red side, lets rule the world putin said on top with reins in hands, hollie comes out and points, that she said, showed, sleep, it, she said, hollie was happy, showed, its, no way, she said, hollie showed, turn, both ways, but was white hollie last time, thats hollie mowing, its church lawn, white clothes on, its, him, she said, their on uh hill, boo they chanted, hollie showed, many he hollies, one winks, theres hands agin, showing, you did not need him, its, hollie showed, its, white hand, dome in, and moodie in, looking up, doing crazy things, theres ship, i'm the m.v., its wilhelm gustloff ship and angel, angel showed, thats ship rocked by torpedoes, hitler on deck, waits on bottom like unhappy ship, angel head, coming out, hollie visits in her, its akula class another, hollie said, but laughs, coming out, not seen at first, hollie showed, turn, thats hollie laughing, as person reads, its visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist, woman shuts book up, deathangel on, like, its busk, angelic busk, white, bob, hollie said, he will fix your face, she said, thats Jesus filling in the gap, hollie said, hollie showed, its sh, she looked around, your seventh day adventist now, dont tell in there, hollie said, disappeared, but started reappearing like uh cat, and he saw, casey, said, great britain exploding, but, like, dark outlined hollie appeared, and, its, nuclear rocket, its two leaving britain, theres captain, hollie, its akula class, she, said, stomping, all alike, in, british submarines but one differing, firing, russia exploded, but missiles left there, they, strike, hollie said, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, but hollie showed, man, thats all firing back, russia exploded, there, pointed, hollie, its little round head hollie, land based and submarines, hollie watches missiles fly, man she said, wiping forehead, russia exploded, and unhappy like dot head russian angel comes up, he was white, hollie said, God said, got happy, its pope in the fire hollie said, drinking his drink, its blue she said, hes got like blue kingly garments on, theres designs, light cup, coffee, in, its i'm caregiver said, pointy blue hat but not straight pointy, kind of, theres sagging, hollie said, clapped hands, thats, its showed, hollie, new world order apostolic church licking prophet, angel coming out of front, hollie showed, bob, its, white river, stand by, she said, thats holllie holding up her sign, telling about, thats hollie with Jesus inside, showing eat, hollie showed, its disney channel, and its sad mickey mouse, stamps, hollie, thats hollie rubbing her face, its them she said, they dont want you, do you blame them, hollie said, but she was, God said, disappearing, nope, bob said, but I love them, I'll stay out side then, but still go to, and I stamp, hollie said, its grace apostolic church, in indianapolis, God said, Its I planted you there, Jesus said, why did you buy uh church, bob appears, wearing, its uh burgundy sweatshirt, why not, God said, its looting Jesus said, theres, hollie points, people running, one like angelman happy, its under economic collapse, hollie said, thats church building, pointed, hollie, its new world order apostolic church, with, uninterested angel coming out, bob, angel said, showed, you dont care, you just wants millions coming in, and it will Jesus said, but bob wants church empty, he wants to be there by himself, God said, why Jesus said, you bought just to have to have, now open your letters, and take out the money, thats bob sending back, God said, theres something awrong, its, hollie said, angel saying, thats, hollie moodie playing his music, and bob appearing, wearing red sweatshirt, he was happy, knew, theres the answer, God said, thats Jesus pointed hollie, leaving, now bob is, hollie stamps, yellow church appears, its, God said, seventh day adventist, bob, Jesus said, wiped his chin, thats most on this site looking, God said, she danced, brother, hollie said, dont, showed, its sign, its on back window, windshield wiper holds on, angel comes out, happy, its, i'm he said, hollie watches, and people walk by, and hollie had plad coat on, they read and check and thats them telling, bob your, now bringing down, thats exposing God said, and its becoming, its agitated hollie said, thats Jesus, pointed happy hollie, God wiped his face, i like him, God said, bob, its, your amused, God said, bob thought, watching, its on the word network, stamps, hollie, and t.v. appears, it has face on it, like angelic, i'm the word network, t.v. said, and theres bishop ellis, having fun, God said, and people running and dancing, bob, you loved it, Jesus said, you were, not believeing, thats church, thought happy bob, thats Jesus again, wiping face, hes turned to the side, God said, I wanted, Jesus said, pentecostal assemblies of the world, to, be, for black, its, g.t. haywood, knew it, God said, but, theres white, its, they trickle in, hollie said, theres bob, and its, christine, its, they should marry, hollie said, you would, a serious looking hollie said, but, she is, same size and, wants, taller, put it under, watch what you ask for pointed JEsus, he was turning, God said, theres the Father, hes like white angel, laughing, its, hollie comes out, God dressed in, its royal, stamps, hollie, and yellow church appears, I'm p.a.w., church said, but changed white, go, thats church leaving, bob, hollie showed her light watch, she said, its time, you have to stop, go, thats hollie leaving,



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