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Jesus wants servants to do right but God himself doesnt do right

look how God treats me and Jesus told Me I was perfect: Jesus spoke this: 11-2006-dont do it again, said, you need to, count, the cost, God is, stripping, bob, to, make, him, fall away, because, he will not, do, everything, Jesus, wants, him to do, like, walk in circles, and spin when stopped, every step, every day, all day, up and down, the steps, and, even, when, making, coffee, this is, to, destroy, him, and will, stopped, because, despair, so God, lets, fiery darts, destroy, his gums, and, strips, his, heart, of, desire, to live for Jesus, when, it, no desire, left, but, and, even, teased, for, about, eight months, till, piercing, bobs, heart, throwing, him in rage, about, 100 times, to, make bob, fall away, because, he wants, him to, be made an example of, your out, said, thepaul mooney girl, if, what, the LOrd, says, you, are, casted, out, of, the ministry, from, here, forth, you are, cut off, the LOrd, says, I did, not, want, bob, to be exalted, so, and that is, people, looking up to him, so I cast him out, even if, it means, going to hell, to keep people from looking up to bob, and Jesus laughed, at bobs, calamity, cut off, God says, let, me, drive, bob, off, and, bring him back, and!, do it again, I did this, to everyone of my servants, so, they would learn, to, deny, them, selves, God says, you are, going to quit, because, you, can, not, stand, with, me coming against, you like, this, and Im not backing off, because, I want you to, fall, to make, you an example, out of, you, the very first, time, God, teased, bob, it, peirced his heart, and he did it, over, God says, if, you, dont, leave, I, will, cast, you, off, the planet, ---11-2006-I saw half of the body, of a man, that looked like Jesus, and he said something like, I tried to make youbackslide-I saw me in a vision, and I was in a straight jacket, praying, on my knees, maybe in an insane sylum, with no pants, on------it looks like Jesus is going to make me fall, or let me be driven, or-I ask you a question LOrd JEsu! > s, on the information highway, why are you doing this---I offten get visions of people that arent me, like hollie, and they say, stop. I begged JEsus, for hours-------why LOrd are you doing this to me----if you dont want me no more, then, just remove yours!elf from me, and I will return back to the life I once lived-----why are you throwing me away, Jesus-----I was reminded this morning that I said, I wont backslide-----I did say, this, is this why, o God, why are, you, doing this, allowing, this-----its been about one year, now, since, the teasing, fiery darts, and now,s tripping my faith, peeling it, sometimes, right off, of my heart, as, it develops, many times, every day, teasing, why are, you doing, this JEsus, if you were going to dothis, why didnt, you leave me alone, in, sin, if you want me, out, then, why dont you leave my body, --I saw me in a vision, and I said, im going to hell------how can I avoid 11-2006-you get, infected with gum disease every day, you will n! > ot keep your teeth, and most servants of God have lost hier teeth from > fiery darts, but, if a person, has, a made up mind, Gid will trash, him, because, he, can, do it, and, the servant, cant, do, nothing, about it, because, his mind is made up, if, you don!t beleive it, think, you will rearely find a servant of the Lord, that , kept, his teeth, and, the way, they are being struck, it, will take, about, eight years for them all to fall out, what, happens, it, they, fill, with, poisonous, electric darts shot in by satan, and, they, build, receed, God, quenches, but when you sleep, you are, filled, to the, point, of, receesion, heres, what, the, Lord, says, bob will only last, unless I lift up the standard, about, eight more months, and, I,wont, because, bobs, mind is, made up, im changing it, and I dont need a reason, I cause, bob, to, backslide in his heart, and, Jesus laughed, everyday, because, he can not bear, for over, a year, what, Im allowing to, come against, him, take, heed, unless, bob, gave me, about, 7 hours, per, and that is, when,! > I, hit him hardest, because it hurts most, hes working hard, to, stay out of, hell, and, wont, bob, ---God says, what I will do, is cast, bob out, and after about two months, because, bob said, I can, do anyting, I want, his, heart, is, broken, he, lives, ha!rder, then, anybody, but, I, can, do, what, ever, I want, so, I will, tease, fiery darts, and, cast bob out, offend, bobs not doing anything wrong, but, Im making, an example, God says, you can not stand if I dont, let, you, I will make it unbearable, and know, how, here, what, the Lord, says, you are, being, thrown away, bob, and you know it, thats why you put the link up,---11-24-2006-here is, what, the LOrdsays, this, is, happening, and he saw, a, flash, ing, of his, name, this is, like, dumitru, prophesied, to, perfect, and is, 11-2006-in this vision, I saw satan, and he had possibly me, and he was smiling and stabbing my gums, so fast, and that is about what is happening-pray for me-you aint afraid of me, saith, t! > he LOrd, because, you know, hell, and, torture, here, but, I can, make >, you, want, me, and, then, drop you again, saith, the LOrd, allright, your loss, prick, saith, bob, In this vision received on 12-25-2006-I saw people beating up on Jesus, because of these !pages, -------I took the websites down on 12-28-2006-I saw in a vsiionwhile praying, a lighted hand point at me, and I heard, fall----now the websites are off, the internet---and I saw Jesus just now and he was laughing at my calamity--in my heart, I sad, and a little hurt, and God told me, that he waited untill my mind got made up so it would hurt, or so he could do this, or both or???? now im abated likeJesus showed me, long ago he was going to do----I saw in vsiions things like, the word, (prod), this is a sharp instrument(fiery darts, etc), the word abated(this is being brought to nothing-fullfilled-good going Jesus)plane wreck(whether plane of ship-me)collapse or collapsed-something like that(according to what the LOrd told me, this has happened about 337 times in the past 13 months! > , by what is going on)etc 1-14-2007-I started praying on knees and immdeiatly saw a vision of a gun, which means, shoot me, and I hear shots all the time, and this always means, that somebody, mainly me is going to be shot or pushed out. I also saw a hand with! a needle in it. The other day in a vision, Jesus came down, and stuck the needle in my heart, and all of my faith drained right out. One got stuck in my head, and all I can remember is I was angry, like I got from these two visions this morning whiole praying-I wanted you to get angry to fall away, says, the Lord, to, tempt, you. thisaccording to what God tells me, keeps the person humble in his eyes, driving him out daily by teasing, and allowing satan to trash, my gums BY FIERY DARTS, even feeling electricity running up my penus while getting this ready to put on-by drving out, I mean, teasing me most of the night to the point, that in my heart I say, I quit, causing rage, I cant handle it no more, etc. by, Jesus, ! > the minsitering spirits, causing hate to build, and that is the purpos >e, until I go into a rage-keep teasing until I hate, -God said, backslide, for, one, week, I, will, drive, you out, everyday, all day, to keep you, humble, in my eyes, heres what God said, I !knew what to say, and when to say it, to, throw in a rage, this is bru ising, bobby, I can not torutre you if you dont let me, said, Jesus, backslide, then, God, says, I make, you, backslided, in heart, all day, to keep you, humble, in my eyes, continue to wreck said, the angel, of, the, Lord, heres what God says, I offended you daily,teased, fiery darts, wounding, for, over, 13, months, please leave, and, wreck said, Jesus, -my pastor was a prophet, and he had no teeth, and the one that preached at the church mostly, would often put his hand over his mouth when he talked with me. My guess is, if you dig up old graves, you can tell the christians from all the rest. The christians were the ones that did not get to keep thier teeth. Bob-1-27-2007-I told Jesus that if my gums recceeded on ! > more time, that I would put this on. THey may have. Pray for me. MY guess is, the LOrd wants to drive me out, into sin, and maybe bring me back later, and this saddens my heart to put this on. THis goes on all day on and off and night. Lots of what is said to me !by what Gopd allows me to see keeps saying things that start angering, and keep right on that track. God keeps knocking me down, or allowing, by stripping my desire to live for him with this and more going on, and all I can do is deny self. THis causes hate, rage,etc. Call me prophet gum desease. IT seems God wants my gums to exist in gum desease. The LOrd even teased me by showing me a toothbrush in visions(over and over), many times, and when I brushed better, now, fiery darts. I beleive I remember asking him to stop showing me the brush because it teased me. I believe JEsus wants me casted out and when I walk away with sincerity because my heart will not recover, then, come back. I keep getting told that by him ! > that he wants me to backslide for two months, then, If I miss you, Ill > call you back, invite, or whatever. I believe he let me know that in two months, I will not want to come back. When you the apostle pauls writings, they must have gone thru exactly this or more!. I bet they all lost thier teeth. Got to loose teeth and salvation, c asted out, bitter, beat down to despaired-this is the only way that Im humble in Gods eyes now. pray for me. Nobody can stand long with this going on. Fast until death, and God can spiritualyfeed, and you wont die, pray hard, once after about 4 hours, I walked, and saw Jesus in a vision, and he teased me, threw me in a rage. LIke he was bored and waited with me crying out, and getting broken, and just waited for me to finish, or, and then, hit. I would not have been stupid enough I dont think to come to Jesus, if I knew this was going to go on. Read the bible, it did, or? Please help me with your prayer. Try to get this ONe called Jesus to lay off of me, and let me serve him and die and have my reward with out all! > this going on.-1-30-2007-I can add to this everyday, but. I had a dream and in it I said something like, I went to hell. Im lauhing as I put this on. I wonder if God wants me to stay out of hell or not. -I guess im not humble in the eyes of God unless Im wanting to! backslide, or not angry at the LOrd, or wanting to walk away-Gods explanation--I will drive you all the way to the gates of insanity to keep you humble in my eyes saith the LOrd, and youare not lifted up, but, this is what I do, to keep, people, humble in my eyes--- I was walking, and I saw Jesus in visions, and he like a mafia character was saying in a threatening manner things like, "git away frrom me", --this is the kind of bullshit I have to put up with everyday, all day just about-God angering me, teasing me, casting me out in heart, stripping my desire to live for him away, threatening to make my family collapse, death, hospital, etc. The only reason to serve Jesus is to stay out of hell, and it does not ! > appear many will do that, cause if you read the apostle pauls letters, > My guess is lots went thru, this junk, the depths of satan, killed all day long, cast into a prison of sata, persecution. Timothy mcviegh said something like, if I go to hell, ill have a lot of co!mpany. I hope your walk with the LOrd is better------explanation-I wan ted you to get angry and walk away says the LOrd, and, if I miss you, Ill call you back, thats, killing all day, by,teasing, and, gum desease, and, JEsus, showed, to, record, God said, its humble in my eyes, if, my servant wants to backslide all day, everyday, cause I, force, him, out, by, teasing, fiery darts, when teeth are gone, he despises me, bob wont loose any, and knows it, cause, time is, short, but, would have, and, he, laughs, and, thinks, gum grafts, I, know you heart said, JEsus, how to throw you in a rage, and, do, that, little 21 year old girl, I, would have, taken, her teeth to make her walk away, and, right before, she did, I would have said, comn back, I, will and would have, done it, all over,! > again, killing all day, like, this, shut up said, Jesus, prophet ministryofdreams, you are, mocking me, in your heart, laughing, while im destroying, thinking, how could God, play a game like this, God says, you need to make a fool out of me before I back off, and, yo!u, take the cake for that, right on the information highway, shut up, says, the LOrd, dont, sing my songs likealice cooper, praise the Lord, said, Jesus, praise the Lord, said, alice cooper, how are ya, no, said, Jesus, were not friends, you are, running, ---now LOrd, let me ask you this question in front of the whole world-are you really serious about not wanting people to perish but have everlasting life? Youve been hitting me like this for well over a year now. What in the world is your problem. Answer the people that read this. bob of MINISTRYofDREAMS! I saw Jesus in visions and he put me right in hell. I can only laugh, and think, you need to want me to stay out of hell-lest God called me to do this proj! > ect for him, and like he said after teasing me the first time I rememb >er, and in this vision, I saw him in like picture frames one at a time, and he said something like, "I dont need you no more". That means, forsake, youth, sin, houses, family, all, suffer big time, an!d then, get tossed in the trash when finally worn down, and that is wh at is going on, or, stand in front ofGod, and he say something like, bob, you were suppost to endure untill the end, and I would probably just laugh in my heart thinking, yeah, right. My question: what do you want Lord? the LOrds answer: leave, or be, casted out, daily, like the apostle paul, and if I miss you, I will, call you back, with no persecution, because your labor of love saith the LOrd, this is how, I treat, my children, all the time, young and old. I remember this old woman. She told me the pope was going to be the anti Christ. Her gums were gone I believe and she told me that God told her that she would not loose a tooth. She was miserable. Always wanting to quit. I guess, this meets the conditio! > n of humble in Gods eyes. I remember seeing in visions things like, my sister saying to me something like, dang, bobbys just like us, and the words, abated, and that means, brouht to nothing, collapsed, teased. This was when I was on fire, and everything seemed ok, now, I! get resisted all day, with gumdesease and recession. Who can be saved? God says, I scored a knock out, just now, I want you to backslide, and walk away, and not sin, till I miss you, and wait, and if I need you, I will, call you back, this, is, what, I do, this is how, I keep my children humble. No, said, Jesus, this is, gone to far, I appologize, I made you backslide, in heart, and I, will, back off, start, recovering, and then I will, cast you out again, no, said, hollie, why, to keep you humble. Thrown out, said, hollie, wait, dont, but, this is what, I do, saith, Jesus, I want you, despaired, all the time, to make, you humble, this is, humble to me, depair, not knowing, if you be allowed, or not, to s! > tay, that is, humble, in, the LOrds, eyes, saith, Jesus, 2 CORNITHIANS > 8 ?For we would not, brethren, have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, that we were pressed out of measure, above strength, insomuch that we despaired even of life: I read this and I !go thru it everyday, and Ijust cant imagine why the Lord is like this.Im like a target of punishment of his. Cause and or allow my gums to recede and anger me, and try all day and night to peirce my heart, which means, throw me in a rage. THis is now my walk all day, everyday. JOB 7:14 then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions: This goes on all night, and even though I love the visions. It seems like the main goal here is to anger me with each one and make me so angry, that my heart is pierced, which is rage beyond what you can bear. It saddens me to try to think on this or imagine why, but It seems that Jesus wants me to hate him all day, and exist in a condition, that all I want to do is backslide and walk away. If time went on, Im sure my teeth w! > ould be gone, but I would most likely have gum grafts, and save them, and Im sure God would get those, lest he throw me away for having them. I should take his tithes and get those grafts since. I would ask God about things inthe bible, but it seems to me that it was Jesus!, that wanted me to go into REVELATION. He said something like, do you want to go into REVELATION. Im not sure of my answer, but, for going at his suggestion, Im tossed out all day, and pursued till Im tossed out, and God knows how, and this is killed all day. that is what that means, like paul. Jesus would remind me that he gave his life, and would show me the hole in his hand, but, it was an easy out to me. They took and crucified. About 3 days give or take. Id take the out Jesus had over this. The Lords answer: now heres what I did, I made you quit, and will, keep tossing you out till you leave or stay, but, if you stay, you will be tortured by me and satan, with what I allowed him to do to you, this i! > s why, to keep you, humble, and you are, but, I want you, depaired, an >d, weepy, all the time, beyond, humble is what I want, now, stay, or, leave. Jesus-God said, you said, you would not comit sin, and now that, im against,you, for saying, that, by accident, im going to mak!e you comitt, sin, and then, take, out, all of, your sins, out of, the , sea, of, forgetfullness, and then, make you, stay in prision, for, saying, that, saith, Jesus,--its now lots of times miserable living for Jesus, like a gold fish swimming in an aquarium filled with barracudas, hoping that one does not strike, but, then, they do, and do again, and again, and again, and finally, dead. if that is what the LOrd wants to do to me for giving him all that I gave, I can not stop. Ive been told that something like, I want to make an example out of you(and more words)ok Jesus, go ahead and throw me in the fire. If that is what you, want. That is my reward, for giving all I gave, and i did what he wanted for the most part and exceeded I beleive. Go ahead Jesus, put me in the fir! > e, put me there quick Lord, make me hell. THne look in the mirror and laugh at my calamity, and ask yourself one question, why did you really do that? Isee Jesus in visions and he says things like, abase, backslide, now stop hanging around. God let me know that namy of you wi!ll leave ministry of dreams after reading this, but, this is what paul went thru of some of, and Im asking you to pray for me. read with caution.



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