Sunday, October 10, 2010

the Holy Ghost feels like body perfect size coming in, then Jesus fights you to make you backslide to laugh at you

Jesus destroys all day to laugh at and make servant backslide. Jesus said this: 3-7-2007-I sat down to type visions in computer and I feel electricty flowing all over my penus. God knows I hate this and it is why he is doing it and I saw Jesus in a vision and he ws smiling. I heard this, "walk away and Ill quit, but if you stay, make a fool out of us saith the LOrd, Jesus is tempting you, I dont care, if you dont like it or not, but, Im tempting, I want you to wreck, said, Jesus, to show the world, that I, cause it, to rain, in the unjust and just, for no reason, you will walk away, saith the LOrd, I will, cast you into, fire, if, you dont, you are, angering, me, by putting, this, page, up, and now, IM, starting, to, get, mad, saith the Lord, and you think, You will stop, when you are embarrased enough, all over the world,". I asked Jesus, "why you doing that"?, and he said, "cause im tempting you". What God is doing is flowing on my dick on and off, usally when He knows it will hurt my heart. That means I gave up my life and was! usedgreatly by the Lord so this day would arrive and that is, Jesus s howing me in a vision the word, "prod", and him messing with me in all kinds of different ways to anger and hurt me, and I keep getting told that by him that he wants me to backslide for two months, and even tells me that I wont come back. "the reason I am doing it is to make you an example of the rightous judgment ot Jesus, you did nothing wrong, but, I dont need you no more, close, said, Jesus, for no reason, and if, you giv eme, reason, I will, leave you, saith the LOrd. I saw Jesus in a vision and he laughed at me. What a spot to be in. Does God want me to stay or leave, and If I leave, I wont come back and he wont take me back-"if you leave with sincerity, saith the LOrd, I will, say, no, dont go, but, not, with, insincerity, I will, drive you out, and then, stop, this is, killing all, day, long, saith the Lord, I do it to all, and I will do it to you, if you, stay, this, letter, is making, nobody, want,Jesus, but, this is, what I do, search, the riens of your, heart, y!ou can not, stay, around me, if I dont want you to, saith the Lord, I dont, want, you, around, me, no more, for no reason, I dont need one, but, if you leave, out, you will not, come back, saith the LOrd". --well, all I can say is, the only reason to serve God is to stay out of heaven, there is no other reason. He is flowing, tapping, etc on my dick and gums often feel inflated and infected and teeth loose, and even enters into my heart wanting to throw me into a rage, but, I wont let. This is my thanks from the LOrd Jesus Christ. He often talks to me like a gangster with smart ellic voice. -I will not do this forever saith the LOrd, only until you, get, humble before me, you! > have fasted, and became humble, but I want, tears, crying, begging, e >tc, you have, and, but, no enough".-well, Im going to say this, im the one that has a hell to shun, and if God leaves me, he looses the body he works thru, so Lord Isay to you, stay or leave, but, remember this page is on the interent! showing how you dog out your slaves, that is what you called me once,slave.. This page shows how you @#%$! over your own people after they suffered for you. Can you blame the billions that said, no way to your call, I dont. Im glad I dont have to witness to much anymore. whelp, cheers from bob, and this page is real, read the bible, paul wrote about it. God keeps telling me that this page embarrases him and I. I put it up, I told him, "you WILL stop". Pray for me, cause the day could come when your only friend becomes, well, read this page again. I dont know if I ever lo0ked at Jesus like a friend, maybe for periods. staying out of hell is the only reason to serve Jesus and my guess is if there was no hell, then, nobody would serve the LOrd, and it appears here that hell is going to have a nice full crowd, is this why one of the apostles said something like, "who can be saved". I know God can strike medown, and put sickness on me and sore boils etc, but, I also know Jesus has more to lose then I do. I have a hell to shun, which means, that Im hell, and it is looking like an impossiblity to stay out. Maybe God will think, I know he served and I @#%$! him over a good one many times, and let me in for the labor of love. really, it is a labor of staying out of hell, not love I dont think. hope your walk with Jesus is better then this one is. Since I can remember, I found about the Lord in 1989, and Ive had gum recession big time every since, and as I type this, I feel the gently carressing of the Holy Ghost on my dick kind of like a blow job, and I feel like my zipper going down much. That the Holy Ghost easing on my dick. play with that peter Jesus. tell the people that read this what ever you want, but, let me remind you, God can say yes, and it means, no, God can say, up, and it really means down. well God, I let the world no that you are playing with my dick, kind ofmasterbating me. You often ask me, and or say something like, "how does it feel". Im asking you that Jesus in front of the whole world, "how does !it feel". wow! wish I would have known this way back. bob----heres Jes us: you will not keep doing this, embarrisin me, saith the LOrd, I will destroy you, when you least expect it". ----well, I guess Jesus started fullfilling that before I even received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, my biggest prayer request was praying for my gums..go ahead LOrd, they dont care, and I know heaven for me is only a small possiblity, go for it, nobody will care for me cause I cared for your buisness, and you obviously dont care about me-go 4 it Jesus-----Im glad I got to put this page up----I really believe in my heart, and God often told me that he did not want people to know what I was going thru, and I dont blame him. every day this page is up, I beleive mo! > re pressure is put on Jesus to become like a gentleman again not the biggest prick thatthe world has ever seen. bob here is the Lord Jesus Christs final remarks: Im driving you out, this is, killing all day, I made you, think about, suicide, and taking, the website, down, today, and, will, keep on, I got y!ou, to quit, from your, heart, and will not, stop, until yoy leave, and then, back off, and then, start over, this is how, i keep you humble in my eyes, saith the LOrd, if, you over come, all this, I will, make it, harder, saith the LOrd, step down, or, serve, I dont care, this is, bible, and I will not, stop doing my word, for you or anybody, this is, serving, Jesus, according, to, scripture, I will not let, this page, stay up, long, cause, it, shames, me, saith the LOrd, I teased bob, and then, fiery darts, and now, flowing, across his, dick, to, tease, mock, and, keep, humble in, my eyes, and will not stop, and bob is not, lifted, very humble, but, humble in my eyes is not veing able to overcome, I will do it, until, my heart, aches, then, stop, saiththe LOrd. visions of Jesus-visions recieved 3-2007-in visions, I saw a man that looked like Jesus. In two he had a like a cattle prod and he was poking at me, and in the other, it was like he was giving me a blow job. I feel electrical sensations all over my peeing utensile and I asked him to leave me alone. I saw him in other visions and he said real nicely things like, "o my goodness", You know what Ive done". Are you tempting me LOrd? Ofen God would give me visions of a man in a bed and I would here something like this, "git out of here". This would hurt my heart and I was not led to move out. I saw Jesus in a vision and he said, "you still look to good". Toothless I wont. I could add to this page every day, but wont. I remember this woman that told me that God told her that she would not loose a tooth or something like that. She didnt I dont beleive, but, her gums may have been shot, and the man that did most of the preaching at the church I used to go to ! > how he wouldhold his hand over his mouth often and the pastors teeth were gone. Jesus Christ thou KIng, let me ask you a question: do put hell over our heads and let our teeth be and or gums be stolen by fiery darts or what you cause to inflate our gums with like desease to make it almost impossible to stay !out of hell and if we continue to try, be tortured daily with like swollen gums and recession and also, yes, I feel electricty flowing over my penus, and sometimes it even feels like oral sex and I cant blame that on the devil. Answer the people O maker of Heaven why you torture your servants passed the point of being able to bear. Jesus: I will not let that stay on saith the LOrd. Me-I dont want it on either, but, if I did not put this on the internet, how long would you have offended me and hurt my heart many times every day. If i did any of this to you, Id be in so much trouble but you can do it and claim its not your will I perish. I feel electricity all the time flowing on andlike caressing my penus-vision recieved 3-2007-In this vision, I saw like maybe a white finger carressing a white, and I knew what it was. my gums swell up almost instantly with like gum desease-vision recieved 3-2007-in this vision, I saw a woman and I could see her gums in part of her mouth were receeded very high maybe exposing roots. who can be saved-vision reci eved 3-2007-in this vision, I saw me in the fire. gum recession-vision recieved 3-2007-in this vision, I saw possibly my teeth or some of them, and I could feel gum recession around one.I saw in visions about 9-2005 while living in my van, Jesus and it was like picutre frames one at a time, and here is what He said to me, "I dont need you no more". Jesus showed me the word "prod" in a vision, and what this basically means, is keep coming at me with diffferent torments. 3-16-2007-I feel electricy flowing on my dick and taping and whatever else, and I often get hard and feel like my zipper coming down, now let meask, Jesus, Why are you doing this? response O God of heave! > n: I want you to backslide for no reason, for, two months, and after, you will not, want, me no more, cause, angry, at what I did, and I know it, saith the LOrd, I cause it, to rain, on, the, just, and un, just, ------------thats a piss poor reason LOrd-bob-vision of the angel gabriel-visions recieved 3-2007-I saw gabriel like a white man and he said, "that is casting out, killing all day, meaning, pushing you out till you quit, then, healing, to keep humble in my eyes, saith the LOrd". More then gabriel was in on that. I saw gabriel and he showed and said, record, the vision, and babyfleas said, you aint prayin.-------is that driving me out till I quit in my heart by angering, teasing making me angry and offended, and now electrical masterbation and gum desease. Lord Jesus, nicely tell people that read this far acceptable explanation, and God also told me that he would strip or cut off or something like that manyfive minutes before destruction hits america.(memory)3-19-2007-I was going to remove this page and right before I felt electricity build on my Priv_tes so Ill leave it right here and see what God does. vision of Christ Jesus-vision recieved 3-22-2007-I saw Jesus in a vision and he said, "loose teeth". God says, Im bringing you back right now, cause I have casted you out by killing all day long, like paul, that is, to offend you and drive y ou out, to keep you humble in my eyes, this causes people to hate me, by, offending them, non stop, all the time, always, betraying, them to keep humble in my eyes, like it or not saith the LOrd, this is what I do, I will not let my servants keep thier teeth cause I want them despised by people, but this causes them to fall away, ROMANS 1, persecution, I steal thier teeth, slowly over years, by small recession, then, heal, and even that offends, cause I know when to do it, this keeps humble, so, If you want to keep your teeth, dont serveme saith the LOrd, cause I dont care if you do, keep teeth. vision of Jesus Christ-vision recieved 3-22-2007-in a vision, I saw Jes! > us and he pointed and said, "abate", and I saw my pastor who is dead now with no teeth in his mouth. vision of Jesus-vision recieved 3-22-2007-I saw Jesus and he said, "didnt you give me your promise", "and that was, I could do what I wanted with you, abated, all day long till you walk away, I wont quit until you !leave, or run out of time, saith the LOrd, cause, this, keeps humble in my eyes, you are laughing at me in your heart, and have told you will have gum grafts, but, I will cut you off if you do saith the LOrd, and you say, go for it, and I say, dont, and you say, I didnt ask for your permission gum thief, now hear the word of the LORd, I will, not let, but if you do, and I miss you, I will keep you cause you will, and wont let nothing stop, cause I, constantly betray you by offending, ha ha saith the LOrd, this is prophesying, recievingvisions while right there, and telling what they tell you, ministering spirits, and Jesus, now, go, 4-14-2007-now I often smell wha! > t a uterus smells. THis is the newest torment, and I heard, "God knows > how to offend you and wants to". 4-17-2007-while sitting at the computer working, I feel electricity flowing over the top of my penus, and my gums keep swelling, inflating, and the Lord keeps saying things that offend me, tease. I saw Jesus, and! he said something like, "I want you out", you wrecked", and was told something like, "I want you to backslide for two months and if I miss you, Ill call you back", 'let me alone bob". God puts a new heart in me all the time so I can take this, cause what he told me and is doing is stripping my desire to live for Jesus right out of me by causing me to hate him and knows how, what to say, etc. I remember once after about 4 hours a prayer and was weepy, while walking to use restrrom, I saw Jesus in a vision on furnace and he saidsomething that threw me in a rage, and just felt a shot of electricity shoot on my peter. Electricity keeps shooting on my penus even though God knows I dont like that. "im wanting you to fall away, saith the ! > LOrd, to make you an example of being on top and falling to the bottom". as that was being said to me, some of the words were being pronounced wrongly, and God told me long ago that he was going to do that, and it teases, and even told me that he would make so I did not even want to get out of bed, depress me is wha!t that means, or, he told me something like, "I will tell the people that I aint doing nothing to you". I saw JEsus in a vision about 4-2007- and he pointed and said something like, "I was embarrased". does Jesus hate me? I just saw in a vision my mom in on like something and went down into the fire and agony on her face. this is what I was told, "when your abasing is completed you will not want the LOrd, like job". I guess that meansthat this will go on till I want nothing to do with Jesus anymore. I wanted to stay out of hell. thats sad aint it. I just saw Jesus laughing and I heard, "you gave up all to be casted out in the end sa! > ith the Lord". 4-20-2007-right now God is teasing me by winking >at me, I keep seeing a fire colored eye winking at me and it hurts me and he wont stop and he told me that he wants to make me hate him from the heart, I keep seeing this eye wink at me and it does somehting to my heart, and sometimes happens every bunch of !seconds, and im being teased by this, and I just heard this, "God is c asting you out, this is killing all day long, till, you backslide, or, perish, either, but one, saith the LOrd, I want to make, an example out of you, quit, or be forced out, for blaspheme, not walking in circles, and spinning when stopped, saith the LOrd". I guess hell awaits for me, make the most of your walk. I was told earlier about making the exalted abased, and abased exalted.walking in circles is, get out of van, walk in circles into store, spin around and around while in line, nmaking coffee, while being arrested, in court, pumping gas.....Sounds to me like you want me in hell O Lord God, and one replaced the other, and you knew no one could d! > o either. I did and it despaired me so much, I did not even want to get out of van, so God knew it would effect me like that, and oviously wanted hell for me. God me one way or the other. I was told many times that abatement continues till I dont want to live for Jesus anymore from the heart. That means keep pushing me out till !I dont want to come back, and I would see Jesus and he would put new hearts in me so I could go on, and sometimes I was so wounded, it would take about 3 or 4 new hearts...I just laughed today and God let me know he did not like it and I just wonder, who can be saved. KIlling all day is being driven out, teased, thrown in rage, till wrath sets in, and you dont want the LOrd whenlike that. God often gets me so mad on purpose that I cant stand still. Ive seen Jesus in visions and he said things like, "bob, I hate you man". I beleive it. maybe God will love you to heaven.. http://www.webspaw! >, persecution is torture from-thi >s is how Jesus treats me often talking to me like a maffia character-recieved 4-28-2007-close me, go, gabriel pointed, hollie showed, record, abate him pointed Jesus, this prophet, said, I can do, what ever I want, but, I wanted, him to walk in circles, and, spin when stopped(I di!d do this, and that means, get out of van, and spin around as walk, tostore, insdie, spin in circles while in the line, making coffee, pupmping gas, sometimes like a blur, non stop, and i became so despaired I did not want to even get out of my van, and I was living in it, so this was to destroy me), he wont, he did for a while, abate said Jesus, torture, cast out, be teasing,fiery darts, mocking, this is how I tease, I tell him things that hurt him deep in his heart, teasing, piercing his heart, throwing him in a rage, then, bringing back, then, all over again, winking at him to tease, entering into his heart, driving him crazy, tell me I can do what I want, and, dont do it, Ill let you serve me, ! > for years, steal your youth, then, abate him said Jesus, I slur words to tease, all day, all night, I carress his dick to tease, all day, elijah said Jesus, this is, the price I charge for revelations, you are, embarrasing me, telling what im doing, to you, I drive to you the brink of sin, you know me said, Jesus, I get you so angry, anger all day, !this is my price for revelations, put it on the front the page, for the whole world to see, abated said Jesus, walk in circles and spin when stopped, or, Ill destroy you, and you say, destroy me, right here, on the internet, in front of all, the Lord says, whom I abated, I do it, hundreds of times, till myheart changes toward, you are angering me, telling what im doing, people are laughing at me, says the Lord, and, you think, they should, I want you humble in my eyes, and, this makes you, you are humble, but, not being able to do what I want is humble, if you backslide, and nobody, can stand, with me doing all this, I wont, cal! > l you back, abate him said Jesus, im going to drive you to comit iniqu >ity and sin, out, cause, I want you abated, brought to nothing and the reason is, no reason, I cause it to rain on the just and unjust, that was Jesus, smiling, it took over 18 years, to rage, now, ive almost driven this prophet out, and he is, embarrasing me, im going to, for not,! walking in circles, and, spinning when stopped, put you in fire, in m y prescence, and mock you, all of, eternity saith the LOrd, > >I saw Jesus in a vision and he said things like, "Im gonna get you cut off", "I got him", "abase". I keep seeing an eye wink at me and this teases hurts myheart. What God is doing to me non stop is teasing me saying things that hurt my heart, talking to me like a smart ellic, I feel electricity flowing over my peeing utensil, and this hurts me. Jesus will enter into my heart and throw me in a rage by making me jelous, and God let me know he makes me jelous, to hate. God let me know that I would have kept on worshipping him, but this is what he now wants, make me to come and worship at his feet, in other words, cause me to hate and be jelous of him and come and beg him to take away my plagues, quit torturing me. God said something like, "I dont want my people to have teeth, I want them abated". Is this the manifod temptations that peter was talking about and what paul sought God to take away from him twice. Is this the plagues that is mentioned in REVELATION where they d!id n! > ot repent and give God glory, and cursed God, Did I mention that I begged God and fasted and I begged until there was no more begging left in me. Thatmeans right now im almost just an object of toture, possibly amusing Jesus, and he has told me that he wants me to walk away for two months, and he often causes me to get so angry and knows how that I cant stand to be in his prescence and teases me, "I caused you to comit iniquity", and is this why JEsus talked about being to proud to beg, because begging did not good, like in my case. God lets me know, "who I abase, I abase till they dont want the Lord no more". I often see God and he laughs at me. If you break the whole law by comitting one sin or being disobediant one time, what if God tells you like he wanted me to do, walk in circles and spin when stopped, something that nobody would do for years and years and years and years. This means, make your coffee while spinning in circles, go up the steps in circles, spin so !fas! > t while stopped that you look like blur, spin in circles in that ch ur >ch God would tell me till the police come and remove me. God had me doing stufflike this, and this despaired me so much I did not even want to get out of van I was living in. My gums were already being fiery darted, causing recession since about 1990. Why do you hate me so much Jesus, tell people that read this why you wanted me to get used up by you and then you turn on me like this, tell them JEsus. God keeps telling me that he wants to make me quit from the heart, so I often find that God causes purposely me to hate him and knows how, and Ive seen him in visions, like in one he come down in a vision with a pin and poked my heart and all my desire to live for Jesus poured right out, so, no desire to live for Jesus, and being torutred by God and mybe satan as well, and I see Jesus in visions laughing at me, pointing at me, "I got you". Ill have gum grafts if I feel a tooth will be feelings are, if your willing to do this LORd, then explain it to the whole world or all who read. vision of me being-vision recieved 6-8-2007-in this vision, I saw a nude me, and I saw a nude JEsus come and he got me in the rear, and let me know that he was @#%$! me. Dont beleive it, read this page again. I saw my sisters face and she screamed, noooo, I saw maybe my mom and she was lowered into the fire or, with glowing red face, and I saw a building burning on the inside and God told me something like, Im burning out all of your desire to live for the LORd, 7-6-2007-approx 3:58 p.m.-thus speakth the LOrd of hosts, I persecute my children, to keep them humble in my eyes, like it, or not, to keep them, humble, not, exalted, paul, spoke about, serve JEsus, bob took down, cause, his best friend gabriel, was given permission to speak, with out Jesus, threatening, and he said, record, take, down, he is, more mature, then, you are, but, like you, and arch angel, lit, beautiful, bob, loves, me prophet is sorry if I wronged anybody in any way, including you Jesus, and you told me that I would appologize, and its in sincere somewhat, but, seek Jesus, you all, and lastly if precious Jesus will Allow, Im wondering, and desiring to hear what Gabriel would say to all, and here is what: I saw gabriel, and he said, shh, and pointed at Jesus, well, I guess thats one thing I love about the angel gabriel, very humble, puts Jesus first, and he is like you, has a mans heart....shame on you, is what God says, said, gabriel, to janetmck and arron shutt, dee finney, and david shapiro, dancan rouleau and his children like matt brady and michael doran and Jonah Weiland and larry l. lawrence and lawrence forman and the reverends jeremy taylor and antonia vladimirova and dee finney and the massive bri, and many more that stole the name ministry of dreams to make bob fall, you will all fall for doing,
God says things to me or that make me hate, its like he enters into heart and takes out my desire to live for him and hate is left, and has told me that he is stripping my desire to live for him- 7-11-2007-I will make you hate me so much, youll backslide, then, after two months, if I miss you, ill call you back, for no reason, saith the LOrd, I will make you burn and walk around hard, on, and, tease you about being eunuch for me, when I planned on putting you in fire, from day one, loose teeth, gums, stay infected, I, laugh at you, I, will, wear you down, take teeth, make, hair fall out, rage, you, all day, harden, electricity, carressing, spiking, masterbating, peter, entering heart, to throw you in a rage, for no reason, God says, I will make you loose teeth to make you hate waking up, in the, morning, make, you, embarrased, to, be, seen, I will not make you leave me, but, make it, so you can not, stand, I wanted to make people backslide, this is persecution, I will make you run to get out of my prescence, cause, I, will, hurt you, so deeply, till you leave, for no reason, got you, yelled the Father, continue slipping says Jesus, strip your desire to live for me, all day, till, you perish, taking years, I enter into your heart, and, make you, hate me, then, bow, till you leave, hate me, or perish, cause what I do, thats electricity on your dick to tease, saying what hurts your heart, deeply to betray, for no reason, God says, I can not, masterbate my servants, till they cum, but, make them hard, and, horny, by electricity, thats right, stay single, till you get old, then, you better fast, till you have, wrinkles and bags, or, I will, destroy you, for no reason, I cant not do anything else, I, fill you quitting, said, Jesus, from my torture, I will make you quit all day, evry day, I, love putting people in lava, saith the LOrd, abating is complete when the person doesnt want God no more, that is backslided, then I stop, abating is complete when the person, hates me, so much, they cant even praise me, cause I, torture, you better get me to stop or i will destroy for no reason, there is, not anything wrong, I, wanted to make you not want to keep me as Lord of your life, for no reason, hollie showed, record, backslide said Jesus, or be tortured,
Masterabation 2007- it seems like God often makes it hard for me to think by turning off my mind, taking away memory, and even makes it hard to pronounce words, this is teasing to make me angry, God says, I will persecute you to the lake of fire, I, will make, you, fall, all day, for no reason, I will make you so angry, youll run out of my precence, and, sin, to, get me, off of, you, for no reason, I do this, to cause you to perish, now, you are, crying in heart, cause I wont, lay off you, but, I, dont, care, if you, perish or not, God says, people cant, deal with me carressing thier dicks, spiking, teasing, so, they, backslide, fiery darts, infecting gums to loose teeth, I prod, and, laugh at them, while they are wrath, but, denying self, I, prod when I could have, just, spoke, but its funner to me to torture cause who can stop me, I, say, what I know, will, pierce your heart, throw you in a rage, go to church, and, look at your toothless brothers, ask them what the Lord did to them, God laughs, just about all, backslide, I caused, hell, to be, full, I put new hearts in my slaves, to keep them going, I right when bob wakes up, tease, to anger, enter into heart, and, put wrath in, take out, desire to live for me, this is, persecution, that was, hu, riding, the red, horse, china, strikes, taiwan, to take, peace off of, the earth, I, make it, so, the person cant stand, being alone, with me, cause, I, make, the person hate, me, that, much, this, is how, I, make, my servants, killed, all day, long, God says, I, persecute, my children, to make them, fall, for no reason, you can beg and cry, weep and fast, my heart, has to, change, when, the servant, backslides, after, about two months, if I, miss them, knowing they wont come back, I, call them back, and, leave them alone, for awhile, this embarrasses slaves, you are a dog to me, and nothing more, says, the Lord, hollie showed, pointed, flames, rubbed chin, thought, thumbs swooping up, on, building, pointed, flames, thumbs swooping up, popes image, that is, the, grim reaper, that is, hollie, wailing for the people, hollie showed, flames, rubbed chin, thought, thumbs swooping up, popes image,
I saw Jesus in a vision and he said something like, "my dick". 8-1-2007-I spkie your dick, like electricity going on and around to make you angry, shake you to undecided to make you fall all day saith the LOrd, I want you to fall, to embarrass you, then my heart will change, you are a dog to me, I love hurting you deep in your heart saith the LOrd, to hurt your pride and anger to make you want to leave me all day, that is killing all day long, this is how I do it, read again, ha ha says Jesus, serve me or hell, your choice, I will do you the same way, or perish
what I was told on 8-2-2007-comeon back, I have casted you out and made you want to commit suicide...God told me something like, "I tortured you because you prophesied and I wanted to make you fall to embarras you, and make you sin in front of those you witnessed to, for no reason" what I jsut heard, "im making you perish". and I saw Jesus in visions and am wounded right now, and he said things like, "abate". that means bring me to nothing.
here is what God is saying right now, "Im making you an example of my sufferrings, this is why, cause, I could, do, it, thru you, and knew you would not fall"...............I guess that means the Father did this to the Son, and I surely dont beleive that, so I dont know what it means, maybe his sufferrings is torturing me till I run out of his precence to sin, or a more pleasureable I work for God, he strikes me, teases, winks, like a eye winking to tease, entering into my heart and bringing in wrath, like striking a little gold fish in an aquarium filled with barracudas, keeps striking, and wont stop or for long, spiking with electricity my penus, carressing it, and one time in vision, I saw maybe the Lord, and like alittle head appeared on his arm, and it was like doing oral sex, and I could feel it............God, you word says, you are love, and you dont want me to perish, but, look what you are doing to your slave, dog...pray for me, if I was doing to to my wife if I had one, I like a fool stayed single, and God mocked me for that, and showed me crossing paths with girlfiriends former while saved, and I beleive they all would have married me.......God let me know that I stayed single and he did this to me anyway, and now im old, and even told me it was planned.......I told the Lord, "you will stop" guess is, when this page has been seen one time to many, and God tells me it embarrasses him, and me, then, but I also know, people see and read and think, are you Lord going to do this to me", and God told me or, here,he just spoke, "I will do that to everybody", "this is killing all day long", ------ok------I dont blame people for saying no to the call of Jesus-----the only reason to serve God is to stay out of hell, then, all this comes on you, ------who can be saved-----im prophet ministryofdreams, good luck no matter what choice you make--------heres what God is saying right now, "you prophesy, and that is God speaking thru, and I make it hard for you, immpossible"........I just saw Jesus in a vision and he said, 'remember that", and I saw this page........I guess in the Jud, God will show me this and say, depart, but, look at this page, and in real life it is much worse then this, Im being struck all day for the most part......Its hard for me to lay down for long without one of these strikes getting thru.....I just saw Jesus and he said, "close down the website", and here is what I think, "i came out of the world and sufferred and sacrificed and was obediant, and then you throw me away like this and I close down the way------pray for me, and send me your prayer requests. maybe tonight when i sleep God will let me hear my family screaming and see thier faces glowing red hot cause of being in hell, and even showed me my sister that is mildly mentally handicapped screaming-----I remember once in a dream, there was a being, and it had on its hand like a freddy krueger knife glove..........gonna let him get me later Lord, since you have to torture, me, a nobody, whats the matter, dont you have something better to do Lord Jesus Christ??????? now, what will you tell people that read this------

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