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the Holy Ghost destroys his own children to laugh at them

Jesus the Holy Ghost entered me like a body my perfect size, and starting day one, with me, before, Jesus himself tries to make servant perish like he did JOB, and God told me I was perfect. during about the summer of 2005, I remember seeing a light shaft cut almost all the way thru a tree, in a vision, and I have been weak just about every since, and I saw Jesus and he may have been like a red outlined Jesus and one thing he said to me was, "you little fucking runt". God led me from inside to walk in circles and spin when stopped. That means pump gas, spin, spin up the stairs, down, spin in circles while wanting to be a computer, in line at gas station, spin, walk inside spinning, round and round. This despaired me so bad I did not want to get out of my van, and I was living in it, because thats what God wanted. God wanted me to spin in circles until the police come and remove me.....No more LOrd. Then he started teasing me. Saying something to me at the right to that would throw me in a rage, make me unhealable..year s, now I make God put new hearts in me, and I would ask him back then after being crippled from his tease, to heal, now fiery darts deseasing gums, which I shock out with a little electronic excercising machine, but, when sleep, infected, or away to much, electricity flowing on, spiking, around, what I use the bathroom out of, feels like oral sex lots of times. Get up Jesus. electricity coming down on head, hair loss and Jesus telling me that I looked to good. something entering into heart, stripping out all desire to live for Jesus making me feel angry, wrath...Dont speak and say, thats the devil, cause......heres what God just spoke, "this is killing all day long". Its the morning when I wake up when the most likely kill occurs, when I least expect, and I keep hearing things like, and see often who says it, things like, "abated", "abate", "now lose your salvation", "keep slipping"......when Im week and the Spirit is strong must be when Im slaughtered, and that is when I can not take no more and wont heel most likely, and God puts new hearts in, thats when I can not and dont want God no more, and that is the purpose of what was written, kill me, meaning, make me brought to nothing, like a grown man teasing a little dog.....if you read below, it is filled with stuff like this, and God spoke much of it, threats like, "I want you to commit sin in front of those that you witnessed to", "I want you to backslide for 30 days, and if I miss you ILl call you back", and was even told that recall would be right before something happened like me meeting a woman, that would make me not come back, and was reminded that, I knew he would do it all over again...edure until the end, gives you a little understanding on that scripture doesnt it......pray for seems like and God has spoke while writing this, and I told him, I will put on net what you do, so God, speak if you want. Jesus: Im killing all day long to abate in my eyes....slave cause theres a hell: do you want me to perish, and you have said, "for no reason". Jesus: im making you backslided in heart so my word is, slave cause of hell: do I have to perish cause you want me backslided in heart, and you get me to where I dont want healed, and told me before I would get there....Jesus: you are embarrassing me with this......slave c.o.h. didnt and dont you cast me out to where I cant go on, and want suicide, cause you enter in my heart and make me angry, like hold my dick with you electric hand to tempt me, and tole me that you are tempting me to sin....Jesus: you will take this page down, and I will not stop tempting you to sin......bobby-I may take page down, but you will have to make me very happy, and IM going to sign guestbooks right now, so make me take it down, but,
I saw Jesus in a vision, and he said something like this, gentle, but, maybe smart ellic like, "I just love it when you are so mad"......uto
here is what God spoke to me on 8-1-2007-im going to destroy you, cause, you are not needed no more, I used you till you were done and now I dont need anyone, no one can stand with me persecuting like I AM you, now, perish, you are doomed saith the LOrd, and I will mock you thru enternity cause you were number one, still are and I fought you all the way, to make you fall, by teasing, mocking, entering into heart and making rage appear, winking at you and entering into heart to anger, carressing dick, spiking it with electricity to anger, tease, saying what I know will hurt you, not helping, or keeping, to, make you undecided all day, slurring words, to anger, doing what I know will hurt you deeply, mortally, wound, for no reason, I the Lord, dont, need you, and want you to fall, embarrass you, and make you hated by all for the visions I gave you and you posted.
God told me many times he will not quit until I backslide and has even told me that, after im out in the world for two months, if he misses me, then he will have no choice but to call me back and leave me alone, or I wont come back---God has told me he wants to make be backslide to embarrasss me, but, wont quench the flames of hell, or seemly make it possible for his slave, and that is all you are if you are saved, "dog" is what God told me, ......pray for me, cause God wont stop with my fasting, and prayer, and begging, etc.....

persecution is torture and read if God permits
now I look at it like this, If I was Jesus, there are somethings I would not want the whole world to know
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I remember living in my van, and it was about 9-2005-and the Lord spoke something to me that hurt me deep in my heart, made me beg most of that prayer that he do it not again......and what I found was, he did it about every day, all day, looked for a chance to do it, teased, knowing what to say to mortally wound me, meaning, make it so only he could heal my heart. Now more tortures are tached on to fullfill a vision where Jesus showed me the word, and im going by memory, "prod". That means mess with in many ways to ultimately make the servant backslided, casted out, hate the Lord, not want to serve, read this and think, no below, most are the words of the Lord......the deal was, im telling if you dont stop, and what happened was the Lord told on himself so it would not be sin.....this must fullfill when the apostles asked, "who then can be saved".
read what is going on with mE-1-27-2007-please pray for me- this is what I have to go thru daily-I saw Jesus in a vision, and his gums were on fire, and I saw satan in a vision, and he had a long spear, and I saw little devils in a vision, and they were stabbing my gums over and over(once, this poisonous poke went from gum to gum to gum)-now, if allowed by God, read some of what I go thru-(the Lords explanation at the bottom) 10-8-2006-I usally wake up daily, and it feels like poisonous metal spikes in my front teeth, all of my upper teeth, I could feel this morning(what my front teeth feel like because of this is like sombody just punched my in the mouth, and loosened)-this is from fiery darts being shot in, or something else that feel different at times,(they feel lots of the times like they are inflated with infection, swollen gums) THis sometimes, feels like, a needle being stuck in, and poison being shot in, a needle being stuc!k in long ways, thru many, gums,teeth, etc, like prying going on to separate my gums, from my teeth, like, electric shafts, shot in between gums and teeth, like, chiseling going on at more than one tooth and gum at a time, and when I drove, it felt sometimes like chunks of my gums were being pulled out-I saw in a vision, satan with a long lighted needle in his hand, and I also many spirits, in another vision, like poking my gums, at the same time(is resist the devil till he flees from you meaning after he has deseased my gums away. God will pop this arrows or whatever out, and sometimes I feel gum desease swell up in seconds in my gums(image that)(on about 3-2007 and Im going by memory, the LOrd told me something like, he wanted mne to backslide, then tell me I didnt have to go so I could not bear it when I >looked back at it)I remember about the time of the fiery darts, the LOrd gave me a vision, and in it, I saw this light shaft cut right thru maybe my tree, almost all the! way-been weak everysince(newgum recession around two teeth on 1-30-2o o7)I had a vision and a man that looked like Jesus said, something like, its funny not knowing or not if you are going to be permitted to stand or not tomorrow-or somehting like that(LOrd can I ask you a question here before all-who can be saved?)(1-2007-I saw Jesus in a vision and he had all of his upper teeth missing, and I saw hollie and she sang something like, this, youll be collapsed)-I keep seeing a man that looks like Jesus in visions, and he says things like, continue slipping, keep slipping, now start quiting, now stop hanging around,(I keep hearing gunshots and often see a gun in a vision being pointed at me-this means that I will be shot, killed, casted out by teasing(if you dont beleive this teasing goes on and question who it is coming from, the LOrd showed me in visions many times a toothbrush, letting me know I needed to take better care of my teeth or get them cleaner or, and now that I do exactly that, gum desease swells up in seconds. God showed me a man in !visions many times and it hurt me, and I beleive it was me, and this mans butt was almost level or was level with his back-I did fast but was not exalted) and or-the gun shot I heard on the morning of 1-30-2007 hurt my heart so bad, and God knew it would and this is what he wants)(what God does everyday is rides me teasing and angering with what he says, to the point to where I want to quit, then, O no, come back, come back(dont beleive it-for probably about 15 hours now, I feel electrity, tapping, carressing going on and or in my penus, want to click off this page, its going on, almost non stop, and deep with in my heart, it angers me, can you beleive the heavenly creator does this-I should have stayed in sin, ----dont you have anything better to do than this stupid bullshit Jesus Christ? -this was replaced by about 8 months of being teased(what I mean by this is exactly what I said. God knows exactly what to say to make me goin a rage, and how to say it, and this went on !and still is. Being teased right(it often feels like my zipper going d own, and I feel electricity flowing on penus and somethings, like a hand)(can you beleive)(I see Jesus in visions, and he says things like, I got you, I caused you to backslide, I made you comit iniquity) now as I put this in-hollie singing, youll be collapsed) by ministering spirits, mainly, the one that looked like Jesus, or only the one that looked like Jesus, throwing me in a rage(this still goes on-I saw a man that looked like Jesus in a vision and he let me know that he was going to slur the words in the visions, he said somehting like, I know what Ill do, and he told me about messing up the words, and does, all the time-sometimes angering me above what i can bear-saw Jesus just now and he said something like, start qutting-this ! means the next cast out is already on its way). Since he knows exactly what to say, and when to say it to make me angry, thisis what I mean, and it did go on, piercing my heart. vision recieved 10-11-2006-I keep seeing the face of a man that lo!oks like Jesus, and he says things like, keep tumbling, keep slipping-and after im angry he says things like, gotya, I got you, I made you sin, I made you backslide-(teased)killed all day long-(daily-things like this is said to me by Jesus, and I see him, and he says, it usally when it will hurt my heart)I kept seeing maybe me in visions, and my butt was about level with my back. If I starve myself LOrd, will you back off. Im seeing Jesus in visions now, and im being mocked). on about 10-10-2006-I saw a face that looked like Jesus, and he said, abased.(this happens lots-a Spirit that looks like Jesus will say, abase, and things like, that. I see him laughing at me all the time. my desire to live for Jesus keeps getting pulled right o! uot of my heart, once, it was like it was peeled right off,(imagine tha(also I saw Jesus and he came down with like a needleand poked it thru my heart, and all my desire to live for JEsus poured right out)(also, i saw Jesus in a vision and he c!ame down, and had a pin and poked it right thru my heart. All my desir e to live for JEsus if I rememeber right poured right out) and my gums are infected, and wont heal. This morning, I felt pain come into my head that was very painful, and my ability to breathe was like cut in half, meaning, I really needed more air than I was taking in. About last month, I got up and could not use the restroom, and I remember it was like a tear was starting to swell in my eye, but it was immediately fixed. I being destroyed, (killed)all day long, and it sucks big time-I keep seeing Jesus in visions and he says things like, "I got you", "I caused you to backslide", "I caused you to commit iniquity".
On 1-30-2007- received 10-12-2006-I heard something like this, you were having fun till fiery darts and gum recession, ! now.(depths of satan-cast into a prision possible tilldeath)
10-12-2006-a man walked by and this is about what I heard him say, fall, fall, fall, 10-12-2006-God keeps stripping bob, of his desire, to live for Jesus, to, throw him away for about tw!o months, so that, he will, want bob again, he used bob up, and doesnt need him anymore, gotcha, said JEsus, firey darts, and gum recession, ha, ha, says the LOrd, and you can not do anything about it, God is wanting bob to backslide, so, he can show, the whole world, that, he can cause people, to fall away for no reason, bob, gets his desire stripped every time it builds up, peeled right off his heart, God hates bob, and bob, hates God, I aint gonna do it, says, Jesus, God, can see, that, he is, stealing, bobs, desire, for no reason, using, firey darts, causing, and he saw, teeth, falling, wiggling, this will lead to that, God caint do it, much longer, because, bob will not last, bob will, be, stolen, by, hiding, not, doing anything, till, the wrath of Jesus, goes, and, it will not,because, bob would not, spin, and walk in circles, when stopped, all day, every day, (I found out abut Jesus back in 89, and it seems the gum recession started bigtime right there. I told God th!at I was made to walk striaght or, and im not allowing the Holy Ghost to make me from inside, walk in cirlces or spin when stopped no more. (this is a good one, thats walk in circles inside store, spin when making coffee, and I was even told many times, that at church, spin until the police come to remove me-sorry Lord, I dont go to church to do that, nor will I let you make me despaired by doing this in me no more..that is what this causes, and God knew it, and that is probably why he wanted me to do. new tortures replaced) This could go on to the point that I collapse from spinning so fast, like ablur to people that see me. THis is meaning less, and aint happening no more)(I did this, and, stopped many times, and this caused me to despair to the point, I knew in my heart, this would put me in hell, so the last time, I was told to go to the sppedway checkout counter and spin till the police come and remove me---I saw me in a vision in a straight jacket praying on my knees, with now pants or underwear on- 10-12-2006-I often breath in my mouth and feel air go by where gum recession has occured. Been going on now for about four to five months, because of fiery darts Ioften see black spirits running from me, and I have asked Jesus to stop showing me this, because it often pierces my heart, or hurts or possibley offends, but, I keep right on seeing, so this leads me to beleive the Lord wants me to hurt and be pierced in the heart,! and basically paralyzed from it because my heart is in a rage-I wish I would have said no to the call of Jesus. I saw Jesus while typing that and he laughed, and I beleive I saw my website taken down. I appears God just has to destroy me, by painfully casting me out hundreds of times, almsot daily God is causing you to hate him, so you will, kill yourself, or, go away, because he does not need, you no more, or, any, body, saith, the Lord, hate me, or, perish, God wants you, to be, shaken, so bad, that you cannot, recover, without, his help, and this has happened, now, in the past, 10 months, over, 300 times, bob had to, ask, Jesus, to help him, recover, because, his heart, was, to, hateful, because of, what, heknew, Jesus, did,! > or, allowed, and that is what, it was, for, developed for, to, crucif >y, and he saw, him, coming out of the cross, I let you, said, Jesus, to, amke an example, out of you, to show the whole world, that I can cause, anybody, to fall, or, perish, with !out, any, reason, anybody, no matter, this is how, the apostole paul, lived, for, the last, 50, years, if his life, saith, Jesus, im, stipping, bobs, desire, to live for me, right now, while he types, because, I hate, him, and he hates me, God, puts, hate, in my heart, for him, plus, stripps, my desire, to, live for him, I begged and pleaded with God and fasted, about this, until, I almost cant ask him anymore, because I know im wasting my time that pointed hollie, go home and lay down, that, because you cant do any thing els, your gums are being, that, filled with fiery darts, and recession, satan is, digging ruts around your teeth to cause you to loose your teeth, like, they are, inflated, with, desease, andare, receeding, right, that, now, that, pointed, hollie, God is making, that, said hollie! , bob, want to back, slide, because he will not, that, said, hollie, hear o israel, tell on me, saith, Jesus, and I will, that, and he saw, him, being, cast, into, the, that, said, hollie, fire, oven, because he will not, walk, in circles, and, spin, !when stopped, developed, to, cause, him, that, and God knew, he would not, that, said hollie, for, long, cause, bob, to, fall, away, perish, God doesnt care, he, danced, for, the devil, and wont, for me, saith, Jesus, that, said, hollie, go, what happens, is, people, cannot, recover, when, the Lord, causes, them, to hate him, so many times, that, he will not, let, them, because, he did not want them, to begin with, you were only, for, a, purpose, and now, it is, exceeded, thank you, is all, God has to say, to this, servant, now, and, do what ever, because, I will, not, let, you, get, built, up again, never, and you will perish, because,you cannot, be, a, dancing, prophet, intercede I pray, and it seems everything is charging, and usally, when I least expect it, when I felt my relationship with Jesus, was fine, I get hit, offended, fiery darted, etc, and down in the dumps again. It does not take to much. THings like, sticking in the dental instrument to clean my gumline, and! feeling, recession, and then sticking it back in, and not feeling any . Breathing in and feeling recession, when the air hits my gums, fiery darts that are so hard, the seem, or it seems to actually, wiggly my teeth, sometimes what seems like hours of visions where what is being told to me seems to offend, and that seems like the purpose, till, I fall asleep, or. I feel gum disease reel bad right now, and fiery darts or what ever else is being shot in causes, and God has always popped them out, but, damage is done right now. Your gums can only recced so many times. Hollie just pointed, and said, that, and I saw me, with one of my frontteeth missing-and here is what the Lord says, how long, will make me, destroy you, walk away, and I will leave you alone, after, I see, you will not come, back, s! > aith, Jesus, I want you, in hell, where you belong, because you will not, spin, and walk in circles, and,



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