Thursday, June 17, 2010

the mountain prophecy, forest prophetic

the sixth seal-vision received 6-18-2010-in this vision I saw the moon with face, and smoke was rising maybe from world, and hollie showed, a mountain top, and it was fire color, and then, scene changed, and I saw submarines all around u.s.a., along coasts, and two in, gulf, america exploded, and hollie reported on news, dressed nice, kicked out by legg to like little round God.
fight-vision received 6-18-2010-in this vision I saw half of hollie and she had on like cloud colored robe and showed, fight, may have said, c'mon'.
Father-vision received 6-18-2010-in vision I saw like a little round lit dot head, and hollie came out, sh she said, that, she looked around, satan, hollie, said, like, horned animal white skull thing, but father pulls away mask and appears like lit up angel man, and, satan said, i'm the bear father, that was, satan, said, hollie, screamed,
1-17-2010-go, said, hollie, showed, clean, up, go to, chappel, she said, looking good, put it under, said, hollie, showed, brush teeth, it will, to keep them longer, she, said, showed, clean mouth, hollie showed, record, it, she said, like uh new hollie, put it under, she said, prophecy ministry, is back, hollie, said, thats, the, end time prophetic ministry, website, like an angel, showed, face, it, was, discolored, on one, side, put it under, said, hollie, pope, she, said, thats, the hegoat, like, pontiff, with horns, and, popes face, appears, hey thats satan, said, hollie, but he looked like pope, and was pope, out of horns, came, theres, pope, medvedev and putin, out of one, and, thats, hu hintao out of other, with his flower, hollie, said, thats ram, with, putins, face, and, those, kings, come on, showed, hollie, thats, her showing, fight, and nuclear fire in russia, thats hegoat charging smiting, ram, theres, nuclear fire in, russia and china, many, its, showed, hollie, they exchange, theres, pope, sitting at table, and the two horned, beast, like, blob thing, hollie, said, rising, with hu hintao and japan, coming out of horns, they sign, the peace treaty, its, hollie said, 666, theres pope laughing, they threaten, pope no way, said, hintao, japan is quiet, hes, said, hollie, no force, but, they exchange, said, hollie, thats china and japan, nuking, each, hollie walks out, put it under, be quiet, she showed, leave, hollie showed, going, 6-27-2010-this is vision please post, said hollie, showed lay down, thats idol shepherd, you lost an eye, you lost an arm, thats hu hintao slashing, its in israel, thats netanyahu pressing nuclear button, thats nuclear fire in syria, egypt, and jordan, thats missile leaving russia, with new ministry of dreams website on, israel explodes, you, said Jesus standing on mount, it split in twain, he said, showed, lay down, showed watch, i am God said pope, sitting in temple, its in rome, showed hollie, its him she hollie said, they laugh, lets unite and force said hu hintao, thats nuclear fire its in russia, hollie said, thats like a cloud of people to invade the land hollie said, forcing russia to invade israel, there you have it hollie said, this is uh warning, hollie said, its him she hollie said, showed brush teeth, new Ministry of dreams, is, sang, hollie, showed, up, its, like, angel, man, with, deformity on one side, of face, thats dog licked prophet, its on dash, hollie said, bob eat, hollie, said, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, blogtalk radio, bob build it up, hollie showed, eat, bob this is uh warning, said, hollie, they do not want you at crystal thomas's church, hollie drove the military truck, fired, america, exploded, submarines, appeared, all around, this is, on, the day of the LOrd, hollie said, man lets git me out, said, hollie, cnn news man, dressed real well, hollie showed, thats all sub firing, both american coasts burning, north korea, said, Jesus, and, he, saw, this, said, casey, wiped lips, showed, work, thats, north korea exploding, tehran, said, Jesus, casey showed, exploded, thats, iran, said, hollie, go ahead and do it, said, hollie, with air blowing, she said, wiped lips, its, i'm sorry, said, sandy, bob eat, said, hollie, this is, uh warning, said, hollie, thats, it, said, hollie, soaring, in, her, spacecraft, said, another, hollie, bombs, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o., its lands, hollie, said, exploded, russia, burned, sun appears, happy, its the g8, said, hollie, and russia burning, thats france, said, hollie, and he saw it, said, hollie, france explode, and, two he captain hollies, in, french submarines, they fired, russia exploded, thats nuclear fire, in, australia and italy, thats missiles leaving, both, russia exploded, thats, great britain burning, and four, vanguard class, submarines, firing, thats russia, exploding, arise, lets devour, that, said, JEsus, to bear, uh warning, said, hollie, thats, happy bear, shaking yes, devour, said, hollie, thats three ribs appearing in bears mouth, and three, its akula again, thats what, you, want, need, said, hollie, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, they fired, thats missiles striking america, and missiles leaving america, striking them countries, exploded, and, he, saw, said, casey, nuclear, fires, in, venezuela and brazil, hey i'll place it, said, casey, nuclear fires, in, mexico and latin american borders, thats world shaking, pope appears on world, he rose out of the sea, hollie, said, thats moon dressed real nice, smoke rises, from, the, world, lets, rule, the world, said, putin, hollie pulled sleeves up, another, hollie pointed, turn, what kind of, ministry of dreams do you want, said, casey, that, website, and, he saw, said, casey, new ministry of dreams website like angel face man with deformity on one side of face, thats ministry of dreams website and casey writing, 666, its the number of the beast, hollie, said, thats pope and hu hintao and emporer of japan sitting at table, 666 is born, thats nuclear explosion in russia and hollie rolls up sleeves, come on, she, said, hollie only partially seen, at first, but, then, re-appeared, all the way, thats, its they exchange, said, hollie, thats, hegoat, pope with ram horns, thats, ram, with, putins face, its, o, vladimir, said, casey, thats kings coming out of its, horns, them three showed casey, theres pope coming out of putin, with medvedev, and, its, out of, other, horn, hu hintao, brother, said, hollie, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hollie, clapped, hey, pointed, hollie, hollies body hidden, but faded in, it was him, she hollie, said, wearing robe, casey, showed, turn, big hand, thats, hollie, in, the, fire, said, it, casey, hollie showed, not, happy, Lord I want to go home, he, said, but, then, laughed, hollie clapped, showed, popes picture, this is uh warnin, said, hollie, showed, lay down, its, him, she, hollie, said, that, said, he hollie, in ring, its, the seven headed dragon, its, nuclear n.a.t.o. said, hollie, that, he, pointed, is, pope, he, comes out of, italy, thats, berlusconi's head, that, said, hollie, bush rides, red dragon dressed like woman, that hollie said, putin comes out of, g8, that, hollie said, ten crowns on putins head, one has eyes like man, that, hollie, said, yeltsin out of the ten, thats putin out of, medvedev and yeltsin, thats pope out of, putin, I, that, hollie, said, flatter, pope, said, hollie with nice hair appears, its she and he hollie, both had nice hair, what was that, said, hollie, and, I, beat, she, said, pope like, head shaped like, little horn, rose, I'm the beast, he, said, I am God, hollie pulled sleeves back, pope rode black horse, hollie screamed, while you were in that class, hollie said, screamed, whats that, said, hollie, showed, disney cruise ship, its long, she, said, hollie thought, over, its almost one thousand feet long, its still excellent, hollie, said, hollie showed, un-even lane on highway, clapped, flew spacefighter, dropped bomb, america below, exploded,