Thursday, April 1, 2010

THE PROPHECY SILHOUETTE WAR, the cover of prophecy

6-29-2010-record, said, hollie, thats, hollie with, its, she, showed, Jesus inside, showing, record, and I stamp, she, said, its, beast, arose, hollie, showed, bob, go, get, lawnmower, thats, hollie, cutting grass, with, its, she, said, mower, it, takes, about, two hours, bob, you will love it, she, said, showed, go, light watch on,

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    PROPHECY SHOWER, mister prophecy counter

    6-29-2010-this is uh warning, said, hollie, korea, said, hollie, said, its, ponty, and he saw, said, casey, drank, its, nuclear fire, in, korea, and, kim jong, with, his nuclear controls, said, hollie, clapped, put it under, she, said, rebuild, thats, the, end time prophetic ministry, website, yeow, website, said, like, angelman, with, its, hollie, said, long, narrow, face, with, deformity, on, one side, its teeth, showed, hollie, thats all I wanted, said, Jesus, wiped lips, hollie comes out, shows, he had brown hair, and, its gorgeous, hollie, said, white sparkling robe, sh, said, hollie, you know who it is, she, said, its, blue, satan, said, hollie and God, sh, hollie, said, but, he looked, came out, like, white angel, put it under, hollie, said, ha ha you spoke blasphemy, hollie said, its God, acting like, sh, hollie, said, its, lucifer, she, said, came out again, but, this time its real, I'm the antibeast, said, lucy, hollie, said, turned into, popus, she, said, put it under, hollie, said, pulled up sleeves, bob c'mon, she, said, had watch on, go, its time, she, said, past, five,


    the call of the prophecy, prophecy childs mystery

    6-29-2010-no, said, its woman on titanic, hollie, said, o my God, said, its, young man, o so you lost your phone, hollie, said, he shakes, yep, he, said, thats, beast, pope rising, from the sea, i am God, pontiff, said, hollie, said, wiped lips, put it under, hollie, said, 2-25-2012-bob, hollie said, its, banno, its, the banner, Gods new hammo coming out, bob remove that charles stone said, but bob wouldnt, he trembled, hollie said, God said, but bob wont remove, hollie spoke, mountain moved but she wiped lips, its, thats, Jesus, making it happen, bob its your page, thats Gods new hammo appearing, hes like angelic bug head, hollie said, outlined in blue, thats clock in speedway indiana lighting up bright, with face on, its on the corner of, stamps, hollie, but not seen to well, main street and sixteen, its on like stand, old clock, thats bobs new page, Gods new hammo appearing again like, blue outline, bob its moodie and janette, its fucking again, its at new world order apostolic church, thats janette wearing, plad red, its coat, living with you, bob, it will happen in time, its for good, bob your new page, thats, holy Ghost, torturing servant, showing up and many people clicking on, bob thats it, hollie said, you got it, thats makes Jesus run to fix your face, thats Gods doing quick plastic surgery on bob, he ruint hollie said, its the horn blowing hollie said, its bobby back to work, its temple rents, but hey, theres, Gods new hammo appearing, hes like golden face baby hammo, not happy, tell me about the rapture, hollie said, its Jesus high above, world below, Jesus tall, and, slendor, world like green world, big mouth, open but its to the side uh little hollie said, like babyface, but thats fires breaking out, oh world said, had finger, popes image tattood on, you see, hollie said, did, its, dry ice blasting, she had like sprayer and its long, hollie put safety glasses on, kind of took hand and showed, pressure, its blasting off anything in its path, its like car wash sprayer, om back babyfleas said, not happy looking, nice teeth, but hollie comes out, wearing, its multi color dress, it has designs in, hollie put, its rug under, door, its stops, thats, Gods hammo coming under crack, its between door and floor, hammo like angelic, its, hollie thought, got some blue in it, like cloudy in colors but not showing, expression, showed, finger, its, popes image tattood on, its, pontey, hollie said, riding his black horse, its into moscow, pope said, hollie showed, eat, angel spoke, hollie showed, do something, she wore long white dress, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, touching hands on feet, wore, its, big white dress, but hey theres Gods hammo signing, like angelic bug like head, blue in, hands showed, fighting, hollie appeared, showing, eating, jumpy hollies face brown like monkey lips, she said, jumpy, hollie said, leaping, touching hands of feet, brown face like monkeys face, wearing dress but hollie comes out, her, expression like, none, boo, hollie said, thats dark area lighting up, its him, many he hollies a she one said, one had long nose, got, happy, but hollie claps, seal it up she said, thats your face fixing and its God bringing janette, hollie showed, its banner, its along west street, but hey theres Gods hammo coming out showing, not happy, he came all the way out, had body, but hollie couldnt see, well, she showed, whats that, hollie said, showed, big white hand, its uh nineteen sixty seven, she said, wiped, lips, but hand not seen, its him, he hollie laughing, he did but only somewhat seen that time, ford galaxie 500, its, got uh, 390 engine, hollie said, lets motor she said, like white angelic hollie, it wont smoke tires but spins, hollie came out of fan, she got banner, folded up, bobby take care, of, hollie said, its moodie playing, music, hollie showed, his face not formed yet but, it appeared, but hollie thought, his sweatshirt went from blue to red, but, hey theres Gods hammo, hes, new angelic, older, musician, playing keyboards, I want, to, close ministryofdreams, its, the, banno, hollie said, its banner, angelic head, coming out, showed, its both beasts, its, theres the pope and hu, he hollie claps, got his banner, thats, uh crowd of ministering spirits tap dancing, they all said, theres Jesus, hollie said, hard shoes on, tap dancing, hollie showing, turn, hes brown now, big hand, winter coat on, hat on, hollie shook, bob its still winter hollie said, turn heat on now, thats golden lighted, hollie showing, turn, its him a she one said, but, hand diappeared, Gods hammo gave instructions, theres the warning, hollie said, its warning sireen blowing, furnace hammo appeared, hes angelic face, surrounded by like cloudy, white, hollie thought, something, seen, but colors changed, went somewhat, tan, hollie thought, but, now, golden light appearing, in, face in middle, hollie saw, she swallows, burgundy sweatshirt on, but, hollie had like golden hands, like, its got, three, like kings crown, but clock, thats lighted clock in speedway indiana, its on stand, you see, hollie said, leaned up against, thats, happy face coming out, type in google Jesus inside bob hickman, hollie said, thats, hollie with Jesus inside appearing, hollie showed, lay down, white hazy bear like face,

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