Thursday, August 6, 2009

a witness, prophetic atom bomb, prophecy mingle

8-20-2011-hollie showed, its book, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist, with, its death angel on, his kneck and head like white angel man, he hollie clapps, happy, its new world order carriage with, its the pope and hu, their angred hollie said, black and red horses, putin, on top, lets go he said, straps in hands, thats it moving, its MYSTERY, BABYLON is fallen hintao said, and, exploded and turned into angel, its wickedness, showed, like blue angel, ghost man, thing, thats hollie stamping, and its angel appearing like ghost man, showing, its, capitol cith seventh day adventist church, hollie said, thats bob going, burgundy sweatshirt on, its revolving door, hollie went in, but back out, thats hollie said, book, and nuclear explosion coming out, its nuclear war, she said, man their high she said, looking up, its old world way two fighter jets and flying all, many countries exploded, new york, its under attack it, hollie said, thats nuclear explosion and its statue of liberty behind, i'm the woman she said, with sword in hand, but she, collapsed, and thats missiles leaving america, and its, russia exploding and world shaking, thats, its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, all firing, hollie, man she said wiping forehead like brown hollie, all, thats submarines and land based missiles leaving, thats all countries exploding though, thats russia, massive destruction on, fire, and world shakes, thats smoke blocking sun and moon, its i'm happy sun said, moon, no face but face appeared, not happy, but went in hiding again, but, bob your church is now collapsing p.a.w. and seventh day adventist churches are falling, thats bobs, new world order apostolic church, angel in front coming out, its part of building like white angel showed, hollie, had, a hatchett in his hand, i'm the battle ax, church said, thats, its, points, hollie, churches sinking, God spoke, hollie said, like white churches, git the phone hollie said, white clothes on, its her doing spamming and angel cop, police calls, she said, but bob you dont answer, cop said, bob I betrayed you and now, thats bob taking money, over one thousand per day, even in winter, for church, holding up his sign and angel comes out of sign, quit it angel said, yelled, hollie showed, turn, like white hollie, same, hollie but more normal, showed, eat, she got refreshment, hollie showed, turn, showed, eat pizza, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, lay down, clapped hands, hollie showed, its pastor robert hickman, remove, she said, put it like that, she said, two words, theres tank agin, hollie drove, but, she fired, its uh network, another, hollie said, you see, bob you dont hollie said, she held up sign, plad coat on, its on keystone, but hollie stamps, glendale and angel appears, like, thing angel face,



Anonymous apostolic wars said...

11-14-2011-hollie, appeared in white, bobby, they wont, she said, they scrap, thats him, thinking, I'll take it, does, but, parks, and then, no model numbers, scraps, put it under, dont do, hollie said, hollie that explains appears, dressed in white, bob thats india and pakistan, hollie showed, big hand, but rest not seen but appeared, when ya gonna eat something hollie said, thats, its janette, coat on, shes looking pretty good, still heavey, she works now, its good for her, thats Jesus, wiping chin, bob and janette together having, its anal sex, put it under, its soon, hollie said, its, for good, you just wait, she said, and I stamp, hollie said, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, its new world order carriage, its stage coach, hollie said, did convey, coming out, its black, you see these, are angred hollie said, black horses, white teeth, its pope on black, dark side, hes like angelic pontey, hollie said, theres hu hintao, hes on, its red side, hollie said, thats, he hollie, him, its, hollie said, bob thats janette, love her, even when,

November 14, 2011 at 4:06 PM  
Anonymous pentecostal scene said...

give warning, two hollies did say, its him and she, hand put them out, Jesus appearing, like, light, blue clothes, big Jesus, white hand, its, uh fire, hollie said, heres your warning, hollie said, its, thats pakistani, orphange, watching, its bobs famous video, its, thats Jesus appearing, they, its laugh, hollie said, but now, they, you knew pointed, hollie, God is against you, it, raise your hands and repeat after me, all of them, hey bobby theres the marine corp. out in streets, its, hollie laughs, theres Gods new hammo, like, hes round headish, light blue, its dull, fleas appears, mouth open, lighted golden finger points but cat like Jesus appears, laughs, its under economic collapse here, God said, hollie spoke to but people, looting, thats, its in america, hollie saw, people looting, this is uh website, right here, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie showed, turn, light white hand, big hollie but dullish blue clothes, theres, Ministry of dreams, website appearing, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, like angelic round head being, but, dressed in, its design, hollie showed, on robe, but hammers face disappeared, lets see hollie said, went like monkey lips, there were blue, its another, said, put it under, hollie drove, God showed, work, she said, bobby thats cellphone, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, hes like angelic being, on, its screen, showed, with hand, i'm the beast, pope, said, theres cart with, its these kings hollie said, theres hugo chavez looking stunned, nicaraguan president, o.k. with but stout, there fires in, its nicaragua, venezuela and brazil, hollie saw, nuclear explosions along, its mexican coast and theres cuba on fire, but hey, hollie said, thats missiles showing, its thermo nuclear warfare hollie said, pulled sleeves up but not seen, america, near texas, on fire, hollie showed, turn, hey, your going the wrong way, its him, a she one, said, another, one comes out, different, their changing, hollie, moodie played his music, jamming but then laughed, hollie and Jesus said, theres uh submarine, hollie said, another, said, its, submarine somby, its, akula class, thats hollie like nigger, face silmilar to baboon, thats sub firing, you really need to get out, hollie said, its janette, take her dancing, she will love it, bob its tonight, thats kellys pub, buy drinks, hollie ducked in, his, its tank, hollie, she, hollie showed, its world war one, she drove, glasses appeared on, its protective eye wear, Father shoots by like golden ghost but some blue appeared in, this is Jesus, out of the whirlwind, spoken by, its holler, wear were you, God said, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, but reappeared, Golden face, showed, keep going, what kind of visions do you want, this is, the question, this is hollie, hollie showed, the phone worked again, write the vision, moodie made the sceintific sound, hollie showed, its new world order apostolic church, hollie came out, i'm protected, angelface said, big round, its, the front part hollie said, face faded, septic tank angel came up, went back somewhat, showed, i'm filling angel said, but, went to sleep happy, hollie had the rid-x like bear hollie, thats bear licking prophet, put more rid-x in tomorrow, use handfull but much, hollie showed, lay down, but didnt sleep,

November 14, 2011 at 4:07 PM  

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