Thursday, August 6, 2009

trap page one, events of the end time, rumors of nuclear wars

visions from 9-11-12-?-2011-hollie showed, bobby, its wood burning stove, thats heat showed, hollie, warming hands by stove, burgundy sweatshirt on, thats you and janette, its at church, hollie said, then church grows, hey she said, whats angel doing there, bobby, theres one hollie said, its, hollie got word from God, face went blank, but reappeared, theres many here in city, they will help you, thats man, delivering stove and you paying but he wont take, but, thats you firing up, and, working hard getting wood, its works, thats stove on, and, hollie happy, it heats whole church, for days, hollie showed, eat, its, pope, hollie said, angel ghost man shows, its newspaper, i'm the antichrist, antibeast, he said, showed, bobby, get straight talk card, its time, she said, I will soon, it was Jesus, laughed, hollie, high in heavens, thats earth down beneath she said, bobby git out laptop she said, angel appeared, world shook, thats fire coming, out, hey, hollie, points, world, it had face, boo, they chanted, hollie showed, them, many, its, him, she said, their on uh hill, he hollies, but amber colored lighted she hollie comes out of one, kind of, looking back, to the side but turned into normal she hollie, hollie wearing maids clothes, they wore maids dress, white garnment in front, showed, its world war one fighter plane, she dressed like pilot and he hollie, flew, dove, down, dived down and thats him firing, dropping bombs, its into, over, that, he, said, taiwan exploded, thats, hollie fighting, its hu hintao with light sword, that, he said, bob get straight talk card, you will see, its needed now, he said, hollie flew her plane out, looking at bob, that, he hollie said, got straight talk card, she bombed ship, he showed, its repelled,



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