Thursday, August 6, 2009

the todays prophecy, r.m.s. titanic, holy apostolic

I saw the beast with seven heads and ten horns

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 9-13-2010- let me tell, you about china, said, angel, its magog, he said, thats four kings appearing, theres hu hintao, that, hollie, said, emperor of japan, what is that, hollie, said, its, both korean presidents, then, changes into four headed beast, i'm magog said, beast, hollie screamed, what for, he said, hit russia, hollie said, and angel, what is, that, hollie, said, its, she, pointed, many nuclear fires in, its russia, and, missiles left russia, striking, its, that, hollie, said, nuclear n.a.t.o. lands exploded, world shakes, moon just gazes, its, had blank stair, said, hollie, no, said, hollie, showed, i'm thru, she, said, but, shook, yes, put back, said, hollie, showed, popes picture, with brown hair, let me rule the world, said, putin, laying, before, pope shakes, yes, hollie shows world, thats, spacefightuhm jet, said, hollie, soaring, thats, smoke coming up, many countries exploded, its france, said, hollie, with, nuclear fire, theres goes australia, and great britain burning, thats captain hollie in, many submarines, they shower, she, said, thats rockets striking russia, exploded, thats italy on fire, and missile leaving, there, russia burned, whats that, said, hollie, thats, submarines, all around, america, its, on the day of the Lord, said, him, said, partial face hollie, this is warning, said, hollie, showed, leave it alone, website, said, it, hollie, said, another, hollie, this is, warning, hollie said, bob, do, she, said, hollie showed, discord, no, she, said, tell me what the website said, hollie said, showed, its, yuko, the new ministry of dreams, like angel head, with, theres deformed, o, said, hollie, hand over mouth, looked at bob, to see if he was going to record, she, said, shook, yes, yuko ministryofdreams website had blue and brown, on, part of head where hair line ends, goes up, on one side of face, theres brown and blue, on other, its big blotch, greenish with brown, website claps, thats bear licking prophet, i looked around, said, bear, pulled putin to himself, were one, said, bear, hollie showed, its, book, she, said, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, reign of the antichrist, n.w.o., its bob hickman, she, said, do hollie said, pulled up sleeve, thats her riding, its pale grizzled horse said hollie and God, its, bob, taking peace off of the earth, book, said, hollie, thats visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist, hollie showed world, book popping up all over, hollie whistled, showed, time out, hollie showed, lay down, him, partial face hollie said, showed, hollie wore white robe, that was hollie on top of the world, and, there was uh gun shot and world shook, said, hollie, it was dark with gold outlined world, let me said, hollie, record, she, said, and, I stamp, hollie, said, thats, beast pope running out like angel dot head, I am gog he said, bobby said, hollie, showed, frustration, it wont work, she, said, hollie showed, its 1999 mercury cougar, get one, she, she said, thats it spinning front tire, hollie like mostly silhouette face, it appeared, she, said, but all the way seen, there, stop right here hollie said, 4-13-2012-no, hollie said, God said, its her hitting Jesus with straps, they were brown, hollie wore white dress, with golden design border in, black designs, she said, jumpy hollie said, did appear, showed, dont speak, but, was, more normal hollie, theres her with black mask on but she took off, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, full length white dress on, its, white robe, she said, but border not in, look hollie said, and I showed you uh picture, hollie, another, said, its, raise your hands, and repeat after me, hollie sang, its, pope, theres blue background, its, i am God he said, thats the beast, its putin, its pope coming out of putin, its, russia, putin said, she said, eat, a little, jumpy hollie said, smiling, clapping, they chant boo hum hollie said, she drove jeep, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, showed, eat, white face, but brown hair, boo hum hollie said, chin in hand, its, them, he hollie s, hollie said, their in area, one like, big round eyed ghost faced hollie, dark cloud thunders over, bolts of thunder coming out, like golden, Father like golden buske appears in, 4-14-2012-bob, hey when ya goin to, hollie said, God said, she showed, eat, bob, its filling in, she said, its, eyes and lines will, they, sh, she said, completely go away, hollie said, its, pastor antonio appearing, hes, turned to side a little, now, its, new world order apostolic church dot angel, thats angel becoming like man instead of partial angel in round ball, thats him letting antonio him, them not speaking but, he, just waited, antonio left, happy, but dreading, lets, Jesus said, put it under, angel showed, flash drive, but got happy, hey, another, hollie said, angel looked like hollie, laughing, thats, somebody doing makeup, its same angel, changing, its ministering spirits to do many roles, he hollie smiling, bobby, hollie walked, like angelic hollie, german shephard dog, they are nice, but, bobby, you made that man tremble, he now knows, its jumpy hollie like normal hollie, showing, record, and i stamp, she said, but pulled, white hands apart like big hollie looking down, its new world order carriage coming out, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hollie, as disappeared but came back blue hollie, showed, a different one, she showed, rinse more, theres pope in dark side like angel man and its hu hintao on red, waving, but hes not as, much, powerful, less red then black, its im, lets rule the world, pope, said, hollie closed it up, hollie did, its mouth exercise, bobby buy, hollie that explains appeared, raise your hands and pick me you up, hollie said, Gods hammo appeared, hes blue head but changed, hollie screamed, then again, but not heard, her face somewhat white but turning into cat hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, it appeared, but, another, hollie showed, jumpy hollie comes out like normal hollie, hands in air, its big face, round like, angelic, its, new world order apostolic church angel, thats it talking, it sat Gods interviewing table, what do you want Jesus, said, Gods face disappeared, thats angel looking but, seeing itself turning into man, putting vino nuevo out, angel pays but its not good enough, thats church empty for a space hollie said, he said, dont go, home, jumpy hollie said, angel appeared, but hollie, her face went, blue, blank, bobby look, its, helicopter God said, angel face, head appeared, but went blue, explosion underneath, jumpy hollie pilots, he hollie hanging by rope, she pulls, just in the nick of time she said, hollie showed, cold, its ricks of wood bob, they dont, last long, jumpy, hollie, showed, new ministering spirit on ministryofdreams, thats, angelhead appearing, like, its white light, just face, jumpy hollie showed, claps hands, showed, its, many, a room full of hollies, all speaking, but hardly none get to post, she showed, post bobby, theres, he hollie but like round head, face not formed well yet, she showed, rinse, its listerene, hollie like new hollie showed, go to speedway, buy uh drink, she said, jumpy hollie came out, showed, tear up, but face changing, but another came out similar to her, jumpy hollie like drawing used, its lasar comb, bob, thats God appearing, hes like, new world order apostolic church angel, like angel man, but, kind of, cartoon character like, jumpy hollie showed, rinse more but, God not looking right like white thing man, hollie used lasar comb and hair grew, as she did, hollie showed, wiped face, but, stayed up, bobby dont sleep so much, hollie showed, you now need uh job she said, but face changed, went from, white frosty, to, its, theres Gods hammo, but singing, occured, he started transforming to, its he hollie hammo, blue face, hair grew on, bobby, its, hollie with nice hair said, looking up, friendly like, smiling, but hair appeared, later, but only like dull outline,

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