Thursday, August 6, 2009

a prophetic challenge

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-20-2010-hollie cnn newsman, showed, be still and know that Jesus is, Lord, hollie, said, Jesus, appears, with white robe on, whats that, said, hollie, like, white, hollie, its, horses, hollie relaxes, theres grim reaper, on, grizzled, like white grim reaper, thats him laughing, collecting dead souls, from world, thats nations exploding, spacefighter, said, hollie, soars, with captain hollie, hey said she hollie, came out, but, placed, hand over, mouth, wondered if, bob would record, but got happy, shook yes, it was hollie cnn newsman in spacefighter jet, said, hollie, thats, hollie news man sitting at desk, with, its uh monitor, said, another, hollie, hidden but like outline appeared, she said, dont, hollie, said, what did she say, said, hollie, with big shaft like finger this time, what is that, said, hollie, it was, bell ringing and, the, cymbol beat, hollie out, thats, it, said, he, hollie, its, submarine somby, now look, showed, hollie with golden hair but changed, many colors, thats captain hollie and another she hollie with white robe, takes bush to microphone, he eats chicken, I made our war, its to breakem, he said, bit chicken, hollie takes bush to fire, thats captain hollie pulling trigger, iraq has nuclear fire, gaza burns, lets rule the world, said, putin, hollie, talked, submarine talk, a he hollie and subs appear, all around, america, man let me, git, outta here, said, hollie news anchor man with white robe, now, reappears, behind desk, kicked out by foot to God, it was uh white foot, showed, hollie, both american coasts, exploded, thats, hollie watching, its, said, hollie news anchor man, from behind, as missiles fly from russia, another, hollie like dot face, looks, thats them streaking, some exploded in alaska, fingers point, thats cnn tower in fire, center of america exploded, lets rule the world, said, putin, barack types, captain hollie surfaces, in, its three ohio class submarines, they shower russia, its therm-nukes, said, she hollie, exploded, world shakes, hollie showed, turn, hey, said, she hollie, same o he hollie appears underneath, tickles feet with light feather, hollie wore shorts, she hollie had hand over mouth, but smiled, you done it she said, recorder, hollie fought with light sword, she wore robe, its, mint colored, a he hollie, showed, turn, with, amber colored hand, same o he hollie appears underneath, with feather, hey said she hollie, came out, pointed, but placed hand over, mouth, theres, uh reason, said, another, hollie, what is, another, hollie, said, hollie showed, turn, but, only, amber colored hands appeared, then, hollie dimly faded in, bob get oil, thats hollie wearing plad coat, she, got oil, he hollie, greases front end, what is, that, said, hollie, its, uh, new yorker, said, another, hollie, chysler new yorker, hollie liked, its uh, she, said, 1990, he said, hollie whistling, showed, its, straighttalk card from wal-mart, it turns cellphone back, on, thats him, she, said, posting on, its, cellphone laptop, thats, popes, image, appearing, on, screen, I am gog, he, said, hollie like shipmate, wiped face, showed, its, r.m.s. titanic with smith on deck, scraping against, ice, it, flooded, broke, sank, its still there, loved, said, hollie, hand showed, music played, hollie dimly fades in, he hollie plays his music, you want it, he, said, bob, said, hollie, rubbed bobs face, go she, said, back to the mother, thats bob, walking in Christ, temple, its apostolic faith assemblies,


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