Thursday, August 6, 2009

prophesying is staying in visions, hearing Jesus's voice

9-13-2010-its cause, ministry of dreams, said, hollie, he told you, she, said, you need to, record the vision, said, hollie and God, thats what you want me for, hollie said, thats what you needed, she, said, and I stamp, she, said, its, beast, hollie said, pope, running out, like dot head, angel, I am gog, he said, smiled, showed, picture, hollie said, its, she said, whole new world order, lets rule the world, said, it, hollie said, putin, showed, him, riding, its that old stagecoach again, hollie, said, its black and red, with, hollie on top, like, angel, and, theres, the pope and hu, hollie, points, its, she, said, black and red, and I stamp, hollie, said, body hidden, but faded in, looks at bob, o, she, said, had hand over, mouth, it covered, said, Jesus, but, bob recorded, thats the m.v., hollie said, o, said, its his ship agin, said, partial face hollie, rest dimly fades in, the wilhelm gustloff, ship, with, its, said, Jesus, adolf hilter on, its deck, its, the, hollie stamps, ship spins, hilter super ship, sank, hollie, said, thats, three torpedoes, striking, you knew, said, hollie, pointing, at its captain, he shakes, yes, he made me, said, captain, its, hilter, get away, he said, you see these people, said, its, said, hollie, showed, spinning, confused, she, said, who's, the captain, said, partial face hollie, its him, said, Friedrich Petersen, showed, its military commander, its, Wilhelm Zahn, staightening, his tie, said, Jesus, put it under, said, hollie, thats why ship sank, no rule, hollie said, thats a line of captains, theres, hollie said, all on the m.s., wilhelm gustloff ship, its, she, said, partial face, hollie, theres, many captains, said, God, standing in line, one claims, its his ship, he said, pointed, at, its, adolf hitler, grunts, look at you, said, girl, she, straightens tie,

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