Thursday, August 6, 2009

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9-11-12-2011-hollie showed, turn, then again, then wondered, hollie came out, happy, put on, your happy face, God said, bobby its, a.a. hollie showed, they wont, come, so dont bother, but thats hollie like lighted round face, happy, licking, prophet, hey, is that golden in tongue, hollie said, hollie saw, points, but same hollie comes out, its, o, she said, finger over, hand over mouth, thats angel coming, its part of new world order apostolic church, licking prophet, hollie showed, he front part, she said, hollie said, hollie screamed but didnt make uh word, she said, burgundy sweatshirt on, twisted head, but, hollie, another, appeared, turned light, but happy, over, arms, kind of around, but not quite, hollie got laptop out, its, right here bob, thats, amber color finger pointing down, Jesus appeared, bob prayed, kneeling, wearing, its uh white robe, cloudy like, but, bobs head lit up, hollie showed, sleep, white face, but another, comes out, then another, they catch each other, first, her hair wild, but thicker, turn, said, showed, hollie, lighted, hand, burgundy sweatshirt on, hey another, hollie said, she came out, had full head of bushy hair, burgundy sweatshirt on, fingers pointed down but another hollie wondered, her finger went from golden, to white, face faded,



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