Thursday, August 6, 2009

prophecy of end times, the wilhelm gustloff ship

9-25-2010-thats hollie that reports, book sells, stamps, again, with lighted, stick, hollie showed, record, and, she we stamps, she, said, showed, its, hollie, that, reports, book, sells, hollie showed, record, looks at Jesus, for, word, about, 200 copies, its, book, she, showed, new book, its, visions of the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, it, sold, many, in, bobs, lifetime, over, millions, hollie said, and, I, stamp, thats like, new world order, stagecoach, hollie claps, coming out, its, like, light, him, said, partial face hollie said, coming out, its like, light, hollie, said, theres the pope and hu, hollie said, lighted, God said, like light, figures, thats, he hollie clapping, but, your only part of the way there, said, she hollie, same o he hollie, appears, underneath, tickles, her, feet, with, light feather, that, was, she, hollie, with, dress on, just, waiting, then, laughed, showed, clapped hands, tear up, said, another, hollie, but, she, was, not, seen, but, was, dimly, there, appeared, hollie stomped foot, its, like, light, foot, its him, said, partial face hollie, but, then, she, appears, all the way, laughs, its, she, said, wearing white robe, God said, hollie showed, bob, run, she, said, and, I, showed, you, a, picture, hollie said, its, whole new world, order, theres, pope, hes, like, angel of light, thats, hu hintao, hollie showed, thats hand, showing, you did not want hollie showed, white, showed, she, hollie, a, said, God, him, said, its, showed hand, partial face hollie, appears, he hollie, you lure, said, its, yeltsin, hollie said, to, hintao, thats hollie working on internet, fixing webstarts website, thats, stamps, hollie, now all of her there, said, God, showed, fix, that was, said, hollie, its, she, said, partial face hollie, showing, o, she, said, looked at bob, its deformed, she, said, its, stmaped, the yola, its, ministry of dreams, hollie said, website like angel man, o, said, hollie, looks at bob, hand over mouth, its theres deformed, she, said, its, angelman, with, hollie looks at bob agin, tear up, said, him, said, partial face, hollie, claps, but only part of the way there, said, God, leave it alone, another, hollie said, theres the marine corp., its economic collapse, said, God, said, hollie, him, said, partial face hollie, out in the streets, showed, hollie, its angel marines with silhouette faces, theres gabriel and hollie, showed, light hollie, thats, hollie, changing, its, wishion to wision, like pope said, hollie, said, thats barack announcing, at, its, showed, hollie, podium, its economic collapse, hollie said, for him, he left, that was, lighted, Jesus said, hollie, like, some bright features, and some dark, barely recognizable, hollie said, and, I, stamp, she, said, same o wision, same o pocket, same o website, sang, hollie, stamped, its, picture of whole new world order, appearing, its, you see these, eight kings, will rise, against, america, said, hollie, thats, cart, pulling, up, with, them, in, MYSTERY, BABYLON is fallen, said, man, thats, america, appearing, hollie claps, and submarines all around, its, like, an animated map, said, hollie, walking on, it, the, u.s.a., hollie stamps, thats much fire in america, going up, hollie, cnn reporter becomes afraid, if he lets me, said, hollie news anchor man, shows, on, screen, Jesus, its i'm against you, God, said, hollie showed, its, new triumph motorcycle, its, hollie got on, messed with, lets motor, she, said, drove, hand on her like, its old world war two pilots head gear, with, glasses, let me, said, its him, said, partial face, hollie, showed, record, thats, hollie working on, its computer, like white hollie, you wont, let me, siad, its, hollie, playing music, wearing white robe, as she hollie told vision, you see, she, said, got quiet, showed, drive, hollie screamed, its, what, for, why agin, she, said, screamed again, and hand points, and he saw, she, said, wearing white robe, hollie walks, out, o, hollie said, looked at, bob, hand over, mouth, but, shook, yes, changed into, him, said, partial face hollie, hollie, casey's mouth, open, there, was, same hollie comes out, hand over mouth, o, she, said, looked at bob, pointed, color inside, put the vision on the website, said, hollie, thats, Jesus, preparing like, its, medical doctor, hollie does surgery on bobs face, hollie does hair grafts, him said, another, hollie, does gum grafts, head changed from like, very little short hollie to, its, the, other way around, hollie said, she, hollie, wearing white robe, hand showed, tank, hollie in, its, american legion post 64, hollie drives, with, its like goggles on, like, old world war, two pilots wear, look, said, it, hollie, said, partial face hollie, look, she, said, theres, trouble brewin, hollie said, thats trouble, people in military ships, moving, hollie blows balloon, its, hollie balloon, its him, said, partial face hollie, git outta my trash can said hollie, wearing white robe, him, said, partial face hollie, wearing plad coat, getting into dumpster, see, he said, showed, food, feed said, hollie, thats both at, different times feeding animals, thats, hollie with Jesus inside being elusive, tell me, she, said, being elusive, said, a he hollie, tell me, she, said, get in, and, out, said, Jesus, she, shook, yes, went to perform her, she, shakes, yes, she will do vision, bob cant record, in, his, mind, she does it quick, thats partial face hollie, laughing, but will all there, visions of the beast group is born, said, hollie, what kind of, visions do you want, said, the, tap dancers, many hollies, he and she,


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