Thursday, August 6, 2009

prophecy for people, the prophecy war

8-5-2010-tear up, said, hollie, and, put back, but, she, was, not found, said, Jesus, and, a different, hollie appears, put it undlove, hollie, said, work, she, had on her, its, uh, she, said, light watch, new ministry of dreams, hollie, said, like, uh, angelman with, deformity, on one side of face, its like uh spec, hollie, said, on other, its it showed, hollie, said, hollie screamed, bob, why, whats it for, she, said, screamed, hollie screamed, fix the transaxle, she, said, thats, hollie, place in another, transaxle, showed, its hard work, she, said, screamed, white in mouth, write the vision, said, hollie, hollie flew spacefighter, dropped bomb, america below exploded, hollie pointed at jet, they are, fast, hollie soared, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, russia burned, hollie dropped more, its, firepower, she, said, thats, venezuela and brazil exploding, this is uh warnin, lets, post, more said hollie, and, I stamp, she, said, its beast, pope, arose, hollie, said, put it undle, hollie, said, thats, pope, she, said, riding black horse, its into moscow, he said, its signing a deal hollie said, with me, said, medvedev, it gains, popus hollie said, some control, bobby go to goodyear, its, angel, hollie, showed, eat, this is, website, lets post, said, hollie,


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