Thursday, August 6, 2009

prophecy for christians, the prohetic christian

7-14-2010-casey appears, thats, he hollie, wearing white robe, showing, post on, its uh laptop, said, she hollie, its uh cellphone, she, said, popes image on, i am God, he, said, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, and, I, stamp, she, said, beast, pope arose, 12-30-2010-I have uh warning, said, it Jesus, said, hollie, she said, God said, thats, economic collapse, and, its food shortages, bobby, stock up, said, it hollie, and I rubbed my face, thats people, its lootin, hollie said, put it undle, hollie, she said, thats barack obama announcing, tell your mom, he said, no pension, hollie said, thats them having sex, put it in the rear, bobby, said, hollie, its, control, she, said, she, will let, but, after you do, she will love you, hollie said, heres how, hollie said, she, like, very sensitive, Got word from God, its controls, helped God said, thats, her swallowing, its, sucking, God said, thats makes her angry, heres how, hollie, and, God, said, it makes her feel abandoned, she said, because after man doesnt want woman, its, for, awhile, God said, put it under, hollie, said, thats, many, people, out in the streets, they, its, steal, hollie said, I, make'um, Jesus said, he tells hollie and, its arch angel, gabriel, to loot, God said, bobby, thats sanding out, its excess skin, it will hurt hollie said, but it works, hollie laughs, i'm the beast, said, its pope hollie said, thats, him like angel turning into, its, pontey, hollie said, put it undle, she said, stay warm, thats hollie going outside, wearing, its uh plad coat, thats her taking bath, cleaning up, hey said, partial face coming out, she, was wearing red plad coat, in, its tub, hollie showed, record, dont, another, hollie said, she appeared, God said, its sanding, thats bob sanding face, it works but wont last, she said, thats bob laying down, hollie showed, drink, do, she said, showed, do it, hollie showed, turn, like uh dark hollie, said, hollie, thats, its, him, said, she, hollie, showing, turn, whats hollie screamin for, she said, screamed again, its beast, she said, pope riding black horse, hollie showed, pope, thats the reason, said, another, hollie, look hollie said, its, beast, pope, rising, out of, its, trouble, the sea, hollie said, boo said hollie, another, hollie said, God said, she was crying, another, hollie said, hollie showed, record, thats her driving, its 1971 ford torino 429 cobra jet, its red, she said, bob buy one, its thirty five thousand, nine hundred, its worth, bob she said, thats her smoking tires, its spins, one, she said, but other has pressure on it, put it under, hollie said, thats 14.1 in quarter mile, write the vision, write the vision sang hollie, thats, bob and janette having anal sex, she loved it, hollie said, write the vision, write the vision screamed hollie, hollie showed, be easy, Jesus came, thats, world below, countries shaking, hey pointed, hollie, its face on world, bobby go shock hollie, said, bobby said hollie, thats lighted JEsus showing turn, its, cause i'm the g8, said, it putin, said, hollie, thats red dragon rising, and, its, eight kings, hollie said, you see these, she said, there they are, in, its cart, its cause, MYSTERY, BABYLON, said, it, hu hintao, thats, hollie, flying in his, its spacesoarem, he said, rocket, drops bomb, thats taiwan exploding, its from that, said, hollie, from china sea, you see that, hollie said, its, lysine, it works, hollie showed, lay down, but clapped hands, she was on her side, opened eyes, see that cellphone bob, said, it Jesus, said, new hollie, but she, looks normal now, hollie showed, cellphone, thats how Jesus himself orders it, its nuclear attack, thats, its, from high above said, hollie, watched, but partial face comes out, shows, bob, look good, its, nuclear array all around america, thats it launching, medvedev, presses, its nuclear button, thats, american missile defence, missing, and, many nuclear fireballs in america, thats God like angelman, lifting out, turning into, its bob, hollie said, you'll get uh call about six, its him, said, new hollie, but shes going back, he pointed, thats jannette wanting loot, thats end time prophetic ministry looking like uh good looking angel Jesus said, but, partial face, replacement hollie comes out, now two hollies, theres deformed, angel had specs on one side, on other theres blue like mold, hollie kicked, its janette out, once she gits here, you will put her out, heres why, hollie spoke with God, bobby, hollie, said, he, told me, janette is, new marine corp. out in the streets, its, the, marine corp. out in the streets, said, the angel hollie said, now look, she showed, wearing, its red plad coat, showed, its, its echinacea, hollie said, it works, hollie looked at, its l-lysine, it helps,


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