Thursday, August 6, 2009

prophecy 2009 stuff, the apostolic prophecy project

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-23-2010- hollie showed, its, wiped lips, leave it alone, hollie, said, bobby, said, hollie, showed, book, she, said, and, another, hollie, appears, its, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, it sold, today, hollie, looked at God, over, 300 copies, its, showed, hollie, pentecostals of dayton, hollie, like, cat, she, transformed, said, hollie, shook, head, showed, its witches, put it undle, hollie, said, leave it alone, hollie said, theres horses, said, hollie, its, black and red horses, hollie, jumps on, like angel, thats, the, pope and hu, on, its old stagecoach, hollie, said, happy, hollie, sees putin, inside, theres, hu hintao, its, they, plan, hollie, said, theres, war, said, hollie, missiles strike america, exploded, both coasts, burn, man let me git outta here, said, hollie cnn newsman, hollie showed, record, showed, lay down, and, I stamp, she, said, its, horses, thats, pope on black, hu hintao on red, grim reaper laughs on, its grizzled, hollie, said, that, said, hollie, showed, wiped lips, make war, hollie showed, clapped, that, she, said, saw many missiles, planes, and, ships, sinking, firing, many countries, exploded, that, she, said, its, book, she, showed, being, advertised, on, its, radio, bob, speaks with woman, tells her, its babylon, said, hollie, she asks if, bob, has, money, problems, bob tells her he has a safe in his bedroom with over one hundred grand in, tells her, there will be marching and protesting, tells her, that, she asks, wheres america at in bible, bob tells her, its, babylon, then quotes, ISAIAH 13, howl ye for the day of the Lord, is at hand, and it shall came as a destruction from the ALmight, and then bob tells at the bottom of the cnapter, and babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency shall be as when God over threw, sodom and Gomorrah, 4-10-2012-hollie mowed lawn, its riding lawn mower, new world order apostolic church angel appeared like dot head, not happy, but got happy, sleep, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, black face, but another hollie helped describe, she came out, like uh new hollie, when ya gonna eat agin, hollie said, screamed, they chant boo hum, hollie said, he hollies, they appeared, dark thundering cloud over, Fathers buske in but changing colors, thunder coming out, bolts, its, hollie said, hollie showed, tire airing up, bobby, they will, just take it there, hollie screamed, when ya gonna eat something, she said, screamed again, but not heard, bobby dont worry, she said, its buy another compressor, its cheap compared to, she said, they paid, she said, pointed antonio, unhappy, angel acting happy, but is, bobby we, publish you, it was angel hollie said, showed, its book, visions of the three woes, blue background, covering, but angel changed to hollie, thats, them going on, its pope, beast with seven heads and ten horns popping out, its many kings, boo we chanted, its them, hollie and he hollies, but she appeared in valley, dark cloud thunders but covers ground, hollie showed, whew its smoke, Father was in, but thats america, nuclear fires, thats, raise your hands and repeat after, america burning, hollie shows, bobby, you found extra compressor, go to autozone again, thats her finding another, in dumpster, its he hollie flying in, his raptor, two, drops bombs, hey theres, nuclear explosions in russia but missiles left there, its three, they strike, its, hollie and suprised hidden hollie said, america, you start, it, hollie said, its barack obama, its, he hollie pointing, gloved hands, but she hollie spoke, she, appeared, laughed, but was new hollie, hollie was on treadmill, she drank drink, golden straw with design in, its red twirl, she was thin again, bobby, its, gain, weight, put back, then, loose, hollie like bear showed, tear up, but partly not seen but was there, it appeared in blue, he hollie stuck head around, she said, smiles, hollie showed, lay down, turned to side, frosty face but hard to see, hollie had, git, she said, mouth excercise, she said, thats it strengthening muscles in face, hollie held up her sign, hollie explains, 4-11-2012-hollie saw, its, antonio, smiling, bobby, hes, its, raise your hands and appreciate each other, hollie sang, wants control, dont let God said, just be gentle, its the excerciser, hollie said, she did mouth exercises, its attorney, showing record, hollie said, shes hidden, but, raise your hands and repeat after me she sang, hollie held up sign, people clap, love it, you know what I did, hollie that explains, appeared, but, who spoke, another, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, hollie pointed turn, hollie walked with her sign, bobby its they read it, hollie said, they tremble but laugh, hollie had plad coat on, hat, its white, but top missing, turn, hollie showed, hollie showed, its beast, like angel of light, its pope man sitting, its at catholic church, its nun admiring, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, clapping, but seemed to have dark face at first, submarines are right there, hollie said, bob dont fix it, hollie had lawn mower part, its the lower half, she said, showed, its done, cut off, hollie said, bob git outta here, go to church, hollie wrang out towell, two submarines pull up, its ohio class, jumps, new different hollie, they shower, its iraq, gaza, on, exploding, but one worse then other, hollie showed, walk more, it keeps you fit, hollie comes out, showed, janette in jail, its, new hollie, bob, just watch for it, hollie said, showed, eat more, hollie comes out, its another one, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, its, him, their in area, they chant boo, but, its, dark cloud over, Father like, its golden buske in cloud, but thundering sound, its bobby, just wait, its janette, she said, she wont be hard, just watch, hollie drove, its different tractor, bobby, its buy uh belt, she said, it works, wheel horse, hollie said, hollie stayed up, wiped frosty face, its dull she said, but laid down, hollie screamed, showed, eat, white in mouth, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, but showed, keep going straight, changed a little, hand not seen, thats uh dark hollie, tearing up, had like pen, face lit up, brown, smiling, 4-12-2012-she said, jumpy hollie said, like uh normal hollie, God said, she reappeared, but showed, do something earlier, thats jumpy hollie giving angel lopez the boot, bob putting up for rent signs, then try to build uh church, Jesus, he spoke it, hollie said, like jumpy hollie, but new blue hollie appeared, then reappeared, clapped hands but turned into jumpy hollie again, God said, showed both beasts, she said, blue hollie tho, tear up, hollie did like dark hollie, but she somewhat appeared, raise your hands and band, hollie said, its, brian playing drums, bobby hes, hollie showed, cut off, leave alone, bob dont mess with it, hollie said, screamed but, not heard, but screaming is being heard, its hollie appearing, bobby be gentle, she said, hollie screamed, bob its janette, she said, hollie showed, turn, bobby, its, buy locks hollie said, had in hand, thats her nailing them in, but she screwed later, there golden locks, thats new world order apostolic church angel, happy again, bob let sit vacant for about two months, then restore, thats you pastoring, janette comes along later, thats you and her in bottom of church, hollie screamed, bobby she wont stay long, hollie said, not wanting, to say, but when she returns, she will live with you, its in about two years, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, but then other way, golden hand first time, white hand second, but its like, really white with gray lines in to seperate, its, hollie said, like glove, that is lit up, hollie showed, turn, go to walmart, bob she said, showed, eat,

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