Thursday, August 6, 2009

mine love of the prophecy, prophecy shadow

9-20-2011-one man thinks its good but how can I trust but he does and, thats him happy with, its loot, hollie said, in his hands, hollie showed, its hells bell ringing like dark bell, tilted to side, but, like golden design in, hollie claps, then appeared all the way, showed, bobby eat something, its, beast pope rising out of, its sea, like angel man, not happy, rides, its black horse, comes to halt in, its russia, its uh network, hollie said, showed many missiles striking many lands, i'm the nuclear g8 putin said, climbing down, its the beast with seven heads and ten horns, hollie, showed, its, many kings poppping out of, its seven heads, serpents striking, theres, fox, looking happy of mexico, lula showing now, theres its kim jong with, its nuclear button hollie said, and he presses, thats nuclear fires in, its russia, china, and south korea, thats light putin face and hollie rides missile, and north korea explodes, hey hollie said, thats, missile coming from ocean, its tomahawk, two, thats more fire in north korea and barack appears, thats putin pushing nuclear button, hey pointed, hollie looking down, thats submarines all around america, I will shoot ya, said, its medvedev on national t.v., barack and his advisors watching, but thats medvedev pushing nuclear button anyhow and its putin trying to stop but thats, its uh massive network hollie said, and many missiles strike all over, america, hey hollie said, thats ballistic missiles rising out of ground, hollie rode, but barack presses nuclear button, thats light beast arising, afraid, and, its, many fires in russia and, whole country almost exploded, but thats many nuclear rockets striking, its nuclear g8, hollie said, thats venezuela and brazil exploding, hollie circles world, in, its light, mustang-51 fighter jet, thats big nuclear fire in africa and thats nicaragua burning but missiles coming from ocean striking, its near texas exploded, but thats missiles leaving there, thats nuclear fires in, its cuba and mexico, hollie showed, seal it up, thats beast rising out of sea, i will with stand you said, its hu hintao, this is hollie like, uh light round head hollie showing, its turn, black arms, but some gray outline in, hollie showed, picture, its pope, they want you, its, pontey, hollie said, did say, but another, comes out, looking uneasy, burgundy sweatshirt on, finger pointing down, looking kind of at, but theres Gods hammer, its like blue head hollie, dressed same, theres blue in picture, its saudi arabia ministryofdreams, like, mostly visible face happy angel but not quite, loose belt sumb hollie did say, he, its him, she said, appeared, play music, not happy, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn again, amber lighted hand, its i'm, its popes caregiver said, hollie said, like lighted round head, bluish clothes, but light, pope in fire showing, its drink, thats m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, laughing, dressed nice like white angel ship man, but thats ship on bottom of the sea and angelhead coming out, waving, hollie visits, its in submarine, and fires, its uh massive network hollie said, many countries exploded, i'm the nuclear g8, putin, said, hollie screamed, again, but burgundy sweatshirt on, only turned head, hollie showed, turn again, only light hand, its him, and cat statue licks the prophet, he hollies, their on a hill, going up, one just looked but not happy, hollie showed, lay down, clapped hands, wore like dark sweatshirt, its uh dark setting, bob dont work at speedway hollie showed, thats her going in, speedway, buying, its drink, go she said, clapped hands, got out, its lappy, hollie said, angel coming out of its screen, its uh laptop computer, hollie said,



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