Thursday, August 6, 2009

make up your mind, spiritual evaluation

4-15-2012-hollie comes out, smiling, looking at, its you bob, she said, hollie showed, its moegga doegga ministryofdreams, hes like, overweight, angelic, man like thing, kind of like, DUNLOP TIRE MAN, that is dunlop tire man appearing, showing, tear up, hollie said, pulling hands apart, kind of hollie showed, rinse more, listerene, she rinsed, its jumpy hollie appearing, like, just hardly seen, showing, bobby, its the catholic church, bob, hollie shows, up, pope appears, happy, bob, goes, thats people there looking at van, it makes them tremble bob, thats pastor looking, at, hes, shaking yes, but showing, no, its, jumpy hollie said, tomorrow, Jesus said, its jumpy hollie showing, work, hands dull, two fingers, but, next scene she went blue, theres Jesus, telling, face disappeared, but coming back, glasses on, very tall, robe on, dressed like king, jumpy hollie ran out, to do vision, face blue, but changed white, she ran, hollie had new receiver, its jumpy with, pioneer, one hundred twenty five watts per channel, thats lighted power meters moving, bobby, its uh excellent one, hollie appeared, showed, turn, like golden new hollie, they chant boo hum for this reason, hollie had head in hands, thats he hollies, many in area, dark cloud thundering over, Fathers head flashing in, light around, jumpy hollie appears, but another, hollie said, record bobby, come on, showed, its the beast, black carriage coming out, its pope like angel man, dressed in dark suit, you see these are angred hollie showed, black horse, stomped foot, showed, its picture of both beasts, jumpy hollie showed, theres blue in background, she showed, bobby work, theres bob working again, hollie showed, its happy beast, pope like angel of light, its hollie, jumpy, walking in, its catholic church, but her hair, long, brown and straight now, jumpy hollie plays piano, but not seen, its, appearing, its one on, its titanic show, but, hey, its, theres Gods hammo appearing, hes angelic, being, playing, hes big, bobby its catholic priest, go easy on him, jumpy hollie showed, record, curly hair this time, showed, move line, at, its drainage at, new world order, apostolic church, angel appeared, but not happy, but hollie moved line or was it her, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, tell me, about, the website, thats uh room full of ministryofdreams websites appearing, its angelic being, but jumpy hollie was stunned, hand over mouth, thats, their deformed, she said, spots, but dis colorations on some of them, bobby its, hollie showed, clean off some websites, just use, links, cause they will fall, jumpy hollie changed the locks, its new world order apostolic church, angel appeared, but showing, bobby, its time, got tough, this is warning, you aint gonna git another, head job, jumpy hollie said, changing to, unhappy, jumpy, Gods hammo, hes new, no hair, thats janette in jail, bobby its soon, its for, raise your hands and beleive repeat after me, thats them going back into church, but, jumpy hollie showed, work, red plad coat on, jumpy hollie goes to recorder, just looks, just wait, believe, she said, face went blue but hey theres Gods hammo, his head blue, just few hairs, jumpy hollie showed, turn, red plad coat on, looking at bob but, eyes, she showed, rinse, but shes changing, jumpy hollie gets happy, comes out, walks, but doesnt seem like moving, showed, thru with it, with him, its, tax bill, zero, bobby dont worry, they wont get stripped, its, buisness as usual, thats sign back on in time, jumpy hollie showed, its, 1971 four twenty nine, ford torino, bobby, thats is, its sqwalling them, smoking tires, its with ease, jumpy hollie seemed to be in, happy, red plad coat on, its, cobra jet, she claps, but, went to blue shirt, its bobby at a.a. agin, he said, jumpy hollie said, happy, clapping, running in place, like normal hollie this time, bobby, she, came out, showed, its you need about three hundred more dollars just to break even, dont rent to them again, find new, its sign in yard, it will do it for you, dont worry, its cute young girl, but shes, not wanting, heres, why, bobby its you, jumpy showed, shes not saved but believed she was, its hollie in the police car, bobby its janette, right next to, not caring, bobby dont mess with her hollie said, coming out, but a mystery hollie spoke, thats blue, uh new hollie appearing, it was she pointed jumpy, jumpy hollie showed, turn, golden hand, but, showed, go other way, different colors, hollie that explains showed, turn, raise your mantle and repeat after me, sang, its them, a changing hollie said, was blue, now normal, jumpy hollie showed, rinse more, moodie played music, jumpy hollie showed, the submarine going by, its, akula class, another, hollie said, showed, walking, hands went like golden leaf like, three little points, thats dark tail appearing, hollie said, dark cloud appearing over, thundering sound, its, like, Father inside, just his head, kneck, they chanted boo, light shined, in darkness, many he hollies, but some very awkward, jumpy hollie showed, work out mouth, its, time, another, hollie said, its for janette, thats prison bars appearing around, thats you at a.a. telling people, my wife just went to jail for ten years, hollie showed, turn, lighted hand, turned into bear, lighted hollie pointed up, like laying down, at red light, bob, its stop, janette appeared, she, needs prison now, heres why, thats her body, its, hollie showed, rinse, more, dying bob, let her come, thats hollie showing, knock her up, hollie showed, lay down, but still awake, stood on feet, wiped face, burgundy sweatshirt on, she was slendor again, brown hair, hey bobby, hollie with nice hair said, smiling, winking, showed, sleep,

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