Thursday, August 6, 2009

it may be to late for you, time to get up

3-5-2012-turn, hollie said, its, him, with her voice, God said, bobby, its, dont lease it, hollie said, just wait, they will pay, they know, both said, put it under, hollie and God said, he hollie, him, a she one said, showed, turn, bob, hollie, thats hands on, its elbows, hollie wore burgundy sweatshirt, hand like white gloved hands, bobby hollie said, hollie claps, Jesus showed, record, hollie had burgundy sweatshirt on, put hands in air, bob its antonio, your friend, hollie mothers, be cool, gentle, hes worried to, hollie showed, turn, its him a she one said, she taped, its sign on telephone poll back, Gods new hammo appeared, hes angelic head, just watching, hollies screamin for this reason, she said, screamed again, now lets see hollie said, its moodie fuckin janette agin, hes happy, gray sweatshirt on, she wore red plad coat, hollie showed, turn, she said, when ya gonna do it, jumpy hollie said, face colors changing, still monkey face, hollie showed, turn, she said, jumpy hollie said, showed, stacking the deck, monkeys face, hollie showed, record, looked down, bobby, its they, hollie showed, its festival flea market, its renting a booth, hollie thought, thats the madame, happy, like, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, shes like, its, long blue robe, and, pointy hat, its got stars and cymbols on, its like shes bring customers to you bob, it, hollie dreaded looking, but, left after she shook head yes, but changed to furry face hollie it will, wont, work she said, right now I am ashamed of myself saith the Lord, I embarrased all my servants, children to make them perish and now its exposed, I caressed their penus with electricy, tortured them day and night, ruining their appearance by tightening facial muscles and deseasing gums, wrinkling and stretching and bagging eyes, causing their bodies to heat up like a furnace when they do things and stripping of wives and jobs, now bob is telling on, me, saith God, its multitudes, theirs many laughing right now saith the Lord, hollie showed, record, him a she one said, showed, lay down but clapped hands, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand, its amber, a she hollie said, pope, hollie said, in the fire, dressed, pointy hat, white garments, thats his caregiver, its, im he said, dressed almost alike but, big mouth, Gods hammo sang, but pope like angel of light appeared, thats him on black horse, its lighted clock hollie and doreen said, she stuck head out, hollies screamin for this reason, she said, white in mouth, pointed another, hollie, bob, hollie showed, thats you jogging at church, in basement, new world order apostolic church, angel appeared, like round head, not to happy, hollie showed, turn, him a she one said, Jesus showed, lay down, hollie came out, he was like a cat,

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