Thursday, August 6, 2009

heres what killed all day long is, here is what Jesus will do to you if you get saved

pray4me- Holy Ghost baptizm feels like Body your perfect size coming in, Jesus spoke this to me: 3-31-2009-your a looser because you trusted me, I will make you loose your salvation to mock you, bob I dont care about you and I want you to know it, persecution is me Jesus trying to make my servants loose thier salvation by manifold temptations like, careesing thier sex organs with electricity, like oral sex, stripping heart of desire to live for me, teasing, scaring by what I say to them, making thier faces bag, sag, wrinkle, hair loss, laughing at them, letting them see me, like people do a little dog, trying to get them and others thru them to speak blasphemy against the HOly Ghost, it is not my will that any perish, but get saved and I the Lord will kill you all day long, those who dont make it are ROMANS 1, saying what I know will hurt them deep in thier hearts, making them hate me, cause I want them to be backslided, saith the Lord, for no reason, I torture people to keep them humble in my eyes, they are not humble in my eyes unless they cant bare to live anymore cause I wounded them thousands of times, I will make you perish to laugh at you, I torture people I save to make most of them fall away, im trying to make you perish to mock you, bob you can not bare what I do to you but I want you to perish, for no reason, that makes lava hotter saith God, cause, I betrayed, I want to make you embarrased, so, im strong and your weak, I hate myself for torturing innocent people, almost every eye blink I tighten your eye muscles, cause your penus to move from flowing on, torture, because you are perfect I am jelous just like JOB, I told JOB to perish, and in vision I saw Jesus and he said something like, "i have mercy", and he laughed like maniac, on 11-2008-God said: pray for me, God said-I the Lord toture to abase, causing my slaves to hate me by manifold temptations, teasing, caressing dick, making it harden, soften, make face, crease, bag, tithening muscles, when used, stripping heart, of all desire to live for me, laughing at them, teasing, night and day, to make them offended all the time, causing most to loose their souls, perish, said, Jesus, after you served, to abase, in hell, saith the LOrd, I hate people cause the tortured me, saith God, Im the LOrd, who saves, then destroys, ha ha, saith God, make me your Lord, and I will destroy, you, till you perish, saith God:, bob you will not leave me alone, let me put you in the lake of fire if I want to, go and sin and maybe ill call you back later, cause I betray my children, saith God, bob Im wanting you cut off to embarras you, let people you witnessed to see you sinning, to openly mock, I want all to perish, or be tortured by me till I dont want to do it no more of the person backslides like im trying to make you to embarras you like you are doing me in front of many, saith the Lord, I am going to destroy you because you are perfect like JOB, and you are suppost to be, Im betraying you, to, make you backslide to embarras like I did JOB, I wanted to make you hate me so much you would not witness, then after people forgot throw you away for no reason, I will do it to all to laugh, saith Jesus, you have been maimed because of me, now you almost cant walk, cause, I, ruint your knee, I laugh at my childrens suffering, cause, I made people to be entertained, by betraying, pleasure, I love taking someone who served me faithfully and bringing them down to hell, torturing, for, however long it takes, I wanted people to perish to be entertained by their suffering, especially my children, by betraying them after they sacrificed all, I torture, like people do a little dog, until, they backslide, and then if they come back, they, know im waiting with my torturing prod, I am not mercy, and I am not love, my mercy and love is for entertain only, ill, help you so I can laugh at your sufferings, I make it so you cant bare being around me, causing you to hate by torturing, by manifold temptations, I want to make you perish, I tried to crash you, 8-20-2010-persecution, said, Jesus, is me trying to cause my servant to perish by manifold temptations like, deseasing gums, putting boils on face, caressing penus with, electricity causing to get hard, messing with heart, causing wrath, causing facial muscles to tighten, ruining appearance, making servant dread being alive, letting servant see me in visions laughing at him, scaring, teasing, lying, to saith the Lord, messing with all day to anger to make servant hate me to laugh at servant and mock, bob, said, Jesus, tells the whole world, what I do and like that man, said Jesus, trembled, I said Jesus cause body to heat up and perspire, make it unbarable to be around saith the Lord, me, like JOB, said, hollie, with, golden hair, thats JOB covered with boils knowing I the Lord caused it but JOB laid out in front of many to embarras me saith God, he fasted for ten days, then, I, smote in my own heart, I ruin my children to laugh, for this reason saith the Lord, heaven and hell do not exist, I lie, said, Jesus, bob, you, knew, God, said, place this on, end time prophetic ministry, God, said, those two people you told holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body perfect size coming in, now know I teased them, this is, strong delusioning, saith God, now both are in their fifties, a male and female, and know they supported their pastors financially and in much sought prayer, that woman wept for both, and those pastors, witches, God, said, laughed, and mocked, till, thats bob coming in, ruining them, hollie screamed, again, what for bob, record, bob, said, hollie, stamped, pope rose, I am God, he, said, hollie showed, bob, tent revival at grace tomorrow, dont mess with her go to the seventh day adventist church for free, said, hollie, with, its, the, leave it alone, sorry, said, another, hollie, its soumb, said, hollie, and, hollie, showed, book, its, selling in australia, and, he saw, said, casey, its, nuclear fireball in, its aussie, hollie, said, missiles, left their striking, its fires in russia, missiles left russia striking, its, nuclear n.a.t.0. countries, exploding, russia, said, hollie, sprinkled, thats bear, arising, destroy, that, pointed, Jesus, america appeared, its, on, the day of the Lord, hollie, said, thats, nuclear fire in california, then along both coasts, this, is, hollie cnn reporting, said, hollie anchor man with light brown hair, showed, its, like, angel being, on, his, monitor, america exploded, hollie watched, its from behind, she said, same o hollie cnn newsman appeared underneath, tickled her feet with feather,


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