Thursday, August 6, 2009

hell or heaven visions and dreams and prophecies

2-27-2012-hollie showed time, raise your hands and repeat after me, it was Jesus, hollie said, oh so you caught it, God said, hollie showed, its, facebookmon ministryofdreams, like, its, white angelic angel head, showed, its, both beasts, theres the pope and hu, but facebookmon went like casper head, see, hollie said, its him, pointed, burgundy sweatshirt on, its more like maroon, she hollie said, hes, happy, but, started wondering, its, people looting, its under economic collapse here, hollie said, put it under, whys, theres Gods hammo there, hes like tall, slendor, angelic being, man, hollie with barack obama makes announcement but hollie wore, its like disney angel dress and, disney angel, comes out, golden face, blond, long hair, same dress, hollie showed, like blue skirt, light streaks in, she taps wand, I showed, its the beast, she, said, theres, pope, let me see, hollie said, and hu hintao, you see, hollie said, she let new banner roll out, no message on but Gods hammo came out, like, licking it, just head, you see, hollie said, hes like just black outlines, hollie showed, do something, a she one said, thats, its uh bear, with, it, had, like, tripod shaped head, its the little horn, hollie said, thats same bear, its, hollie comes out, burgundy sweatshirt on, different colors of green, popes face in middle of, its triangle, turned into, its light color, thats pope, his face appearing on, its im the beast, he said, you see, hollie said, its him, but she hollie showed, big white hand rolled out, burgundy sweatshirt on, its a 1976 one, she said, cadillac el dorado, spun front tire, lets motor hollie said, like angelic hollie inside, you see, hollie said, it went thru different stages of life, hollie said, angel head showed record, but aged, glasses appeared on, hollie showed, turn, its him, he hollie, a she one said, she, appeared, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, touching hand on akles, wearing dress, theres bears in border, design, hollie smiles, looking at, went blue, dress but jumpy hollie had monkey lips, brown face, im screamy, hollie said, screamed again, but not, heard, bobby thats pope showing turn, hollie said, again, bobby, hollie said, pope showed, turn, then keep going, hollie showed, lay down, bob another, said, hands wiped face, but, white hazy face, hollie showed, turn, big long hand, hollie came out, bobby, its,


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