Thursday, August 6, 2009

heaven time coming, oil in the ocean polluting

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-19-2010-he said, watch, this, said, hollie, its, hollie stamping, pope, she, said, arose, with, its, she, showed, brown hair, lets rule the world, sang, its, putin, showed, hollie, and, another, hollie, showed, world, many countries, exploded, space-starfighter, hollie, said, she, soared, but, she, came, out, placed hand over, mouth, wondered, if you even wanted, she, she said, the vision, it was him, partial face hollie, said, we want war, said, he hollie, its on the day of the LOrd, him, hollie said, let me, said, hollie, whew we, said, hollie, with God inside, its, bob, said, hollie, looked at Jesus, you sold over, 200 books today, you sold, visions of the beast, with, seven heads, and, ten horns, thats beast, it had many kings, coming, out, hollie, showed, its, nuclear n.a.t.o., and russia, its, thats, the, g8, hollie, said, putin comes out having, ten horns, on, head, and, bobby, who are these, said, hollie, stamped, showed, eat, thats, politburo, a russian ruling, party, thats boris yeltsin, out of, its, hollie, said, the, ten, thats, putin, out of medvedev and, its, yeltsin, thats pope out of, its, putin, that, horn, has, eyes, like, man, its, thats uh july fly, hollie, said, they, die, lets rule the world, sang, putin, thats, world, and, many military ships, and, submarines, some, fighter jets, all with captain hollie, thats, america exploding, theres, great britain, burning, theres explosions in, its, france, italy exploded, hollie, and, God, said, thats, australia, and, brazil exploding, venezuela and cuba on fire, thats nicaragua burning, fires along latin and mexican, borders, thats smoke rising up, its, the, sixth seal, said, hollie, thats, moon, with, face, then, its, transformed, said, hollie, into man but showed, not uh word, dressed, well hollie, said, thats hollie holding, its, the, pioneer sx-980 stereo receiver, power meters moving, bobby, said, hollie, thats, july fly, in, its, tree, showed, hollie, happy, but dying, they just get sleepy and, its, out, she, goes, hollie, said, bobby, be there on time, hollie, showed, in, white robe, this the website, lets, post, some, visions, hollie, said, and, I we stamp, she, said, up rose, pope, like, dot head, thats him running out, gets, on black horse, thats, war going on, its hollie said, nuclear n.a.t.o. and russia exploding, thats china invading, mostly destroyed russia and pope riding black horse, into, pope showed, russia, you otta drive them outta there, said, its popey, hollie, said, thats medvedev pressing nuclear controls, and, hintao doing same, its exchange, hollie, said, thats, hegoat, smiting, ram, thats, ram with, putins, face, out of, horns, comes, theres putin, medvedev and pope said, hollie, out of, one, thats hintao out of other, then scene changes, said, hollie, thats, pope sitting at table, its she said, two horned beast with, hu hintao and, empy, emperor of japan, hollie and God said, they sign peace treaty, its 666 hollie said, thats them laughing, threatening, and pope said hintao, I can see were not going to get along said pope, they leave, thats the grain mill in, its indianapolis, showed, hollie, its for sale cause employees make to much said Jesus, making it, hard for, company to profit, thats, buisnesses in america, folding, up, its, cause high wages, Jesus, said, my mercy is on your website, again, said, Jesus, hollie showed, the God spoke, its, she, said, bobby call it, said, Jesus, ministry of dreams, dont steal it, said, hollie, i'll strip you said God just before, he said, lets rule the world, said, putin, thats economic collapse in america and people looting like angel looters with silhouette faces, thats people marching, and protesting, with, signs, we want labor, one, said, another, cant, believe his social security ran out, theres another wanting pension insurance back, done hollie, said, showed, broke, submarine, said, hollie, thats, captain hollie, in his submarine, its, open fire, he, said, thats, nuclear fires, in, iraq, thats, gaza, forsaken burning, hollie shows, president george bush to microphone, he ate chicken, dressed well, I made our war, he said, bit his chicken legg, its to breakem, bush, said, sell our oil wells, he said, leaves, hollie places, george w. bush in fire, i'm uh, submarine, said, hollie, now look, she, said, its akula, class, thats, what you want, need hollie said, its, on, the, day of the Lord, said, its him partial face hollie said, one fired, thats nuclear fireball in california, then nuclear fireballs along both coasts, hollie watches, its from behind, said, hollie, o, said, the wilhelm gustloff ship, thats hollie like lit face hollie looking down, its, at, piano on titanic, hollie sat at, played, record, said, hollie, whats that, said, another, hollie showed, bob and vicki, they we, thats man and woman and baby hollie showed, hollie, they produce, its two, bob sells book, its, all, make loot, hollie pockets, walks in plad coat, no expression, claps, hands, hey, pointed, hollie, came out, but, wondered if bob was going to record, whats hollie, screamin for, screamed again, hollie comes out, points, but looks, hey she, said, showed, its, o.k., bob will record, points, at the white in hollie mouth, its, the end the prophetic ministry website, like angel head, showed, face, had, changing deformity, on, one side, its, was multi colored, theres blue and greenish, on other, side, same o colors, but changing, face, kept changing, angel showed, end time prophetic ministry, leave it alone, angel said, that, is, submarine, prowling, said, hollie, with, sandy lips, its, submarine sireen, sub surfaces with captain he hollie, pulls trigger, fires, its a mountain burning, turned into america, smoke went up like furnace, its on the day of the LOrd said hollie, world had, face, thats, many lights, those are, countries burning, where were you, said, Jesus, thats, bob, walking, seeing missiles coming, trembles, but knew, hollie showed, thumbs down, shew we, she said, its the blended church, those witches, hollie said, thats, hollie happy with JEsus inside, showed, pope, she, said, with, brown, hair, its, uh picture, she, said, let me, rule, the, world, said, putin, hollie showed, world, many countries, burning, world shakes, face appears on, i'm uh dream, said, world, hollie showed, record,


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