Thursday, August 6, 2009

God gives prophecy, prophecy to go

7-28-2010-the economy is slipping, said, hollie, and he hollie, him, she, hollie, said, showed, it, in, the u.s.a., thats, the famous battleship, said, hollie, showed, it, she, said, the, Tirpitz, its, she, said, the, bismarck, its, sister ship, hollie, said, and, he, hollie plays, the, music, wearing white robe, you did not want home, hollie, said, thats, the, Tirpitz, said, hollie, out on patrol, its, a, ship, killer, hollie, said, they all were, hollie, said, the, german battleship, fleet, theres, the, yomato, said, hollie, its, the largest, ever, but, the, scuttled, it, hollie, said, got trapped, she, said, and, battered, by, and he saw it, said, casey, many british battleships, shelling, thats, torpedoes, striking, thats the battleship Yamato, on bottom of, ocean, hollie, showed, i'm happy, said, it, hollie, said, the, battleship Yamato,

hollie showed-vision received 8-7-2010-in this vision I saw the face of hollie showed on balloon and his mouth partly open with light in.
Jesus ruins you after he saves-vision received 8-7-2010-in this vision I saw Jesus with brown hair and he said something like, "bob i'm trying to make you perish by manifold temptation", and he does and I saw him in visions laughing at me as he was, deseasing my gums, making my heart fill what ever he wants, anger, rage, caressing dick with electricity, scaring in visions, threatens, shoots gun at me, tells me, "om gonna give you a problem


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