Thursday, August 6, 2009

end times days machine, the end tiime wrath

visions from 4-5-6-2011-hollie showed, turn, its an orange lighted hand, but a she hollie appeared, he was hard to see but reappeared, thats hand again showing you did not need it, its hollie showed, theres dome in, its like light outline, but white in, and hollie in dome, had orange hair, but he changed, thats it, pope in the fire, said, him, said uh she hollie, drinking his drink, little hollie there, thats hollie like shipmate saluting and jeremiah appeared, he, its were brothers he said, but hollie like shipmate, showed, shes woman, but face went silhouette, hair down, orange, jeremiah showed lay down, wore, its uh blue sweatshirt, but, scene changes, Gods hammer hollie appeared, blue like head like, its, playdo man, red sweatshirt on, whew let me record, said she hollie, a, somewhat dim he hollie showed, eat, post, he said, claimed hollie said, yesterdays visions, you didnt, and that unhappy, ministry of dreams angel, like round, ball angel, it cant rain all the time, it, brandon, hollie said, wiped lips, you want that oil, git that oil said hollie, got oil out of, its trash, poured bottle in bottle, had white plad coat, long brown hair, whatta you want, said, it Jesus, hollie said, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, hollie showed, thumbs mostly up, white light thumb, bobby, with nice hair said but was bald, dim golden face, that van said Jesus, has, transmission life still left in, but Jesus rubbed, wiped chin, its sensor going, out, hollie showed, turn, bobby you buy, said, its Jesus, hollie, smiled, wearing, its uh white plad coat, cheap used vehicle,


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