Thursday, August 6, 2009

end days wanning down, gulf coast oil slick

DKM Scharnhorst (Battleship)-visions received 7-28-2010-thats what I want, said, its, hollie showed, the, german battleship, it, hollie, said, Scharnhorst, i'm the new, ministry of dreams, said, it, hollie said, the, dkm Scharnhorst, they scuttled, said, hollie, thats the Scharnhorst laying upside down, in, ocean, but, happy, its cause, ship, said, I love it here, thats fish, visiting, ship, they could still raise, said, hollie, its, think, thats, Scharnhorst and me, said, hollie, beating on, its side, still good, hollie, showed, with her watch, go, its, uh light watch, hollie, said, back agin, said, Jesus, hands, clap, hollies body appears, later, bobby, moon, said, in, his heart, showed, not uh word, but laughs, 3-5-6-7-2012-hollie showed time hollie and God said, it was him a she hollie said, lets put it under she said, he wore burgundy sweatshirt, but was transformed hollie, hollie thought, he was different hollie and God said but she wore red sweatshirt, hollie showed, God said, bobby its time, she said, put one hand on other arm, burgundy sweatshirt on, you need to record, hollie said, and I stamp, its beast pope rising like happy angel of light but another hollie rose, God said, like angel of light rose her self, burgundy sweatshirt on, bob, hollie with nice hair said, its blue, another she hollie said, but, scenes changing, hollie thought, let me show, explain, hollie said, Gods new hammo sang, like angelic head, raise your hands and repeat after me, its, red carriage, black on other side, coming out, thats pope like angel waving, on black side, theres hu on red side, you see hollie said, these are angred, its horses, black and red, hey theres hollie on the green horse, its different shades, she strikes it rich, janette joins later, new world order apostolic church, angel comes out, hes like round but held hands, not so happy, bob its you and janette going there, but sitting in pews, she wears red plad coat, janette thinks she owns but hollie shook, she doesnt, its, uh submarine hollie said, pulling up, then showering, hollie waves from, its akula class, she said, showed, get busy, white light hand, she held up, hollie showed, its sign, hammo came out, its, thats hammo singing, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hollie claps, what did they chanted boo for she said, they appeared, in light, darkness, like storm cloud over, jumpy hollie leaped, white dress on, golden like, its design hollie said, around, its like belt but not quite, theres bears in but one acted like got caught, its police pulling into, its new world order apostolic church, hey, hollie said, thats, round head angel, hollie showed, hes all round, looking a little angry, its, they want janette, they spoke with you but you didnt know who she was, hollie showed, you turn, showed, lay down, like new bear like hollie, why did hollie scream for, another, said, appeared, hollie screamed again, not heard, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie showed, go into speedway, big lighted hand but its him, she said, appeared, showed, turn other way, looked first, big golden hand, hollie like cat showed turn, hollie showed, turn, but thought, showed, go other way, another comes out, hand changed colors, thats, the, marine corp. out in the streets, that, hey theres Gods hammo right there with, hes tall, angelic, slendor, being, many, its looting going on, all over america, hollie with barack obama claps, shes wearing like little wedding skirt, its go shades of blue in, disney angel appears, similar clothes but not quite, its under economic collapse here, hardships barack said, hollie and barack left but hollie changed, take it fleas said, wiped her lips with hand, burgundy sweatshirt on, but she showed lay down, but hey it was hollie, another, said, its, nu brilliance, hollie said, unhappy hammo comes out of, its, micro dermabrasion machine, hes blue in face, bobby its, pay they, they do commercials, it works, use, hollie said, see what happens, hollie showed, lay down, hollie slapt his face, burgundy sweatshirt on, happy, bob, hollie said, paint brush in hand, tongue hanging out of mouth, painted it on van, holy Ghost entered me like body perfect size, on net, hollie showed, turn, she said, get busy, hollie showed, jumpy hollie appeared, like monkey face mask on, but, hollie did, its the window paint, laughing, jumped, oh my God, said, its hollie another she one said, but he appeared, burgundy sweatshirt on, he, its, wondered another, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, golden hand but showed, keep going straight, no hand, but it appeared, another, hollie comes out, thats her doing vision, God with glasses on appears, but, his face not formed to well yet, hollie said, thats him telling hollie how to do, she lights up like bear from, its, picture frame tape, like they, thats film projector, that, hollie said, but she was what projector was showing, thats van licking the prophet, lighted tongue, shaking yes, thats, its, plymouth voyager, van, sitting at Gods interviewing table, thats it in museum, Jesus appears with, Got happy, its bobs van God said, hollie got, its the window paint, you see, she said, he painted on, its van window, but, face, happy came out, of van like light face, see hollie said, its him, he hollie showing lay down, bob thats your rent check, antonio smiles, gives it, hollie showed, lay down, he hollie, bob get postin, hollie said, but she wiped head, showed, its van, he, its billy, like angelic coming out of front, showed, its hood, bob its old, retire, hollie said,

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