Thursday, August 6, 2009

the day will come, love of the vision

12-11-2011-bobby, thats tina knobby appearing hollie and God said, shes still cute, beware of her, God said, heres why, she wants many men then turned, into, its janette, moodie comes out, showed, watch, tell me about the website, hollie said, showed, its, ministry of dreams, like hammo head, with, surrounding light design, but, somewhat golden, but maybe hollie thought, brown, light, hollie showed, turn, but showed, keep going straight, round like hand, light, hollie showed, get over, tell me about, the, website, hollie saw, its, ministries of dreams, same angel appearing, then became one, bobby close, she said, link them up, it will keep both high, thats lighted frog jumping out, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey look, its, theres Gods hammo, thats, new hammo showing turn, like tall slender, good looking, light, roundish head hollie, well dressed, what did hollie show turn, for, you didnt turn, God said, she had big long hand, hollie showed, record, showed, its Jesus, he was, looking like angering, show me to record, God said, hollie did, thats big bear looking, then growing, angry, thats, i'm russia, bear, screeched, thats russia, many nuclear missiles around, thats china coming to, and, many nuclear missiles aimed at russia, like lit golden somewhat missiles, thats, its nuclear exchange, and hollie comes out of both lands, raise your hands and repeat after me, its hegoat appearing, thats kings coming out of horns, its hu hintao and, theres, pope, medvedev and its putin, thats them sitting at table, lets sign, pope said, thats 666 peace treaty being signed, thats, hollie like, two horned beast, and its lamb, thats hintao and emperor of japan coming out, lets make a deal, hintao said, peace treaty, thats, 666 being created, tattoo it pope said, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, its rid-x, box, angel appeared like baby hammo, blue head, feed me, it said, thats septic tank angel, fading, showing, dont wait, sitting on, its septic tank, stamps, but, then just big face appears, thats the phone ringing but hollie didnt answer, hollie showed, turn, go to that walmart she said, hey look, theres, Gods hammo, thats walmart angel, happy, big round head, its blue, thats sunbeam bakers girl praying but getting up, doing things, she said, warned, jumpy, hollie said, leaping, turning to, its nigger, black monkey lips, hollie screamed, showed, putting, its rid-x like in septic tank, but hollie thought, its, septi-pak, septic system treatment, hollie held nose, its stinks, but, septic tank angel came out, you know, he said, its fixed, dont worry, showed, sleep, like angelic little being, hollie screamed, hollie showed, turn, lighted, hand, that is, prophesied to open soon as, new world order apostolic church, only, Jesus, God said, hollie said, did convey and round head angel appearing, showing, face faded but popes image on finger, its i'm the beast, pope said, coming out, thats him riding black horse, head shaped like little horn, thats eyes on little horns, hollie laughs, showed, wait, hollie showed, turn, waited at next intersection, showed, turn, but changed into, he hollie, hollie laid down, eyes still opened, hands, clapped, they, its, were golden, she said, but, she started falling asleep, then thats phone ringing, hey theres Gods hammo, hes on phone screen, showing, its janette, now with, her man, they stay together, for, hammo dreads telling, for zero, shes single again,


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