Thursday, August 6, 2009

coming to a close, end of end times

1-23-24-25-2012-bob, hollie said, showed time, Gods hammo sang, hes like she said, changing angelic being, with colors in, but mostly white, its happy moodie, thats speedway girl, she wasnt so happy but smiles in her hearts, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey, hollie said, theres Gods hammo, you need to let me hollie said, bob thats you and kristi fucking, then what, hollie said, put it under, thats moodie laying down, kristi still awake, happy, but wanting to do something, bob, thats where you, thats bob getting out money, looking for, bob, kristi wont live with you but see you God and hollie said, put it under, and, i, stamp, hollie said, thats, its black carriage coming out, pulled, these are, angred hollie said, black horses, theres happy pope like angel of light, and, thats, hu hintao on other side, red horses pull, he waves on red side, thats hintao with red horse appearing, hollie moodie rides his flying saucer, diving, its into, over that, hollie said, taiwan errupted into flames, thats, hollie, showing, lets fight, she has like light sword, thats hintao battling on his red horse, light sword, himself, its, they, him, changes colors, hollie said, its moodie flying out in flying saucer, dropping bombs, diving, its chinese ship leaving, hollie showed, its utubiaman ministryofdreams, Gods hammo angel appearing but more like Father, showing, its link up, he said, hollie showed, its, uh picture, she said, thats Gods hammo singing, its pope in picture, hollie comes out, shows, hes like angel of light, its I am gog, he said, coming alive, hollie closed it up, see there, she said, its you and your speedway wife, she, is happy over but your wanting janette and having, thats hollie whipping Jesus, hes way bigger she said, turn, hollie said, showed, but hand disappeared, another, hollie screams, its, he hollie driving tank, Father shoots by, hes like, its multi colored, ghost, big nose, Gods hammo started singing, 1-26-25-34-2012-hollie slapt his face, hollie and Gods hammo sang, hollie showed turn, like blue cat, another hollie comes out, let me explain she said, but hollie that explains appeared, light flashing from mouth, turn hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, another said, this is vision, said, its, hollie, but, another comes out, Gods hammo sang, hes like lit angelic white head, strands of black hair appearing, turn, hollie said, showed, big golden hand, hollie showed, its, Gods hammo sang, but changed colors, was blue seemed to go somewhat hollie, but its really curly hair, but hollie, he appeared, showed, bob buy one, there only, its, find, portable toilets, hollie clapped, showed, lay down, she had white face, laid on side, but clapped hands, got back up, thats her face appearing, white in like hazy face, background, and its, hollie showing sleep, thats light, he hollie said, shinning in darkness, boo they chanted, its he, many him, he hollies, their on ground, but mountain in back, thats dark, eyes appeared on, its God hollie, thought, showed, war, lets fight she said, like round light hands, its uh starfighter hollie said, saw one fly over, by, its, he, captain, him hollie in, dropping bombs, thats america exploding in middle and on both coasts, hollie inside her sub, showed, with golden like fin hand, lay down, but clapped and changed, hollie showed, turn, come on bob, its he hollie she said, showed, keep going straight, she wasnt sure if hand seen or not, your gitton in trouble said hollie that explains, claps, smiles, its janette, shes, big, popular she said, put it under, thats you two living together anyhow, heres why, thats, its, the disability pension hammo, its, stripped God said, taken away, hammo watches, stays, like mostly round head angelic face, 7-8-2012-its, christie mcvie, hollie said, showed, hollie reappeared, showed, eat something, theres Gods new hammo, the soundesign stereo receiver, like angelic head bug, it was white, hollie said, its hollie laughing, thats her in south korea, she pulls, its the bluish light blinder, its like seperating wall, bob thats protected little world and, you just invaded it hard hollie said, thats people looking and trembling, bobby, hollie said, but, another spoke with, its him, he hollie, stuck his head out, its air conditioning hammo, coming out of, its air conditioner, like long kneck, head, being, happy, bobby, its angel, hollie said, but, he hollie starting to get in more visions, had big smile, teeth, pointed another, hollie, she grabbed the third air conditioner, its hammo happy, but, there, hollie said, thats, put in, bobby, hollie said, she wrang, its hells bell, but, kept changing, there was light in the black, the, design on, that, its, the monkey and he hollie and Jesus said, monkey showed, go, hat on, both hands, Jesus showed, turn, like man of light, dark suit on, tall, slendor and, hollie said, that, hollie said, beat hand, its light hand, showed, eat, new hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, hollie showed, go home, hollie wiped face, looked at bob, turned to side just a little, its bob moodie and janette fucking again, you'll see, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hollie saw, its power meter not working, then started, bobby thats you playing with, its solder, she said, needs better connection, 7-9-2012-its, the, mormon church, bob, hollie said, she thought, thats young elder looking at, e-mail and its facebook hammo appearing, happy at first, then no expression like angelic hollie, face, but, he trembles but doesnt show it, thats many, theres request, please show elders in mormon church, thats, young people doing and making others tremble, bob hollie said, put it under, thats, getting out laptop, hollie laughed, scene closed, hollie slapt his face, he aint he hollie a she one said, but, hey look, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes angelic head, kneck, like worm of light, hollie was at the mormon church, looking for Jesus, aint nobody saved she said, thats her wanting to leave, looking back, laughing, its, the, a.b.s.a., hollie said, she looked happy but showed, bob, just wait, hollie showed, turn, but new hollie with like light, blank, face, appeared, showed, hollie looking somewhat like ape, ape hollie, but, hollie thought, not quite, showed, rinse more, hollie, like doggie hollie showed, turn, showed, bob, thats her drinking ice coffee but she seems to be kind of ape hollie and was ape, thats her, she showed, its, the, methodist church, but, wait, hollie said, theres Gods hammo there, hes shaking no, like white billy hollie, hollie showed, its just billy like white outlined man but young and cute, hollie showed, its air conditioning, hammo, he was dressed nice, bobby, keep clean, but wait hollie said, theres Gods hammo coming out, its air conditioner, like, its snake like, head, hollie showed, its JOB, nude, you wrinkled me, JOB said, Jesus laughed, I killed, destroyed, God said, face went mostly blank, hollie that explains appeared, again, light flashing from mouth, she wasnt looking at bob but did and changed, showed, its angel lopez, he wants, its, free rent, you got it, hollie said, but theres bob signing new lease with radio man, its for way more, theres pastor antonio, hes out, now,

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