Thursday, August 6, 2009

the challenge of 2009, the prophetic review

10-2-2011-what was I screamin for, hollie said, thats the deal, she said, reappeared, but burgundy sweatshirt on, put it under, hollie showed, time, bob, hollie said, its, janette, living with you in church, it will happen, hollie said, heres the sign, I will fix your face, hollie said, thats lines and wrinkles feeling, hollie showed, its m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, its angel man appearing dressed nice, bobby go get, members, hollie said, she had uh plad coat on and I stamp, hollie said, bob thats janette coming back to you, thats her and you living in church, its, soon, hollie said, showed, seal it up, its done, bobby, hollie showed, go walk around, its walmart, stamps, hollie, but theres Gods, new hamm'oh, appearing, like, hes, blue face, brand new, like chic, but, just like, shook, yes, hollie claps, looked in dumpster, its, good for me, she said, bobby hollie said, thats your heaters in church, hollie stamps, they work, thats white face appearing, hey another, hollie said, only, her hand appeared, but rest did, she had on red sweatshirt, hollie showed, its reflection, its sun, showed, its solar heat, bobby it works, check it out hollie said, hollie screamy for this reason, thats her buying new, its new thermostat, checking it out, it works, she said, thats hells bell, its, ringing, hollie said, hollie showed, its on the scout, theres Gods new hamm'oh, hollie said, with hollie, like, its blue like, chic face with some white lines, in, smiled, hey hollie said, coming out, burgundy sweatshirt on, but changed into, its him, happy, bushy hair, bobby hollie said, with nice hair, look at but hair went away, long pig like nose, thats it, hollie said, wonderful, Jesus and hollie said, its janette home again, showed, hand, but hollie there, showed, eat, she, returns, its right after jail bob, thats you going and getting, you see she said, janette will write letter, telling you, bob I need somewhere to go, thats you being her, guardian and signing for her social security, thats you giving her, her check, but her giving back to you, do with what you want she said, its cause I live her, thats her, looking good, walking streets, go back, Jesus said, he appeared, hollie showed, she did, hollie was on phone, its stan johnson, we want, he said, ya, but showed, sh, he, said, dont speak to much, hanged the phone up, thats bob heading for, its topeka, kansas, janette appeared in back, soon she will hollie said, thats bob doing tour, its glass, hollie showed, had drinking glass and drink, but changed into, its abnormal hollie, like pink face, hollie showed, turn, like big face, yellow face, hand, sweatshirt on, its red, they chanted boo ho, hollie said, she fixed window at home, many, its he, him, she said, their on uh hill, hey she said, but, amber lighted, she hollie came out of, its one, she said, big hand, hey, wheres the rest of hollie another, said, she came out, showed, eat, that is God, adjusting the atmosphere, to, keep it warm, this winter, hollie said, loose belt some, thats what, it is hollie said, and big mouth hollie appeared, but changed, burgundy sweatshirt on, tell me about the marine corp. thats out in the streets, its angel marine and looters, hollie appeared, later, showed, turn, bobby go to walmart, she had like beak face, hollie was with barack obama, its economic collapse, u.s.a., hollie claps, leave it alone, hollie said, showed, it was fire, sent on magog, its that, hollie said, its, he hollie laughing, showed, its, the, second woe, its, nuclear missiles from russia and china, striking each, that a he hollie said, him a she one said, but not seen, but was there, like bluish, said, outlined, in white, in mouth, showed, eat, that, they said, one stuck head out, its her, casey, its, hegoat pontey, two horns, that, said, showed, had, like bear paws, their like gloved hands but no places for fingers, like boxing gloves, that he said, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, its, him, she said, posting on laptop and its I'm the beast, angel like ghost pope beast coming out of screen, hollie showed, its, church, thats hollie like, its, master of ceremonies but she laughs, but seemed to change to him, nice suit on, thats church filled with, its ghouls, stamps, hollie, demons, they flew, bobby hollie said, you cant, its to small, but if you did he said, would make money but every year build more and more, have, hollie showed, halloween services, prophesy, thats bob in his coffin screamed hollie, screamed again, but not heard, theres, no way, I can fix it, Jesus said, all the harm I caused you bob hickman my faithful servant, thats ceramic little heater, licking prophet, hollie said, I aint good heater said, now has face, hollie showed, its, thats heater on, watching itself, its blowing heat, but, it doesnt get hot enough, hollie said, him, a she one did convey, thats the church with angel coming out of front of it, he hollie said, its, front part of building, hollie said, put it under, she said, bob thats you and janette living in, hollie explained, thats hollie that explains appearing,

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