Thursday, August 6, 2009

cant you just do it, the prophecy will close

the awesome German battleship (Schlachtschiff) Bismarck-vision received 7-28-2010-in this vision I saw the battleship floating with like angelface on front, and I saw angelface maybe at Gods interviewing table, and he said, yeow, the made me, he said, I wanted to float, they scuttled, it was, fire, showed, hollie, thats the mighty bismarck on fire, from, thats, many british ships, shooting at, the made said, its, bismarck hollie, said, to, stay afloat, and it did, showed, hollie, but, thats, the captain, its, ernest, hollie, said, we knew, said, captain ernest, hitler, they would, stangle um, he, said, our, children, put it under, said, hollie, thats, adolf hitler appearing, dont trust, him, hollie, said, seal it up, summed, but just hands, then hollies body appears, but, looking, lets move, right along, she, said, bobby, go, hollie, said, thats her walking out, now, its, chappel, she, said, 3-25-2012-hollie showed, its facebook ministryofdreams, like angelic man, bob its update your pages, hollie said, same hammo appeared, but went from happy to changing expression, showed, its, facebook, take care of it, dont use to many pages, its room, hollie spoke and Got, but angel showed, facebook is free, thats facebook angel forming, angelic head, but hollie showed, not quite right, showed, do something, white in mouth, another appeared, showed, its, raise your hands and wait after me, hollie sang, showed, bob it janette, just wait, she, hollie dreadd, changed to like monkey but only face, bob, thats likes appearing on page, just watch, soon its ten, then thats one hundred, hollie showed, turn, but another comes out showed, bobby rinse more, hollie not seen all the way, had monkey lips, its, hollie hammo, looked like up to something, smiled widened, holy Ghost enters bob hickman like a body perfect size, said Jesus and hollie, it appeared, hollie showed, opened hands, God gives gum desease to christians, they see it, hollie comes out, white clothes, opened hands, Jesus spoke, hollies face went like beak, its, the marine corp. out in the streets, its, JEsus, hollie said, opening hands, like hollie hammo with beak, beak golden, its looting, hey hollie said, pointed, theres Gods hammo but changed to hollie hammo, like up to something, monkey like face, barack obama announces, its economic collape, hollie claps, wearing, its like dance skirt and silk suit, its like blue but, different shades, like wavy, hollie showed, turn, like changing hollie, beak to hammo, this is uh warning, hollie said, thats her taking down, its visions, off of pages, heres why bobby, she showed, they disappeared, I done said it, it was he hollie, a she one said, they chant boo hum, hollie was bummed, had head in hands, turned to side somewaht but Jesus was behind, turning head but she got back up, changed, looked back, happy, theres, its, he hollies, in, area, dark cloud over, Father in like lit up head, golden but dull, light to sides but cloud flashed, like thunder sound, it was she hollies chanting boo this time, its, him, he hollie, face not formed quite yet, showed, its pope appearing on black horse, hes angel man, its, im the beast, he said, with seven heads and ten horns, its they appeared, hollie said, close it up, she said, closed scene but, wheres hollies, she appeared, thou, was there, showed bobby rinse more, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted, hand, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand but looked other way, showed, go other, way but changed into him, white hand, hollie showed, its march for boy that got killed, four thiry p.m., hollie pulled glvoes off but not seen, bobby its janette, she wants to live here, let, janette has plad coat on, hollie showed, lay down, frosty white face but wiped face, bobby its janette, its moodie fucking, trying to get her back, bobby stay away, hollie wiped face, awake this time, face brownish color, but she laid on bed awake, face went frosty, again,


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