Thursday, August 6, 2009

are you ready for the end days, the end days waiting not

7-7-2010-iraq, said, wiped lips, casey, wearing white robe, and, the end time prophetic ministry website appeared, like, angelface, white, said, casey,

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 10-27-2010-hollie snapped fingers, said, it, said, partial face hollie, Jesus, no, said, hollie, but, I, shook, yes, she, said, but, looked worried, just uh little concerned, said, partial face hollie, with all face there, she, wore uh white robe, but, the other hollie shook, yes, and, I stamp, she, said, turned, into, white, robe, wearing, partial face hollie, thats, beast, its, pope, running, out, and, his, black stagecoach, its, the, whole new world order, said, hollie, lets rule the world, said, its, putin, kneeling before, said, hollie, its, pope, she, said, shaking yes, thats, captain hollie, flying, in, its, spacesoarer bomber, hollie, said, thats, it dropping bomb, but, turning into, its, chinook, said another, hollie, watching, wearing white robe, its from behind, showed, him, said partial face hollie, wearing, white robe, another, he hollie, hollie showed, its eat, bob, she, said, thats, hollie walking, wearing white robe, thats hollie sees putin inside, its, red on this side, hollie said, of that o, black and red stagecoach, thats, three ribs appearing, in, its, putins mouth, see, showed, hollie, wearing white robe, thats, its, tripod, said, hollie, pulled, up sleeves, hey said another, hollie, and, another, one, comes out, thats hollie with hands over mouth, looking at bob, he recorded, thats, submarines in cuban and nicaraguan and mexican waters, all with captain hollie, one she hollie, its, they, shower, said, hollie, thats, them firing missiles, striking that, pointed, hollie, from behind, its gulf coast states of america exploding, thats, missiles leaving america striking them three countries, burned, thats venezuela and brazil on fire, thats, putin, arising, lets rule the world, he said, thats him sitting at table with many kings, its, if we destroy that, said, its, o vladimir, agin, said, hollie, thats them shaking yes, but, its, lula looking expressionless, hugo smiles, shaking, yes, but shows, no, snaps fingers, moves feet, its, horses, said, hollie, thats, pope riding, black horse, its, into, moscow, said, pope, thats hu hintao riding red horse, its to, make, war, said, hintao, battling hollie with his light sword, thats, grim reaper laughing, and he rides, hollie showed, its grizzled horse, thats hand showing, you did not want hollie showed, theres uh dome inside of it, said, she, hollie, with him, said partial face hollie, in, he, controls, but, face appears, on, hand, thats white hand at Gods interviewing table, showing, he let me, laughed, hand, hand does what hand wants, they play said God, she said, sleep, cuba said Jesus, hollie points, nuclear fire in, its cuba, said, partial face hollie, stamps, thats nuclear fires in, its france and italy exploding, thats australia burning and rockets leaving them all, some in that, said, hollie, submarines with captain hollie, its they shower, hollie said, thats fires in russia, great britain burned, but four captain hollies in, its british, vanguard class submarines, fire, thats world shaking, russia burning, thats submarines all around america, its on the day of the Lord said, hollie news anchor man high in heavens, pointed, partial face hollie, wearing white robe, both american coasts, burn, hollie screamed, hollie showed, record, and I, stamp, she, said, come on, bob, she, said, showed, work, wearing, its uh white robe, she, said, theres uh submarine, theres that submarine, right there, said, hollie, with, its, the, submarine somby sorrow, said, sandy and hollie, thats captain hollie surfacing, waving in, his, its akula class, said, a she hollie, hollie said, dont, go, over, there, yet, hollie showed, turn, another, hollie showed, turn again, lighted bluish hand, look, said, hollie, wearing white robe, showed, its golden food, said another, hollie, showed, bite, but changed into her, that was, pope in, the, fire, said, hollie, like, angel pope, hollie like fire hollie, bob said partial face hollie, showed, charge batteries, him, she, said, showed, lay down, but eyes still open, hollie snapped his fingers, showed, picture, its pope and hu hintao, you see these two, hollie said, both beasts, she showed, teeth, looked, boo, chanted, him, said, partial face hollie, many he hollies, hollie layed on back, turned, on side, jogged in place, hollie screamed, why whats, said, screamed, showed, its popes picture, I am gogey, I am God, he said,


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