Thursday, August 6, 2009

about the last days, the end times mission

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-23-24-2012-hollie showed, its, tagged ministryofdreams but thats bob picture appearing, Gods hammo appeared, like angelic bug head but he sang, hollie showed, its april wine, they still tour, but thats lead singer wiping lips, they dont sell to many tickets but they are having fun, playing for, its, about, a, thousand, hollie said, thats people clapping, hollie right there with happy, hollie screamed, hollie showed, its banner, she spreaded apart but hey, theres Gods new hammo appearing, hes like, bug head, no expression but, another hammo appeared, excited, but got sad, you see hollie said, let banner, rolled out, held by top, had Gods hammo, Gods new hammo face but changed to hollie, its Gods new hammo with nice hair, thats, hollie with nice hair appearing looking up at bob, happy, long nose but, looked back down, thats hand clapping, its hollie, but showed, picture, its both beasts, hollie said, theres pope and hu, pope like not happy angel, dressed in dark suit, hu not seeming to care, but got happy, they walked and got along but laughed, and, threatened, but they didnt take each serious, thats, hollie walking, its along chinese and russian border, she saw, its light nuclear missiles aimed right at each other, its, hollie saw, pope on black horse, stopping in russia, thats him signing with medvedev, now lets, see, medvedev said, its, gaining some advantages, pope said, hollie showed, eat, its, her showing batteries, not seen but she appeared, showed, white in mouth, nice long hair, its curly, gray sweatshirt on, but hey, theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, dont change, hollie said, you see hollie said, coming out, its new wineskin ministries, but hey, theres Gods new hammo, he sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, hes like bug head, hollie had, its lasar comb, she used, bobby, sh, hollie said, finger to mouth, hollie showed, its the whole new world order, hollie showed, it appeared, she, dressed different this time, dark suit, clothes, nice hair, but, face like brown, theres pope and hu hintao, hollie said, you see these two, hollie said, its around them, thats other kings appearing, theres, venezuelan president shaking yes but not wanting, sign medvedev said, thats nicaraguan president and castrol, and lula looking stout but lula didnt want it hollie said, these kim jong giving nuclear button to his son, but he pressed, thats nuclear fires in, its, theres Gods hammo appearing, hes new, and, like dull blue head but, thats russia, china, and south korea burning, hey, hollie said, thats missile, putin climbs, on, thats north korea exploding, hollie said, theres two tomahawks, its coming out of u.s. sub, she said, thats coming out of sea, thats, lets rule the world, putin, said, medvedev presses nuclear button, you see, hollie said, its uh network as white light streaks appear, showing, its missile trail, but, thats nuclear fires in moscow, with angry barack obama but hollie, showed, its world, its p-51 mustang, thats fire in, africa, theres, italy and australia exploding, theres nuclear fires in cuba, thats venezuela and brazil on fire, hollie spun world, got happy, changed to like evil hollie, but thats many in world sticking up, raising, hands but thats, only one saved, its you bob, he knew it pointed hollie, its mark brown, Gods one witness, that woman shakes yes, she knows to, thats hollie like red two horned beast, not looking very into it, its hu hintao and, its empy, hollie said, emperor of japan climbing out of, horns, they stand before pope, hollie said, God hammo sang, he appeared, like angelic bug head but, thats them sitting at table with well dressed, poepon hollie said, thats, its king or north coming against king of south, thats 666 peace treaty, hollie said, lets place it, theres, pope, his face tattood on finger, thats the mark of the beast treaty, hollie said, showed, its ram like skull ram, thats pope, medvedev, putin coming out of one horns, theres hu hintao, out of the other, its ram, thats hegoat with, popes face, lets do it pope said, smiting ram with putins face, when ya gonna eat something, hollie said, she ate something, it was carrot but a cut part of carrot appeared, hollie went dark, happy, nice hair, hollie, saw, its JOB covered with boils, thats Jesus, laughing, its, God, ordering the plague hollie said, its God grants a person the power to speak a plague, thats holy Ghost executing the plague, people, its, your deceived, hollie, said, hollie showed, its, the clock, but, it transformed, hollie said, its light clock, its in speedway, indiana, thats, man reading, but, Gods hammo face starts coming out of clock, but, turns back into clock, got happy, but, had like golden color in, then, hollie thought, you could just see, its, the, nine, ten o:clock area, but hands not there yet, attack this place, hollie, said, new york, doreen and, its kristina appearing, they, sang, thats nuclear fireball, then, thats high above, many states on fire, and its hollie flying, red, its, like, first jet, dropping more bombs, thats center of america exploding, he, hollie coming out, hollie looks up, its double blader type, she said, angel flew, he, hollie, its moodie hanging from rope, he, turned to like dark moodie, write the vision, hollie said, showed, keep going, plad coat appeared on him, showed, bobby, scavage a little, hollie laid down, on side, wiped face, but hey theres Gods hammo, he sang, like angelic head but, hollie thought, hes kind of, hollie showed, not right yet but hollie different to,

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