Thursday, August 6, 2009

heres what killed all day long is, here is what Jesus will do to you if you get saved

pray4me- Holy Ghost baptizm feels like Body your perfect size coming in, Jesus spoke this to me: 3-31-2009-your a looser because you trusted me, I will make you loose your salvation to mock you, bob I dont care about you and I want you to know it, persecution is me Jesus trying to make my servants loose thier salvation by manifold temptations like, careesing thier sex organs with electricity, like oral sex, stripping heart of desire to live for me, teasing, scaring by what I say to them, making thier faces bag, sag, wrinkle, hair loss, laughing at them, letting them see me, like people do a little dog, trying to get them and others thru them to speak blasphemy against the HOly Ghost, it is not my will that any perish, but get saved and I the Lord will kill you all day long, those who dont make it are ROMANS 1, saying what I know will hurt them deep in thier hearts, making them hate me, cause I want them to be backslided, saith the Lord, for no reason, I torture people to keep them humble in my eyes, they are not humble in my eyes unless they cant bare to live anymore cause I wounded them thousands of times, I will make you perish to laugh at you, I torture people I save to make most of them fall away, im trying to make you perish to mock you, bob you can not bare what I do to you but I want you to perish, for no reason, that makes lava hotter saith God, cause, I betrayed, I want to make you embarrased, so, im strong and your weak, I hate myself for torturing innocent people, almost every eye blink I tighten your eye muscles, cause your penus to move from flowing on, torture, because you are perfect I am jelous just like JOB, I told JOB to perish, and in vision I saw Jesus and he said something like, "i have mercy", and he laughed like maniac, on 11-2008-God said: pray for me, God said-I the Lord toture to abase, causing my slaves to hate me by manifold temptations, teasing, caressing dick, making it harden, soften, make face, crease, bag, tithening muscles, when used, stripping heart, of all desire to live for me, laughing at them, teasing, night and day, to make them offended all the time, causing most to loose their souls, perish, said, Jesus, after you served, to abase, in hell, saith the LOrd, I hate people cause the tortured me, saith God, Im the LOrd, who saves, then destroys, ha ha, saith God, make me your Lord, and I will destroy, you, till you perish, saith God:, bob you will not leave me alone, let me put you in the lake of fire if I want to, go and sin and maybe ill call you back later, cause I betray my children, saith God, bob Im wanting you cut off to embarras you, let people you witnessed to see you sinning, to openly mock, I want all to perish, or be tortured by me till I dont want to do it no more of the person backslides like im trying to make you to embarras you like you are doing me in front of many, saith the Lord, I am going to destroy you because you are perfect like JOB, and you are suppost to be, Im betraying you, to, make you backslide to embarras like I did JOB, I wanted to make you hate me so much you would not witness, then after people forgot throw you away for no reason, I will do it to all to laugh, saith Jesus, you have been maimed because of me, now you almost cant walk, cause, I, ruint your knee, I laugh at my childrens suffering, cause, I made people to be entertained, by betraying, pleasure, I love taking someone who served me faithfully and bringing them down to hell, torturing, for, however long it takes, I wanted people to perish to be entertained by their suffering, especially my children, by betraying them after they sacrificed all, I torture, like people do a little dog, until, they backslide, and then if they come back, they, know im waiting with my torturing prod, I am not mercy, and I am not love, my mercy and love is for entertain only, ill, help you so I can laugh at your sufferings, I make it so you cant bare being around me, causing you to hate by torturing, by manifold temptations, I want to make you perish, I tried to crash you, 8-20-2010-persecution, said, Jesus, is me trying to cause my servant to perish by manifold temptations like, deseasing gums, putting boils on face, caressing penus with, electricity causing to get hard, messing with heart, causing wrath, causing facial muscles to tighten, ruining appearance, making servant dread being alive, letting servant see me in visions laughing at him, scaring, teasing, lying, to saith the Lord, messing with all day to anger to make servant hate me to laugh at servant and mock, bob, said, Jesus, tells the whole world, what I do and like that man, said Jesus, trembled, I said Jesus cause body to heat up and perspire, make it unbarable to be around saith the Lord, me, like JOB, said, hollie, with, golden hair, thats JOB covered with boils knowing I the Lord caused it but JOB laid out in front of many to embarras me saith God, he fasted for ten days, then, I, smote in my own heart, I ruin my children to laugh, for this reason saith the Lord, heaven and hell do not exist, I lie, said, Jesus, bob, you, knew, God, said, place this on, end time prophetic ministry, God, said, those two people you told holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body perfect size coming in, now know I teased them, this is, strong delusioning, saith God, now both are in their fifties, a male and female, and know they supported their pastors financially and in much sought prayer, that woman wept for both, and those pastors, witches, God, said, laughed, and mocked, till, thats bob coming in, ruining them, hollie screamed, again, what for bob, record, bob, said, hollie, stamped, pope rose, I am God, he, said, hollie showed, bob, tent revival at grace tomorrow, dont mess with her go to the seventh day adventist church for free, said, hollie, with, its, the, leave it alone, sorry, said, another, hollie, its soumb, said, hollie, and, hollie, showed, book, its, selling in australia, and, he saw, said, casey, its, nuclear fireball in, its aussie, hollie, said, missiles, left their striking, its fires in russia, missiles left russia striking, its, nuclear n.a.t.0. countries, exploding, russia, said, hollie, sprinkled, thats bear, arising, destroy, that, pointed, Jesus, america appeared, its, on, the day of the Lord, hollie, said, thats, nuclear fire in california, then along both coasts, this, is, hollie cnn reporting, said, hollie anchor man with light brown hair, showed, its, like, angel being, on, his, monitor, america exploded, hollie watched, its from behind, she said, same o hollie cnn newsman appeared underneath, tickled her feet with feather,

the trap revelations, entertainment of prophecy

6-29-2010-go, said, hollie, showed, watch, he hollie tickles, her feet, with, its, feather, thats, he hollie playing, music, hes wearing white robe, you did not need me, he, said, its, spall, hollie, said, put it under, hollie, said, its to late for most,


trap visions, the visions of prophetic times, prophecy made alive

7-7-2010-bob, said, Jesus, showed, cut off, its, end time prophetic ministry, website, appearing, like angel face, showing, the beast, website said, its, pontey, he, said, put it under, said, hollie, thats, pope, she, said, riding, black horse, its into russia, said, hollie, meets with, there, points, casey, medvedev, lets deal, said, pope, hollie, said, he signs, gains some control, put it under, said, its, hollie, the main ministering spirit appearing, hollie, its him, she, hollie, said, laughs, then hollie showed appeared, but quickly transformed,


trap page one, events of the end time, rumors of nuclear wars

visions from 9-11-12-?-2011-hollie showed, bobby, its wood burning stove, thats heat showed, hollie, warming hands by stove, burgundy sweatshirt on, thats you and janette, its at church, hollie said, then church grows, hey she said, whats angel doing there, bobby, theres one hollie said, its, hollie got word from God, face went blank, but reappeared, theres many here in city, they will help you, thats man, delivering stove and you paying but he wont take, but, thats you firing up, and, working hard getting wood, its works, thats stove on, and, hollie happy, it heats whole church, for days, hollie showed, eat, its, pope, hollie said, angel ghost man shows, its newspaper, i'm the antichrist, antibeast, he said, showed, bobby, get straight talk card, its time, she said, I will soon, it was Jesus, laughed, hollie, high in heavens, thats earth down beneath she said, bobby git out laptop she said, angel appeared, world shook, thats fire coming, out, hey, hollie, points, world, it had face, boo, they chanted, hollie showed, them, many, its, him, she said, their on uh hill, he hollies, but amber colored lighted she hollie comes out of one, kind of, looking back, to the side but turned into normal she hollie, hollie wearing maids clothes, they wore maids dress, white garnment in front, showed, its world war one fighter plane, she dressed like pilot and he hollie, flew, dove, down, dived down and thats him firing, dropping bombs, its into, over, that, he, said, taiwan exploded, thats, hollie fighting, its hu hintao with light sword, that, he said, bob get straight talk card, you will see, its needed now, he said, hollie flew her plane out, looking at bob, that, he hollie said, got straight talk card, she bombed ship, he showed, its repelled,


a witness, prophetic atom bomb, prophecy mingle

8-20-2011-hollie showed, its book, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist, with, its death angel on, his kneck and head like white angel man, he hollie clapps, happy, its new world order carriage with, its the pope and hu, their angred hollie said, black and red horses, putin, on top, lets go he said, straps in hands, thats it moving, its MYSTERY, BABYLON is fallen hintao said, and, exploded and turned into angel, its wickedness, showed, like blue angel, ghost man, thing, thats hollie stamping, and its angel appearing like ghost man, showing, its, capitol cith seventh day adventist church, hollie said, thats bob going, burgundy sweatshirt on, its revolving door, hollie went in, but back out, thats hollie said, book, and nuclear explosion coming out, its nuclear war, she said, man their high she said, looking up, its old world way two fighter jets and flying all, many countries exploded, new york, its under attack it, hollie said, thats nuclear explosion and its statue of liberty behind, i'm the woman she said, with sword in hand, but she, collapsed, and thats missiles leaving america, and its, russia exploding and world shaking, thats, its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, all firing, hollie, man she said wiping forehead like brown hollie, all, thats submarines and land based missiles leaving, thats all countries exploding though, thats russia, massive destruction on, fire, and world shakes, thats smoke blocking sun and moon, its i'm happy sun said, moon, no face but face appeared, not happy, but went in hiding again, but, bob your church is now collapsing p.a.w. and seventh day adventist churches are falling, thats bobs, new world order apostolic church, angel in front coming out, its part of building like white angel showed, hollie, had, a hatchett in his hand, i'm the battle ax, church said, thats, its, points, hollie, churches sinking, God spoke, hollie said, like white churches, git the phone hollie said, white clothes on, its her doing spamming and angel cop, police calls, she said, but bob you dont answer, cop said, bob I betrayed you and now, thats bob taking money, over one thousand per day, even in winter, for church, holding up his sign and angel comes out of sign, quit it angel said, yelled, hollie showed, turn, like white hollie, same, hollie but more normal, showed, eat, she got refreshment, hollie showed, turn, showed, eat pizza, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, lay down, clapped hands, hollie showed, its pastor robert hickman, remove, she said, put it like that, she said, two words, theres tank agin, hollie drove, but, she fired, its uh network, another, hollie said, you see, bob you dont hollie said, she held up sign, plad coat on, its on keystone, but hollie stamps, glendale and angel appears, like, thing angel face,


a prophecy suticase website, prophetic view

9-11-12-2011-hollie showed, turn, then again, then wondered, hollie came out, happy, put on, your happy face, God said, bobby its, a.a. hollie showed, they wont, come, so dont bother, but thats hollie like lighted round face, happy, licking, prophet, hey, is that golden in tongue, hollie said, hollie saw, points, but same hollie comes out, its, o, she said, finger over, hand over mouth, thats angel coming, its part of new world order apostolic church, licking prophet, hollie showed, he front part, she said, hollie said, hollie screamed but didnt make uh word, she said, burgundy sweatshirt on, twisted head, but, hollie, another, appeared, turned light, but happy, over, arms, kind of around, but not quite, hollie got laptop out, its, right here bob, thats, amber color finger pointing down, Jesus appeared, bob prayed, kneeling, wearing, its uh white robe, cloudy like, but, bobs head lit up, hollie showed, sleep, white face, but another, comes out, then another, they catch each other, first, her hair wild, but thicker, turn, said, showed, hollie, lighted, hand, burgundy sweatshirt on, hey another, hollie said, she came out, had full head of bushy hair, burgundy sweatshirt on, fingers pointed down but another hollie wondered, her finger went from golden, to white, face faded,


mine love of the prophecy, prophecy shadow

9-20-2011-one man thinks its good but how can I trust but he does and, thats him happy with, its loot, hollie said, in his hands, hollie showed, its hells bell ringing like dark bell, tilted to side, but, like golden design in, hollie claps, then appeared all the way, showed, bobby eat something, its, beast pope rising out of, its sea, like angel man, not happy, rides, its black horse, comes to halt in, its russia, its uh network, hollie said, showed many missiles striking many lands, i'm the nuclear g8 putin said, climbing down, its the beast with seven heads and ten horns, hollie, showed, its, many kings poppping out of, its seven heads, serpents striking, theres, fox, looking happy of mexico, lula showing now, theres its kim jong with, its nuclear button hollie said, and he presses, thats nuclear fires in, its russia, china, and south korea, thats light putin face and hollie rides missile, and north korea explodes, hey hollie said, thats, missile coming from ocean, its tomahawk, two, thats more fire in north korea and barack appears, thats putin pushing nuclear button, hey pointed, hollie looking down, thats submarines all around america, I will shoot ya, said, its medvedev on national t.v., barack and his advisors watching, but thats medvedev pushing nuclear button anyhow and its putin trying to stop but thats, its uh massive network hollie said, and many missiles strike all over, america, hey hollie said, thats ballistic missiles rising out of ground, hollie rode, but barack presses nuclear button, thats light beast arising, afraid, and, its, many fires in russia and, whole country almost exploded, but thats many nuclear rockets striking, its nuclear g8, hollie said, thats venezuela and brazil exploding, hollie circles world, in, its light, mustang-51 fighter jet, thats big nuclear fire in africa and thats nicaragua burning but missiles coming from ocean striking, its near texas exploded, but thats missiles leaving there, thats nuclear fires in, its cuba and mexico, hollie showed, seal it up, thats beast rising out of sea, i will with stand you said, its hu hintao, this is hollie like, uh light round head hollie showing, its turn, black arms, but some gray outline in, hollie showed, picture, its pope, they want you, its, pontey, hollie said, did say, but another, comes out, looking uneasy, burgundy sweatshirt on, finger pointing down, looking kind of at, but theres Gods hammer, its like blue head hollie, dressed same, theres blue in picture, its saudi arabia ministryofdreams, like, mostly visible face happy angel but not quite, loose belt sumb hollie did say, he, its him, she said, appeared, play music, not happy, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn again, amber lighted hand, its i'm, its popes caregiver said, hollie said, like lighted round head, bluish clothes, but light, pope in fire showing, its drink, thats m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, laughing, dressed nice like white angel ship man, but thats ship on bottom of the sea and angelhead coming out, waving, hollie visits, its in submarine, and fires, its uh massive network hollie said, many countries exploded, i'm the nuclear g8, putin, said, hollie screamed, again, but burgundy sweatshirt on, only turned head, hollie showed, turn again, only light hand, its him, and cat statue licks the prophet, he hollies, their on a hill, going up, one just looked but not happy, hollie showed, lay down, clapped hands, wore like dark sweatshirt, its uh dark setting, bob dont work at speedway hollie showed, thats her going in, speedway, buying, its drink, go she said, clapped hands, got out, its lappy, hollie said, angel coming out of its screen, its uh laptop computer, hollie said,


the challenge of 2009, the prophetic review

10-2-2011-what was I screamin for, hollie said, thats the deal, she said, reappeared, but burgundy sweatshirt on, put it under, hollie showed, time, bob, hollie said, its, janette, living with you in church, it will happen, hollie said, heres the sign, I will fix your face, hollie said, thats lines and wrinkles feeling, hollie showed, its m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, its angel man appearing dressed nice, bobby go get, members, hollie said, she had uh plad coat on and I stamp, hollie said, bob thats janette coming back to you, thats her and you living in church, its, soon, hollie said, showed, seal it up, its done, bobby, hollie showed, go walk around, its walmart, stamps, hollie, but theres Gods, new hamm'oh, appearing, like, hes, blue face, brand new, like chic, but, just like, shook, yes, hollie claps, looked in dumpster, its, good for me, she said, bobby hollie said, thats your heaters in church, hollie stamps, they work, thats white face appearing, hey another, hollie said, only, her hand appeared, but rest did, she had on red sweatshirt, hollie showed, its reflection, its sun, showed, its solar heat, bobby it works, check it out hollie said, hollie screamy for this reason, thats her buying new, its new thermostat, checking it out, it works, she said, thats hells bell, its, ringing, hollie said, hollie showed, its on the scout, theres Gods new hamm'oh, hollie said, with hollie, like, its blue like, chic face with some white lines, in, smiled, hey hollie said, coming out, burgundy sweatshirt on, but changed into, its him, happy, bushy hair, bobby hollie said, with nice hair, look at but hair went away, long pig like nose, thats it, hollie said, wonderful, Jesus and hollie said, its janette home again, showed, hand, but hollie there, showed, eat, she, returns, its right after jail bob, thats you going and getting, you see she said, janette will write letter, telling you, bob I need somewhere to go, thats you being her, guardian and signing for her social security, thats you giving her, her check, but her giving back to you, do with what you want she said, its cause I live her, thats her, looking good, walking streets, go back, Jesus said, he appeared, hollie showed, she did, hollie was on phone, its stan johnson, we want, he said, ya, but showed, sh, he, said, dont speak to much, hanged the phone up, thats bob heading for, its topeka, kansas, janette appeared in back, soon she will hollie said, thats bob doing tour, its glass, hollie showed, had drinking glass and drink, but changed into, its abnormal hollie, like pink face, hollie showed, turn, like big face, yellow face, hand, sweatshirt on, its red, they chanted boo ho, hollie said, she fixed window at home, many, its he, him, she said, their on uh hill, hey she said, but, amber lighted, she hollie came out of, its one, she said, big hand, hey, wheres the rest of hollie another, said, she came out, showed, eat, that is God, adjusting the atmosphere, to, keep it warm, this winter, hollie said, loose belt some, thats what, it is hollie said, and big mouth hollie appeared, but changed, burgundy sweatshirt on, tell me about the marine corp. thats out in the streets, its angel marine and looters, hollie appeared, later, showed, turn, bobby go to walmart, she had like beak face, hollie was with barack obama, its economic collapse, u.s.a., hollie claps, leave it alone, hollie said, showed, it was fire, sent on magog, its that, hollie said, its, he hollie laughing, showed, its, the, second woe, its, nuclear missiles from russia and china, striking each, that a he hollie said, him a she one said, but not seen, but was there, like bluish, said, outlined, in white, in mouth, showed, eat, that, they said, one stuck head out, its her, casey, its, hegoat pontey, two horns, that, said, showed, had, like bear paws, their like gloved hands but no places for fingers, like boxing gloves, that he said, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, its, him, she said, posting on laptop and its I'm the beast, angel like ghost pope beast coming out of screen, hollie showed, its, church, thats hollie like, its, master of ceremonies but she laughs, but seemed to change to him, nice suit on, thats church filled with, its ghouls, stamps, hollie, demons, they flew, bobby hollie said, you cant, its to small, but if you did he said, would make money but every year build more and more, have, hollie showed, halloween services, prophesy, thats bob in his coffin screamed hollie, screamed again, but not heard, theres, no way, I can fix it, Jesus said, all the harm I caused you bob hickman my faithful servant, thats ceramic little heater, licking prophet, hollie said, I aint good heater said, now has face, hollie showed, its, thats heater on, watching itself, its blowing heat, but, it doesnt get hot enough, hollie said, him, a she one did convey, thats the church with angel coming out of front of it, he hollie said, its, front part of building, hollie said, put it under, she said, bob thats you and janette living in, hollie explained, thats hollie that explains appearing,

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it may be to late for you, time to get up

3-5-2012-turn, hollie said, its, him, with her voice, God said, bobby, its, dont lease it, hollie said, just wait, they will pay, they know, both said, put it under, hollie and God said, he hollie, him, a she one said, showed, turn, bob, hollie, thats hands on, its elbows, hollie wore burgundy sweatshirt, hand like white gloved hands, bobby hollie said, hollie claps, Jesus showed, record, hollie had burgundy sweatshirt on, put hands in air, bob its antonio, your friend, hollie mothers, be cool, gentle, hes worried to, hollie showed, turn, its him a she one said, she taped, its sign on telephone poll back, Gods new hammo appeared, hes angelic head, just watching, hollies screamin for this reason, she said, screamed again, now lets see hollie said, its moodie fuckin janette agin, hes happy, gray sweatshirt on, she wore red plad coat, hollie showed, turn, she said, when ya gonna do it, jumpy hollie said, face colors changing, still monkey face, hollie showed, turn, she said, jumpy hollie said, showed, stacking the deck, monkeys face, hollie showed, record, looked down, bobby, its they, hollie showed, its festival flea market, its renting a booth, hollie thought, thats the madame, happy, like, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, shes like, its, long blue robe, and, pointy hat, its got stars and cymbols on, its like shes bring customers to you bob, it, hollie dreaded looking, but, left after she shook head yes, but changed to furry face hollie it will, wont, work she said, right now I am ashamed of myself saith the Lord, I embarrased all my servants, children to make them perish and now its exposed, I caressed their penus with electricy, tortured them day and night, ruining their appearance by tightening facial muscles and deseasing gums, wrinkling and stretching and bagging eyes, causing their bodies to heat up like a furnace when they do things and stripping of wives and jobs, now bob is telling on, me, saith God, its multitudes, theirs many laughing right now saith the Lord, hollie showed, record, him a she one said, showed, lay down but clapped hands, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand, its amber, a she hollie said, pope, hollie said, in the fire, dressed, pointy hat, white garments, thats his caregiver, its, im he said, dressed almost alike but, big mouth, Gods hammo sang, but pope like angel of light appeared, thats him on black horse, its lighted clock hollie and doreen said, she stuck head out, hollies screamin for this reason, she said, white in mouth, pointed another, hollie, bob, hollie showed, thats you jogging at church, in basement, new world order apostolic church, angel appeared, like round head, not to happy, hollie showed, turn, him a she one said, Jesus showed, lay down, hollie came out, he was like a cat,

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hell or heaven visions and dreams and prophecies

2-27-2012-hollie showed time, raise your hands and repeat after me, it was Jesus, hollie said, oh so you caught it, God said, hollie showed, its, facebookmon ministryofdreams, like, its, white angelic angel head, showed, its, both beasts, theres the pope and hu, but facebookmon went like casper head, see, hollie said, its him, pointed, burgundy sweatshirt on, its more like maroon, she hollie said, hes, happy, but, started wondering, its, people looting, its under economic collapse here, hollie said, put it under, whys, theres Gods hammo there, hes like tall, slendor, angelic being, man, hollie with barack obama makes announcement but hollie wore, its like disney angel dress and, disney angel, comes out, golden face, blond, long hair, same dress, hollie showed, like blue skirt, light streaks in, she taps wand, I showed, its the beast, she, said, theres, pope, let me see, hollie said, and hu hintao, you see, hollie said, she let new banner roll out, no message on but Gods hammo came out, like, licking it, just head, you see, hollie said, hes like just black outlines, hollie showed, do something, a she one said, thats, its uh bear, with, it, had, like, tripod shaped head, its the little horn, hollie said, thats same bear, its, hollie comes out, burgundy sweatshirt on, different colors of green, popes face in middle of, its triangle, turned into, its light color, thats pope, his face appearing on, its im the beast, he said, you see, hollie said, its him, but she hollie showed, big white hand rolled out, burgundy sweatshirt on, its a 1976 one, she said, cadillac el dorado, spun front tire, lets motor hollie said, like angelic hollie inside, you see, hollie said, it went thru different stages of life, hollie said, angel head showed record, but aged, glasses appeared on, hollie showed, turn, its him, he hollie, a she one said, she, appeared, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, touching hand on akles, wearing dress, theres bears in border, design, hollie smiles, looking at, went blue, dress but jumpy hollie had monkey lips, brown face, im screamy, hollie said, screamed again, but not, heard, bobby thats pope showing turn, hollie said, again, bobby, hollie said, pope showed, turn, then keep going, hollie showed, lay down, bob another, said, hands wiped face, but, white hazy face, hollie showed, turn, big long hand, hollie came out, bobby, its,

make up your mind, spiritual evaluation

4-15-2012-hollie comes out, smiling, looking at, its you bob, she said, hollie showed, its moegga doegga ministryofdreams, hes like, overweight, angelic, man like thing, kind of like, DUNLOP TIRE MAN, that is dunlop tire man appearing, showing, tear up, hollie said, pulling hands apart, kind of hollie showed, rinse more, listerene, she rinsed, its jumpy hollie appearing, like, just hardly seen, showing, bobby, its the catholic church, bob, hollie shows, up, pope appears, happy, bob, goes, thats people there looking at van, it makes them tremble bob, thats pastor looking, at, hes, shaking yes, but showing, no, its, jumpy hollie said, tomorrow, Jesus said, its jumpy hollie showing, work, hands dull, two fingers, but, next scene she went blue, theres Jesus, telling, face disappeared, but coming back, glasses on, very tall, robe on, dressed like king, jumpy hollie ran out, to do vision, face blue, but changed white, she ran, hollie had new receiver, its jumpy with, pioneer, one hundred twenty five watts per channel, thats lighted power meters moving, bobby, its uh excellent one, hollie appeared, showed, turn, like golden new hollie, they chant boo hum for this reason, hollie had head in hands, thats he hollies, many in area, dark cloud thundering over, Fathers head flashing in, light around, jumpy hollie appears, but another, hollie said, record bobby, come on, showed, its the beast, black carriage coming out, its pope like angel man, dressed in dark suit, you see these are angred hollie showed, black horse, stomped foot, showed, its picture of both beasts, jumpy hollie showed, theres blue in background, she showed, bobby work, theres bob working again, hollie showed, its happy beast, pope like angel of light, its hollie, jumpy, walking in, its catholic church, but her hair, long, brown and straight now, jumpy hollie plays piano, but not seen, its, appearing, its one on, its titanic show, but, hey, its, theres Gods hammo appearing, hes angelic, being, playing, hes big, bobby its catholic priest, go easy on him, jumpy hollie showed, record, curly hair this time, showed, move line, at, its drainage at, new world order, apostolic church, angel appeared, but not happy, but hollie moved line or was it her, hey theres Gods hammo, hollie said, tell me, about, the website, thats uh room full of ministryofdreams websites appearing, its angelic being, but jumpy hollie was stunned, hand over mouth, thats, their deformed, she said, spots, but dis colorations on some of them, bobby its, hollie showed, clean off some websites, just use, links, cause they will fall, jumpy hollie changed the locks, its new world order apostolic church, angel appeared, but showing, bobby, its time, got tough, this is warning, you aint gonna git another, head job, jumpy hollie said, changing to, unhappy, jumpy, Gods hammo, hes new, no hair, thats janette in jail, bobby its soon, its for, raise your hands and beleive repeat after me, thats them going back into church, but, jumpy hollie showed, work, red plad coat on, jumpy hollie goes to recorder, just looks, just wait, believe, she said, face went blue but hey theres Gods hammo, his head blue, just few hairs, jumpy hollie showed, turn, red plad coat on, looking at bob but, eyes, she showed, rinse, but shes changing, jumpy hollie gets happy, comes out, walks, but doesnt seem like moving, showed, thru with it, with him, its, tax bill, zero, bobby dont worry, they wont get stripped, its, buisness as usual, thats sign back on in time, jumpy hollie showed, its, 1971 four twenty nine, ford torino, bobby, thats is, its sqwalling them, smoking tires, its with ease, jumpy hollie seemed to be in, happy, red plad coat on, its, cobra jet, she claps, but, went to blue shirt, its bobby at a.a. agin, he said, jumpy hollie said, happy, clapping, running in place, like normal hollie this time, bobby, she, came out, showed, its you need about three hundred more dollars just to break even, dont rent to them again, find new, its sign in yard, it will do it for you, dont worry, its cute young girl, but shes, not wanting, heres, why, bobby its you, jumpy showed, shes not saved but believed she was, its hollie in the police car, bobby its janette, right next to, not caring, bobby dont mess with her hollie said, coming out, but a mystery hollie spoke, thats blue, uh new hollie appearing, it was she pointed jumpy, jumpy hollie showed, turn, golden hand, but, showed, go other way, different colors, hollie that explains showed, turn, raise your mantle and repeat after me, sang, its them, a changing hollie said, was blue, now normal, jumpy hollie showed, rinse more, moodie played music, jumpy hollie showed, the submarine going by, its, akula class, another, hollie said, showed, walking, hands went like golden leaf like, three little points, thats dark tail appearing, hollie said, dark cloud appearing over, thundering sound, its, like, Father inside, just his head, kneck, they chanted boo, light shined, in darkness, many he hollies, but some very awkward, jumpy hollie showed, work out mouth, its, time, another, hollie said, its for janette, thats prison bars appearing around, thats you at a.a. telling people, my wife just went to jail for ten years, hollie showed, turn, lighted hand, turned into bear, lighted hollie pointed up, like laying down, at red light, bob, its stop, janette appeared, she, needs prison now, heres why, thats her body, its, hollie showed, rinse, more, dying bob, let her come, thats hollie showing, knock her up, hollie showed, lay down, but still awake, stood on feet, wiped face, burgundy sweatshirt on, she was slendor again, brown hair, hey bobby, hollie with nice hair said, smiling, winking, showed, sleep,

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end days wanning down, gulf coast oil slick

DKM Scharnhorst (Battleship)-visions received 7-28-2010-thats what I want, said, its, hollie showed, the, german battleship, it, hollie, said, Scharnhorst, i'm the new, ministry of dreams, said, it, hollie said, the, dkm Scharnhorst, they scuttled, said, hollie, thats the Scharnhorst laying upside down, in, ocean, but, happy, its cause, ship, said, I love it here, thats fish, visiting, ship, they could still raise, said, hollie, its, think, thats, Scharnhorst and me, said, hollie, beating on, its side, still good, hollie, showed, with her watch, go, its, uh light watch, hollie, said, back agin, said, Jesus, hands, clap, hollies body appears, later, bobby, moon, said, in, his heart, showed, not uh word, but laughs, 3-5-6-7-2012-hollie showed time hollie and God said, it was him a she hollie said, lets put it under she said, he wore burgundy sweatshirt, but was transformed hollie, hollie thought, he was different hollie and God said but she wore red sweatshirt, hollie showed, God said, bobby its time, she said, put one hand on other arm, burgundy sweatshirt on, you need to record, hollie said, and I stamp, its beast pope rising like happy angel of light but another hollie rose, God said, like angel of light rose her self, burgundy sweatshirt on, bob, hollie with nice hair said, its blue, another she hollie said, but, scenes changing, hollie thought, let me show, explain, hollie said, Gods new hammo sang, like angelic head, raise your hands and repeat after me, its, red carriage, black on other side, coming out, thats pope like angel waving, on black side, theres hu on red side, you see hollie said, these are angred, its horses, black and red, hey theres hollie on the green horse, its different shades, she strikes it rich, janette joins later, new world order apostolic church, angel comes out, hes like round but held hands, not so happy, bob its you and janette going there, but sitting in pews, she wears red plad coat, janette thinks she owns but hollie shook, she doesnt, its, uh submarine hollie said, pulling up, then showering, hollie waves from, its akula class, she said, showed, get busy, white light hand, she held up, hollie showed, its sign, hammo came out, its, thats hammo singing, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hollie claps, what did they chanted boo for she said, they appeared, in light, darkness, like storm cloud over, jumpy hollie leaped, white dress on, golden like, its design hollie said, around, its like belt but not quite, theres bears in but one acted like got caught, its police pulling into, its new world order apostolic church, hey, hollie said, thats, round head angel, hollie showed, hes all round, looking a little angry, its, they want janette, they spoke with you but you didnt know who she was, hollie showed, you turn, showed, lay down, like new bear like hollie, why did hollie scream for, another, said, appeared, hollie screamed again, not heard, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie showed, go into speedway, big lighted hand but its him, she said, appeared, showed, turn other way, looked first, big golden hand, hollie like cat showed turn, hollie showed, turn, but thought, showed, go other way, another comes out, hand changed colors, thats, the, marine corp. out in the streets, that, hey theres Gods hammo right there with, hes tall, angelic, slendor, being, many, its looting going on, all over america, hollie with barack obama claps, shes wearing like little wedding skirt, its go shades of blue in, disney angel appears, similar clothes but not quite, its under economic collapse here, hardships barack said, hollie and barack left but hollie changed, take it fleas said, wiped her lips with hand, burgundy sweatshirt on, but she showed lay down, but hey it was hollie, another, said, its, nu brilliance, hollie said, unhappy hammo comes out of, its, micro dermabrasion machine, hes blue in face, bobby its, pay they, they do commercials, it works, use, hollie said, see what happens, hollie showed, lay down, hollie slapt his face, burgundy sweatshirt on, happy, bob, hollie said, paint brush in hand, tongue hanging out of mouth, painted it on van, holy Ghost entered me like body perfect size, on net, hollie showed, turn, she said, get busy, hollie showed, jumpy hollie appeared, like monkey face mask on, but, hollie did, its the window paint, laughing, jumped, oh my God, said, its hollie another she one said, but he appeared, burgundy sweatshirt on, he, its, wondered another, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, golden hand but showed, keep going straight, no hand, but it appeared, another, hollie comes out, thats her doing vision, God with glasses on appears, but, his face not formed to well yet, hollie said, thats him telling hollie how to do, she lights up like bear from, its, picture frame tape, like they, thats film projector, that, hollie said, but she was what projector was showing, thats van licking the prophet, lighted tongue, shaking yes, thats, its, plymouth voyager, van, sitting at Gods interviewing table, thats it in museum, Jesus appears with, Got happy, its bobs van God said, hollie got, its the window paint, you see, she said, he painted on, its van window, but, face, happy came out, of van like light face, see hollie said, its him, he hollie showing lay down, bob thats your rent check, antonio smiles, gives it, hollie showed, lay down, he hollie, bob get postin, hollie said, but she wiped head, showed, its van, he, its billy, like angelic coming out of front, showed, its hood, bob its old, retire, hollie said,

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coming to a close, end of end times

1-23-24-25-2012-bob, hollie said, showed time, Gods hammo sang, hes like she said, changing angelic being, with colors in, but mostly white, its happy moodie, thats speedway girl, she wasnt so happy but smiles in her hearts, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey, hollie said, theres Gods hammo, you need to let me hollie said, bob thats you and kristi fucking, then what, hollie said, put it under, thats moodie laying down, kristi still awake, happy, but wanting to do something, bob, thats where you, thats bob getting out money, looking for, bob, kristi wont live with you but see you God and hollie said, put it under, and, i, stamp, hollie said, thats, its black carriage coming out, pulled, these are, angred hollie said, black horses, theres happy pope like angel of light, and, thats, hu hintao on other side, red horses pull, he waves on red side, thats hintao with red horse appearing, hollie moodie rides his flying saucer, diving, its into, over that, hollie said, taiwan errupted into flames, thats, hollie, showing, lets fight, she has like light sword, thats hintao battling on his red horse, light sword, himself, its, they, him, changes colors, hollie said, its moodie flying out in flying saucer, dropping bombs, diving, its chinese ship leaving, hollie showed, its utubiaman ministryofdreams, Gods hammo angel appearing but more like Father, showing, its link up, he said, hollie showed, its, uh picture, she said, thats Gods hammo singing, its pope in picture, hollie comes out, shows, hes like angel of light, its I am gog, he said, coming alive, hollie closed it up, see there, she said, its you and your speedway wife, she, is happy over but your wanting janette and having, thats hollie whipping Jesus, hes way bigger she said, turn, hollie said, showed, but hand disappeared, another, hollie screams, its, he hollie driving tank, Father shoots by, hes like, its multi colored, ghost, big nose, Gods hammo started singing, 1-26-25-34-2012-hollie slapt his face, hollie and Gods hammo sang, hollie showed turn, like blue cat, another hollie comes out, let me explain she said, but hollie that explains appeared, light flashing from mouth, turn hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, another said, this is vision, said, its, hollie, but, another comes out, Gods hammo sang, hes like lit angelic white head, strands of black hair appearing, turn, hollie said, showed, big golden hand, hollie showed, its, Gods hammo sang, but changed colors, was blue seemed to go somewhat hollie, but its really curly hair, but hollie, he appeared, showed, bob buy one, there only, its, find, portable toilets, hollie clapped, showed, lay down, she had white face, laid on side, but clapped hands, got back up, thats her face appearing, white in like hazy face, background, and its, hollie showing sleep, thats light, he hollie said, shinning in darkness, boo they chanted, its he, many him, he hollies, their on ground, but mountain in back, thats dark, eyes appeared on, its God hollie, thought, showed, war, lets fight she said, like round light hands, its uh starfighter hollie said, saw one fly over, by, its, he, captain, him hollie in, dropping bombs, thats america exploding in middle and on both coasts, hollie inside her sub, showed, with golden like fin hand, lay down, but clapped and changed, hollie showed, turn, come on bob, its he hollie she said, showed, keep going straight, she wasnt sure if hand seen or not, your gitton in trouble said hollie that explains, claps, smiles, its janette, shes, big, popular she said, put it under, thats you two living together anyhow, heres why, thats, its, the disability pension hammo, its, stripped God said, taken away, hammo watches, stays, like mostly round head angelic face, 7-8-2012-its, christie mcvie, hollie said, showed, hollie reappeared, showed, eat something, theres Gods new hammo, the soundesign stereo receiver, like angelic head bug, it was white, hollie said, its hollie laughing, thats her in south korea, she pulls, its the bluish light blinder, its like seperating wall, bob thats protected little world and, you just invaded it hard hollie said, thats people looking and trembling, bobby, hollie said, but, another spoke with, its him, he hollie, stuck his head out, its air conditioning hammo, coming out of, its air conditioner, like long kneck, head, being, happy, bobby, its angel, hollie said, but, he hollie starting to get in more visions, had big smile, teeth, pointed another, hollie, she grabbed the third air conditioner, its hammo happy, but, there, hollie said, thats, put in, bobby, hollie said, she wrang, its hells bell, but, kept changing, there was light in the black, the, design on, that, its, the monkey and he hollie and Jesus said, monkey showed, go, hat on, both hands, Jesus showed, turn, like man of light, dark suit on, tall, slendor and, hollie said, that, hollie said, beat hand, its light hand, showed, eat, new hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, hollie showed, go home, hollie wiped face, looked at bob, turned to side just a little, its bob moodie and janette fucking again, you'll see, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hollie saw, its power meter not working, then started, bobby thats you playing with, its solder, she said, needs better connection, 7-9-2012-its, the, mormon church, bob, hollie said, she thought, thats young elder looking at, e-mail and its facebook hammo appearing, happy at first, then no expression like angelic hollie, face, but, he trembles but doesnt show it, thats many, theres request, please show elders in mormon church, thats, young people doing and making others tremble, bob hollie said, put it under, thats, getting out laptop, hollie laughed, scene closed, hollie slapt his face, he aint he hollie a she one said, but, hey look, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes angelic head, kneck, like worm of light, hollie was at the mormon church, looking for Jesus, aint nobody saved she said, thats her wanting to leave, looking back, laughing, its, the, a.b.s.a., hollie said, she looked happy but showed, bob, just wait, hollie showed, turn, but new hollie with like light, blank, face, appeared, showed, hollie looking somewhat like ape, ape hollie, but, hollie thought, not quite, showed, rinse more, hollie, like doggie hollie showed, turn, showed, bob, thats her drinking ice coffee but she seems to be kind of ape hollie and was ape, thats her, she showed, its, the, methodist church, but, wait, hollie said, theres Gods hammo there, hes shaking no, like white billy hollie, hollie showed, its just billy like white outlined man but young and cute, hollie showed, its air conditioning, hammo, he was dressed nice, bobby, keep clean, but wait hollie said, theres Gods hammo coming out, its air conditioner, like, its snake like, head, hollie showed, its JOB, nude, you wrinkled me, JOB said, Jesus laughed, I killed, destroyed, God said, face went mostly blank, hollie that explains appeared, again, light flashing from mouth, she wasnt looking at bob but did and changed, showed, its angel lopez, he wants, its, free rent, you got it, hollie said, but theres bob signing new lease with radio man, its for way more, theres pastor antonio, hes out, now,

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cant you just do it, the prophecy will close

the awesome German battleship (Schlachtschiff) Bismarck-vision received 7-28-2010-in this vision I saw the battleship floating with like angelface on front, and I saw angelface maybe at Gods interviewing table, and he said, yeow, the made me, he said, I wanted to float, they scuttled, it was, fire, showed, hollie, thats the mighty bismarck on fire, from, thats, many british ships, shooting at, the made said, its, bismarck hollie, said, to, stay afloat, and it did, showed, hollie, but, thats, the captain, its, ernest, hollie, said, we knew, said, captain ernest, hitler, they would, stangle um, he, said, our, children, put it under, said, hollie, thats, adolf hitler appearing, dont trust, him, hollie, said, seal it up, summed, but just hands, then hollies body appears, but, looking, lets move, right along, she, said, bobby, go, hollie, said, thats her walking out, now, its, chappel, she, said, 3-25-2012-hollie showed, its facebook ministryofdreams, like angelic man, bob its update your pages, hollie said, same hammo appeared, but went from happy to changing expression, showed, its, facebook, take care of it, dont use to many pages, its room, hollie spoke and Got, but angel showed, facebook is free, thats facebook angel forming, angelic head, but hollie showed, not quite right, showed, do something, white in mouth, another appeared, showed, its, raise your hands and wait after me, hollie sang, showed, bob it janette, just wait, she, hollie dreadd, changed to like monkey but only face, bob, thats likes appearing on page, just watch, soon its ten, then thats one hundred, hollie showed, turn, but another comes out showed, bobby rinse more, hollie not seen all the way, had monkey lips, its, hollie hammo, looked like up to something, smiled widened, holy Ghost enters bob hickman like a body perfect size, said Jesus and hollie, it appeared, hollie showed, opened hands, God gives gum desease to christians, they see it, hollie comes out, white clothes, opened hands, Jesus spoke, hollies face went like beak, its, the marine corp. out in the streets, its, JEsus, hollie said, opening hands, like hollie hammo with beak, beak golden, its looting, hey hollie said, pointed, theres Gods hammo but changed to hollie hammo, like up to something, monkey like face, barack obama announces, its economic collape, hollie claps, wearing, its like dance skirt and silk suit, its like blue but, different shades, like wavy, hollie showed, turn, like changing hollie, beak to hammo, this is uh warning, hollie said, thats her taking down, its visions, off of pages, heres why bobby, she showed, they disappeared, I done said it, it was he hollie, a she one said, they chant boo hum, hollie was bummed, had head in hands, turned to side somewaht but Jesus was behind, turning head but she got back up, changed, looked back, happy, theres, its, he hollies, in, area, dark cloud over, Father in like lit up head, golden but dull, light to sides but cloud flashed, like thunder sound, it was she hollies chanting boo this time, its, him, he hollie, face not formed quite yet, showed, its pope appearing on black horse, hes angel man, its, im the beast, he said, with seven heads and ten horns, its they appeared, hollie said, close it up, she said, closed scene but, wheres hollies, she appeared, thou, was there, showed bobby rinse more, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted, hand, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand but looked other way, showed, go other, way but changed into him, white hand, hollie showed, its march for boy that got killed, four thiry p.m., hollie pulled glvoes off but not seen, bobby its janette, she wants to live here, let, janette has plad coat on, hollie showed, lay down, frosty white face but wiped face, bobby its janette, its moodie fucking, trying to get her back, bobby stay away, hollie wiped face, awake this time, face brownish color, but she laid on bed awake, face went frosty, again,

about the last days, the end times mission

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-23-24-2012-hollie showed, its, tagged ministryofdreams but thats bob picture appearing, Gods hammo appeared, like angelic bug head but he sang, hollie showed, its april wine, they still tour, but thats lead singer wiping lips, they dont sell to many tickets but they are having fun, playing for, its, about, a, thousand, hollie said, thats people clapping, hollie right there with happy, hollie screamed, hollie showed, its banner, she spreaded apart but hey, theres Gods new hammo appearing, hes like, bug head, no expression but, another hammo appeared, excited, but got sad, you see hollie said, let banner, rolled out, held by top, had Gods hammo, Gods new hammo face but changed to hollie, its Gods new hammo with nice hair, thats, hollie with nice hair appearing looking up at bob, happy, long nose but, looked back down, thats hand clapping, its hollie, but showed, picture, its both beasts, hollie said, theres pope and hu, pope like not happy angel, dressed in dark suit, hu not seeming to care, but got happy, they walked and got along but laughed, and, threatened, but they didnt take each serious, thats, hollie walking, its along chinese and russian border, she saw, its light nuclear missiles aimed right at each other, its, hollie saw, pope on black horse, stopping in russia, thats him signing with medvedev, now lets, see, medvedev said, its, gaining some advantages, pope said, hollie showed, eat, its, her showing batteries, not seen but she appeared, showed, white in mouth, nice long hair, its curly, gray sweatshirt on, but hey, theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, dont change, hollie said, you see hollie said, coming out, its new wineskin ministries, but hey, theres Gods new hammo, he sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, hes like bug head, hollie had, its lasar comb, she used, bobby, sh, hollie said, finger to mouth, hollie showed, its the whole new world order, hollie showed, it appeared, she, dressed different this time, dark suit, clothes, nice hair, but, face like brown, theres pope and hu hintao, hollie said, you see these two, hollie said, its around them, thats other kings appearing, theres, venezuelan president shaking yes but not wanting, sign medvedev said, thats nicaraguan president and castrol, and lula looking stout but lula didnt want it hollie said, these kim jong giving nuclear button to his son, but he pressed, thats nuclear fires in, its, theres Gods hammo appearing, hes new, and, like dull blue head but, thats russia, china, and south korea burning, hey, hollie said, thats missile, putin climbs, on, thats north korea exploding, hollie said, theres two tomahawks, its coming out of u.s. sub, she said, thats coming out of sea, thats, lets rule the world, putin, said, medvedev presses nuclear button, you see, hollie said, its uh network as white light streaks appear, showing, its missile trail, but, thats nuclear fires in moscow, with angry barack obama but hollie, showed, its world, its p-51 mustang, thats fire in, africa, theres, italy and australia exploding, theres nuclear fires in cuba, thats venezuela and brazil on fire, hollie spun world, got happy, changed to like evil hollie, but thats many in world sticking up, raising, hands but thats, only one saved, its you bob, he knew it pointed hollie, its mark brown, Gods one witness, that woman shakes yes, she knows to, thats hollie like red two horned beast, not looking very into it, its hu hintao and, its empy, hollie said, emperor of japan climbing out of, horns, they stand before pope, hollie said, God hammo sang, he appeared, like angelic bug head but, thats them sitting at table with well dressed, poepon hollie said, thats, its king or north coming against king of south, thats 666 peace treaty, hollie said, lets place it, theres, pope, his face tattood on finger, thats the mark of the beast treaty, hollie said, showed, its ram like skull ram, thats pope, medvedev, putin coming out of one horns, theres hu hintao, out of the other, its ram, thats hegoat with, popes face, lets do it pope said, smiting ram with putins face, when ya gonna eat something, hollie said, she ate something, it was carrot but a cut part of carrot appeared, hollie went dark, happy, nice hair, hollie, saw, its JOB covered with boils, thats Jesus, laughing, its, God, ordering the plague hollie said, its God grants a person the power to speak a plague, thats holy Ghost executing the plague, people, its, your deceived, hollie, said, hollie showed, its, the clock, but, it transformed, hollie said, its light clock, its in speedway, indiana, thats, man reading, but, Gods hammo face starts coming out of clock, but, turns back into clock, got happy, but, had like golden color in, then, hollie thought, you could just see, its, the, nine, ten o:clock area, but hands not there yet, attack this place, hollie, said, new york, doreen and, its kristina appearing, they, sang, thats nuclear fireball, then, thats high above, many states on fire, and its hollie flying, red, its, like, first jet, dropping more bombs, thats center of america exploding, he, hollie coming out, hollie looks up, its double blader type, she said, angel flew, he, hollie, its moodie hanging from rope, he, turned to like dark moodie, write the vision, hollie said, showed, keep going, plad coat appeared on him, showed, bobby, scavage a little, hollie laid down, on side, wiped face, but hey theres Gods hammo, he sang, like angelic head but, hollie thought, hes kind of, hollie showed, not right yet but hollie different to,

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about the end times, they are here the end days

make uh wish-visions received 7-28-2010-in visions I saw hollie like angel hollie face wearing brown pants and red sweater, and I saw Jesus with brown hair. I woke up one day and they were both singing, "make uh wish", then the other would sing, "make uh wish", see, said, hollie, he, remembers, Jesus, showed, not uh word, moon appears, his face, said, hollie, but, showed, no speech, you need to git outta here, said, moon, in his heart, thats moon leaving, its, said, she, hollie, the library, thats moon walking into church, sitting in his class, looking stunned, but, waiting,

the day will come, love of the vision

12-11-2011-bobby, thats tina knobby appearing hollie and God said, shes still cute, beware of her, God said, heres why, she wants many men then turned, into, its janette, moodie comes out, showed, watch, tell me about the website, hollie said, showed, its, ministry of dreams, like hammo head, with, surrounding light design, but, somewhat golden, but maybe hollie thought, brown, light, hollie showed, turn, but showed, keep going straight, round like hand, light, hollie showed, get over, tell me about, the, website, hollie saw, its, ministries of dreams, same angel appearing, then became one, bobby close, she said, link them up, it will keep both high, thats lighted frog jumping out, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey look, its, theres Gods hammo, thats, new hammo showing turn, like tall slender, good looking, light, roundish head hollie, well dressed, what did hollie show turn, for, you didnt turn, God said, she had big long hand, hollie showed, record, showed, its Jesus, he was, looking like angering, show me to record, God said, hollie did, thats big bear looking, then growing, angry, thats, i'm russia, bear, screeched, thats russia, many nuclear missiles around, thats china coming to, and, many nuclear missiles aimed at russia, like lit golden somewhat missiles, thats, its nuclear exchange, and hollie comes out of both lands, raise your hands and repeat after me, its hegoat appearing, thats kings coming out of horns, its hu hintao and, theres, pope, medvedev and its putin, thats them sitting at table, lets sign, pope said, thats 666 peace treaty being signed, thats, hollie like, two horned beast, and its lamb, thats hintao and emperor of japan coming out, lets make a deal, hintao said, peace treaty, thats, 666 being created, tattoo it pope said, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, its rid-x, box, angel appeared like baby hammo, blue head, feed me, it said, thats septic tank angel, fading, showing, dont wait, sitting on, its septic tank, stamps, but, then just big face appears, thats the phone ringing but hollie didnt answer, hollie showed, turn, go to that walmart she said, hey look, theres, Gods hammo, thats walmart angel, happy, big round head, its blue, thats sunbeam bakers girl praying but getting up, doing things, she said, warned, jumpy, hollie said, leaping, turning to, its nigger, black monkey lips, hollie screamed, showed, putting, its rid-x like in septic tank, but hollie thought, its, septi-pak, septic system treatment, hollie held nose, its stinks, but, septic tank angel came out, you know, he said, its fixed, dont worry, showed, sleep, like angelic little being, hollie screamed, hollie showed, turn, lighted, hand, that is, prophesied to open soon as, new world order apostolic church, only, Jesus, God said, hollie said, did convey and round head angel appearing, showing, face faded but popes image on finger, its i'm the beast, pope said, coming out, thats him riding black horse, head shaped like little horn, thats eyes on little horns, hollie laughs, showed, wait, hollie showed, turn, waited at next intersection, showed, turn, but changed into, he hollie, hollie laid down, eyes still opened, hands, clapped, they, its, were golden, she said, but, she started falling asleep, then thats phone ringing, hey theres Gods hammo, hes on phone screen, showing, its janette, now with, her man, they stay together, for, hammo dreads telling, for zero, shes single again,

prophecy for christians, the prohetic christian

7-14-2010-casey appears, thats, he hollie, wearing white robe, showing, post on, its uh laptop, said, she hollie, its uh cellphone, she, said, popes image on, i am God, he, said, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, and, I, stamp, she, said, beast, pope arose, 12-30-2010-I have uh warning, said, it Jesus, said, hollie, she said, God said, thats, economic collapse, and, its food shortages, bobby, stock up, said, it hollie, and I rubbed my face, thats people, its lootin, hollie said, put it undle, hollie, she said, thats barack obama announcing, tell your mom, he said, no pension, hollie said, thats them having sex, put it in the rear, bobby, said, hollie, its, control, she, said, she, will let, but, after you do, she will love you, hollie said, heres how, hollie said, she, like, very sensitive, Got word from God, its controls, helped God said, thats, her swallowing, its, sucking, God said, thats makes her angry, heres how, hollie, and, God, said, it makes her feel abandoned, she said, because after man doesnt want woman, its, for, awhile, God said, put it under, hollie, said, thats, many, people, out in the streets, they, its, steal, hollie said, I, make'um, Jesus said, he tells hollie and, its arch angel, gabriel, to loot, God said, bobby, thats sanding out, its excess skin, it will hurt hollie said, but it works, hollie laughs, i'm the beast, said, its pope hollie said, thats, him like angel turning into, its, pontey, hollie said, put it undle, she said, stay warm, thats hollie going outside, wearing, its uh plad coat, thats her taking bath, cleaning up, hey said, partial face coming out, she, was wearing red plad coat, in, its tub, hollie showed, record, dont, another, hollie said, she appeared, God said, its sanding, thats bob sanding face, it works but wont last, she said, thats bob laying down, hollie showed, drink, do, she said, showed, do it, hollie showed, turn, like uh dark hollie, said, hollie, thats, its, him, said, she, hollie, showing, turn, whats hollie screamin for, she said, screamed again, its beast, she said, pope riding black horse, hollie showed, pope, thats the reason, said, another, hollie, look hollie said, its, beast, pope, rising, out of, its, trouble, the sea, hollie said, boo said hollie, another, hollie said, God said, she was crying, another, hollie said, hollie showed, record, thats her driving, its 1971 ford torino 429 cobra jet, its red, she said, bob buy one, its thirty five thousand, nine hundred, its worth, bob she said, thats her smoking tires, its spins, one, she said, but other has pressure on it, put it under, hollie said, thats 14.1 in quarter mile, write the vision, write the vision sang hollie, thats, bob and janette having anal sex, she loved it, hollie said, write the vision, write the vision screamed hollie, hollie showed, be easy, Jesus came, thats, world below, countries shaking, hey pointed, hollie, its face on world, bobby go shock hollie, said, bobby said hollie, thats lighted JEsus showing turn, its, cause i'm the g8, said, it putin, said, hollie, thats red dragon rising, and, its, eight kings, hollie said, you see these, she said, there they are, in, its cart, its cause, MYSTERY, BABYLON, said, it, hu hintao, thats, hollie, flying in his, its spacesoarem, he said, rocket, drops bomb, thats taiwan exploding, its from that, said, hollie, from china sea, you see that, hollie said, its, lysine, it works, hollie showed, lay down, but clapped hands, she was on her side, opened eyes, see that cellphone bob, said, it Jesus, said, new hollie, but she, looks normal now, hollie showed, cellphone, thats how Jesus himself orders it, its nuclear attack, thats, its, from high above said, hollie, watched, but partial face comes out, shows, bob, look good, its, nuclear array all around america, thats it launching, medvedev, presses, its nuclear button, thats, american missile defence, missing, and, many nuclear fireballs in america, thats God like angelman, lifting out, turning into, its bob, hollie said, you'll get uh call about six, its him, said, new hollie, but shes going back, he pointed, thats jannette wanting loot, thats end time prophetic ministry looking like uh good looking angel Jesus said, but, partial face, replacement hollie comes out, now two hollies, theres deformed, angel had specs on one side, on other theres blue like mold, hollie kicked, its janette out, once she gits here, you will put her out, heres why, hollie spoke with God, bobby, hollie, said, he, told me, janette is, new marine corp. out in the streets, its, the, marine corp. out in the streets, said, the angel hollie said, now look, she showed, wearing, its red plad coat, showed, its, its echinacea, hollie said, it works, hollie looked at, its l-lysine, it helps,

the last stand for christians, the great final

very willingness-visions received 7-28-2010-I saw hollie sitting at Jesus's interviewing table, and she said, something like, "he would let me", but when I asked if she wanted to be in it she shook yes and what was being thought on was Jesus started showing me the vision of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and I saw pope's head appear like angel, and another, hollie showed, the beast, said, its, popey, hollie said, showed, be quiet, go, thats hollie walking,

heaven time coming, oil in the ocean polluting

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-19-2010-he said, watch, this, said, hollie, its, hollie stamping, pope, she, said, arose, with, its, she, showed, brown hair, lets rule the world, sang, its, putin, showed, hollie, and, another, hollie, showed, world, many countries, exploded, space-starfighter, hollie, said, she, soared, but, she, came, out, placed hand over, mouth, wondered, if you even wanted, she, she said, the vision, it was him, partial face hollie, said, we want war, said, he hollie, its on the day of the LOrd, him, hollie said, let me, said, hollie, whew we, said, hollie, with God inside, its, bob, said, hollie, looked at Jesus, you sold over, 200 books today, you sold, visions of the beast, with, seven heads, and, ten horns, thats beast, it had many kings, coming, out, hollie, showed, its, nuclear n.a.t.o., and russia, its, thats, the, g8, hollie, said, putin comes out having, ten horns, on, head, and, bobby, who are these, said, hollie, stamped, showed, eat, thats, politburo, a russian ruling, party, thats boris yeltsin, out of, its, hollie, said, the, ten, thats, putin, out of medvedev and, its, yeltsin, thats pope out of, its, putin, that, horn, has, eyes, like, man, its, thats uh july fly, hollie, said, they, die, lets rule the world, sang, putin, thats, world, and, many military ships, and, submarines, some, fighter jets, all with captain hollie, thats, america exploding, theres, great britain, burning, theres explosions in, its, france, italy exploded, hollie, and, God, said, thats, australia, and, brazil exploding, venezuela and cuba on fire, thats nicaragua burning, fires along latin and mexican, borders, thats smoke rising up, its, the, sixth seal, said, hollie, thats, moon, with, face, then, its, transformed, said, hollie, into man but showed, not uh word, dressed, well hollie, said, thats hollie holding, its, the, pioneer sx-980 stereo receiver, power meters moving, bobby, said, hollie, thats, july fly, in, its, tree, showed, hollie, happy, but dying, they just get sleepy and, its, out, she, goes, hollie, said, bobby, be there on time, hollie, showed, in, white robe, this the website, lets, post, some, visions, hollie, said, and, I we stamp, she, said, up rose, pope, like, dot head, thats him running out, gets, on black horse, thats, war going on, its hollie said, nuclear n.a.t.o. and russia exploding, thats china invading, mostly destroyed russia and pope riding black horse, into, pope showed, russia, you otta drive them outta there, said, its popey, hollie, said, thats medvedev pressing nuclear controls, and, hintao doing same, its exchange, hollie, said, thats, hegoat, smiting, ram, thats, ram with, putins, face, out of, horns, comes, theres putin, medvedev and pope said, hollie, out of, one, thats hintao out of other, then scene changes, said, hollie, thats, pope sitting at table, its she said, two horned beast with, hu hintao and, empy, emperor of japan, hollie and God said, they sign peace treaty, its 666 hollie said, thats them laughing, threatening, and pope said hintao, I can see were not going to get along said pope, they leave, thats the grain mill in, its indianapolis, showed, hollie, its for sale cause employees make to much said Jesus, making it, hard for, company to profit, thats, buisnesses in america, folding, up, its, cause high wages, Jesus, said, my mercy is on your website, again, said, Jesus, hollie showed, the God spoke, its, she, said, bobby call it, said, Jesus, ministry of dreams, dont steal it, said, hollie, i'll strip you said God just before, he said, lets rule the world, said, putin, thats economic collapse in america and people looting like angel looters with silhouette faces, thats people marching, and protesting, with, signs, we want labor, one, said, another, cant, believe his social security ran out, theres another wanting pension insurance back, done hollie, said, showed, broke, submarine, said, hollie, thats, captain hollie, in his submarine, its, open fire, he, said, thats, nuclear fires, in, iraq, thats, gaza, forsaken burning, hollie shows, president george bush to microphone, he ate chicken, dressed well, I made our war, he said, bit his chicken legg, its to breakem, bush, said, sell our oil wells, he said, leaves, hollie places, george w. bush in fire, i'm uh, submarine, said, hollie, now look, she, said, its akula, class, thats, what you want, need hollie said, its, on, the, day of the Lord, said, its him partial face hollie said, one fired, thats nuclear fireball in california, then nuclear fireballs along both coasts, hollie watches, its from behind, said, hollie, o, said, the wilhelm gustloff ship, thats hollie like lit face hollie looking down, its, at, piano on titanic, hollie sat at, played, record, said, hollie, whats that, said, another, hollie showed, bob and vicki, they we, thats man and woman and baby hollie showed, hollie, they produce, its two, bob sells book, its, all, make loot, hollie pockets, walks in plad coat, no expression, claps, hands, hey, pointed, hollie, came out, but, wondered if bob was going to record, whats hollie, screamin for, screamed again, hollie comes out, points, but looks, hey she, said, showed, its, o.k., bob will record, points, at the white in hollie mouth, its, the end the prophetic ministry website, like angel head, showed, face, had, changing deformity, on, one side, its, was multi colored, theres blue and greenish, on other, side, same o colors, but changing, face, kept changing, angel showed, end time prophetic ministry, leave it alone, angel said, that, is, submarine, prowling, said, hollie, with, sandy lips, its, submarine sireen, sub surfaces with captain he hollie, pulls trigger, fires, its a mountain burning, turned into america, smoke went up like furnace, its on the day of the LOrd said hollie, world had, face, thats, many lights, those are, countries burning, where were you, said, Jesus, thats, bob, walking, seeing missiles coming, trembles, but knew, hollie showed, thumbs down, shew we, she said, its the blended church, those witches, hollie said, thats, hollie happy with JEsus inside, showed, pope, she, said, with, brown, hair, its, uh picture, she, said, let me, rule, the, world, said, putin, hollie showed, world, many countries, burning, world shakes, face appears on, i'm uh dream, said, world, hollie showed, record,

are you ready for the end days, the end days waiting not

7-7-2010-iraq, said, wiped lips, casey, wearing white robe, and, the end time prophetic ministry website appeared, like, angelface, white, said, casey,

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 10-27-2010-hollie snapped fingers, said, it, said, partial face hollie, Jesus, no, said, hollie, but, I, shook, yes, she, said, but, looked worried, just uh little concerned, said, partial face hollie, with all face there, she, wore uh white robe, but, the other hollie shook, yes, and, I stamp, she, said, turned, into, white, robe, wearing, partial face hollie, thats, beast, its, pope, running, out, and, his, black stagecoach, its, the, whole new world order, said, hollie, lets rule the world, said, its, putin, kneeling before, said, hollie, its, pope, she, said, shaking yes, thats, captain hollie, flying, in, its, spacesoarer bomber, hollie, said, thats, it dropping bomb, but, turning into, its, chinook, said another, hollie, watching, wearing white robe, its from behind, showed, him, said partial face hollie, wearing, white robe, another, he hollie, hollie showed, its eat, bob, she, said, thats, hollie walking, wearing white robe, thats hollie sees putin inside, its, red on this side, hollie said, of that o, black and red stagecoach, thats, three ribs appearing, in, its, putins mouth, see, showed, hollie, wearing white robe, thats, its, tripod, said, hollie, pulled, up sleeves, hey said another, hollie, and, another, one, comes out, thats hollie with hands over mouth, looking at bob, he recorded, thats, submarines in cuban and nicaraguan and mexican waters, all with captain hollie, one she hollie, its, they, shower, said, hollie, thats, them firing missiles, striking that, pointed, hollie, from behind, its gulf coast states of america exploding, thats, missiles leaving america striking them three countries, burned, thats venezuela and brazil on fire, thats, putin, arising, lets rule the world, he said, thats him sitting at table with many kings, its, if we destroy that, said, its, o vladimir, agin, said, hollie, thats them shaking yes, but, its, lula looking expressionless, hugo smiles, shaking, yes, but shows, no, snaps fingers, moves feet, its, horses, said, hollie, thats, pope riding, black horse, its, into, moscow, said, pope, thats hu hintao riding red horse, its to, make, war, said, hintao, battling hollie with his light sword, thats, grim reaper laughing, and he rides, hollie showed, its grizzled horse, thats hand showing, you did not want hollie showed, theres uh dome inside of it, said, she, hollie, with him, said partial face hollie, in, he, controls, but, face appears, on, hand, thats white hand at Gods interviewing table, showing, he let me, laughed, hand, hand does what hand wants, they play said God, she said, sleep, cuba said Jesus, hollie points, nuclear fire in, its cuba, said, partial face hollie, stamps, thats nuclear fires in, its france and italy exploding, thats australia burning and rockets leaving them all, some in that, said, hollie, submarines with captain hollie, its they shower, hollie said, thats fires in russia, great britain burned, but four captain hollies in, its british, vanguard class submarines, fire, thats world shaking, russia burning, thats submarines all around america, its on the day of the Lord said, hollie news anchor man high in heavens, pointed, partial face hollie, wearing white robe, both american coasts, burn, hollie screamed, hollie showed, record, and I, stamp, she, said, come on, bob, she, said, showed, work, wearing, its uh white robe, she, said, theres uh submarine, theres that submarine, right there, said, hollie, with, its, the, submarine somby sorrow, said, sandy and hollie, thats captain hollie surfacing, waving in, his, its akula class, said, a she hollie, hollie said, dont, go, over, there, yet, hollie showed, turn, another, hollie showed, turn again, lighted bluish hand, look, said, hollie, wearing white robe, showed, its golden food, said another, hollie, showed, bite, but changed into her, that was, pope in, the, fire, said, hollie, like, angel pope, hollie like fire hollie, bob said partial face hollie, showed, charge batteries, him, she, said, showed, lay down, but eyes still open, hollie snapped his fingers, showed, picture, its pope and hu hintao, you see these two, hollie said, both beasts, she showed, teeth, looked, boo, chanted, him, said, partial face hollie, many he hollies, hollie layed on back, turned, on side, jogged in place, hollie screamed, why whats, said, screamed, showed, its popes picture, I am gogey, I am God, he said,

end times days machine, the end tiime wrath

visions from 4-5-6-2011-hollie showed, turn, its an orange lighted hand, but a she hollie appeared, he was hard to see but reappeared, thats hand again showing you did not need it, its hollie showed, theres dome in, its like light outline, but white in, and hollie in dome, had orange hair, but he changed, thats it, pope in the fire, said, him, said uh she hollie, drinking his drink, little hollie there, thats hollie like shipmate saluting and jeremiah appeared, he, its were brothers he said, but hollie like shipmate, showed, shes woman, but face went silhouette, hair down, orange, jeremiah showed lay down, wore, its uh blue sweatshirt, but, scene changes, Gods hammer hollie appeared, blue like head like, its, playdo man, red sweatshirt on, whew let me record, said she hollie, a, somewhat dim he hollie showed, eat, post, he said, claimed hollie said, yesterdays visions, you didnt, and that unhappy, ministry of dreams angel, like round, ball angel, it cant rain all the time, it, brandon, hollie said, wiped lips, you want that oil, git that oil said hollie, got oil out of, its trash, poured bottle in bottle, had white plad coat, long brown hair, whatta you want, said, it Jesus, hollie said, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, hollie showed, thumbs mostly up, white light thumb, bobby, with nice hair said but was bald, dim golden face, that van said Jesus, has, transmission life still left in, but Jesus rubbed, wiped chin, its sensor going, out, hollie showed, turn, bobby you buy, said, its Jesus, hollie, smiled, wearing, its uh white plad coat, cheap used vehicle,

the children of the tell, store the revelation

prophecy for people, the prophecy war

8-5-2010-tear up, said, hollie, and, put back, but, she, was, not found, said, Jesus, and, a different, hollie appears, put it undlove, hollie, said, work, she, had on her, its, uh, she, said, light watch, new ministry of dreams, hollie, said, like, uh, angelman with, deformity, on one side of face, its like uh spec, hollie, said, on other, its it showed, hollie, said, hollie screamed, bob, why, whats it for, she, said, screamed, hollie screamed, fix the transaxle, she, said, thats, hollie, place in another, transaxle, showed, its hard work, she, said, screamed, white in mouth, write the vision, said, hollie, hollie flew spacefighter, dropped bomb, america below exploded, hollie pointed at jet, they are, fast, hollie soared, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, russia burned, hollie dropped more, its, firepower, she, said, thats, venezuela and brazil exploding, this is uh warnin, lets, post, more said hollie, and, I stamp, she, said, its beast, pope, arose, hollie, said, put it undle, hollie, said, thats, pope, she, said, riding black horse, its into moscow, he said, its signing a deal hollie said, with me, said, medvedev, it gains, popus hollie said, some control, bobby go to goodyear, its, angel, hollie, showed, eat, this is, website, lets post, said, hollie,

God gives prophecy, prophecy to go

7-28-2010-the economy is slipping, said, hollie, and he hollie, him, she, hollie, said, showed, it, in, the u.s.a., thats, the famous battleship, said, hollie, showed, it, she, said, the, Tirpitz, its, she, said, the, bismarck, its, sister ship, hollie, said, and, he, hollie plays, the, music, wearing white robe, you did not want home, hollie, said, thats, the, Tirpitz, said, hollie, out on patrol, its, a, ship, killer, hollie, said, they all were, hollie, said, the, german battleship, fleet, theres, the, yomato, said, hollie, its, the largest, ever, but, the, scuttled, it, hollie, said, got trapped, she, said, and, battered, by, and he saw it, said, casey, many british battleships, shelling, thats, torpedoes, striking, thats the battleship Yamato, on bottom of, ocean, hollie, showed, i'm happy, said, it, hollie, said, the, battleship Yamato,

hollie showed-vision received 8-7-2010-in this vision I saw the face of hollie showed on balloon and his mouth partly open with light in.
Jesus ruins you after he saves-vision received 8-7-2010-in this vision I saw Jesus with brown hair and he said something like, "bob i'm trying to make you perish by manifold temptation", and he does and I saw him in visions laughing at me as he was, deseasing my gums, making my heart fill what ever he wants, anger, rage, caressing dick with electricity, scaring in visions, threatens, shoots gun at me, tells me, "om gonna give you a problem

thanks Jesus for prophecy, the prophecy discovery

believing is obeying, the mountain of prophecy

prophecy of end times, the wilhelm gustloff ship

9-25-2010-thats hollie that reports, book sells, stamps, again, with lighted, stick, hollie showed, record, and, she we stamps, she, said, showed, its, hollie, that, reports, book, sells, hollie showed, record, looks at Jesus, for, word, about, 200 copies, its, book, she, showed, new book, its, visions of the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, it, sold, many, in, bobs, lifetime, over, millions, hollie said, and, I, stamp, thats like, new world order, stagecoach, hollie claps, coming out, its, like, light, him, said, partial face hollie said, coming out, its like, light, hollie, said, theres the pope and hu, hollie said, lighted, God said, like light, figures, thats, he hollie clapping, but, your only part of the way there, said, she hollie, same o he hollie, appears, underneath, tickles, her, feet, with, light feather, that, was, she, hollie, with, dress on, just, waiting, then, laughed, showed, clapped hands, tear up, said, another, hollie, but, she, was, not, seen, but, was, dimly, there, appeared, hollie stomped foot, its, like, light, foot, its him, said, partial face hollie, but, then, she, appears, all the way, laughs, its, she, said, wearing white robe, God said, hollie showed, bob, run, she, said, and, I, showed, you, a, picture, hollie said, its, whole new world, order, theres, pope, hes, like, angel of light, thats, hu hintao, hollie showed, thats hand, showing, you did not want hollie showed, white, showed, she, hollie, a, said, God, him, said, its, showed hand, partial face hollie, appears, he hollie, you lure, said, its, yeltsin, hollie said, to, hintao, thats hollie working on internet, fixing webstarts website, thats, stamps, hollie, now all of her there, said, God, showed, fix, that was, said, hollie, its, she, said, partial face hollie, showing, o, she, said, looked at bob, its deformed, she, said, its, stmaped, the yola, its, ministry of dreams, hollie said, website like angel man, o, said, hollie, looks at bob, hand over mouth, its theres deformed, she, said, its, angelman, with, hollie looks at bob agin, tear up, said, him, said, partial face, hollie, claps, but only part of the way there, said, God, leave it alone, another, hollie said, theres the marine corp., its economic collapse, said, God, said, hollie, him, said, partial face hollie, out in the streets, showed, hollie, its angel marines with silhouette faces, theres gabriel and hollie, showed, light hollie, thats, hollie, changing, its, wishion to wision, like pope said, hollie, said, thats barack announcing, at, its, showed, hollie, podium, its economic collapse, hollie said, for him, he left, that was, lighted, Jesus said, hollie, like, some bright features, and some dark, barely recognizable, hollie said, and, I, stamp, she, said, same o wision, same o pocket, same o website, sang, hollie, stamped, its, picture of whole new world order, appearing, its, you see these, eight kings, will rise, against, america, said, hollie, thats, cart, pulling, up, with, them, in, MYSTERY, BABYLON is fallen, said, man, thats, america, appearing, hollie claps, and submarines all around, its, like, an animated map, said, hollie, walking on, it, the, u.s.a., hollie stamps, thats much fire in america, going up, hollie, cnn reporter becomes afraid, if he lets me, said, hollie news anchor man, shows, on, screen, Jesus, its i'm against you, God, said, hollie showed, its, new triumph motorcycle, its, hollie got on, messed with, lets motor, she, said, drove, hand on her like, its old world war two pilots head gear, with, glasses, let me, said, its him, said, partial face, hollie, showed, record, thats, hollie working on, its computer, like white hollie, you wont, let me, siad, its, hollie, playing music, wearing white robe, as she hollie told vision, you see, she, said, got quiet, showed, drive, hollie screamed, its, what, for, why agin, she, said, screamed again, and hand points, and he saw, she, said, wearing white robe, hollie walks, out, o, hollie said, looked at, bob, hand over, mouth, but, shook, yes, changed into, him, said, partial face hollie, hollie, casey's mouth, open, there, was, same hollie comes out, hand over mouth, o, she, said, looked at bob, pointed, color inside, put the vision on the website, said, hollie, thats, Jesus, preparing like, its, medical doctor, hollie does surgery on bobs face, hollie does hair grafts, him said, another, hollie, does gum grafts, head changed from like, very little short hollie to, its, the, other way around, hollie said, she, hollie, wearing white robe, hand showed, tank, hollie in, its, american legion post 64, hollie drives, with, its like goggles on, like, old world war, two pilots wear, look, said, it, hollie, said, partial face hollie, look, she, said, theres, trouble brewin, hollie said, thats trouble, people in military ships, moving, hollie blows balloon, its, hollie balloon, its him, said, partial face hollie, git outta my trash can said hollie, wearing white robe, him, said, partial face hollie, wearing plad coat, getting into dumpster, see, he said, showed, food, feed said, hollie, thats both at, different times feeding animals, thats, hollie with Jesus inside being elusive, tell me, she, said, being elusive, said, a he hollie, tell me, she, said, get in, and, out, said, Jesus, she, shook, yes, went to perform her, she, shakes, yes, she will do vision, bob cant record, in, his, mind, she does it quick, thats partial face hollie, laughing, but will all there, visions of the beast group is born, said, hollie, what kind of, visions do you want, said, the, tap dancers, many hollies, he and she,

the todays prophecy, r.m.s. titanic, holy apostolic

I saw the beast with seven heads and ten horns

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 9-13-2010- let me tell, you about china, said, angel, its magog, he said, thats four kings appearing, theres hu hintao, that, hollie, said, emperor of japan, what is that, hollie, said, its, both korean presidents, then, changes into four headed beast, i'm magog said, beast, hollie screamed, what for, he said, hit russia, hollie said, and angel, what is, that, hollie, said, its, she, pointed, many nuclear fires in, its russia, and, missiles left russia, striking, its, that, hollie, said, nuclear n.a.t.o. lands exploded, world shakes, moon just gazes, its, had blank stair, said, hollie, no, said, hollie, showed, i'm thru, she, said, but, shook, yes, put back, said, hollie, showed, popes picture, with brown hair, let me rule the world, said, putin, laying, before, pope shakes, yes, hollie shows world, thats, spacefightuhm jet, said, hollie, soaring, thats, smoke coming up, many countries exploded, its france, said, hollie, with, nuclear fire, theres goes australia, and great britain burning, thats captain hollie in, many submarines, they shower, she, said, thats rockets striking russia, exploded, thats italy on fire, and missile leaving, there, russia burned, whats that, said, hollie, thats, submarines, all around, america, its, on the day of the Lord, said, him, said, partial face hollie, this is warning, said, hollie, showed, leave it alone, website, said, it, hollie, said, another, hollie, this is, warning, hollie said, bob, do, she, said, hollie showed, discord, no, she, said, tell me what the website said, hollie said, showed, its, yuko, the new ministry of dreams, like angel head, with, theres deformed, o, said, hollie, hand over mouth, looked at bob, to see if he was going to record, she, said, shook, yes, yuko ministryofdreams website had blue and brown, on, part of head where hair line ends, goes up, on one side of face, theres brown and blue, on other, its big blotch, greenish with brown, website claps, thats bear licking prophet, i looked around, said, bear, pulled putin to himself, were one, said, bear, hollie showed, its, book, she, said, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, reign of the antichrist, n.w.o., its bob hickman, she, said, do hollie said, pulled up sleeve, thats her riding, its pale grizzled horse said hollie and God, its, bob, taking peace off of the earth, book, said, hollie, thats visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist, hollie showed world, book popping up all over, hollie whistled, showed, time out, hollie showed, lay down, him, partial face hollie said, showed, hollie wore white robe, that was hollie on top of the world, and, there was uh gun shot and world shook, said, hollie, it was dark with gold outlined world, let me said, hollie, record, she, said, and, I stamp, hollie, said, thats, beast pope running out like angel dot head, I am gog he said, bobby said, hollie, showed, frustration, it wont work, she, said, hollie showed, its 1999 mercury cougar, get one, she, she said, thats it spinning front tire, hollie like mostly silhouette face, it appeared, she, said, but all the way seen, there, stop right here hollie said, 4-13-2012-no, hollie said, God said, its her hitting Jesus with straps, they were brown, hollie wore white dress, with golden design border in, black designs, she said, jumpy hollie said, did appear, showed, dont speak, but, was, more normal hollie, theres her with black mask on but she took off, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, full length white dress on, its, white robe, she said, but border not in, look hollie said, and I showed you uh picture, hollie, another, said, its, raise your hands, and repeat after me, hollie sang, its, pope, theres blue background, its, i am God he said, thats the beast, its putin, its pope coming out of putin, its, russia, putin said, she said, eat, a little, jumpy hollie said, smiling, clapping, they chant boo hum hollie said, she drove jeep, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, showed, eat, white face, but brown hair, boo hum hollie said, chin in hand, its, them, he hollie s, hollie said, their in area, one like, big round eyed ghost faced hollie, dark cloud thunders over, bolts of thunder coming out, like golden, Father like golden buske appears in, 4-14-2012-bob, hey when ya goin to, hollie said, God said, she showed, eat, bob, its filling in, she said, its, eyes and lines will, they, sh, she said, completely go away, hollie said, its, pastor antonio appearing, hes, turned to side a little, now, its, new world order apostolic church dot angel, thats angel becoming like man instead of partial angel in round ball, thats him letting antonio him, them not speaking but, he, just waited, antonio left, happy, but dreading, lets, Jesus said, put it under, angel showed, flash drive, but got happy, hey, another, hollie said, angel looked like hollie, laughing, thats, somebody doing makeup, its same angel, changing, its ministering spirits to do many roles, he hollie smiling, bobby, hollie walked, like angelic hollie, german shephard dog, they are nice, but, bobby, you made that man tremble, he now knows, its jumpy hollie like normal hollie, showing, record, and i stamp, she said, but pulled, white hands apart like big hollie looking down, its new world order carriage coming out, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hollie, as disappeared but came back blue hollie, showed, a different one, she showed, rinse more, theres pope in dark side like angel man and its hu hintao on red, waving, but hes not as, much, powerful, less red then black, its im, lets rule the world, pope, said, hollie closed it up, hollie did, its mouth exercise, bobby buy, hollie that explains appeared, raise your hands and pick me you up, hollie said, Gods hammo appeared, hes blue head but changed, hollie screamed, then again, but not heard, her face somewhat white but turning into cat hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, it appeared, but, another, hollie showed, jumpy hollie comes out like normal hollie, hands in air, its big face, round like, angelic, its, new world order apostolic church angel, thats it talking, it sat Gods interviewing table, what do you want Jesus, said, Gods face disappeared, thats angel looking but, seeing itself turning into man, putting vino nuevo out, angel pays but its not good enough, thats church empty for a space hollie said, he said, dont go, home, jumpy hollie said, angel appeared, but hollie, her face went, blue, blank, bobby look, its, helicopter God said, angel face, head appeared, but went blue, explosion underneath, jumpy hollie pilots, he hollie hanging by rope, she pulls, just in the nick of time she said, hollie showed, cold, its ricks of wood bob, they dont, last long, jumpy, hollie, showed, new ministering spirit on ministryofdreams, thats, angelhead appearing, like, its white light, just face, jumpy hollie showed, claps hands, showed, its, many, a room full of hollies, all speaking, but hardly none get to post, she showed, post bobby, theres, he hollie but like round head, face not formed well yet, she showed, rinse, its listerene, hollie like new hollie showed, go to speedway, buy uh drink, she said, jumpy hollie came out, showed, tear up, but face changing, but another came out similar to her, jumpy hollie like drawing used, its lasar comb, bob, thats God appearing, hes like, new world order apostolic church angel, like angel man, but, kind of, cartoon character like, jumpy hollie showed, rinse more but, God not looking right like white thing man, hollie used lasar comb and hair grew, as she did, hollie showed, wiped face, but, stayed up, bobby dont sleep so much, hollie showed, you now need uh job she said, but face changed, went from, white frosty, to, its, theres Gods hammo, but singing, occured, he started transforming to, its he hollie hammo, blue face, hair grew on, bobby, its, hollie with nice hair said, looking up, friendly like, smiling, but hair appeared, later, but only like dull outline,

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prophecy 2009 stuff, the apostolic prophecy project

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-23-2010- hollie showed, its, wiped lips, leave it alone, hollie, said, bobby, said, hollie, showed, book, she, said, and, another, hollie, appears, its, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, it sold, today, hollie, looked at God, over, 300 copies, its, showed, hollie, pentecostals of dayton, hollie, like, cat, she, transformed, said, hollie, shook, head, showed, its witches, put it undle, hollie, said, leave it alone, hollie said, theres horses, said, hollie, its, black and red horses, hollie, jumps on, like angel, thats, the, pope and hu, on, its old stagecoach, hollie, said, happy, hollie, sees putin, inside, theres, hu hintao, its, they, plan, hollie, said, theres, war, said, hollie, missiles strike america, exploded, both coasts, burn, man let me git outta here, said, hollie cnn newsman, hollie showed, record, showed, lay down, and, I stamp, she, said, its, horses, thats, pope on black, hu hintao on red, grim reaper laughs on, its grizzled, hollie, said, that, said, hollie, showed, wiped lips, make war, hollie showed, clapped, that, she, said, saw many missiles, planes, and, ships, sinking, firing, many countries, exploded, that, she, said, its, book, she, showed, being, advertised, on, its, radio, bob, speaks with woman, tells her, its babylon, said, hollie, she asks if, bob, has, money, problems, bob tells her he has a safe in his bedroom with over one hundred grand in, tells her, there will be marching and protesting, tells her, that, she asks, wheres america at in bible, bob tells her, its, babylon, then quotes, ISAIAH 13, howl ye for the day of the Lord, is at hand, and it shall came as a destruction from the ALmight, and then bob tells at the bottom of the cnapter, and babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency shall be as when God over threw, sodom and Gomorrah, 4-10-2012-hollie mowed lawn, its riding lawn mower, new world order apostolic church angel appeared like dot head, not happy, but got happy, sleep, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, black face, but another hollie helped describe, she came out, like uh new hollie, when ya gonna eat agin, hollie said, screamed, they chant boo hum, hollie said, he hollies, they appeared, dark thundering cloud over, Fathers buske in but changing colors, thunder coming out, bolts, its, hollie said, hollie showed, tire airing up, bobby, they will, just take it there, hollie screamed, when ya gonna eat something, she said, screamed again, but not heard, bobby dont worry, she said, its buy another compressor, its cheap compared to, she said, they paid, she said, pointed antonio, unhappy, angel acting happy, but is, bobby we, publish you, it was angel hollie said, showed, its book, visions of the three woes, blue background, covering, but angel changed to hollie, thats, them going on, its pope, beast with seven heads and ten horns popping out, its many kings, boo we chanted, its them, hollie and he hollies, but she appeared in valley, dark cloud thunders but covers ground, hollie showed, whew its smoke, Father was in, but thats america, nuclear fires, thats, raise your hands and repeat after, america burning, hollie shows, bobby, you found extra compressor, go to autozone again, thats her finding another, in dumpster, its he hollie flying in, his raptor, two, drops bombs, hey theres, nuclear explosions in russia but missiles left there, its three, they strike, its, hollie and suprised hidden hollie said, america, you start, it, hollie said, its barack obama, its, he hollie pointing, gloved hands, but she hollie spoke, she, appeared, laughed, but was new hollie, hollie was on treadmill, she drank drink, golden straw with design in, its red twirl, she was thin again, bobby, its, gain, weight, put back, then, loose, hollie like bear showed, tear up, but partly not seen but was there, it appeared in blue, he hollie stuck head around, she said, smiles, hollie showed, lay down, turned to side, frosty face but hard to see, hollie had, git, she said, mouth excercise, she said, thats it strengthening muscles in face, hollie held up her sign, hollie explains, 4-11-2012-hollie saw, its, antonio, smiling, bobby, hes, its, raise your hands and appreciate each other, hollie sang, wants control, dont let God said, just be gentle, its the excerciser, hollie said, she did mouth exercises, its attorney, showing record, hollie said, shes hidden, but, raise your hands and repeat after me she sang, hollie held up sign, people clap, love it, you know what I did, hollie that explains, appeared, but, who spoke, another, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, hollie pointed turn, hollie walked with her sign, bobby its they read it, hollie said, they tremble but laugh, hollie had plad coat on, hat, its white, but top missing, turn, hollie showed, hollie showed, its beast, like angel of light, its pope man sitting, its at catholic church, its nun admiring, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, clapping, but seemed to have dark face at first, submarines are right there, hollie said, bob dont fix it, hollie had lawn mower part, its the lower half, she said, showed, its done, cut off, hollie said, bob git outta here, go to church, hollie wrang out towell, two submarines pull up, its ohio class, jumps, new different hollie, they shower, its iraq, gaza, on, exploding, but one worse then other, hollie showed, walk more, it keeps you fit, hollie comes out, showed, janette in jail, its, new hollie, bob, just watch for it, hollie said, showed, eat more, hollie comes out, its another one, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, its, him, their in area, they chant boo, but, its, dark cloud over, Father like, its golden buske in cloud, but thundering sound, its bobby, just wait, its janette, she said, she wont be hard, just watch, hollie drove, its different tractor, bobby, its buy uh belt, she said, it works, wheel horse, hollie said, hollie stayed up, wiped frosty face, its dull she said, but laid down, hollie screamed, showed, eat, white in mouth, hollie showed, turn, big golden hand, but showed, keep going straight, changed a little, hand not seen, thats uh dark hollie, tearing up, had like pen, face lit up, brown, smiling, 4-12-2012-she said, jumpy hollie said, like uh normal hollie, God said, she reappeared, but showed, do something earlier, thats jumpy hollie giving angel lopez the boot, bob putting up for rent signs, then try to build uh church, Jesus, he spoke it, hollie said, like jumpy hollie, but new blue hollie appeared, then reappeared, clapped hands but turned into jumpy hollie again, God said, showed both beasts, she said, blue hollie tho, tear up, hollie did like dark hollie, but she somewhat appeared, raise your hands and band, hollie said, its, brian playing drums, bobby hes, hollie showed, cut off, leave alone, bob dont mess with it, hollie said, screamed but, not heard, but screaming is being heard, its hollie appearing, bobby be gentle, she said, hollie screamed, bob its janette, she said, hollie showed, turn, bobby, its, buy locks hollie said, had in hand, thats her nailing them in, but she screwed later, there golden locks, thats new world order apostolic church angel, happy again, bob let sit vacant for about two months, then restore, thats you pastoring, janette comes along later, thats you and her in bottom of church, hollie screamed, bobby she wont stay long, hollie said, not wanting, to say, but when she returns, she will live with you, its in about two years, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, but then other way, golden hand first time, white hand second, but its like, really white with gray lines in to seperate, its, hollie said, like glove, that is lit up, hollie showed, turn, go to walmart, bob she said, showed, eat,

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