Thursday, August 8, 2013

god entered into the very sexy body of bob hickman

Gods spirit entered the sexy body of bob hickman, like a body, my perfect size, and after the holy spirit entered into my body like a body my perfect size the holy ghost rips my face 100s of times per day and laughs in visions at me as he appears, and its identical to freddy kruger toward me, and showed me in visions: 8-5-7-6-2013-bob, hollie said, see, I showed ya, she said, its open, its, the new mother, over four thousand friends, now quit hacking facebooks, but, hollie stomped, continue, he said, but, a she hollie comes, out, you were not wanting him to do it, but he looks stunned, God said, yes, do, God said, he hollie, agrees, but acts like he doesnt, bob, it was Jesus, hollie came out, its sex, again, hollie said, moodie and, hes not happy, shes in trouble, but didnt tell you, its, him, he wants her, out, but, drugs, thats katrina back in jail, thats her calling, bail, she said, but you said no, hanged, up, she comes out and, right back to you bob, pointed, it was Jesus, hollie said, bob its like that, hollie said, showed, like magic, there phone number change, then do it again, hollie said, its cause account, didnt open, but, hollie showed, boom, it did, theres only one password, bob heres why, keep your Jesus password, hollie said, like hammo hollie, its more bug like face, roundish, but not quite, has like ant mouth, bob, heres gogobot, its link up soon, its changing no, theres gogobot hammo, like, white light faced being, but, partially seen, but there it is, hair kind of blondish, its happy, bob its triple a website, change, your, phone number, its phone number change hammo appearing, like, bug faced hollie, shes dull, hollie comes out, shows, shes bluish but seen to well, almost like, blurry, bob it hollie showing, its r.m.s. lusitania, shes like, its ship captain, thats ship, it still would have been good, but thats them scrapping, it would have, thats many hollies, busting ship, she wore a dress with design in, in late or early thirties, heres why, hollie showed, thats ship bending, and in heavy seas, it weakening from, rust, hollie saw, and bends, bob its eddie james, hollie showed, her face went blue, its thurday at, and I stamp, hollie said, she disappeared, but hand, its, hollie, dressed in glowing white clothes, showed, eat more, its in indianapolis, hollie showed, but she saw, hey, thats sign coming down, thats them looking bob, its, new wineskin ministries, closing, its cause, its man, making deal, buys building, but thats them purchasing your church bob, hollie comes out, its God speaking to facebook account, he was, its, you will be open tomorrow, its, thats facebook hacking hammo shaking yes, like, its, hollie comes out, hair grew to curls, hard to describe, like dino the dinosaur head, but smooth like, its, worm, hollie showed, bob its pay computer, its her, go back she said, i.u.p.u.i. library, stamped, hollie, shes in, white robe with, like designs on, its hollie in his tank, its showed, angelic, orange, outlined, hollie, tank of, v.f.w. post, 8-8-2013-bob, hollie showed, eat, she, parked downtown, bob, she said, sh, dont go to church, heres why, people are snooping around, its janette, and others, they want money, stay away, for now saith God, go, hollie said, she saw, walking, another, said, God said, bob, hollie showed, its over, forty eight hundred new friends, its on facebook, stamped, hollie, but she went hammo, like blusih drawing like painting, thats her looking normal, she came walking out, thats her dancing, showing, bob, its clean up, its, her, katrina, thats you and her marrying, then she walks away to but knows, turn, hollie said, she looked like golden faced hammo hollie, bob look, hollie said, lighted finger pointed, its him, barely formed he hammo hollie, its moodie, its sex with her, its kristina, she like but doesnt act like she does, its soon bobby, just wait, bob hollie said, its him, he hollie, like shipmate, saluting, its, r.m.s. lusitania, its shawdows, its ship like, appeared, in different ways, hollie saw, its the carriage she said, two hollies, but, hands, brought together, they were same but, its, pulled by these, black and red horses, carriage is black and red to, theres pope like angel man, sticking head out, its on black side, and I stamp, hollei said, its moodie making love to unruly katrina again, but she likes, turn hollie said, another showed, but didnt speak, hollie showed turn like birdy hollie, bob you see, its, scene going like, light bluish, hollie went like round head, but not quite, changed, bald, dressed nice, hollie screamy for this reason, she said, screamed again but not heard,